Chapter 13: I Have the Power!!!

Okay, so things got a little out of hand. Just a tiny bit though, it’s not like anything really bad happened. Sure, Xavior didn’t really know the whole ‘Striking Neo with lightning thing’ was going to happen. Yes, there’s now a strange tattoo of a Crow with a crown floating above it’s head like a halo on Neo’s shoulder blade. Indeed, he’s a child and people might wonder where the hell he got a tattoo.

But everything will be fine, Xavior was sure. He didn’t know why the freaky thunder happened, or where the tat came from, or even why, but he did know this didn’t change anything. Planning on keeping the boy close anyway, Xavior didn’t worry about this situation to much. It freaked him out but didn’t change any of his plans. Neo nor Elise knew why all of this suddenly happened, but Neo honestly didn’t seem to have any problems with it.

He honestly thought it was pretty cool. While Xavior was thinking about what had just transpired while sitting on a big rock and why, most likely because of the Oath Neo took, the Gamer shouted suddenly.

“Guys! I levelled up!”

“Congrats kid, I know you were looking forward to this one. It’s the big one and zero isn’t it?” Xavior said in genuine happiness for his friend. Neo was a Game Character, so when he levelled up he got 10 Experience points.

At first, Xavior thought about how big of a b******* cheat the boy’s ability really was, but soon found out there was a downside. You see, every time the idiot levelled up, the needed experience points doubled. Normally that wouldn’t sound so bad, and honestly it wasn’t, but thing quickly got harder. The threshold for Level 10 was 2,560. That number was absolutely devastating to Neo, besides killing things, it’s not easy getting that much EXP.

And unless he wanted to quickly become a murderer and a fugitive, that option just wasn’t on the table. Even if Elise kept suggesting it. That’s why the boys made their spars almost a daily thing. It was his biggest EXP boost for the day.

“Yea, but that’s not all! With my level up, I got a new system update!”

“Really really? What is it?” Elise curiously spoke up.

She’s been getting more social lately and honestly Xavior didn’t know if that was a bad or good thing yet. The world needed to be kept safe from Elise, how was he going to rule if the planet was on fire.

“Ohhh you are going to love this! Xeno! You know how you’re saying my ability was always b******* and that you wished you could be as awesome as me?”

“I have literally never said that about anyone ever in my life….either of them. But the thing about your ability being b******* does sound familiar.”

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With a humongous grin, Neo simply looked at the both of them with excitement that seemed to be about to burst.

“[Party Invite]! Xavior Dark and Elise Williams!” With a yelp, Xavior fell off the large rock he was sitting on and back into some grass. The thing that frightened him seemed to follow him onto the ground though, and all he could do was stare. In front of him, was a blue game screen. In awe, he obviously tried touching it, but the moment his hand contacted the screen, it shimmered and went right through. Like a hologram, something that wasn’t there.

“Party Invite from Neo Johnson: Accept? Y/N”

“You have to think the command in your mind-”

“I know how it works brat!”

“Then why haven’t you done it yet geezer? El is already in.” Still looking at the screen in awe, he could hear Elise’s giggles in the background. ‘Yes’ and with but a thought, the world flashed in a blue that that seemed to centre around Xavior and push out into the world. Like it was scanning everything and everyone. Finally sitting up, he looked around, but it all just looked the same.

That is, until he looked at Elise and Neo. Above their heads was a green and blue bar. One was titles HP while the other was titled MP. Most likely standing for Health Points and Mana Points. Above there bars, there was something else also.

It showed the levels of the two children before him. ‘Neo Johnson: Level 10’ and ‘Elise Williams: Level 12’. That’s when he noticed something else. AT the edge of his vision, there was a type of hud. No matter how fast or where he moved his eyes, they always stayed at the very edge of his vision.

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At the top middle, there was what seemed to be a compass thing. When moving his head, whatever it was would scroll to the left or right. It was oddly familiar, almost looking exactly like the map thing from Fallout. Top left, he had his health and mana bar, it also had his level. “Xavior Dark: Level 9” “Oh what the hell, I’m a lower level than both of them? This is some b*******!’ The top right corner held nothing and neither did the bottom right.

The only thing on the bottom was in the left corner. It was 4 slots, sitting there, empty, in a D-Pad looking formation.

“What, in the, actually, f***.” said the old man, finally speaking up.

“Told you that you were gonna love it! This is awesome huh? This is how I see the world everyday! Say status!” the boy exclaimed, excited.


Strength: 8

Vitality: 11

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 45

Wisdom: 35

Dexterity: 5

Luck: 25

‘Well I am still just a child, i guess there make sense.’

“Wait wait wait! That’s not even the best part! Besides the party system, the update gave me one more thing!”

“What?” Instead of answering, the idiot just grinned.

“Training Field: Zombie!” and the world went white once more.

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