Chapter 252: Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye

The more kill moves represented just how much more perfect one’s combat ability was.

An inferior mystic class mid-tier kill move’s power was about the same as a mystic class mid-tier sword art. But it was harder to defend and was more extreme.

A superior mystic class mid-tier kill move wasn’t only hard to defend against, but was enormous in firepower as well. In certain regards, it was almost close to a mystic class high-tier sword art.

Of course, the stronger the mystic class mid-tier kill move, the more difficult it was to develop it.

It was based one how much one comprehended the mystic class mid-tier sword intent and to what extent.

If one had just comprehended the mystic class mid-tier sword intent, then one would only be able to create an inferior kill move.

If one had a deep comprehension of the mystic class mid-tier sword intent, then one would be able to create a comparably superior kill move.

And if the mystic class mid-tier sword intent was at the extreme limits which was close to a mystic class high-tier sword intent, then the kill move created would be ever similar to a mystic class high-tier sword move.

But there was another situation.

A kill move might not only contain one sword intent, but it could have two or even three sword intents.

Take for example Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s sword move, which contained the Starfire Sword intent and the Nine Revolution Sword intent.

A kill move that had two sword intents had more variations and was even harder to defend against. At a certain degree, its firepower was even stronger.

In theory, if there are more sword intents in a particular kill move, it could push the kill move towards the mystic class high-tier sword art level, or make it even more powerful.

But it was only in theory and there was no one who had yet to actually achieve this.

Because of a blend of sword intents was too difficult to control.

In the earlier stages, it might be smooth like Li Fuchen’s case.

But as the kill move gradually moved towards perfection and more power, the contradiction between each sword intent would be more prominent, until there was no way to harmonize it.

If Li Fuchen mystic class mid-tier sword intent was at the beginner phase when he had just ventured out to temper himself; right now, his mystic class mid-tier sword intent was already at an immeasurable phase. Had it not been for his exceptional perception, he wouldn’t have been able to put in two sword intents into the kill move.

The day would come when the mystic class mid-tier sword intent would reach its limits and it would probably be troublesome.

But the heavens never barred anyone’s path. With different sword intents blended together and with a superior perception, one could actually fuse two sword intents into a different sword intent.

One just had to forsake those sword intent portions that couldn’t be harmonized and blending those that could be, achieving a complete fusion.

Of course, it was easier said than done.

Once two mystic class mid-tier sword intents were fused, it would definitely be an extremely powerful mystic class high-tier sword intent, it might even be of mystic class peak-tier. Hence the extreme difficulty.

Li Fuchen temporarily didn’t consider such things. In his perspective, as long as he could comprehend the Blaze Devil Sword intent, it would be enough to cause a surge in his ability. As for the fusion of sword intents, that was something that would come after he comprehended the Blaze Devil Sword intent.


Once the Wolf Sword Kill was executed, the space that Li Xiangru was in ran amok with violent qi currents. This was a wide area kill move that was hard to evade.

“Ten Sword Kill!”

Li Xiangru’s eyes formed a narrow seam as he bursted out with his second kill move too.


The qi flow reversed, as the sword intent and sword qi surrounding Li Xiangru; which were vast and majestic, began to attack Lu Yun like a torrential river.

If the Hundred Sword Kill was complex and filled with variations, then the Ten Sword Kill was unstoppable. While the number was decreasing, the sword presence didn’t decrease, but instead increased to an extremely horrifying level.


There was a giant echo of the heaven and earth erupting, causing Lu Yun and Li Xiangru to each fly backwards.

In between them, the surface of the earth had thousands of scarrings, like countless Earth Realm martial artists had fought here, leaving behind a dreadful mess.

“Such fearsome strength to actually create a second kill move.”

“Lu Yun is indeed worthy of his 72nd rank on the Stars Ranking. It isn’t something a bottom ranked Stars Ranker can compare against.”

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“Sword Maniac Li Xiangru is also incredibly powerful. Enough to actually rival against Lu Yun.”

The spectators were shocked.

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The creation of a kill move wasn’t a simple task. Creating a single kill move was already difficult and it required a large amount of time to perfect it. It was needless to say how much more energy was required to create a second kill move that was even more formidable than the first kill move.

All in all, the creation of a kill move must be beneficial to oneself and not just any random creation of a kill move that was impractical.

Since their kill moves were even, the two of them began fighting in close combat.

As a well known Stars Ranker, Lu Yun’s sword was like the moving clouds in the skies, which had a multitude of variations.

While Sword Maniac Li Xiangru’s sword was all about precision, so precise that it numbed the scalp of one’s head.

Clang, Clang, Clang…

When the edges of their swords slashed against each other, sparks flew everywhere, while the two figures and their sword qi intersected left and right then up and down. At this stage, it was already hard to observe the minor details of the fight, everyone could only detect who had the upper hand at the moment of contact.

“It seems like I cannot belittle anyone.”

With Li Fuchen’s astounding combat awareness, he was naturally about to observe the finer details in their fight. Even some details that the fighters couldn’t notice was actually all in Li Fuchen’s eyes.

In his eyes, Lu Yun’s sword looked like it had some spirituality. It might look light and was drifting without any firepower, but every move had a surprising burst strength.

While Li Xiangru’s sword was unimaginably precise and would always be able to enter even the finest flaw, using every little inch.

The combat skills of these two individuals were excellent and just based on this factor alone, it was sufficiently convincing.

100 moves, 200 moves…

The fight between the two of them was like a wildfire, as though there wasn’t any signs of fatigue.

‘Li Xiangru’s probability of winning is slightly higher. He is superior in terms of the finer details.’ Li Fuchen said to himself.

“Interesting. It seems like there are some competent individuals from the Cloud Creek Sword Sect and the Azure Water Sect.”

Unknowingly, there was a group of youths that appeared in a distant empty land.

This group of youths were wearing pale golden long robes which had dragons patterned on it.

The leader of the bunch had a golden crown on his head which was complemented by his dashing face. On the left of his waist was a sword, while there was a flute on his right. When he was smiling, there was this sharp qi presence that portrayed himself to have sole supremacy, like he was a monarch of the sword.

“It is the people from the Sky Dragon Sword Sect.”

“The Sky Dragon Sword Sect is one of the two major sword sects in the East Unicorn Continent. The leader of at that group should be Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye.”

Someone had noticed the situation over there as they quickly looked over and couldn’t help but gasp.

The Sky Dragon Sword Sect, one of the elite forces in the East Unicorn Continent and also one of the two major sword sects.

In comparison to the Cloud Creek Sword Sect and Azure Water Sect, they were much superior.

Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye. A 6 star bone frame and was a sword dao prodigy that only appeared once in a century in the East Unicorn Continent. He was ranked 28 on the Stars Ranking and if it wasn’t because of his young age, he would definitely be able to rise up to the top ten rankings.

For the next Stars Ranking, he was a popular candidate for the top ten to the top three ranks.

“What is Chiyu Ye doing here?”

“What else? He must be here for the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.”

“True. Not only must one have an innate potential to attempt the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, one must have experience as well. It seems like Chiyu Ye isn’t satisfied with just passing five doors of the Mystic Martial. He must want to pass six doors, which is why he only came at such a late timing.”

“That’s right. Even though they might be personal disciples, but there is a hierarchy. Of the eight Mystic Martial Experts, each of them is more incredible than the next. It is rumored that the top two Mystic Martial Experts have yet to take in any personal disciples. For the recent period of time, only Xiahou Chuan was taken in by the no.4 Mystic Martial Expert. If Chiyu Ye is able to pass through six doors of mystic martial, he might be accepted as a personal disciple under the top two Mystic Martial Experts.”

“Storm clouds approach and troubles are ahead. The Hundred Battle region is indeed a place where there is no peace. I wonder how spectacular the next Stars Ranking Tournament will be.”

“Since all the absolute masters vanished from the East Unicorn Continent. This era is undoubtedly the strongest, it will surely give rise to a storm.”

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