Chapter 14: Weakling

The world changed. Everything, from the grass under their feet, to the feeling of the sun in the sky, changed. They could feel it, that the world itself was fundamentally different. It made them all very uncomfortable, even Elise. Xavior noticed pretty soon after arriving that the subtle wind that was blowing vanished.

The grass beneath their feet stilled, as if the planet stopped rotating, frozen for all but them. Looking around, they realised that although everything felt different, things were still the same. The field they were in looked exactly as it did before Neo’s shout. That was when Neo noticed something else.

“Uh gramps, El, look up.” Doing so almost made Xavior’s heart stop in fear. The sun, high, right above them in the sky, was bloody red. It cast its light down upon the world, giving everything a red tint no one noticed beforehand. They all could do nothing but stare at the anomaly, fear driven far into their bones.

“Wooow, so pretty~!” Well, except for Elise of course.

Snapping out of it, Xavior’s head whipped towards the treeline as he heard something far in the distance. Trees surrounding all around them, he couldn’t see what was making the noise exactly, but he could swear it sounded like groaning. Now that he’s focusing on it, he hurriedly turns his head to several locations, and he could swear that no matter where he turned, groaning came from said direction. ‘The zombies!’

“Neo, when you used the ability to bring us to wherever we are, you brought us to one with-”

“Zombies yes. Isn’t this awesome! This was the second of the three updates!”

“You fool! We don’t have weapons or anything! I mean, I don’t have any weapons or anything! You have your cheat you call a power and Elise has her psychokinesis, but what about me?!” To that, the bastard simply chuckled and shrugged.

“You’re a smart guy dude, I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Besides, the ability kinda says we can’t escape until the level has been cleared.”

KINDA?! What does that even mean you dumbass!” Before Xavior could scream at his best friend more, he finally saw them, the zombies stumbling through the tree line. Slowly walking towards the centre of the glade where they resided.

“Stop complaining old man, I’ve been waiting for this moment since forever! Hell yea, this is gonna be so epic! I finally get to use my skill points!”

“Really really? You should have 100 by now right? I thought you were saving them all until you knew for sure what class you were going to pursue.” said Elise, finally done giggling at Neo’s and Xavior’s antics.

“I was, but there’s one more thing the system gave me with the update.”

“Really really?”

“Yea, it’s called class switch. Basically, I now have a second character I can switch to with shared inventory and base stats, but my stat points will be unused. For example, currently I’m dumping 50 points each into Wisdom and Intelligence. This will be my Mage character, and to symbolise this-” his upper body slightly glows for a second before a blue shirt suddenly appeared on him. “I’ll wear this blue shirt, but if I ever wanted to go back to my other character with all my points, I could, and the shirt would disappear because I was previously shirtless”

“Uhh Guys.”

“Why did you just have a random shirt in you inventory Neo?” Elise inquired with a tilt of her head.


“Well, I have an inventory of infinite space, why wouldn’t have all my stuff with me at all times.

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“Dude, why are you always shouting. Like seriously gramps, you’re gonna burst my eardrum one of these days.”

“Because while you both were having such a pleasant conversation, the f****** zombies surrounded us.” he screamed. Looking around, they noticed a surprising amount of zombies all around them, slowly getting closer.

“Oh…well s***.” Neo said simply without much worry. Elise herself giggled and shrugged. Xavior however was freaking out.

‘We’re all going to die!’ was what he was thinking. Well, until Neo casually snapped his fingers towards a zombie getting ready to lunge and grab him, only for it to suddenly be set aflame when a weird red magical circle appeared in front of it and shot out a small fireball at its head! The HP bar above the undead freak practically went to zero instantly.

“…When the hell did you learn how to control fire!” Xavior screeched, but before Neo could answer he saw 3 of the dead fuckers jump at Elise all at once. He didn’t even have time to worry about her, because as soon as they did, she stretched her arm out in front of them, palm and fingers up, and they all just stopped. Soon, they began banging and scratching at the air itself, almost as if an invisible wall was there blocking them.

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With a casual flick of her wrist, the three aggressors were shredded, spit into pieces several places all over their bodies, and blood splattered everywhere. A line of the red liquid even ran across her cheek. This however didn’t seem to bother the little girl, instead a wide smile, biggest Xavior has ever seen on her, appeared.

Out of nowhere, she began giggling. Just a tiny giggle, something she does all the time, but soon that giggle changed. Shifted into something malicious and distorted. No longer was the giggling soft, but full blown laughter. She even doubled over, hands on her sides, laughing at the funniest joke no one told. Then, she leapt at the group of zombies, and blood and gore painted the skies.

Deciding on where to start, Neo walked behind Xavior, and starts setting zombies on fire without reservation. Xavior though, was stunned, shocked. ‘These kids…both them, are literally able to kill me with a flick of their wrist. At first, I thought the rule about not using magic during sparring was for Neo’s benefit, but I’m just an idiot, aren’t I? I shouldn’t have been worried for him…he was worried for me.

Xavior felt an unparalleled amount of frustration at this. All of this time, he was actually being coddled. The weakest link of the Trinity. Their levels wasn’t b*******, it was accurate. He really was the weakest of the group. This hurt him. This hurt his pride, his confidence, his very being.

‘Take over the world? Right. Of course. If these children can kill me than that goal is nothing but a fantasy. F***…F***! What is this b*******! What is the f*** exactly is this b*******! F***!’ Determined on not standing for this injustice, he looks within himself to wring control of his Death energy.

With practice, he learned to find the energy without a proxy. He shifts some into the palm of his hand, and runs up to a slow zombie. Without stopping, he jumps and slams his palm in the zombies face, making it fall backwards with a bang. ‘F*** you! F*** you! F*** YOU!’ Hand still on the zombies head, Xavior hoped the Death energy would decay the zombies face like it did with the fern all those years ago, but instead it did something else. Something magnificent.

The zombies face began to…get better. To heal. The decay already there seemed to recede, and every second it took the boys energy, it seemed to get better, and actually look less dead. Its green and gray skin began gaining colour and its previous red eyes began shifting back and forth to purple. Afraid of actually making the zombie stronger, he was about to let go, when a screen popped up in front of him, and made him continue.

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