Chapter 251: Wolf Sword Kill

Sword Maniac’s name was rather famous in the East Unicorn Continent.

A 4-star bone frame who could achieve such a prowess like Sword Maniac was undoubtedly incredible.

Saying that he was a heaven-defying 4-star bone frame was an understatement.

It was a known fact that 4-star bone frames weren’t even considered elites in the various sects, let alone the East Unicorn Continent. Of the 31 gold class direct disciples in the Azure Water Sect, 90% of them were 5-star bone frames while the rest were 4-star bone frames, which were the bottom feeders.

But Sword Maniac actually holds the no.1 direct disciple position in the Azure Water Sect firmly. His perception level is way beyond that of Chen Yuanhu’s and Xue Feng’s.

If it were just these mere achievements then it wasn’t considered anything. In the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, the novice Sword Maniac actually relied on his astounding combat awareness and skills to defeat opponents that had stronger fundamentals than him and was finally ranked 105.

Of course, this is setting aside Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s situation.

If Sword Maniac’s 4-star bone frame was considered low, then Li Fuchen’s 1-star bone frame was considered trash.

With such a bone frame grade, one would generally find it difficult to progress to the Earth Realm and would be stuck as an Origin Realm martial artist for their entire life.

Li Fuchen was temporarily a nobody, but once the Stars Ranking Tournament began and if he were to grab a rank, his bone frame would be exposed and it would definitely shock the entire continent.

Because if a 1-star bone frame could match up to a 5-star bone frame, it wasn’t something that could simply be defined as a heaven-defying 1-star bone frame.

Perhaps this kind of heaven-defying was a true kind of heaven-defying, which surpassed the meaning of bone frames.

“Sword Maniac, Li Xiangru.”

Lu Yun had a deep impression of Sword Maniac.

During the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, he had fought against Sword Maniac and purely won because of his superior fundamentals. He was actually inferior in terms of combat awareness and skills.

After one and a half years, Sword Maniac’s cultivation must have had a huge leap in improvement, hence his ability should be way better than before.

“Li Xiangru.” Li Fuchen’s eyes landed on Sword Maniac.

Sword Maniac, Li Xiangru had the same surname as him.

Once Li Fuchen entered the Azure Water Sect, he had frequently heard of Li Xiangru’s name.

There were people speculating that if Sword Maniac, Li Xiangru had a 5-star bone frame, his innate potential would definitely be at the pinnacle of the East Unicorn Continent. With only a few individuals who could match up to him.

It was a pity that he was just a 4-star bone frame.

Of course, he had already achieved great feats and was already a Star Ranker.

‘In the past, it was said that the Sword Maniac, Sword Tiger, and Emotionless Sword trio had similar innate potentials. But as their cultivation advanced and progressed, along with their increase in experiences, even prodigies with similar potentials would gradually pull a distance away. Among the three of them, Sword Maniac, Li Xiangru’s capability, and ability was certainly the strongest.’ Li Fuchen thought in his heart.

Just based on Sword Maniac’s qi presence, Li Fuchen was able to judge that Li Xiangru’s ability was far superior to Chen Yuanhu’s.

If innate potential was the fundamentals, there were many more factors that decided the speed of progress.

Some of them had an exceptional perception.

Some of them had a tough personality.

Some had a resilient temperament.

Some had a focused drive.

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, Li Xiangru didn’t merely have an outstanding perception, but he had sufficient drive too. This was why he was given the title as Sword Maniac.

“It is Li Xiangru shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple).”

“Li shixiong is here. With him around, Lu Yun might not have the upper hand.”

The arrival of Sword Maniac reinvigorated the people of the Azure Water Sect.

Li Xiangru was a legend among the Azure Water Sect’s disciples and he has never disappointed them for the past decade.

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They believed this time wasn’t an exception either.

“It is Sword Maniac, Li Xiangru. This is going to be a great show.”

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“One of then is a ranked 72nd on the Stars Rank, the other is ranked 105th on the Stars Rank. The result should be obvious right?”

“That may not be the case. After more than a year, anything could have happened. Setting aside Li Xiangru, Lin Teng, and Chen Yuanhu who already have the ability to be a Stars Ranker. It is imaginable that the others will remain in the same condition.”

The spectators all had this expression of curiosity.

Lu Yun and Li Xiangru might not be ranked highly, but were both famed. The fight between the two of them should be an eye-opener.

“You are here.”

Wiping the blood of the corner of his mouth, Chen Yuanhu spoke to Li Xiangru.

Although Chen Yuanhu was reluctant, he had to admit that he was currently not a match for Lu Yun and his combat skills were far too inferior.

Li Xiangru took a glance at Chen Yuanhu and Xue Feng, “The two of you are humiliating!”

Xue Feng clenched his fist tightly. Li Xiangru’s manner of speech was still so overbearing, but he had always been unable to refute it.

He wanted to be like Sword Maniac, engrossing himself with the sword dao, persisting with sword dao, and concentrating on the sword dao. This was the main reason why he didn’t venture out to temper himself, because he was afraid he might be distracted by worldly matters.

But once he arrived at the Hundred Battle region, he realized he was wrong.

He wasn’t Sword Maniac Li Xiangru and he was unable to be like him, achieving great feats just by burying himself and practicing diligently.

Li Xiangru seemed to be born for the sword dao. Even if he didn’t have much combat experience, his combat awareness and skills were still incomparably formidable.

He had to go down his own path.

If he was able to walk on his own path earlier, he would definitely be much stronger than his current self. At least he wouldn’t be weaker than Chen Yuanhu.

A single mistake wasted at least a year of his time.

Shaking his head, Xue Feng remained silent.

“This Li Xiangru sure is an unfriendly fellow.” Li Fuchen laughed.

He could feel that Li Xiangru didn’t have the intention to look down upon the two of them, he was purely stating the facts.

“Perhaps only such people can forgo tempering themselves and focus on their own martial dao.”

There were tens of thousands of paths. Tempering oneself was a path and diligently cultivating was also a path. It depended on one’s own situation.

Pitter, patter!

Li Xiangru’s qi presence was like a sword qi storm, which was on par with Lu Yun’s qi presence.

When both of their qi presences clashes, there was an explosion that could be heard from the air.

“Li Xiangru. You weren’t even able to receive three of my moves the previous time. Do you think you can defeat me after just more than a year?” Lu Yun tried to gain the upper hand by intimidating him, using facts to deal a blow to Li Xiangru’s morale.

Li Xiangru responded, “Let’s fight!”

He wasn’t someone who liked to debate. From his perspective, it was useless for all that nonsense.

Lu Yun paused for a moment, as he didn’t know much about Li Xiangru’s temperament, which immediately shut him up.

“If you want a fight, then so be it!”

Lu Yun’s imposing manner was withdrawn, while his sword was drawn out inch by inch.

“Hundred Sword Kill!”

Unexpectedly, Li Xiangru didn’t even have any intention to build up his battle intent and immediately brandished his sword. And this first move was a kill move.

(TL note: I changed killer move to kill move, as killer move should refer to a martial arts’ ultimate move)

The air was congested with sword qi, like countless Li Xiangru(s) drawing their blades. Every blade was exceptionally accurate as they drew stunning arcs across the air.

“Such terrifying combat skills!” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

In terms of combat awareness, no one could match up to him, but it wasn’t the same case in regards to combat skills.

Two months ago, Li Fuchen turned 20, while Li Xiangru entered the Azure Water Sect when he was 13 and was 26 this year.

After all the diligent years of practice, it proved enough to advance his combat skills to such an astounding level.

As he frowned, Lu Yun took a deep breath and similarly released his kill move.

In the air, a sword shadow extending limitlessly, sweeping across the air.

Pfff, pfff, pfff, pfff!

Li Xiangru’s sword qi were all neutralized.

“Wolf Sword Kill!”

After neutralizing Li Xiangru’s kill move, Lu Yun actually burst out with a second type of kill move.

With the kill move executed, another sword shadow skimmed out which was the shape of a wolf.

‘Two types of kill moves?’

Li Fuchen was filled with amazement. It seemed like plenty of the Star Rankers had developed at least two or three types of kill moves.

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