Chapter 41 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

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Chapter 41 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

This chapter is by Reika of Creative Novels and BC Novels.

Liu Guang stared at his empty hands. His heart sank and the words he had wanted to say all flew out of his head. He quickly pulled at the ox-headed magical beast’s reins to make it stop. He gave Cheng Nuo a confused look.

Two people stared at each other silently for a moment until, with great difficulty, Cheng Nuo was finally able to speak: “Liu Guang, such childish babbling… shouldn’t be taken seriously…it’s not really true that…”

Liu Guang felt as though it was hard to breathe and his eyes turned red. He jumped down from the magical beast and stared unblinkingly at Cheng Nuo as he said, “How can it not be true? I… I’ve always felt that way!”

Cheng Nuo had never been so upset. He hardly dared to look at Liu Guang’s face. The determination on Liu Guang’s face made his heart ache.

In his heart, he had always regarded Liu Guang as a younger brother and the most important person to him in this world. The two them had been living together and gone through life and death events for many years. To him, Liu Guang’s life was more important than his own. In this world, he had no brothers or sisters but even if he did, Cheng Nuo knew that his bond with them wouldn’t be deeper than his bond with Liu Guang.

But… It’s too hard to change from a brother to a wife!

Flustered, Cheng Nuo tried to explain, “A wife and brother are not the same. Like you said, I’m not like other females. In my heart, naturally, Xiao Guang is the most important person but in a brotherly way. I think you also think of me as a brother. You’re probably confused because you’re still young and don’t can’t distinguish between the two…”

Liu Guang’s breathing was becoming more and more rapid. Impulsively interrupting Cheng Nuo, he said urgently, “I know the difference! I like to sleep with you. Just seeing you is enough to fill my heart with joy. I want to be with you forever! When I went to train for two years, I thought of you every day. I, I like you…”

These were words that he had never been able to say but now Cheng Nuo had rejected him. He was in a state of panic and the words burst out of him in a torrent.

Hearing what Liu Guang had said, Cheng Nuo felt as though he had been struck by a thunderbolt and turned into coal. By the time he finished speaking, Cheng Nuo’s face had flushed red. This was the first time he has heard such a direct and enthusiastic confession but it came from Liu Guang, whom he has always regarded as a child.

He couldn’t play dead and ignore this. The teenager’s slightly rough voice was like pure lake water melted from an iceberg and was full of sincerity. Cheng Nuo could only listen. Afraid that words of rejection would hurt, Cheng Nuo couldn’t bear to speak for some time.

Liu Guang stared at Cheng Nuo’s red cheeks intently. Bitter and sweet emotions warred in his heart until he couldn’t stand it anymore. In the next moment, he fell on Cheng Nuo, holding him in his arms tightly and kissing him. The warm touch of those soft lips on his made his heart soar and his mind became blank. Instinctively, he held on to Cheng Nuo’s waist and back, wishing he could hold him like this forever. His whole body felt hot enough to burst into flame.

Cheng Nuo only saw Liu Guang’s face becoming larger as he drew closer then there was only darkness in front of his eyes. He did his best to break free of Liu Guang but the teenager was amazingly strong. He couldn’t get away as he felt a soft mouth on his. He didn’t feel disgusted by the contact but his blood ran cold not only because it was the same gender but also because this was taboo between brothers…

He subconsciously felt the urge to slap Liu Guang to force him to calm down but the teenager’s burning hot breath and somewhat clumsy kiss made him unable to bear it. They were so close that he could almost hear Liu Guang’s violent heartbeats.

Liu Guang’s whole body was trembling and his heartbeat was unsteady.

Eventually, he had to close his eyes in embarrassment, desperately trying to calm himself down. What should he do now? If he added up all the fear he felt during all the dangers had faced before, it couldn’t equal the fear he felt right now… When he tried to suppress his agitated breathing, he felt that he was about to suffocate.

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Liu Guang grabbed Cheng Nuo’s hair with one hand and held his waist with the other. His body felt as though he had been shocked by electricity but his heart felt full as he embraced Cheng Nuo. Pressing Cheng Nuo down on the grass, Liu Guang was like a beast pouncing on his prey, trapping it completely beneath him, as he kissed Cheng Nuo.

Cheng Nuo was stunned. To think that the Liu Guang he had known so well had suddenly turned into someone wholly unfamiliar to him… it frightened him a little and this position was way too embarrassing. Cheng Nuo opened his mouth to protest, just wanting to tell Liu Guang to get off him but Liu Guang’s tongue took this opportunity to enter his mouth, making Cheng Nuo feel foolish.

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Liu Guang’s body was stiff. His tongue moved awkwardly at first but he was entranced by the feeling of their tongues and mouths intertwining. Cheng Nuo’s mouth has a faint herbal flavor that he liked so much that he wanted to fill his own mouth with that taste, sucking hard with his tongue. Liu Guang felt as lightheaded as though he was drunk.

Cheng Nuo’s face was burning. This was his first kiss! ****! He could feel something wet flowing down from the corners of their mouths and he wanted to dig a hole to bury himself in.

He never knew that kissing was like this. He didn’t feel disgusted. Instead, he felt the rapid beating of his heart and could clearly feel the other person’s breath and experience the taste of his mouth…

How will he be able to face Liu Guang calmly in the future?

Liu Guang’s tongue was very flexible. It was swirling around in his mouth and sucking on his tongue until Cheng Nuo felt numb and suffocated.

It was a long time before Liu Guang released Cheng Nuo. His face still red, he held Cheng Nuo’s back and waist as the sighed: “Cheng Nuo, I’m so happy I met you. Don’t treat me like a brother, okay? Stay with me forever, I… I’ll treat you well. Can you stop going out to see Bai Rui again?”

Liu Guang stared blankly at Cheng Nuo’s trembling eyelashes and swollen red lips that he had just kissed. Liu Guang’s blood boiled and he couldn’t wait to lower his head and kiss Cheng Nuo again.

Cheng Nou, his eyes closed, was gasping for air. His strength seemed to have dissipated and his thoughts scattered. Liu Guang’s sincere words were still ringing in his ears, making feel confused.

It was only when he noticed some hard things pressing against his abdomen that he regained his senses. Cheng Nuo wanted to smash his head on a block of tofu to kill himself

(TN: Smashing one’s head against a pillar is a common way of killing one’s self in dramas. The joke here is that tofu is very soft…)

He couldn’t accept one ****, let alone two ****s…

Maybe Liu Guang just likes him because he is considered a female in this world but Cheng Nuo knows that he’s not…

Looking at the stiff expression on Cheng Nuo’s face, Liu Guang suddenly noticed his body’s reaction and felt embarrassed. Why did it do that again? He quickly rolled over and sat up. His pants had tented up so he quickly covered his legs, dazedly staring at Nuo.

Cheng Nuo wanted to cry but there weren’t enough tears. He also didn’t know what kind of expression was showing on his face. He quickly stood up. His lips still felt swollen and painful. Cheng Nuo took a deep breath and resisted the urge to wipe his lips with his hand.

After a while, he hesitantly patted Liu Guang’s shoulder and said, “I will always be with you forever, just…”

As your brother.

He paused but he didn’t know how to explain it. There was some regret in his heart. He always felt that he was no different from Liu Guang. He had long forgotten that there was a difference in the number of ****s in the world…

In any case, he didn’t want to hurt Liu Guang, but the sooner it was said, the better.

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and said, “Liu Guang, actually I am a male! So we can’t be together, and I can’t be your wife!”

“…” Liu Guang trembled and the expression on his face turned blank. “What are you talking about?”

Cheng Nuo gritted his teeth: “I never lied to you! I have one because… I was caught by bad people when I was young, then…”

When he spoke, he dared not look into Liu Guang’s eyes. Cheng Nuo was unable to control his voice as he appropriated Li Yue’s experience and claimed that it also happened to him. The more he spoke the more he realized that he couldn’t accept being a female in this world, nor could he become a bride…

When he finished, he paused in breathless anticipation but the person opposite him was still silent.

After a long time, Cheng Nuo raised his head cautiously but was shocked by Liu Guang’s pale face. He looked very distressed. Liu Guang has always been stubborn and proud. When has he ever shown such a fragile expression?

Now, in Liu Guang’s eyes, had Cheng Nuo suddenly become a transsexual? A crossdresser who pretends to be female to deceive young men?

Liu Guang is a straight man in this world, right? This ****ing world!

It was a though a century had passed before Liu Guang spoke in a hoarse voice: “Are you lying to me? You don’t like me so you’re lying to me…” His voice was so terribly hoarse that Cheng Nuo’s heart skipped a beat.

“No.” Cheng Nuo looked into his eyes and said earnestly, “I’m not a female.”

Although his previous words were lies, this sentence was absolute truth.

“I don’t believe it!” Liu Guang gritted his teeth and came forward, impulsively trying to tear Cheng Nuo’s clothes apart to check.

Cheng Nuo was shocked and quickly covered up his clothes, turned his head away and muttered, “Don’t. I’d rather you killed me!” He immediately regretted saying that and cursed his cheap mouth. How could he talk like that to Liu Guang?

Liu Guang’s hands suddenly stopped in mid-air. Even if Cheng Nuo had been deceiving him, how could he hurt Cheng Nuo?

On the one hand, he was distressed by Cheng Nuo’s suffering, on the other hand, his mind was a mess and he didn’t know what to do. His heart felt empty and broken. In the end, all he could do was give Cheng Nuo a confused look. Then he ran away, up the mountain path back to the sect.


Reika’s Notes:

  • Actually, 童养媳 Tongyangxi used to be a common custom in China which a family would adopt a pre-adolescent daughter as a future bride for one of their pre-adolescent sons, and the children would be raised together. This was mostly for poor families because they wanted to ensure that their sons would have wives. So, culturally, it’s not actually insane for Liu Guang to want to raise a female to marry.
  • Poor Liu Guang was deceived and his heart was broken!
  • In case you forgot, Li Yue was the doll master. He is male but someone chopped off one of his ****s to turn him into a female.
  • Thanks for reading.
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