Chapter 83 – Flame Zombie

After Lin Pingzhi learned Bixie Swordplay, he will reach Rank 3 and have a value that was undoubtedly higher than Yi Zhiping.

Lin Pingzhi was still a casanova in his world and has yet to entered Jianghu. He would also require quite some time before he masters Bixie Swordplay.

“Is it? I think so too!”

Zhang Yi Ran and Yang Tian has a relationship background of coming from the same town and had often played together while growing up. However, after they grew up, they no longer met as often. Especially when Zhang Yi Ran needed to attend Orchid University while Yang Tian chose to stop his education after secondary school. After that, they literally stop meeting.

“It is best that you find a place to hide, a zombie horde is coming.”

Yang Tian’s impression of Zhang Yi Ran had been pretty good and so he did not mind warning her in advance.

“Are you telling the truth?”

“I have no need to lie to you.”

“No, I must inform the rest.”

“Up to you!”

In Yang Tian’s eyes, Orchid University’s power was only average, it made no difference if they were informed or not as they could not defend against the zombie horde.

After Zhang Yi Ran left, Yang Tian checked the air-raid shelter of Orchid University. This was considered a terrain advantage of the university, which was much better than Fortune Boat University.

“Run, zombies have appeared inside the air-raid shelter!”

“Why did zombies appear inside the air-raid shelter?”

Yang Tian heard the shouts of the students carrying goods, their faces and bodies were in a panic making it detrimental to their attempts to escape.

Yang Tian looked inside the air-raid shelter and quickly understood what had happened.

The air-raid shelter was something left behind from World War 2, god knows how many corpses were buried within the shelter, he roughly estimated that it should at least be in the 3-digits.

It would have been slightly better if they were all Rank 1, but since the corpses have been laying there since World War 2, the zombie energy within the soil has likely reached an extremely terrifying level. Moreover, the effects due to the zombie horde were also added. It was highly likely that a Zombie King will be born within the air-raid shelter.

“No wonder Orchid University was destroyed so early in my previous life, other than the lack of power, this air-raid shelter must be one of the main reason.”

Yang Tian retreated a couple of steps, the zombie energy within the air-raid shelter was getting more and more terrifying. Initially only Rank 1 Zombies appeared, but a portion of them started to evolve due to the effects of the zombie energy in the air.

Seeing that the situation was turning dire, Yang Tian immediately retreated, he no longer wish to be involved with this place. If he made a Zombie King angry, he would not have it easy.

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Zombies started to charge out the shelter, and Yang Tian was the only one outside the entrance of the shelter, turning him into their only target.

Yang Tian killed the zombie that was closest to him before he quickly retreated. The people of Orchid University would soon arrive, he would just leave it to them.

“Why are there so many zombies in the air-raid shelter?”

“Look at the clothes they are wearing, they did not seem to be from our era.”

“Quickly call the rest over to support, our food is all kept inside the air-raid shelter.”

A Rank 1 Metahuman ran back to the university after hearing the orders. The group that came this time has thirteen Rank 2, and several dozen Rank 1s.

“There are still many of them inside, it is better if you wait for the rest before taking action.” Yang Tian advised them.

After hearing Yang Tian’s words, the rest slowed down. Zombies continued to come out of the air-raid shelter, no one knows how many zombies were inside while the manpower they have was limited. Yang Tian’s reminder has stopped them from acting rashly.

“Who are you?”

“A passerby.”

From Yang Tian’s tone, they knew that Yang Tian did not have any intention to communicate. Moreover, they did not notice the traits of a metahuman from Yang Tian, causing them to relax slightly.

The group did not recklessly charge inside the shelter but chose to clean up the Rank 1 zombies that came out from the shelter.

“We are here.”

Several groups of people came at different timings, Zhang Yi Ran was in one of the batches. When Zhang Yi Ran saw Yang Tian was still around, she quickly pulled the latter to a corner.

“Did you have nowhere else to go? Why not remain here with me first!”

Zhang Yi Ran was still treating Yang Tian as an ordinary human, she has a good character and knew Yang Tian since young, so she naturally would not give up on Yang Tian and chose to lend him a helping hand.

“Stay behind my team, when you discovered that we are losing, run away immediately.”

Zhang Yi Ran spoke as such, but she stood in the front of her team instead.

Yang Tian did not resist and allow Zhang Yi Ran to do as she pleases, while the latter thought that Yang Tian was too shocked to speak due to the appearance of zombies. Zhang Yi Ran was curious how come Yang Tian knew that a zombie horde was coming? However, it was currently not the time to ask.

The leader of Orchid University was discussing a plan to enter the air-raid shelter with the rest in front.

“The shelter held the food we stored, we cannot give it up.”

“That’s natural, but what plans do we have?”

“There is an entrance on the other side of the air-raid shelter, a team will enter from there and take as much food as you can while the rest of us will stay in front and attract the attention of the zombies.”

They discovered that Rank 2 zombies have appeared inside the air-raid shelter, and had decided to give up on trying to force their way in.

Food is important, but life is even more precious.

The main force of Orchid University would be attracting the attention of the zombies, creating time for the other team to steal the food.

Yang Tian saw a small squad splitting from the main group and ran towards the other end of the air-raid shelter.


A large number of elemental attacks were sent inside the cave, creating a barrage of rainbow explosions.

However, their actions have undoubtedly angered the zombies inside the shelter.


Rank 2 zombies came out of the entrance after receiving attacks from Orchid University.

Rank 2 Zombie, Flame Zombie

And not just one, a total of twenty of them. They huddled together and created a sea of flames that caused any elemental attacks that fell on them to be burnt into ashes.

“Retreat, retreat quickly.”

This had already exceeded the expectations of the leader of Orchid University, he could only hope that the other squad was able to obtain more food.

The team formed by Rank 1 metahumans have already retreated far away, Yang Tian followed them and reached a safe zone.

As for the Rank 2 metahumans of the university, they gathered together and engaged in combat with the Flame Zombies. However, the Flame Zombies are not afraid of pain, causing the Rank 2 metahumans to be placed in a passive position during the battle.

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The Rank 2 metahumans of Orchid University number much more than the Flame Zombies, but they were not as imposing as the Flame Zombies. This caused the morale of the metahumans to be affected, placing them in a disadvantageous position when pitting against the Flame Zombies.

“Ahhh… help!”

The cries of help came… from the other squad, they have met a mishap. This caused the hearts of the rest of the students to chill.

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