Chapter 43 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

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Chapter 43 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

Cheng Nuo was forced to stare into Li Yue’s purple eyes that were full of excitement and shone with a bizarre light. Cheng Nuo couldn’t help but shiver when Li Yue’s cold fingertips stroked the skin around Cheng Nuo’s eyes. At first, Li Yue’s fingers were gentle but then they suddenly pressed down hard. Feeling the pain around his eye socket, Cheng Nuo screamed, thinking that his eyes were about to be gouged out.

Li Yue laughed softly as he removed his hands from Cheng Nuo’s face and retreated. Lazily resting his chin in his hand, he said, “So you’re not that brave.”

Cheng Nuo panted then realized that he could speak. Trying to keep his voice calm, he said, “What on earth do you want to do?”

Li Yue tilted his head to one side and was deep in thought for a while. “I’m not sure. I’ve tried for so many years but no matter what I do, the ones I create are never warm. I wonder what technique I should to make you into an obedient, warm puppet? Should I put you into the furnace? Or should I add some metal energy stones?”

F***! Goosebumps broke out all over Cheng Nuo’s skin when he heard those words. Squeezing out a smile with great difficulty, Cheng Nuo said, “When people die, of course, they become cold. I will obey you while I’m alive.”

Li Yue’s eyes narrowed as the smiled and said, “You’re really full of lies. How many people have you deceived? You’re so fake that the people around you don’t even know your real gender. I don’t believe you.”

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Cheng Nuo’s heart sank and he hurriedly explained, “I had a reason to do that…” If only he could turn back time then he wouldn’t have used that ****ing story to deceive Liu Guang!

Li Yue was definitely not interested in the reason why Cheng Nuo had concealed his gender. He interrupted Cheng Nuo’s words, “Alright, let’s try it for a few days. If you don’t do a good job, I’ll gouge out your eyes and peel off your skin whole to make a doll. And remember to call me master.”

The puppet filled a bathtub with hot water and sprinkle rose petals over the water. Then li Yue made Cheng Nuo put down the storage bag he was holding and stand up.

Cheng Nuo’s legs were numb to his knees but he couldn’t rub them. He looked at Li Yue, perplexed. What does he want? He didn’t want Cheng Nuo to serve him in the bath, did he?

Li Yue temporarily lifted his seal on Cheng Nuo’s body. Smiling, he said, “Wash yourself and tend to your wounds. Don’t try anything since I can still sense everything you do.”

He walked out of the room but left the puppet to watch over Cheng Nuo.

Cheng Nuo was stunned. What kind of ****ing pervert thing was this? What do you mean by making me take a bath?

However, taking a bath was still better than losing his eyes. Cheng Nuo washed himself and used a healing technique to stop the bleeding from the bite wound.

He tried to guess Li Yue’s intentions. This place must be Li Yue’s house. It was luxurious and superbly decorated. His dolls were also quite gorgeously dressed. Maybe Li Yue wanted to dress him like one of his dolls.

In addition, he was very worried about Liu Guang. Who knew when Liu Guang would be able to recover from the shock? He probably doesn’t yet realize that Cheng Nuo is missing.

…He must find a way to escape!

The puppet watched Cheng Nuo bathe then handed him a large towel to dry his body with. Then he gave Cheng Nuo a clean white robe. Cheng Nuo didn’t know what cloth the robe was made of but it was very soft, silky, and comfortable. It was lightly, elegantly scented, too. Cheng Nuo inwardly scoffed: “**** this ****ing cross-dresser!”

The room was quickly cleaned up then Cheng Nuo found himself walking uncontrollably to the bed, past the bed curtains, and, finally, lying down on the big, soft and comfortable bed with his limbs outstretched!

He looked up at the purple bed curtains in surprise. Suddenly, he thought of something extremely frightening that made his chrysanthemum tighten in terror.

Although Li Yue dressed in female clothes, he seems to still care about his original gender. Could it be that now that Li Yue had found himself a “female,” he wanted to test himself?!

****! Sure enough, Cheng Nuo should have cut it off that time! In this ****ing perverted world, no tintin could be trusted! Would the one remaining tintin still be able to harden…?

The shadow of a slender figure appeared on the curtain. Cheng Nuo hardly dared to breathe. He gritted his teeth and decided to fight. Death is nothing! This gentleman would rather die than be humiliated! A man’s chastity cannot be lightly outraged!

As Li Yue slowly walked closer, he removed his outer robe, letting it fall on the floor. He normally looked quite feminine but right now, in Cheng Nuo’s eyes, he looked like he was covered in evil energy, just like a demon.

Cheng Nuo’s chest heaved and he gnashed his teeth.

Seeing the angry expression on Cheng Nuo’s face, Li Yue’s eyes went cold and he immediately slapped Cheng Nuo. Turning Cheng Nuo’s face from side to side, Li Yue said, “Pay attention to the expression on your face. You have to smile the way you usually do.”

The sound of that slap was quite loud but it didn’t hurt much. Cheng Nuo decided not to make a fuss now but if the seal on his body was removed, he would definitely bite off that ****ing piece of meat!

However, Cheng Nuo was amazed when Li Yue didn’t continue to undress. Instead, he went to the bed and lay down with his head on Cheng Nuo’s chest. Cheng Nuo’s arms moved to hug Li Yue tightly.

Li Yue took a deep breath then closed his eyes as he shifted around to a more comfortable position. He covered the two of them with the quilt then stopped moving. The lights of the glowing pearls were also extinguished so that the room became dark and silent.

Cheng Nuo’s eyes opened wide in astonishment. What was the meaning of this?

Li Yue was thinner and lighter than other people his age, thus Cheng Nuo didn’t feel that the weight on his body was too heavy. His limbs were cold, and his breathing seemed to be chilly. Cheng Nuo held him tightly, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry.

It seems that Li Yue really does think of Cheng Nuo as a doll. That was a lucky break amidst this misfortune!

Li Yue’s breathing was always soft so Cheng Nuo couldn’t tell if he was asleep or not. Despite his state of confusion, Cheng Nuo couldn’t help but think about Liu Guang. Whenever he remembered Liu Guang’s pained expression, Cheng Nuo’s heart would ache…

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He didn’t know how much time had passed. His hands were numb but his body stayed in the same hugging position. Li Yue’s body remained cold and he kept on hugging Cheng Nuo tighter and tighter. At first, he only leaned into Cheng Nuo arms but later on curled up and started squeezing closer with his hands around Cheng Nuo’s waist and his cold feet on his thighs.

When Liu Guang was a child, he also liked to hold Cheng Nuo as they slept and Cheng Nuo would stroke his hair affectionately. Now it was like there was a cold-blooded snake climbing on his body, making him feel disgusted and nauseous.

“Tell me a story.” Li Yue’s voice suddenly rang out, shocking Cheng Nuo. Then he realized that he could now speak freely. It seems that Li Yue hadn’t been asleep.

He reluctantly cleared his throat and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Come on, why do I have to accompany you to sleep and even chat with you?

“Whatever.” Li Yue changed the position of his head slightly. “Something like the puzzle about drawing water but this time don’t make it so easy.”

After he finished speaking, Li Yue changed the position of his hands, putting them inside Cheng Nuo’s clothes right on his bare stomach. The comforting warmth of that touch made Li Yue sigh.

Cheng Nuo shivered at the icy touch. Had this little ****er kidnapped him just to use him as a heater?

He reluctantly related several mathematical puzzles. To his surprise, he discovered that the little pervert Li Yue was actually a mathematical genius! He could easily solve all of the puzzles, whether it involved logical reasoning or math calculations.

Outside, roosters were crowing and the sky was fish-belly white. The day had arrived without him noticing. Li Yue slowly got up and stared at Cheng Nuo. “It seems you’re still useful. I won’t gouge your eyes out for the time being.”

Cheng Nuo secretly sighed.

Li Yue swaggered his way towards an exquisitely made dressing table and sat down in front of it. “Come and comb my hair.”

Cheng Nuo could move again. Body numb from having been forced to stay motionless for an entire night, he moved quickly.

The impatient Li Yue turned his head and gave Cheng Nuo a cold glare. Cheng Nuo quickly jumped out of bed, picked up a delicate ivory comb, and started combing Li Yue’s hair. He couldn’t help but complain in mind: This little pervert is extremely fastidious about his food and clothing! Obviously, he said goodbye to his male identity a long time ago!

Li Yue’s seaweed-like long hair was very smooth and silky. Cheng Nuo combed it perfunctorily for a while then thought of something and said, “In fact, I don’t need to warm your bed. There’s a way to keep a bed warm…”

Cheng Nuo didn’t really know exactly how the heated brick bed of Northern China functioned but he could describe it vividly. He would go crazy if he had to sleep with Li Yue like that again. When Cheng Nuo noticed that the purple eyes in the bronze mirror were staring at him coldly, he quickly stopped speaking and smiled a fake smile, “Of course, it’s still your decision.”

Li Yue crooked a finger. Cheng Nuo was suddenly covered in sweat as his head moved back uncontrollably and he bared his two white tiger teeth.

“Next time if you talk when I don’t ask you to, I’ll pull out these two unsightly teeth.” Li Yue sneered and used the ivory comb to tap Cheng Nuo’s tiger teeth. “And don’t forget to call me master.”

Cheng Nuo’s teeth were hit hard enough to make his gums ache. After a while, he covered his mouth and shrank back. Forced to endure this hateful behavior, he said, “Yes, master.”

**** you, you ****ing psycho! Is this ****er Bai Zhi’s brother?!

The puppet quickly brought some new clothing. Li Yue signaled Cheng Nuo to help him put them on. Cheng Nuo secretly gnashed his teeth as he helped him. He couldn’t wait to strangle this little psycho!

Li Yue was still wearing female clothing. With his beautiful features, slender body, and long curly hair that flowed down to cover half of his fair face, he looked innocent and pure. Cheng Nuo almost wanted to applaud him. He’s really good at dressing up!

A puppet pulled out a large box that contained several smaller dolls around half a meter tall. Cheng Nuo thought they looked familiar and suddenly realized that Li Yue was the one who had performed the puppet show he saw earlier in the street. He felt annoyed when he thought about how Li Yue must have noticed them at that time…

It just goes to show that this psycho couldn’t be expected to have a regular, respectable profession!

“Today, we’re going to perform for an important person.” Li Yue laughed very sweetly, his purple eyes shining brightly like a happy child. “You will go with me. Hmm, I’ll give you a name. From now on I’ll call you Xiao Nuo.”

Cheng Nuo lowered his eyes, trying to hide his disgust. “Thank you for the name.”

Li Yue looked at Cheng Nuo carefully and smiled. “It’s better for you to regain your female identity today.”

The puppet brought them another set of clothes. Cheng Nuo saw that it was the type of dress that the females of this world wore. It was gorgeously embroidered with large peony flowers. Cheng Nuo’s hair stood on end as he forced out a laugh and said, “Master, my hair doesn’t look like a female’s..”

Li Yue nodded. “That’s true. Since that’s the case, you can borrow Little Four’s hair for now.”

The yellow-haired and blue-eyed doll yanked at his scalp until it had ripped its hair off. Cheng Nuo was shocked. He hadn’t realized it was made of human hair!

Looking at Li Yue’s narrowed eyes, Cheng Nuo gritted his teeth and put the hair on his head. He has to endure this for now and find a way to escape!

Li Yue actually reached out and fixed the hair for him. He smiled and said, “You don’t look bad… but you’re behavior is too rough. It’s not feminine.”

Cheng Nuo gave a dry laugh. You’re saying this gentleman doesn’t look as good as you, you ****ing cross-dresser?


Reika’s Notes:

  • This chapter is by Reika of Creative Novels and BC Novels.
  • “A man’s chastity cannot be lightly outraged!” – The raw said 男人的贞操就不是贞操了 but I non-literally translated for clarity.
  • “… the heated brick bed of Northern China.” – 土炕 (tǔ kàng) A traditional heated platform. I know most people don’t know that “kang” means so I added a little detail. Wikipedia –
  • “This gentleman…” 劳资 láo zī Just a way of saying “I” that is a little forceful or boastful. Normally used casually, for comedic effect.
  • “Cross-dresser” – 人妖 rén yāo This actually means “transsexual.” I wasn’t sure which term was the most appropriate here. I just stuck with cross-dresser for now.
  • Please let me know if there are any errors. Thanks for reading.
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