Chapter 11: Bet Your Pride!

It’s been a couple years since Xavior and Elise had met Neo. Now in 6th grade, the children have grown in power and strength, although they still couldn’t be described as strong. After the discovery of Elise’s Chaotic Evil status, he just stuck around. He was determined to become friends with the weird kids. Whenever asked why, he would just say that they were bound to be interesting people to follow.

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Immediately after the initial shock of meeting the kid, Xavior became fast friends with him. Xavior loved games, and in an attitude befitting his power, Neo himself far surpassed even his own love for them. RPG’s were also both of the kid’s favourites of the genre, so there was no way they wouldn’t have been friends anyway. Neo would constantly come over to play with Xavior while Elise watched with a silent smile. The boys got along really well, but they really started having fun once they got to the age to spar.

They would fight as much and as frequently as they could. It was an amazing process, at first equal, the boys would brawl without holding back. Of course Xavior never used his magic and would battle with nothing but fisticuffs. Overtime though, Neo gained the skill [Street Fighting], and that’s when things really got exciting. Neo was always one step ahead of him during training, but Xavior never one to simply lose, would catch up to the boy in no time.

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Despite this, every time he was back on equal footing, Neo would level up the skill from use, and he would be behind once more. This was only in terms in skill though, after all of the times they have sparred, Neo has not beaten Xavior once. While his past life didn’t really contribute much in fighting skill to use in this one, it still helped in pure instinct and experience. Of course there wasn’t much ‘techniques’ used in street fights, they weren’t martial artists, they were thugs. They typically swung until the opponent they were fighting against fell. This was a new world however, a world with powers, magic, and chi/ki. Simply wouldn’t be enough anymore.

What did help was the will to push through pain and the mental training to not flinch. Though the new baby body of his didn’t have much in pain tolerance, Neo a child, couldn’t damage him enough to actually hurt him to badly. With this, although Neo was technically a better fighter than him, Xavior has always won. This was perfect early training for him, especially since with each level up in the skill, Neo would suddenly know new techniques and how to use them in the right situations. Copying him and learning those moves has already made him a much better fighter than he was in his previous timeline.

This in no way meant he could beat up his adult self in this baby body, but it did definitely mean that by the time Xavior was a teenager, he would be able to kick his adult self’s ass. Today was a good day for him, because today him and his friend were going to spar once more. Standing in front of Xavior with his shirt off and nothing but shorts on, he did a few punches downward to loosen up his joints and looked at Xavior with a smile.

“You ready Xeno, this time I’m going to win.”

“You sure about that brat? Remember, if you lose that’s 50 in a row. You know what happens then right?”

With a roll of his eyes Neo responded. “Yea yea, with 50 losses I will swear to become you most loyal and faithful evil minion.”

“Glad that you remember.” he said with a chuckle. With a sideways stance, Xavior glared at Neo and pointed towards him with his index and middle finger pointed forward and his thumb pointed upwards, almost as if imitating a gun.

Turning the gun upside down and imitating his favourite anime character Ikki Minami, he speaks up once more. “Well then, Neo Johnson, come at me with all you got, and Bet Your Pride!”

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