Chapter 42 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

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Chapter 42 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

“Liu Guang!” At first, Cheng Nuo wanted to run after him but he quickly stopped when he realized that right now Liu Guang needed time to think things over by himself. Not to mention, Cheng Nuo himself was also in a state of confusion.

He touched his lips, his mind blank. His face still felt hot so he forced himself to stop thinking about it. Since his clothes and hair were covered in grass and dirt, he tidied himself as best he could.

Now that everything was out in the open, he wasn’t sure if Liu Guang would forgive him. When children played house, they were always playing at being the bride and groom. Who would take this seriously and still remember that promise when they were grown-ups?

… But Liu Guang had taken it seriously.

Cheng Nuo sighed and stroked the magical beast’s head in frustration.

“Wonderful, wonderful.” Suddenly, there was the sound of applause from behind a tree that interrupted Cheng Nuo’s thoughts. A strangely flat voice teenager’s voice said: “I was really moved by the conversation just now.”

“Who’s there?” said Cheng Nuo.

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A handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes slowly walked out from behind a tree. His facial features were delicate but his skin was unnaturally pale, as though he was bloodless. He was wearing extremely expensive clothing but the most striking thing about him was his beautiful, bright blue eyes.

Cheng Nuo inexplicably shivered. He was sure that he had never seen this person. This place belonged to Qinghua Sect but they were still half an hour’s travel away from Du Yue Lin. There was no one else on the road right now. Cheng Nuo thought this was peculiar. Based on Liu Guang’s alertness level, it was strange that he hadn’t seemed to notice that there was someone lurking nearby. From this, it could be inferred that this youth’s abilities were quite outstanding.

Thinking that this person was another disciple of Qinghua Sect, Cheng Nuo composed himself and said: “I’m sorry to have disturbed Shixiong. I’ll be going now.” Having made his leave, Cheng Nuo hurriedly jumped on the ox-headed magical beast and pulled its reins.

However, the magical beast had only taken two steps when it suddenly made a low-pitched whine then fell to the ground with a thunderous crash. Cheng Nuo quickly jumped down, only to see the magical beast’s head rolling off to one side as blood spurted from its neck. It was a very bloody and frightening sight.

He reacted very quickly and stepped back a few steps so that the blood wouldn’t splash on him. His heart was full of rage. Although he wasn’t able to clearly see what happened, it was obvious that he had something to do with the teenager. The ox-headed magical beast was very tame and Cheng Nuo was fond of it because he rode it when he went down the mountain.

Cheng Nuo turned quickly and used energy to strengthen his eyesight until and everything in the dark gradually became clear. This ability of his can’t compare to Liu Guang’s high-level skill that allows him to see clearly at night but Cheng Nuo can at least maintain this skill for half an hour.

This teenager was obviously not a good person since he attacked so fiercely and mercilessly. He must be 100% psychotic!

“Shixiong, what is the meaning of this?” Cheng Nuo tried to maintain a calm tone. Although fellow disciples of Qinghua Sect were not supposed to fight in private, nobody really cared if low-level disciples died. Although he was about to be accepted as a formal second-level disciple, he was merely an insignificant ant in the eyes of the elite disciples.

The blue-eyed boy turned his head and said with no expression on his face: “Guess.”

His voice was very strange, like mechanical sound, cold and monotone.

Cheng Nuo clenched his teeth and forced out a few words: “I’m too dull, I can’t guess.”

The teenager opened his mouth and a weird laugh sounded but the expression on his face showed no amusement. The sound made Cheng Nuo’s hair stand on end.

The laughter stopped abruptly. Unsheathing the sword on his waist, the young man rushed towards Cheng Nuo, lightning fast. “Of course, it’s to kill you.”

Cheng Nuo used a short sword to block the attack. The force of the strike made his arm go numb and his feet slid a few steps back. Using his wood elemental abilities, Cheng Nuo made tall ironwood brambles spawn in a row in front of him. The youth’s sword was damaged by the spikes that were as hard as iron, he continued to cut them down. Cheng Nuo shouted: “Have I done something to offend you?”

The teenager slowly walked over to Cheng Nuo with a sword in his hand and said expressionlessly, “It’s just that the story you told was so touching that I couldn’t help but want… to kill you!”

The words he said were colder than ice but his eyes still looked clear and innocent. Cheng Nuo was shocked and asked, “What story?”

The teenager laughed twice and said, “I didn’t realize that your life was so miserable. The sooner you die, the earlier you can be put out of your misery.”

Cheng Nuo’s heart was drenched in a waterfall of tears. This person seemed to know that he had lied to Liu Guang but why did he want to kill Cheng Nuo? Even if deceiving people is bad, retribution wasn’t normally this quick to follow, was it?

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The young man’s sword was very sharp. With a strong chop, most of the iron brambles fell. Cheng Nuo broke into a cold sweat and he immediately fished out the entangling plant seeds from his interspatial storage bag. The seed was very expensive. This type of plant was very flexible and will automatically wrap itself around the enemy. However, it was quick to wither. Cheng Nuo had prepared this seed beforehand because it was helpful in combat. Now it was time to use it to save his life!

He used wood energy on the seed then, screaming, threw it at the young man. While still in the air, the seed burst into life and the vines aggressively covered the youngster’s body.

The youth was fast enough to avoid the first few vines but he was caught by the others until his whole body was entangled and unable to move.

It took a lot of energy to make this seed grow. The exhausted Cheng Nuo, panting, brandished his short sword and darted forward. The plant was only effective for a very short time. He has to move fast!

The person who was entangled didn’t show the slightest hint of fear. He merely stared at Cheng Nuo with no expression on his face. Cheng Nuo placed the point of the sword above his heart and said, “Quickly, tell me who you.”

The young man’s neck suddenly made a “crack” sound as it slowly stretched sideways until it was at an angle that a human neck couldn’t possibly make. Cheng Nuo’s hand that held the short sword shook and the tip of the short sword dug into the teenager’s neck.

“Is that fun?” The teenager’s unnaturally white face showed no pain, remaining expressionless.

Cheng Nuo almost screamed in shock. Short sword in hand, he turned around quickly and said, “Who’s there?”

Just now another voice had rung out in the darkness, speaking the same line in unison with the teenager.

Breathing labored, Cheng Nuo’s eyes darted around, looking for the person who had spoken. Finally, he found a purple-clothed figure standing on a tree branch above them – it was that boy Li Yue!

Li Yue was wearing luxurious purple robes. His seaweed-like curly, long hair flowed down his shoulders and his formerly childish face was now elegantly sinister and handsome. He was leaning against a tree trunk, idly tapping his foot. Cheng Nuo didn’t know how long he had been watching. The smiling Li Yue’s devilish purple eyes were fixed on Cheng Nuo

Cheng Nuo realized that the teenager was just Li Yue’s puppet.

Obviously, Li Yue has become even more abnormal these years. He used to be a psychotic child who played with dolls. Now he was a psychotic teenaged puppeteer.

Knowing that Li Yue had a lot of puppets, Cheng Nuo was afraid to move in case Li Yue had already set up his nearly invisible wires around them.

Li Yue jumped down and slowly walked over to Cheng Nuo. He was now a lot taller. Seeing the cold and bloodthirsty smile on Li Yue’s face, Cheng Nuo couldn’t help but retreat. One thought kept repeating in his brain: My eyes are going be gouged out, my eyes are going be gouged out, my eyes are going to be gouged out…

Cheng Nuo had forgotten about the person behind him entangled in vines. He accidentally stumbled over the puppet, gracelessly falling down on the ground.

The corners of Li Yue’s lips turned up in a smile as he said, “I haven’t seen you in so many years but I’ve never forgotten about you even for a day. How can you be this frightened of meeting me?” Though his lips had formed a smile, his purple eyes were cold and glowed in the darkness. The contrast was enough to make people shudder in fear.

Cheng Nuo quickly sprang to his feet, holding up the short sword, and summoned up the courage to say, “Oh, haha, it’s you? What a coincidence!”

Li Yue slowly and elegantly tossed his hair back then titled his head and said in a naive tone of voice, “I just heard a rather touching story.”

When Cheng Nuo remembered what he had just said, he shivered and forced out a laugh: “Those who have the same misfortune sympathize with each other.”

He cursed in his heart: ****ing bad luck! What a sh**ty coincidence!

He had barely finished speaking that ****ing lie when the heavens immediately sent down someone to punish him for his deceit! Isn’t this a little too fast?

Li Yue stopped smiling. The expression on his face turned solemn.

Cheng Nuo suddenly felt a sharp pain on his wrist that made him drop his weapon. Glancing down, he saw that the puppet had stretched its head several feet up to bite him! Cheng Nuo was scared and disgusted as he struck the puppet but the puppet was obviously not afraid of pain and hung on to Cheng Nuo’s wrist even when its face became deformed.

Li Yue sneered and jumped over to Cheng Nuo who only saw stars in front of his eyes and felt a slight pain in his limbs. Then his whole body became stiff and unable to move. Cheng Nuo seemed to see Li Yue attaching a red silk thread to his body! He wanted to scream in horror but his mouth wouldn’t open.

The puppet’s neck slowly shrank to its normal length. After picking up the short sword from the ground it stood up and tossed Cheng Nuo on his shoulder.

Li Yue jumped up and landed on a tree branch with the puppet following behind him. Cheng Nuo just laughed bitterly as he watched the changing scenery. Based on Li Yue’s perverse nature, he’s as good as dead now, isn’t he? Now that he was going to die, he couldn’t stop thinking about Liu Guang. Would Liu Guang blame himself? What about Bai Rui? When Bai Rui heard about his death, would that expressionless face show a bit of emotion?

He didn’t know how much time passed when they finally stopped at a house. Li Yue seemed quite familiar with the place as they went inside. The room they entered looked very normal from the outside but the interior was extremely luxurious. All of the furnishings were exquisite-looking. There was even a row of glowing night pearls that lit the room up so that it was as bright as day. Cheng Nuo cursed in his heart: This f***er!

The puppet threw Cheng Nuo down in the middle of the room like a bundle of rags. Cheng Nuo was still unable to speak. He grimaced in pain and wondered how Li Yue would torture him.

Li Yue strutted his way to a chair and sat down. He used his little finger to motion to Cheng Nuo who was surprised to find that his body was moving on its own. Cheng Nuo walked to Li Yue like a puppet on a string.

He glared at Li Yue angrily: What did you do to me?

Li Yue obviously understood Cheng Nuo’s silent message. Picking a bunch of grapes from the table, he smiled and said, “Don’t glare at me. You have my puppet strings on your body. You’ll do whatever I ask you to do. I want to find out if you told the truth earlier. I’m curious about whether you are really a male or a female. If you’re male, then I’ll cut one off, just like what Liu Guang threatened to do to me that time. Tsk tsk, what a pathetic facial expression!”

Cheng Nuo scolded in his heart: You little psycho ****er, why didn’t you show up then? Obviously, you were afraid of Liu Guang, right?

Even before he finished scolding Li Yue in his heart, Cheng Nuo was shocked to find that his hands were moving on their own. He was undressing!

Li Yue casually watched him undress.

Cheng Nuo threw his outer robe off then began untying his inner robe. His face was flushed with anger. He tried to comfort himself with the thought that it was just one man looking at another man’s body. This was better than having his eyes gouged out.

However, Cheng Nuo couldn’t help but be frightened. That time, he had threatened to cut off Li Yue’s little brother. This bast**d wouldn’t really make Cheng Nuo cut his own little brother off, would he?!

Although Cheng Nuo’s hands were stiff, it didn’t take long before he had taken off his clothes and exposed himself to the other person’s eyes. He took a deep breath and lowered his eyes, lest the look in his eyes stimulate the little pervert even more.

Li Yue suddenly went still. Putting the grapes down, he slowly approached Cheng Nuo then made him open his legs a little. Li Yue ordered the puppet beside him to move Cheng Nuo’s little brother to and for as he closely inspected Cheng Nuo’s lower body. He looked at for a while then said with certainty, “You’re female… ha, who has ever seen such a shameless female?”

He remembered the time when he was threatened by Cheng Nuo and his eyes were cold. Li Yue turned his head aside and allowed Cheng Nuo to put his clothes back on.

Cheng Nuo’s lower half was cold, making goosebumps break out all over his body. Although a lot of tragic things had happened to him ever since he came to this world, this was the first time that he had felt so humiliated. The shame and indignation made him want to chop Li Yue into tiny little pieces. His stiff and numb hands shook but Cheng Nuo felt a little relieved as he dressed. It seems that he wasn’t going to become a eunuch. He could die with a whole body… he thought to himself with a bitter smile.

Knowing that Cheng Nuo was now dressed and Li Yue crooked his index finger. Cheng Nuo slowly approached and knelt down in front of him.

Li Yue lifted Cheng Nuo’s chin with his right hand. He looked at the clear, bright black eyes and praised him: “They are as beautiful as they were then.”


Reika’s Notes:

  • “ … the vines aggressively…” 张牙舞爪 (zhāng yá wǔ zhǎo) to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures
  • “What a pathetic facial expression!” – 他那表情看的我都可怜呢 (tā nā biǎo qíng kān de wǒ dū kě lián ne) I’m not sure who this was referring to so I kept it neutral.
  • Thanks for reading and please let me know if there are any errors!
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