Chapter 82 – Change

“Where are we?”

Zhuang Ru discovered that she had been dropped off by Yang Tian, but not at the garbage dump.

“You will reach the place after walking forward for a short period, I will not be accompanying you.”

Zhuang Ru could only rely on herself to crawl one step at a time towards the garbage dump with her body that was affected by ice energy.

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Yang Tian even found a handgun on Zhuang Ru, it was now in his hands.

This incident would likely turn Yang Tian into a wanted man by the army.

“Come quick.”

Yang Tian called for Dark Storm Eagle, he could detect traces of zombie energy in the air, a large scale zombie horde was likely coming soon.

Ying Ying

Dark Storm Eagle quickly appeared in front of Yang Tian, the latter jumped on Dark Storm Eagle’s back before instructing it to fly high so he would be able to check on F City’s situation.

Up in the sky, Yang Tian discovered that zombies from every area were starting to gather, there was even an increasing number of Rank 2 zombies.

Ironhead Zombies, Flying Zombies, Exploding Zombies…

Had Yang Tian not high up in the skies, he would have likely been detected by the Flying Zombies…

There was even more Rank 1 zombies appearing on the outskirts of F City, forming an encirclement around F City. There were also many Zombie Dogs and Zombie Cats as well.

What’s even stranger was that these zombies were climbing out of the earth.

“The zombies underground have been greatly nurtured, making them even more powerful than before.”

The descent of the zombie energy earlier increased the number of zombies on earth, while the zombie horde this time had caused the soil of the planet to undergo a change, causing the corpses buried underground to turn into zombies. As for the zombies that appeared earlier, they have used the buffer period to bury themselves underground and obtained new evolutionary paths, the sudden increase in Rank 2 Zombies were all evolved from this method.

The creatures living on the edge of the city were the first to be attacked by the zombie horde, and during the large scale zombie horde attack, the otherworld invaders will not be sending creatures from their planes to Earth as well.

After the zombie horde attack has ended, would the otherworlds sent an increased amount of creatures to Earth. Moreover, after the zombie horde attack, the wormholes connected to Earth will expand which will allow more high-level creatures to come to Earth.

The zombies would also occupy a place on Earth as well.

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The city center has yet to know what was going on, but the zombie horde would be reaching them soon.


“Lower the altitude.”

Without Yang Tian’s instruction, Dark Storm Eagle itself was going to lower its flying altitude. Different poisonous gases had suddenly appeared in the sky, preventing them from remaining at a higher altitude.

Several birds appeared in the mid-level sky at this moment as well. Moreover, mid-level flying height was something that Flying Zombies could reach.

Many flying creatures had been targeted by Flying Zombies, they were killed by the attacks of Flying Zombies and turned into zombies as well. This time, special preparations were done to complete the rise of zombies.

“Find a place to hide first.”

The skies on the edge of F City was surrounded by Flying Zombies, and so Yang Tian was unable to leave F City through the skies.

“Orchid University?”

As Yang Tian descended, he noticed that he was above Orchid University.

“Do you have a place to hide?”

There were many Flying Zombies in the sky, Yang Tian was worried that Dark Storm Eagle did not have a place to hide. This was mainly because he did not have a Beast Tamer Bracelet, else there would be no such worry.


Dark Storm Eagle nodded.

“Then be careful.”

Yang Tian cautioned Dark Storm Eagle before jumping to the ground.

Orchid University was located in the central region of F City, the students inside the school have yet to notice the arrival of zombies.

Yang Tian was in his human form currently and did not arouse any strange looks from the others when he appeared near the university.

“The few of you, go carry some water here.”

“And be careful of the rice, don’t make them wet.”

The back mountain of Orchid University held a small base which used to be an air-raid shelter, but with the arrival of Apocalypse, it has been turned into a place where Orchid University hides and stores their food.

The one standing in the center and commanding was a girl whom Yang Tian recognized, it was an old friend, Zhang Yi Ran.

In his previous life, Orchid University was brought down by the zombies and the metahumans could only care for themselves after that. Fortunately, Zhang Yi Ran managed to survive the zombie horde.

However, after the zombie tide, she became a concubine of a local boss of F City. The boss treated her well and gave her enough food every day, she even saved any excess food whenever she could and helped her ex-schoolmates with it.

“Someone’s outside.”

A student carrying food noticed Yang Tian, the other students all stopped their work and look at Yang Tian with vigilance.

“Wait, you guys continue with your work, I know that person outside.”

Zhang Yi Ran got them to continue their work and approached Yang Tian alone.

“Yang Tian, why are you here?”

“I am just taking a look.”

“I can see that you are hungry the moment I saw you, this is for you.”

Zhang Yi Ran took out a cooked egg that she had been saving in her pocket and gave it to Yang Tian; that egg was supposed to be her rations for today.

“Silly Girl, why aren’t you asking me why I am here before giving me food?”

All along Zhang Yi Ran has a good heart, as long as she sees a person who requires help, she would always choose the option to help without hesitation. It was also due to her good heart that Yang Tian remembered her.

“You are definitely hungry, that is why you came.”

“Hey, why are you not accepting it!”

Zhang Yi Ran slightly blushed when Yang Tian did not accept the egg that she offered.

“I have eaten my fill, you should eat it!”


“Do I need to bluff you?”

Seeing that Yang Tian was really not in a state of hunger, Zhang Yi Ran kept the egg.

“This is what you are doing at Orchid University?”

“Of course, this position is vital, that is why I am doing it.”

Yang Tian already knew that Zhang Yi Ran is a metahuman, a Rank 1 Summoner. Also, she already possessed two Rank 1 Summons.

“Right, let me show you what I am capable of.”

A faint light halo appeared beside Zhang Yi Ran, she was preparing to summon.

Two humanoid summons appeared beside Zhang Yi Ran.

“This one, Lin Pingzhi.”

“This one, Yi Zhiping.”

Lin Pingzhi came from <The Smiling, Proud Wanderer> World, Skill: Lin Clan Swordplay

This was Lin Pingzhi who has yet to learn the Bixie Swordplay, no wonder his power was only Rank 1. Yang Tian thought.

Yi Zhiping came from <Legend of the Condor Heroes> World, Skill: Quanzhen Swordplay. Both of them were Rank 1, but Yi Zhiping was slightly stronger than the Lin Pingzhi.

Zhang Yi Ran was only a Rank 1 Summoner and for her to maintain two Rank 1 summons at the same time was very consuming, so she only sustained the summoning for a short while before sending them back to their worlds. If the summons were able to complete their rank up in their own worlds, then Zhang Yi Ran’s mental power will no longer be able to summon them until she reached the same rank as her summons.

“Pretty good summons, you have earned big.”

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