Chapter 76 – Thunderbolt Warrior

Hu Jun and Mo Kai’s changes had exceeded everyone’s expectations. In the past, these two would always lead the people to search for food, but ever since they returned with the Red Fruits and Mutated Carrots, they have changed entirely.

Selfish, hot-tempered, losing their temper at ordinary people whenever there was a bit of disagreement. The reason why Fortune Boat University had split into two factions was also due to them. What was even stranger was that their powers have significantly increased after they returned.

If Lee Si Kai was to fight any one of them, he would undoubtedly lose, only by pairing with another would Lee Si Kai be able to achieve a draw.

“What happened to them exactly? Can it be… him?”

Guan Ren Zuo felt it was a pity that Hu Jun and Mo Kai had turned out like that, but at the same time, Guan Ren Zuo also suspected that their transformation might be related to Yang Tian.


In everyone’s impression, Yang Tian was omnipotent, and they could not deny the possibility that Yang Tian does have the ability to cause Hu Jun and Mo Kai to change.

“He… is coming.”

Guan Ren Zuo saw Yang Tian approaching them, the latter looked as though he appreciated the view within Fortune Boat University, but the state of the university was terrible and it did not have anything to be admired about.

“Who are you, why did you approach us?”

Xi Zi and the other Metahumans did not know Yang Tian, all they saw was a stranger strolling inside their territory, which was why there was no sense of hospitality in their tone.

“You are giving me a bad mood.”

Hearing Yang Tian’s icy tone, Lee Si Kai and Guan Qing Xue knew that trouble was coming. However, they were unable to stop Yang Tian.

Venom’s head appeared on Yang Tian’s arm.


Venom opened its fang-filled mouth and bit off Xi Zi’s head.

“Ah… Ah, help!”

“A monster, help!”

Yang Tian’s actions had caused the students and teachers to see him as a monster, a human’s hand had turned into a terrifying monster’s head and ate Xi Zi’s head in front of them.

“Run? Actions of cowards.”

Venom spoke in human language with a tone filled with contempt. After living inside Yang Tian for some time, Venom learned how to speak the human language.

“You learning ability is pretty good.”

“Thank you for your praises, Master.”

Venom replied Yang Tian very respectfully.

Seeing that the effect he wanted was achieved, Yang Tian kept Venom. The only ones that did not run away were Lee Si Kai and the rest, as well as Li Ge. The other students, teachers, and Metahumans had all ran away.

“I want to ask you something.”

Yang Tian did not speak and only look at Guan Qing Xue. Yang Tian felt two separate feelings for Dark Assassin Guan Qing Xue and Radiant Angel Guan Qing Xue, the only connection between the two emotions was a small sense of familiarity.

“Did you… do something to Hu Jun and Mo Kai?”

“I gave them more power.”

They had witnessed the power that Yang Tian mentioned; it was indeed powerful, but the changes that happen to Hu Jun and Mo Kai was not what they wanted.

“Can I beg you to turn them back?”

“If I do that, the price would be their lives.”

The Violent Corpse Worms had already melded with their hearts, taking the Violent Corpse Worms away would mean that they would lose their hearts, how can they continue living without a heart?

Or, killing them could also allow Yang Tian to correctly extract the Violent Corpse Worms as well.

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“How did it become like this?”

“Nothing much, it is an unchanging rule that a corresponding price must be paid if you want more power.”

Guan Qing Xue’s emotions collapsed when she heard Yang Tian’s reply. If Fortune Boat University continues to be divided, they might not be able to handle the next time a zombie horde appears, they only barely managed to tide over the last zombie horde by working together.

“Are you a demon sent by Satan?”

Guan Ren Zuo was filled with anger, he saw hope when Fortune Boat University managed to survive the zombie horde. However, Hu Jun and Mo Kai’s change had slowly caused his hopes to diminish. When Guan Ren Zuo learned that it was caused by Yang Tian, the former’s emotions were on the verge of exploding.

“Just die! Demon!”

Rank 1 Flame Rune

Rank 2 Frost Rune

Rank 2 Earthspike Rune

Several runes appeared around Guan Ren Zuo, making him look like a warrior as the runes emitted a terrifying power.

Yang Tian slightly frowned, he was able to feel danger coming from this Rank 2 Runemaster. One must know that Yang Tian possessed an Early Rank 3 fighting power, yet a Rank 2 Runemaster was able to make him feel threatened.

“Grandpa, don’t. If you use all these runes, how are we going to handle the zombie hordes?”

Guan Qing Xue’s words had caused Guan Ren Zuo to become hesitant, the material required to make these runes were not ordinary, it caused Guan Ren Zuo to wonder if he should take action or not.

“Let me try.” The silent Li Ge spoke suddenly.

Rank 2 Thunderbolt Warrior

The offensive power of Thunderbolt Warriors is undoubtedly the strongest amongst elemental warriors. The attack of a Rank 2 Thunderbolt Warrior could even injure a Rank 3 Lifeform.

“I hope you have the capability.”

Yang Tian entered Venom-form, a black monster appeared in front of them.

Li Ge unleashed the might of a thunderbolt and attacked Yang Tian, lightning encased the former’s entire body.

Yang Tian turned his arms into black battle axes, each battle axe was roughly the same size as Li Ge.


The black battle axes created a crescent moon as it hacks down onto Li Ge.

Thunder Shield

A circular protective shield covered Li Ge’s body, but Yang Tian was confident in breaking through the defense.

“Ding Ding Ding”

The powerful clash against thunder had created low sonic waves.



Li Ge vomited blood as Yang Tian’s battle axe sliced through his defenses, creating a large wound on Li Ge’s chest, it was fortunate that the attack did not split him into two.

However, Yang Tian was not feeling beautiful as well as the violent low sonic waves was a fatal weakness of Venom as it caused the parasitic connection between Yang Tian and Venom to become unstable. The forced separation had caused Yang Tian to lose his protection and was affected by the lightning energy that spilled out from the clash.

“Venom, are you okay?”

Yang Tian tried communicating with Venom but there was no reply from the latter; the low sonic waves caused Venom to temporarily lose consciousness.

“Li Ge, how are you?”

The injury on Li Ge’s chest was too terrifying, it started from the neck and extended to his stomach. If the damage went a bit deeper, Li Ge might have died on the spot.

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Yang Tian’s situation was also not good as well, Yang Tian’s physique was fragile without Venom. The spillover lightning was still unstable within Yang Tian, any Rank 2 Metahuman would be able to win the current Yang Tian.

“You actually managed… to injure him.”

Yang Tian’s state was seen by everyone, Li Ge was able to damage Yang Tian. All of them knew how terrifying Yang Tian was, they did not expect that Yang Tian and Li Ge would fight to a draw, they were even prepared to rescue Li Ge at any moment.

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