Chapter 74 – Human Nature

“Fine! I will give you some face.”

Mo Kai no longer possesses that honest look he had in the past, there was a viciousness that could be felt coming out from deep within him. It was due to the Violent Corpse Worm in him, it caused Mo Kai’s personality to change completely.

“Brother Tian, can you return to Fortune Boat University with me?”

“Oh? Sure, why not.”

Yang Tian had roughly guessed something; Mo Kai and the rest have likely caused some trouble within Fortune Boat University, and they hoped that Yang Tian could help them now.

Mo Kai behaved judiciously along the way, he never tried asking Yang Tian about the food that disappeared from the supermart because the former knew that it was undoubtedly Yang Tian’s doing, Mo Kai also knew that only Yang Tian would have the ability to single-handedly take all the food within the supermart.

There were now two factions within Fortune Boat University, one was led by Guan Ren Zuo, the other was led by Hu Jun.

Guan Ren Zuo hoped that every student and teacher of the university could safely survive the Post-Apocalyptic Era, so he got the Metahumans to search for food and would distribute the food to the ordinary people. While Hu Jun and his group did not want to burden themselves by taking care of ordinary people, the food that Metahumans found should not be shared with ordinary people.

Of the two factions, Guan Ren Zuo had more people but most of them were ordinary people. Hu Jun’s camp has lesser people, but all of them were Metahumans. Moreover, without the need to share food with ordinary people, the overall conditions of Hu Jun and his group were much better than Guan Ren Zuo’s faction.

Yang Tian was in his normal form when he reached Fortune Boat University. The situation within Fortune Boat University was very distinct, the two factions were clearly separated and had established their own camps.

When Mo Kai and his group returned, many of the ordinary students and teachers were looking at them with eyes filled with jealousy.

“I wasted my time treating Mo Kai well in the past, to think that he is so selfish now.”

“To think that I have treated him as my best classmate, truly unexpected.”

Yang Tian could only sneer coldly when he heard those words. They are in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, yet they still tried to bind others with the morals of the Civilized Age. If they were so free, they might as well try searching through garbage, there would still be a high chance that they could find some food.

Yang Tian took out a sausage and ate it like a snack, causing the gazes from his surroundings to instantly gather onto Yang Tian’s hand.

Sounds of swallowing saliva could be heard. They only receive a limited amount of food daily and had not enjoyed a proper meal. Guan Ren Zuo might have given them some food, but Metahumans were still the ones that received the most portion as they were the main force that could find food.

After eating the sausage, Yang Tian tossed the packaging onto the ground. It caused a group of people to start fighting over it as there was still some residue left within the packaging.

“What a joke.”

Mo Kai and his group were staying within a hostel building since their faction has fewer people, their living space felt much spacious as well.

“Other than you and Hu Jun, who else followed you?”

Yang Tian was referring to the members of their previous group.

“There’s Zhu Xiao Ruo, but she…”

As a Seductress, it was very typical that some incidents had revolved around Zhu Xiao Ruo.

“She rolled on the bed with many Metahumans?”


This was within Yang Tian’s expectations as well, having slept with so many male Metahumans, it was likely that Zhu Xiao Ruo has started carrying pathogens in her body.

All Seductress would carry pathogens in their bodies, the only difference was the amount.

At Zhu Xiao Ruo’s current state, an ordinary man should not roll in bed with her or else, strange red blisters would start to appear on that person’s body the next day.

“She was unable to find energy crystals that suits her and is still stuck at Rank 1. On the contrary, many male Metahumans have… It is also because of this that the bodies of many Metahumans on our side have started to develop some issues.”

“What about you and Hu Jun?”

“We were unable to endure the allure sometime back, but our hearts experienced an excruciating pain at that time and prevented us from doing anything.”

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It was likely that the Violent Corpse Worms had detected the pathogens within Zhu Xiao Ruo, that was why Hu Jun and Mo Kai were stopped.

“Brother Mo, Li Ge and his group have brought back food.”

“Even if they brought back food, they would still have to share with a group of ordinary people after they had their fill. No matter how much they brought back, it will never be enough.”

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“It’s not that. The food that they found this time is too little and not enough to share, the students and teachers are making a commotion because of that.”

“Then I must take a look. Brother Tian, are you coming too?”

“Let’s go take a look!”

Li Ge was a Metahuman working under Guan Ren Zuo and was very powerful, and was on the verge of reaching Rank 3. Every time Li Ge went out, he would always return with lots of food, but this time was a miss.

Yang Tian saw a dense group of ordinary people surrounding ten Metahumans, Guan Qing Xue was one of the ten.

“Why is there not enough food!”

“You guys had your fill and went to search for food, why is there so little found?”

“Did all of you had your fill before returning?”

All sorts of accusations were heard, this caused the expressions of the Metahumans to look extremely ugly.

“Get the f*** off. Do you think this daddy wanted to find food for all of you? Go find food yourself if you want to eat!”

“Xi Zi, calm down.”

Guan Qing Xue soothed the angered Xi Zi, before addressing the other students and teachers:

“It is also tough for us to search for food. The thing we should do right now is to solve the food problem and not arguing with each other.”

As Guan Qing Xue was trying to diffuse the situation, Guan Ren Zuo arrived as well.

“The principal is here.”

“Principal, look at these Metahumans, they ate their fill before returning. They are not attaching you with any importance.”

Seeing Guan Ren Zuo’s arrival, the group started to voice discord again.

“F*** you. This daddy is no longer staying here, just a bunch of useless trash yet they still demand this daddy to serve them? They deserve to starve!”

Xi Zi could no longer tolerate it any longer, he already was feeling apprehensive about finding food for a group of ordinary people. Yet he still needed to listen to their insults, which greatly enraged Xi Zi.

“We are also done with this. Let them starve to death!”

Except for Li Ge and Guan Qing Xue, the other Metahumans could no longer tolerate the insults, none of them want to serve this group of useless trash.

“Everyone, please wait, everyone please hold on.” Guan Ren Zuo tried to stop the people who were leaving, the number of Metahumans in his faction was already very little. If this group were to go, then he would have no one else left.

“Principal, there is nothing else to talk about. If they want to eat, they have to search for food themselves.”

“It has been hard for us to gather together, weren’t you like them as well initially? Let us show appreciation towards each other and live together!”

When Xi Zi and his group first became Metahumans, their fighting power was only slightly better than an ordinary person. It was only until Hu Jun, and his group started to find food for them, did they begin to learn how to survive. This was also the reason that Guan Ren Zuo used to convince them to stay with his faction.

“We are only speaking in a moment of anger, sor… sorry.”

Some amongst the students and teachers finally started to relent, causing the expressions of Xi Zi and his group to finally look slightly better.

“Ok. Let us wait and see if Si Kai and his group have found any food!”

Lee Si Kai had also led a team of people to search for hope, everyone’s expectations were now on Lee Si Kai’s side.

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