Chapter 250: Sword Maniac

The fight between the two was very intense.

While both of them were swordsmen, Lin Teng’s sword art was crafty and vicious, like a venomous snake that lunged out from its burrow.

Chen Yuanhu’s sword art was dominant and tyrannic, like a ferocious tiger that descended from the mountain to hunt for food. Every single blade was violent and brutal, with the strength that was meant for destruction.


The surface of the ground was uplifted and devastated by their sword qi, while Chen Yuanhu and Lin Teng each flew backwards.

“Lin Teng, I have underestimated you.” Chen Yuanhu had on this grave expression.

Lin Teng’s ability was definitely beyond He Lianbao’s ability. Even after Chen Yuanhu released his killer move, it didn’t do any damage to Lin Teng.

“I have underestimated you too.” Lin Teng’s expression was similar to Chen Yuanhu’s.

There were things that only his sect members knew about. He previously defeated a Stars Ranker that was ranked around the 90s, but Chen Yuanhu’s ability was obviously above those bottom rankers.

“If Chen Yuanhu wants to defeat his opponent, he will need at least 300 moves.”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s awareness was extremely alert, so much that he didn’t let a single detail escape his discerning eyes during the exchange between Chen Yuanhu and Lin Teng.

“But… Chen Yuanhu has a flaw. His sword art is overly brutal and when his sword art is pushed to the extremity, there will be a moment of instability. The moment might be just a split second, but it is undoubtedly a fatal flaw.”

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“While Lin Teng might have his flaws too, his sword art is stubbornly seeking for craftiness and viciousness, which might miss out on some opportunities.”-

In terms of combat awareness and skills, Li Fuchen had already surpassed all the Stars Rankers. Even when the match was evenly matched, he was still able to find flaws that were presented from both sides.

Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang…

Blazing sparks flew in all directions.

100 moves, 200 moves, 300 moves…

After 300 moves, both sides were familiar with each other’s attack patterns and had also noticed each other’s flaws.


It was the same killer moves, but the attack of the angle of both their killer moves were different and so were their timing.


Lin Teng’s shoulder was spraying with blood and was sent flying while tumbling. Chen Yunahu also suffered a sword wound on his chest.

This sword wound might have been shallow, but it was still a close shave.

If this wound had been one inch deeper, it would have injured Chen Yuanhu’s arteries in his heart.

At the crucial moment, both sides attacked at each others flaw.

Chen Yuanhu’s flaw was his instability when his sword art was pushed to the limits. Lin Teng grabbed hold of that opportunity and wanted to breakthrough the sword art defenses in a swoop, but his timing wasn’t perfect and could only land a shallow sword wound on Chen Yuanhu’s chest.

“You have lost!”

Looking down at his chest, Chen Yuanhu declared indifferently.

Lin Teng’s dark expression was reluctant and unyielding. He had just lost out by an inch and if he was given another opportunity, he would have completely defeated his opponent.

The score of the battle was now 2 against 3. Next up, would be the sixth round.

Perhaps the heavens were favoring the Azure Water Sect, as the gold class direct disciples from the Azure Water Sect who had been disadvantageous, actually won again.

As such, the score was 3 against 3.

There was only one match left.

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“This match is close. It seems impossible for the Cloud Creek Sword Sect to oppress the Azure Water Sect. They will at best be slightly superior.”

“This is mainly because of the Cloud Creek Sword Sect’s no.1 direct disciple, Lu Yun isn’t here. If he was here, he would have been able to defeat Chen Yuanhu.”

“The Azure Water Sect’s Sword Maniac isn’t here either.”

“Sword Maniac’s Stars Ranking is much lower than Lu Yun’s.”

“That ranking was more than a year ago. There have been too many changes during this period of time. Except for the top rankers, the others will not be able to maintain their ranks. I reckon that more than half of them will be eliminated.”

The spectators were in a heated debate.

In the seventh round, the Azure Water Sect’s gold class direct disciple had been holding the upper hand and there was a distinct advantage.

Li Fuchen was finally able to let out a breath of relief.

As a direct disciple from the Azure Water Sect, he naturally reserved some pride for his sect and didn’t wish for the Azure Water Sect to be defeated by the Cloud Creek Sword Sect.

“You shall be defeated!”

After more than a hundred moves, the Azure Water Sect direct disciple rose up in the sky and brandished his sword downwards.

Like the rising sun in the east, the penetrative sword light neutralized the opponent’s sword art and severely injured him.

“We won!” The members of the Azure Water Sect were ecstatic.

They had initially lost hope and didn’t expect to turn the tables.

But it was also fortunate that Xue Feng had rushed over. Without him, Azure Water Sect would never have been able to be victorious.

At the same time, it was fortunate that Chen Yuanhu defeated Lin Teng and demoralized the opposition, which actually affected the next two matches.

As the match was about to end…

“Get lost!”


A mouthful of fresh blood was spurted as the Azure Water Sect’s direct disciple was sent flying back, with a blood wound on his body.

“Such a terrifying sword qi!”

The spectators looked to the other side and saw a figure rushing over.

“It is the Cloud Creek Sword Sect’s no.1 direct disciple, Lu Yun.”

“The Azure Water Sect is done for. With Lu Yun here, Chen Yuanhu will never be able to withstand it.”

Chen Yuanhu’s and Xue Feng’s expressions were gloomy.

According to the rules that they had set, the Azure Water Sect had won and the opposition was violating the rules.

Lu Yun speed was extremely fast and it took him just a blink of the eye to arrive at the scene. He who had short brows had very sharp eyes, who no one dared to look directly at.

Lu Yun, ranked 72 on the Stars Ranking, Cloud Creek Sword Sect’s no.1 direct disciple.

“Lu Yun, what is the meaning of this?” Chen Yuanhu was trying his best to hold back his anger.

Lu Yun spoke indifferently, “Nothing much. I just dislike your Azure Water Sect.”

“I heard that you are ranked 72 on the Stars Ranking. Let me try your skills.” Xue Feng snorted.

Lu Yun stated, “You are not qualified. The two of you come together.”

“Boasting shamelessly. Xue Feng, you stay put.”

How was Chen Yuanhu going to continue enduring such treatment? With a flash, he rushed towards the opponent, cleaving with fury and brutality.


Lu Yun didn’t even move an inch, blocking against Chen Yuanhu’s sword effortlessly.

“Such powerful combat skills.” Li Fuchen narrowed his eyes.

How would he not see how ingenious Lu Yun’s blade was, which struck perfectly at the weakest area of Chen Yuanhu’s sword. It gave off a feeling like it was effortless, but it didn’t mean that Lu Yun’s fundamental ability was superior to Chen Yuanhu’s.

Their fundamentals were actually on the same level, but there was a difference between their combat awareness, skills, and killer moves.

“Go back!”

With a shake of Lu Yun’s arm, Chen Yuanhu was forced to fly backward.

At the next moment, Lu Yun’s figure disappeared and when he reappeared, he was already in front of Chen Yuanhu. He used his sword to disarm Chen Yuanhu, while using his left hand blade to point at Chen Yuanhu’s chest.


Chen Yuanhu turned pale and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood.

He was defeated and without any tricks or gimmicks.

It wasn’t because of his lack of fundamental ability, just that his combat skills were inferior.

When the difference between fundamental skills were close, overwhelming combat skills were enough to defeat the opponent without the use of any killer moves.

Back at the Autumn Rain Tea Party, had it not been for Li Fuchen’s lack of fundamental ability, it would only take him one blade to defeat Ruan Qianqiu and Xiao Bai.

As for fundamental ability, it was actually referring to one’s cultivation level, sword intent level, and secret technique level.

When Xue Feng saw that Chen Yuanhu was defeated, he quickly went up to obstruct Lu Yun.


A pity that Xue Feng’s cultivation was much weaker and was instantly defeated by Lu Yun who was at the 9th level of the Earth Realm, with no ways of getting close to Lu Yun.

“Do I have to expose myself so soon?” As Li Fuchen was smiling bitterly, a radiance floated in front of his eyes.

“Get lost!”

Just as Li Fuchen was about to expose himself, a storm-like sword presence gushed over. This sword presence had a feeling similar to the Sect Origin Swords, which filled the heaven and earth with sword qi.

“It’s Sword Maniac!”

Someone recognized him.

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