Chapter 77 – Storm Eagle

“Si Kai, kill him since he is now injured.”

Guan Ren Zuo noticed the terrible state of Yang Tian and immediately gave Lee Si Kai an order.

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When Yang Tian saw that, he immediately took out his Soft Bone Blade. Yang Tian had gotten used to the powerful feeling that Venom gave him so he could not help but feel strange when he used the Soft Bone Blade again.

However, Lee Si Kai did not move with that order. He did not dare to act and was unwilling to act as well.

“What are you thinking, he is a demon, his hands are dyed with the blood of your comrades! It is rare to see him injured, if you are not going to take action, then I will do it.”

In the eyes of Guan Ren Zuo, Yang Tian was undoubtedly a demon. Previously the former might want to save his runes and thus did not make a move, but now there was no reason for him to not take action.

“Principal, you do not need to act. I will do it.”

A metahuman from Hu Jun’s side? From the looks of it, Hu Jun and his group also have ideas for Yang Tian. Using the opportunity that he was injured to send someone to deal with him.

Rank 1 Wolf Warrior

Wolf claws inherited from wild wolves were found on his arms.


Even when Yang Tian was hurt, he was still not someone that a Rank 1 Metahuman could handle.

“Yes, I am enough.”

While looking at the injured Yang Tian, a wolf claw struck at the Yang Tian’s chest.

Yang Tian turned his body to evade the attack while he slashed the Soft Bone Blade at his opponent’s abdomen.


The Soft Bone Blade created a crimson line of blood followed by the screams of the Wolf Warrior.


The wound on the abdomen was twenty centimeters long and five centimeters deep. It was likely Fortune Boat University does not many resources left; moreover, would Hu Jun and his group use medicine to heal the Wolf Warrior?

However, these were all not Yang Tian’s problems because he did not plan to let his opponent live.

“What… are you thinking of doing…”

Yang Tian stabbed at the Wolf Warrior’s skull, instantly killing the latter.

“You still dare to murder people?”

Guan Ren Zuo had just witnessed Yang Tian killing another student in front of him, the former was preparing to take action and no longer cared about wasting his runes.

“You old fart, do you want me to stand there and just get killed?”

“You are not human, I must kill you today.”

Wait to be killed? Yang Tian’s dictionary does not possess this phrase.

Four Rank 1 Water Arrow Runes appeared on Guan Ren Zuo.


The Water Arrow Runes shot out and turned into four three-meter long arrows that moved at breakneck speeds.

“Block for me.”

Yang Tian picked up the corpse of the Wolf Warrior to block the attack for him. The water arrows were only Rank 1 Runes, even if the offense could pierce through the body, the power that’s left would no longer be dangerous.


The water arrows did pierce through the corpse, and as expected, the power left on the water arrows were not enough to threaten Yang Tian.

“Old Fart.”

Yang Tian silently cursed, he must try to escape, his injured state made it impossible for him to win Guan Ren Zuo. Guan Ren Zuo undoubtedly possessed Rank 2 Runes, if Guan Ren Zuo were pressured into using them, Yang Tian would not have it easy.

On the other side, Hu Jun and Mo Kai were eyeing Yang Tian covetously. A pity they did not know that Yang Tian was taking action through them right now.

“Come and protect me.”

Yang Tian waved his hand at Hu Jun’s direction, Hu Jun and Mo Kai did not know what was happening when the next moment, they felt their bodies moving without their control and started to run towards Yang Tian.

Other than the two of them, another Spear Martialist was also running towards Yang Tian’s position.

The three of them formed a row and defended Yang Tian.

“Block that old fella for me.”

After hearing Yang Tian’s orders, Hu Jun Trio attacked Guan Ren Zuo.

“Grandpa, be careful!”

“Principal, watch out!”

Lee Si Kai and Guan Qing Xue shouted in surprise, Guan Ren Zuo also saw Hu Jun Trio coming at him with a dangerous vibe. The runes Guan Ren Zuo prepared for Yang Tian was used on Hu Jun Trio instead.

Five Rank 2 Earthspike Runes.

Yang Tian used the chaos to leave Fortune Boat University; without Venom, Yang Tian could only leave the university by foot. However, with Fortune Boat University’s current situation, no one noticed Yang Tian leaving as well.

Venom was already injured, now that it was suddenly hurt by low sonic waves, it would require some time to heal.

“This symbiote’s resistance to low sonic waves is meager.”

“If you are willing, I can lend you my power.”

The Violent Corpse Worm Queen tried to delude Yang Tian once again when it saw the latter’s state. However, the Violent Corpse Worm Queen is different from Venom, Yang Tian would not use the power of the Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

“I don’t need it.”

Yang Tian firmly rejected the Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

I was still too careless this time.

Yang Tian left Fortune Boat University, but he was unable to find a suitable place nearby to rest and recover. A Beast Tamer’s physique was relatively weaker and with him now being injured too, looking for a place to rest by foot had thus increased in difficulty.

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Yang Tian circulated Purple Sun Divine Art as he traveled, allowing him to possess the stamina required to move continuously.

“That one in front should do.”

Yang Tian walked a long way before he saw a damaged motel in front, just that the small motel looked desolated as well.

When he arrived at the motel, Yang Tian randomly found a room which he then entered.

He sat in lotus position and circulate Purple Sun Divine Art to suppress the injuries on his body.

The injuries damaged by lightning had started to rot.

After resting for a few hours, it was night.

“You are finally awake.”

With Venom recovery, it allowed Yang Tian to enter Venom-form immediately; the rotting wounds on his body instantly healed. This was a unique trait of Venom, one allowing its host to recover from injuries. Even if Yang Tian were on his dying breath; after being covered by Venom, he would be able to heal completely and restore back to his healthy state.

“I am already injured beforehand, combined with that low sonic wave attack earlier on, it had caused me to enter an unconscious state.”

“I was also careless this time as well and nearly paid the price for it.”

Venom’s recovery had also allowed Yang Tian to return to his peak condition, Yang Tian was considering if he should go kill Li Ge as the latter’s thunder could easily create low sonic waves. When Li Ge recovers, he would undoubtedly discover Venom’s weakness.

“I should be more prepared first.”

Yang Tian decided to tame a Rank 3 creature first before he returns to Fortune Boat University. If Venom gets caught in the same attack again, Yang Tian would at least have a tamed beast to fight for him.

Yang Tian turned into Venom and roamed every corner of F City, searching for Rank 3 creatures.

It was currently a buffer period after the zombie wave and so it was very hard to see creatures roaming the streets, let alone Rank 3 ones.

“We are being targeted.”

Venom sensed danger, they were being targeted by something that could threaten Venom.


Yang Tian sense a lethal threat on his back, he quickly pushed himself to the right and rolled on the ground to evade the danger.

Wind Blade

Several dozen Wind Blades struck Yang Tian’s previous spot, leaving several cuts on the ground.

From the sky.

The direction of the attack came from the sky, that figure became more and more distinct as Yang Tian looked at the sky.

Rank 3 Elite Beast, Storm Eagle.

The Storm Eagle possessed an Early Rank 3 fighting power, each wing was two-meter long covered in green feathers with a tinge of white. It is noteworthy to note that those powerful eagle claws could easily shred their targets into pieces.

“My target has arrived.”

Yang Tian felt that the approaching Storm Eagle was a good choice, a flying creature would make traveling convenient as well.

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