Chapter 616: Demonic Specters and Divine Zombies

Inside the luxurious carriage, the women happily chattered without stop. Their subject of conversation always revolved around the unborn child of Nangong Xiangyun and Long Yi.

Ximen Wuhen quietly sat at one side with a smile while attentively listening. Although she always had the role of a younger sister in the midst of these women, she truly longed to integrate into this *** someday, becoming a real woman of her second brother. Unconsciously, her eyes blurred as if she missed someone.

She gently lifted the window curtain of the carriage and watched outside: the newly built streets bustle with activity and were full with peddlers. Now, these streets were the most crowded streets of Soaring Dragon City.

Ximen Wuhen softly sighed. The immatureness of those years when she had been sixteen were long gone. Ten years could make a young girl truly grow into womanhood. Those ridiculous, hateful and sad feelings had all dissipated, only to be replaced by a dense love that fermented in the bottom of her heart.

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While Ximen Wuhen was feeling these sentiments, she accidentally saw two black-robed figures from the corner of her eyes. She immediately became alert. She felt that one of those two black-robed figures appeared very familiar.

Mu Hanyan sensed that someone inside the carriage was watching them and knew that they had already been discovered, so she didn’t hide any longer and simply lifted the hood, revealing her beautiful face that could charm all living creatures.

“It’s her…” Ximen Wuhen was startled and muttered.

At that time, the remaining women noticed the unusual appearance of Ximen Wuhen, and they all followed Ximen Wuhen’s gaze in quick succession.


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In the imperial palace of Soaring Dragon City, Yangsheng Hall, Dongfang Wan wore a silvery inlaid with gold gown with a golden jade hairpin while solemnly sitting on the master seat with a noble air. In addition, two pretty maids respectfully stood behind her.

Everyone knew that Dongfang Wan, this empress, usually maintained a polite air when meeting guests. No one had ever seen her losing her temper like this. But now, every time her expression stagnated, and she emitted her might, no one dared to even breathe deeply in front of her.

At this moment, Dongfang Wan stared at Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing standing not far away from her. The appearance of these two sisters was very similar, but their temperaments were very different. One was beautiful enough to charm all living creatures, and the other was beautiful like a fairy maiden. Dongfang Wan knew the matters of Mu Hanyan to some extent. Although she had ill feelings towards her due to her plans to assassinate Ximen Nu, as a woman, she pitied her a lot. If a woman didn’t love a man dearly, how would she be willing to die under his sword?

“Empress, we have a very important matter and are looking for Long… His Highness the Crown Prince. We beseech Empress to help us,” Mu Hanyan bit her lower lip and said while kneeling on the floor. In this life, she had before knelt only to the heavens and her parents; she had been too proud to kneel to any other person.

On the surface, Dongfang Wan still remained aloof and indifferent and said, “I wonder what noble errand makes Miss Mu now look for my son. There is no harm in telling us if it is convenient, but if it is inconvenient… then forget it.”

Mu Hanyan trembled. Other than Long Yi, no one else knew the matters of Blue Moon Continent. How could she speak out about this matter?

“Empress, we truly have an urgent matter that requires the attention of His Highness the Crown Prince, but it is not convenient to speak of it,” Mu Jingjing at one side also knelt and said.

Dongfang Wan raised her eyebrows but didn’t speak.

Mu Hanyan hesitated for a bit. Cyan Wind Empire didn’t have too much time; moreover, Dongfang Wan and these women around were also the close people of Long Yi, so since they wanted to know, she might as well tell them. She sensed that if they refused the Empress would refuse to grant them aid.

“Empress, I will speak,” Mu Hanyan raised her head and said resolutely.

“Big sister, how can you…” Mu Jingjing urgently said, but she was stopped by a stern look from Mu Hanyan before she could finish speaking.

But, just when Mu Hanyan wanted to speak out about the overall matters of Blue Moon Continent, Dongfang Wan stood up with a smile and gently said, “Well, stand up, you two. Since it is an urgent matter and so difficult to speak of, I will let you off. But, I will clearly tell you that, according to the news from Dragon Island, Yu’er has already left Dragon Island for the seas while looking for the legendary Undersea City. His current whereabouts are unclear. Who knows in which corner of the sea he currently is?”

“Ah.” Mu Hanyan sisters were dumbfounded. Could it be that their Cyan Wind Empire was doomed to be destroyed?

“But, Yu’er will probably set up a transfer magic array after he has settled down. Then, you can immediately meet him. So, if you two don’t mind, how about staying in the imperial palace with us for a few days? Perhaps, Yu’er will message us soon,” Seeing the despairing appearances of the Mu sisters, Dongfang Wan added.


In Death Impasse, the innermost part of Smelting Death Cave, Long Yi and his pets appeared at one corner along with a flashing of white light.

Long Yi looked around, sizing up this Death Impasse, which was dangerous beyond compare in the eyes of that Water Space Variant Beast. This was a very long and narrow cave. The temperature was very high, but the place still gave off a kind of extremely gloomy sensation. It was very quiet inside, but one could occasionally hear a sizzling sound created when a drop of magma fell to the ground. That abrupt noise would be very loud and clear.

Long Yi licked his somewhat dry lips; his nerves were stretched taut. Although he had seen nothing so far, his beastly instinct already screamed that danger was all around.

Long Two and Six Winged Angel Skeleton stood closely behind Long Yi. As for Little Three, Violent Lightning Beast and two Fire Qilins, they were in front of Long Yi, making a semi-circle formation.

Suddenly, Long Yi sensed a minute death qi fluctuation. Just when he wanted to make a move, Little Three in front of him trembled, before bursting out with holy light while roaring.

A black qi surged, and a ghastly humanoid creature gradually formed in front of them. With sharp fangs, ominous eyes and veiny, warped muscles, one knew that it was not anything good from the first glance.

This was a resentment specter formed from a high-class demon. It was completely different from an ordinary resentment specter. It actually didn’t fear holy light. On the contrary, it chose to make a move on Little Three, this god beast that possessed a pure light physique.

Long Yi knew that the best way to deal with a resentment specter, this kind of spirit creature that was completely immune to ordinary physical attacks, was to use spirit magic.

At that time, even without the order of Long Yi, Long Two, holding a blood-red scythe, rushed up to attack. He was also an undead creature, and the baleful qi around his blood-red scythe soared. Upon seeing this, this demonic specter actually had some misgivings, but its speed remained very fast, and its surrounding dense dark mist surged.

It went without saying that the holy light of Little Three and the Qing Holy Fire of Fire Qilin could effectively kill or wound resentment specters, but this demonic specter unexpectedly ignored them. It just dodged the attack of Long Two. As for the attacks of Little Three and Fire Qilin, it didn’t care about them at all.

A fierce battle unfolded in this narrow cave, but no one could cause any damage to the cave walls. Initially, Long Yi was worried about this cave collapsing due to the energy scattering everywhere being too huge, causing the magma above to submerge this cave, but after seeing this, he no longer worried.

Long Yi saw that the situation on the battlefield was in a stalemate, but he didn’t want to drag out this battle, so using a vast amount of spirit power, he surrounded that demonic specter completely.

That demonic specter saw that the situation was anything but reassuring and transformed into mist, wanting to disperse and slip out from the cracks of the encirclement by Long Yi’s spirit power. Merely, even after flying a lap around, it discovered that the encirclement of Long Yi’s spirit power didn’t have any cracks, so it condensed into a humanoid figure again.

Just when Long Yi thought that this demonic specter was trapped like a turtle in a jar, that demonic specter suddenly issued a sharp scream. Turning into an illusory arrow, it attacked one point of the spirit power encirclement.

Long Yi felt like his glabella was burning, and that demonic specter unexpectedly disappeared quietly in the midst of his spirit power encirclement. This stunned him. As it turned out, this demonic specter’s resentment power was very powerful. After a concentrated attack at one point, a tiny crack had momentarily appeared in the spirit power encirclement, and it had successfully escaped from this crack.

After that, death qi fluctuated violently in this narrow cave, and this cave which had been quiet just a moment ago was thrown into disorder like boiling water. In an instant, cold wind whistled, and various kinds of resentment specters appeared. In addition, all kinds of zombies filled this cave like ants. It was like he had instantly arrived at the Ninth Floor of Hell.

The cheeks of Long Yi twitched as he shouted “Good Gracious” in his heart while sweating profusely.

If these were just ordinary Undead bosses like Wicked Zombie, Dark Specter, and so on, he wouldn’t have had any problems killing any number of them with his current strength. But, these were demonic specters and divine zombies, beings who rose from the elites that had died in the War of Demons and Gods. With so many of them appearing all of a sudden, just the dense death qi and baleful aura emitted already pressured Long Yi so much that it was getting hard to breath. It was useless to struggle against this number unless he had the strength to oppose the entire world by himself.

Long Yi took a deep breath, and he stood still in the same place. In the confrontation of momentum, even though the other side was far superior, he would never shrink back. What’s more, he was just facing a group of strong dead beings.

In the midst of thinking, the eyes of Long Yi flashed as he thought about why that Water Space Variant Beast hadn’t directly teleport him to the place where the Blue Sea Divine Soul was located. Now, in this circumstance, fighting recklessly was definitely courting death, but if he didn’t fight recklessly, he would have to flee.

Thinking of that Water Space Variant Beast, Long Yi suddenly thought of the space magic Short Distance Space Teleportation Magic that he had comprehended some time ago. For this, he had specially made a pile of space magic scrolls. He would never have thought that they would be so useful at this time.

Long Yi put away Long Two and the others into his dark dimension space. Just before those demonic specters and divine zombies attacked, he used that space magic scroll to teleport away.

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