Chapter 9: Alignment

Without a doubt in his mind, Xavior knew that this kid was dangerous. There was something about his eyes that told him he was much smarter than a child had any right to be. He knew that Xavior was reincarnated and even though he asked what the word meant, Xavior would eat a boot if he actually didn’t. No, this kid came up to him fully knowing something about himself he has yet to tell a single soul. Not Elise, not his parents, and certainly no stranger.

Although the boy was the same height as him, and probably the same age, Xavior felt fear. Not because of this mysterious person of course, he was a child in kindergarten, but what this could mean. He’s never told anyone, he was sure of it, and yet someone knew. This made him realise his secrets weren’t safe.

‘How’d did this kid find out in the first place. Can he read minds or something?! Wait, hold on a second, what if that’s actually the case. People, even children, have super powers in this world! I’m sure telepathy wouldn’t be far fetched. S***, this is bad though, really really bad. If this boy snitches and has a way to prove his accusation, I could be in real trouble.’ he thought worriedly.

One of his very long term goals was keeping his reincarnation a tight lipped secret. He was determined to not tell anyone for a very long time, if not the entirety of his new life. If word got out that he reincarnated then all his plans will be ruined,the advantage of being underestimated will be gone forever. In fact, the exact opposite would most likely happen. Because the people of this world doesn’t know anything about Xavior and his world, he’s an enigma.

He’s a big mystery to everyone that wants to know something. An unknown variable with unknown strength, and unknown experiences. With a sigh, he focused back on the here and now. The only way to get definitive answers was to find out himself, and the easiest way to do that, was to simply ask.

“Who are you?” he questioned with a frown.

This kid was dangerous and he needed to approach this situation carefully. ‘Nothing is set in stone yet. Yes he knows that I’ve been reincarnated but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll blab to anyone who will listen. No, he’s smarter than that, if that was something he wanted to do, he would have done it without coming over here in the first place. He wants something, I just need to find out what.’

Unexpectedly his smirk formed into what seemed to be a genuine smile.

“The name is Neo! I wanted to come say hello since I’ve never seen a reincarnator before.”

Shhh! Let’s not be loud you idiot! I obviously don’t want that going around, no one knows and no one needs to know alright?” was whisper yelled. The guy’s response was to just laugh with a smile that seemed to have gotten bigger.

“I like you, you’re funny!”

“Yes, I want to be a comedian when I grow up. Now that’s great and all but how did you know what I am? Did someone tell you? Or was it your power?” he inquired. You see, every kid here had a power, an innate ability they were born with. The moment Xavior’s parents saw his display when he was only a couple months into this world, he was taken to a government building. There he was asked to display his powers in front of very serious looking men in suits. While everyone who were born with a power was taken care of by the government, some are taken care of more than others.

The more useful or powerful your power is, the more extra care you’re given. They’re given more money monthly, more food stamps, and even a brand new house if they accept it. This is a special school for special kids only, the teachers are trained to handle any situation. This means if one child accidentally sets another child on fire, they’ll be able to handle it quickly and efficiently. Xavior had some of the best healers in the states as nurses.

‘Talk about special treatment huh?’ “Power!’ he exclaimed. “I’m a Gamer you see, there’s nothing you can hide from my eyes.” Xavior couldn’t help but give him a deadpan stare as he replied.

“A Gamer, I like to enjoy a nice Witcher or Dragon Age but what does that have to do anything?”

“It’s a Game!” Neo quickly replied without thought. Xavior really truly couldn’t help nor hold back the hand that quickly slapped Neo in the back of the head. Truly, he couldn’t. He tried. He promises.

“Speak some sense child!” he yelled. Neo began holding head where he was hit with a pout.

“Hey, don’t give me damage!” Xavior’s only response was too hold his hand up in a threatening manner. Neo took a panicked expression and placed his hands out in front of him in a attempt to calm Xavior down.

“Wait Wait, don’t hit me I’ll explain!” he said quickly. Finally about to get some answers, Xavior was successfully placed and placed his hand down. “Jeez mean, that hit took a whole 2 HP.”

“Sense boy!”

With this Neo sighed and began. “I wasn’t lying at first, I’m a Gamer-”

Xavior raised his hand.

“Wait and let me explain you psycho!”

Xavior lowered his hand.

With an eye twitch Neo began once more. “Like I was saying, I’m a Gamer, meaning that to me the world is a Game. I see the world in Levels and Skills. Every person has a health bar and name above their head. I can even level up and assign experience points at will.” Neo explained, fully this time.

Xavior’s eyes widened in surprise at this revelation. “Oi oi, isn’t that extremely overpowered you brat? How the hell did an idiot like you get something so amazing?” he asked with a frown. Neo’s smile only came back full force in answer.

“I know right?! I’m so lucky but not everyone can be this awesome, The fates themselves just recognise my awesomeness and gave me a power to match. With a roll of his eyes, Xavior continued.

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“That still doesn’t explain how you found out about me.”

“Well you know how in some games, characters gain skills? The full name of my power is actually Gamer – Ver. RPG. Basically anything an RPG can do I can do. I have a skill called Observe. It’s a passive that starts out maxed. It’s pretty awesome because not many skills do that. Then again, I was born with this one so I guess it makes sense it’s so cool if it was born with a person as awesome as me.” Xavior ended up slapping him upside the head again.

“How are you only 5 with the ego of an entrepreneur kid?! Just focus and explain how it works!”

“Ow, don’t damage me grandpa! And Entren- what now? I don’t even know what that means. Stop trying to confuse with you obvious made up words you dummy!” Neo yelled.

“Dummy?! Look who’s talking idiot! Just explain!”

“Alright alright! Observe lets me gather info on anything I look at. It gives me a basic understanding of what I’m looking at and their alignment.”

“Alignment?” Xavior asked confused.

“Yea, it’s basically what type of person you are. From good to bad.” Neo explained but Xavior simply gave him another deadpan.

“Ehh, It just says whether a person is good or bad? Sounds pretty stupid.”

“Look who’s talking.”

“You wanna get whacked again punk?!”

“Anyway it’s more than that. There are 9 alignments that can help judge a person. There’s Lawful Good – A lawful good guy acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to fight evil with the firmness to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Most people who considers Honor very important has this alignment but are generally boring people who never wants to do anything fun.” Neo said with a laugh.

“You’re right, sounds pretty boring, I’d probably avoid the type?”

“Right? Next there is Neutral Good – A neutral good dude does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others.”

“Sounds exactly the same as the first one to be honest.”

“Yea but it’s different trust me. Neutral Good often works with the law but mostly because the law usually protects the innocent. However, they are not opposed to breaking the law if they feel they can help someone outside of it unlike Lawful Good.”

“Oh I see, now that you explain it, I can see what you mean.”

“Yup, next there’s Chaotic Good – A chaotic good guy acts as his thoughts directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he’s kind and forgiving. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.”

“Oh, the ‘Rebel’ character I see. The stereotype bad boy with hidden heart of gold” Xavior said with a though. Neo laughed and nodded.

“I’m glad you understand gramps. Next is Lawful Neutral – A lawful neutral character acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs him. Order and organisation are paramount to him. He may believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or he may believe in order for all and favour a strong, organised government.”

“Wait hold on! This seems exactly like the first one, how the hell did we do a 360 all of the sudden?!”

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“Well the core difference here is the choice who to serve. What if a man decided to follow the law of his church instead of the government. And what if that church’s law dictate to have slaves and treat them as objects?”

“Oh wow, I see, this is more complicated than I thought. What’s next?”

“Just plain Neutral – A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. They don’t feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil-after all, they would rather have good neighbours and rulers than evil ones. Still, they’re not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way.”

“I think I just found my favourite so far.” Xavior said with a smile.

“Don’t decide just yet, after all, you’re further down the list. Next is Lawful Evil.”

“How can someone both be both Lawful and Evil?”

“A lawful evil villain methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion. He is comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but is willing to serve. He is loath to break laws or promises. This reluctance comes partly from his nature and partly because he depends on order to protect himself from those who oppose him on moral grounds. Some lawful evil villains have particular taboos, such as not killing in cold blood (but having underlings do it) or not letting children come to harm (if it can be helped). They imagine that these compunctions put them above unprincipled villains. Some lawful evil people and creatures commit themselves to evil with a zeal like that of a crusader committed to good. Beyond being willing to hurt others for their own ends, they take pleasure in spreading evil as an end unto itself. They may also see doing evil as part of a duty to an evil deity or master.”

“I see, while it’s better than Lawful Good, it’s still pretty bad.” Neo chuckles at this.

“I thought you’d say that, yours is the one coming up. Neutral Evil – A neutral evil villain does whatever they can get away with. They are out for themselves, pure and simple. They shed no tears for those they kill, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. They have no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make them any better or more noble. On the other hand, they don’t have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has.” Neo explained.

Xavior only nodded along as Neo talked. “As I thought, mine is obviously the best. Though I’m surprised I’m so far down the list. It only makes sense to look out for oneself first and foremost right?” Neo chuckled.

“I guess, but the original reason I even noticed you enough to read your description in the first place was that I noticed your alignment. Not many kids like us are so far down on the list. You caught my interest.”

“Oh really? Tell me then, what are you?” Xavior inquired. Neo smiled in response.

“Neutral, just pure neutral.”

“Eh, how dull, whatever what’s the last one?”

“Eh, but didn’t you just say like a minute ago that it was your favourite?”

“Well yea, but that was before you told me mine, now it’s lame.”

“…..Chaotic Evil – A chaotic evil character does whatever her greed, hatred, and lust for destruction drive her to do. She is hot-tempered, vicious, arbitrarily violent, and unpredictable. If she is simply out for whatever she can get, she is ruthless and brutal. If she is committed to the spread of evil and chaos, she is even worse. Thankfully, her plans are haphazard, and any groups she joins or forms are poorly organised. Typically, chaotic evil people can be made to work together only by force, and their leader lasts only as long as she can thwart attempts to topple or assassinate her. Personally, I’ve never seen a person who has been Chaotic Evil, not until today at least.”

“Today? I thought I was Neutral Evil.”

“Well you are, that girl beside you however, is not.” ‘….what?’ Xavior slowly turned to his head to only see her smiling. Only now….that smile seemed to tell so much more…and those eye suddenly felt like it turned from Emerald Green to Poison Citron. His blood ran cold.


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