Chapter 12: Xavior vs. Neo

Immediately after Xavior’s announcement, Neo went on the offensive. Light on his toes, he hopped in place a few times while putting up his guard, hands slightly below his nose. He lowers his center of gravity while leaning forward and sprints towards Xavior with his head low. Arm pulled back, Neo goes for a right hook as he came to an abrupt stop in front of his opponent. Using his gained momentum, he threw his fist towards Xavior without remorse.

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Prepared for Neo’s attack, Xavior shifts his body the side, narrowly avoiding the heavy hit. Now in a perfect position, Xavior strikes Neo with two harsh blows, one to the body and one to the cheek. This however did barely anything to stun the boy, his body of a Game Character, and hardly ever feeling long lasting damage. Beside the slight grimace of pain, the boy shows no reaction and responds quickly for revenge. Using the force from the recent blow that he took, he spins with the momentum of the punch into a full circle, lessening the damage of the second hit.

Not done, with his spin, he quickly raises his elbow, striking Xavior on the cheek forcing him to step back in pain. Not one to lose an opportunity, Neo quickly covered the retreating steps his friend took in a mere moment and jumped straight towards Xavior with a knee forefront. Not able to react in time, the knee connected without resistance to his gut. Xavior could feel the bile forcefully rise from his throat from the attack but refused to remain still any longer. Taking the pain, he uses the time of Neo being in the air to turn the tides of the battle.

Rising both arms above him and clenching his hands together, Xavior’s hands flashed downwards and connected to the boy’s skull, forcing him into the dirt. Neo gasped in surprise and could only do a quick scream as Xavior stomped down on the boys head, forcing his face farther into the dirt. With no mercy, the old man turned boy raised his leg to strike again but before he could, Neo rolled to the side, avoiding the strike. Quickly getting to his knees the Gamer throws a handful of dirt he gathered into his attackers face that he gathered while taking his short dirt nap. The desired reaction occurred, and Xavior couldn’t help but shut his eyes in irritation.

He tried getting away as best as he could, stepping back in a hurry while making sure not to trip, but it wasn’t enough. Xavior suddenly felt hands grabbing his head and getting pulled down. ‘Crap!’ Neo’s knee went right into Xavior nose and he just knew it had to be broken. With Xavior recoiling in pain and shock, Neo pressed on, intent on paying his buddy back tenfold for his previous experience on the ground. Neo distributed a wide right hook onto Xavior’s cheek that didn’t just end there.

Using the moment from the power of the right hook, Neo spun with the punch to connect his left elbow on the very same cheek. The devastating hit connected cleanly and Xavior grabbed Neo’s shoulder in attempt to steady himself. With his partner on the run, he was determined to continue but would never be able to. At that moment, he saw Xavior smiling, a sight that confused him until a felt a strong blow straight into his stomach that made him bend over from the force. Eyes still closed, it turns out the grabbing Neo’s shoulder wasn’t only to steady himself, but to make sure Neo couldn’t escape! Xavior managed to get in powerful elbow right in the centre of Neo’s face that definitely broke his nose.

Tired of being a punching bag, Neo lands an uppercut on Xavior in response  but before could get any more licks in, he felt legs wrap behind his knees, and before he knew what happened, he was on the ground. In the middle of the fall, Xavior was somehow able to spin Neo around so that his face was back in the dirt. Neo somehow knew that this action was on purpose and promised to get payback for this sometime soon. Now on the ground and arm pinned quite painfully behind his back. With a scream, he struggled to get out of the arm hold, but Xavior’s only response was to put more pressure on Neo’s arm. Neo sighed and used his free hand to tap out. Normally this wouldn’t have been the end, Neo would rather have his arm broken than give up, and only multiple occasions Xavior had done so to bring home the victory. Both of them knew that Neo would be 100% with a simple nights rest. Today though was special, and he couldn’t afford to be too damaged.

He was used to it at this point anyway, although he was faster, stronger, and had more moves, Xavior would always win. He would take all of the punishment Neo could dish out and keep going. It really vexed him at first, but at this point he’s learned to deal with it. “That’s 50 wins in a row for me buddy boy. You know the deal.” the winner said with a smirk, getting off the official loser of 50 straight duels.

Neo couldn’t help but roll his eyes while getting up. “Yea yea, let’s get this over with.” With that said, Neo kneels in front of Xavior with a slight reluctance but sighed and accepted his fate. As he begun to kneel, the sky around them began to darken and clouds began to form at an abnormal rate. Almost as if the Gods were watching.

“I, Neo Johnson, solemnly swear in front of all gods old and new, that I shall become Xavior Dark’s most loyal, trusted, and thoughtful minion.”a thunder bellowed. “From now, until Death, and Beyond.” and the world went white.

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