Chapter 75 – The Truth

I Have A Manor In The Post-Apocalyptic Era: 

“I never understand why Xi Zi is also convinced by Guan Ren Zuo.”

“Exactly! Brother Mo, I also do not understand why is Xi Zi choosing to remain at that side.”

Human nature within the Post-Apocalyptic World should be about your own profits and self-concern, people like Guan Ren Zuo who protects the ordinary people and maintains a kind heart were scarce in the Post-Apocalyptic World.

Except for Li Ge, Guan Ren Zuo, and Guan Qing Xue. The other Metahumans were unwilling to experience such grievances, it was only because they still have the moral bottom line from the Civilised Age that made them continue to contribute their strength.

If the situation where the students and teachers continuous complaints were to continually repeat itself for a few more days, the Metahumans would likely leave Guan Ren Zuo’s camp and become the same type of people as Mo Kai and his group.

“Brother Hu Jun and the rest have not returned as well.”

“No matter, our food reserves is enough to last us for a few days.”

Mo Kai’s side had ample resources and do not need to worry about having not enough food. The Fortune Boat University would send four teams out to forage for food every day; two teams each from Hu Jun’s faction  and Guo Ren Zuo’s.

“Brother Mo, Brother Hu Jun’s team has returned.”


A Rank 1 Metahuman ran from the school gates to report to Mo Kai.

“Principal, Si Kai’s team has returned as well.”

Guan Ren Zuo’s camp was more nervous about the results as the food that Lee Si Kai’s team can bring back will determine if they can have dinner tonight, it must not go wrong.

The two teams arrived at the lecture building at the same time, injuries covered their bodies.

“Si Kai, is there enough food for today?”

Guan Ren Zuo was the first to approach, asking nervously.

“We originally found a food warehouse today, but Hu Jun’s team discovered it as well. We fought and eventually decided to split the spoils equally.”

The injuries on their bodies were given by the other team, it was fortunate that both sides knew to hold bad, which resulted in the wounds inflicted not being overly severe.

It’s a pity that the food that Lee Si Kai brought back this time was not enough, it would undoubtedly be enough if they have the entire warehouse to themselves, splitting it equally has made it much more lacking.

“Hu Jun, Brother Tian is here.”

When Mo Kai saw Hu Jun, the former immediately notified latter about Yang Tian.

“Bo… Brother Tian, it is great that you came to our side.”

“I am only here to take a look, I did not say that I am joining your side.”

Yang Tian immediately clarified his position to prevent any misunderstandings.

“No matter, it is great that you are here.”

Hu Jun was not embarrassed at all, acting as though he was very magnanimous instead while the Spear Martialist beside Hu Jun was preventing the Metahumans from carrying away the food they got today.

Fortune Boat University was where the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage appeared in his previous life, yet there was no Blade Martialist amongst the Metahumans gathered here. The Sky Hegemon Blade Sage always wore a mask. Therefore, no one knew what he looked like.

Yang Tian initially thought to discover the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage by checking on the Blade Martialists in Fortune Boat University, but there were no Blade Martialists to be found.

“Hu Jun, is all the fighting force within your school gathered here?”

“That’s right! Why did you ask Boss?”

That’s strange, what went wrong? Can it be that the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage only appear at a later time?

“It’s fine.”

Yang Tian waved his hand and walked off.

“Dammit, how dare you act so arrogantly in Fortune Boat University?”

Yang Tian’s actions were undoubtedly disregarding all of them, it was natural that the people gathered were unhappy.


The corners of Yang Tian’s mouth curled into a cold smile.

The next instant, the Metahuman who talked turned into a black light and charged towards Yang Tian.

Yang Tian did not change his entire body into Venom-form, only his right arm had turned into a long blade. The black blade sliced the head of the Metahuman, none of the white matter had stained the black blade.

“Sorry about that Brother Tian, the underling had acted recklessly.”

Mo Kai immediately went to apologize because he knew that Hu Jun must have silently given the order, else the Metahuman would not have dared to speak out after how he and Hu Jun had addressed Yang Tian.

“Do not forget where the power inside you came from, I can take it away anytime.”

Yang Tian’s words were directed at Hu Jun, causing the latter to break into a cold sweat.

Hu Jun’s willpower had always been relatively weak, allowing the Violent Corpse Worm to easily bring out the negative emotions within him. Moreover, Hu Jun had been enjoying the feeling of being a boss so it was inevitable that he developed a sense of superiority.

Yang Tian ignored them after giving his warning. He wanted to check the state of Fortune Boat University.

There should be several student condominiums, but the buildings were obviously damaged due to the attacks of zombies. The people might have survived the encounter, but many of the buildings have been destroyed. Only a few blocks could still be used as residences.

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“Is that… Boss?”

Lee Si Kai noticed Yang Tian’s figure and spoke with slight excitement. However, when Lee Si Kai remembered their actions from before, his excited emotions instantly disappeared.

“It looks like it…”

Guan Qing Xue had also noticed Yang Tian.

The things that Yang Tian told Guan Qing Xue had slowly turned into truths, her boyfriend Duo Liang was indeed a male scum. The latter maintained a fine and gentlemanly image during the Civilized Age, but when the world descended into the Post-Apocalyptic Era, the ugliness within his heart was wholly exposed.

After the Apocalypse, Duo Liang had been staying within Fortune Boat University; he had used the status of Guan Qing Xue to bed several female students by telling them that he could provide them with more food. However, that scum could not even feed himself properly, why would he give them food?

The female students eventually saw through Duo Liang’s true colors and went to report him to Guan Qing Xue, Guan Qing Xue also wholly parted ways with him at that time. However, Duo Liang continued to shamelessly stay at Fortune Boat University to receive a daily portion of food.

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She looked at Duo Liang, before looking at Yang Tian. Yang Tian might be extreme and heartless with his actions, but he was undoubtedly much better.

“Is the food enough?”

It was no doubt that Xi Zi’s words had told everyone that tonight’s food would not be enough.

“As the principal, I have decided to give up my share of food tonight.”

“No! The Principal still needs to create those powerful runes, you cannot go about starving!” Lee Si Kai immediately spoke out.

Guan Ren Zuo could manufacture runes now and Fortune Boat University managed to survive the zombie horde thanks to the runes he has created.

“Principal, I am only an ordinary teacher and they are warriors who went to search for food, I will not take any food tonight.”

“Principal, same for me.”

“Include me as well.”

A portion of the people decided to give up their share, but there was also a portion who were silent, they were unwilling to starve and were reluctant to give up the food that could be easily obtained.

“Okay, I thank all of you.”

It was because he saw such kindness within the Post-Apocalyptic World, which had encouraged Guan Ren Zuo to continue striving for his goal. In Guan Ren Zuo’s heart, he believes that the Post-Apocalyptic World was not a place where humanity was obliterated, new hope will slowly rise up.

“Grandpa, do you want us to borrow some from them?”

“No need. In their eyes, we will only borrow and never be able to return, they will not lend anything to us.”

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