Chapter 84 – Storm Zombie

“What in the world happened?”

The screams from the other side had caused the Rank 2 metahumans to no longer to want to battle.

“Don’t be distracted, we need to quickly deal with the zombies in front of us.”

Everyone knew that they should not be distracted when fighting the zombies, but their hearts were already on the other side.

The group that Yang Tian was with did not take note of Yang Tian, allowing him to use the opportunity to leave and head towards the source of the screams. Yang Tian wanted to know what happened over there.

Lowering his body as he moved quickly, Yang Tian saw a group of people fleeing. Rank 2 zombies were chasing after them.

Rank 2 Storm Zombie

Storm Zombies have a fast movement speed, this team only have five Rank 2 metahumans, the rest was Rank 1 agility-type metahumans who were not able to do much during battle. Their running speed was also not faster than the Storm Zombies.

“Ah, help!”

The Storm Zombies quickly caught up to them and used their rotting claw to attack.




A short while later, of the Rank 1 metahumans, only a few survivors remained; even of the five Rank 2 metahumans, only three remained.

“Don’t be afraid, we are here to save you.”

Yang Tian followed the voice and saw Zhang Yi Ran. Behind her was a group of Rank 1 metahumans.

“Are you really dumb?” Yang Tian could not help but silently curse, even two Rank 2 metahumans were killed, and you still bring a group of Rank 1 metahumans here to send them to their deaths?

The fleeing metahumans naturally were not bothered who came to save them, they just ran towards the direction of Zhang Yi Ran and her group. As for the Storm Zombies chasing them, it also charged towards Zhang Yi Ran’s direction.

The group behind Zhang Yi Ran saw how terrifying the Storm Zombies were, they no longer possessed the vigor they had earlier and immediately turned and ran.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid, there are only ten zombies and so many of us…”

However, Zhang Yi Ran’s words were not effective at all, when faced with real danger, it was always about how to run and survive.

The metahumans behind Zhang Yi Ran had already escaped, but Zhang Yi Ran still tried to command, hoping to use human wave tactics to defeat the Storm Zombies.

“Dammit! Run!”

Zhang Yi Ran’s situation forced Yang Tian to act.

Zhang Yi Ran has summoned Yi Zhiping and Lin Pingzhi, but they were defeated in a second by a Storm Zombie, forcing their return to their world. When a summon was injured, the summoner would receive a backlash as well, traces of blood fell from Zhang Yi Ran’s mouth and nose.

A Storm Zombie’s attack has arrived in front of Zhang Yi Ran.

“Stay over there.”

Yang Tian pushed Zhang Yi Ran aside and replaced her position. Facing the Storm Zombie’s attack, Yang Tian transformed into Venom.

“Die for me!”

Zhang Yi Ran was pushed away by Yang Tian and in the next moment, she saw Yang Tian turned into a black monster and caught the Storm Zombie in its hand. The black monster opened its fang-filled mouth and bit off the head of the Storm Zombie.

The headless corpse of the Storm Zombie was tossed to one side by Yang Tian. The body was still twitching for some time before it quickly stopped moving.

The energy crystal within the Storm Zombie’s head was absorbed by Venom.

“Yang… Yang Tian, is that you?”

Zhang Yi Ran was shocked as she looked at the black monster in front of her, she did not dare to believe that it was actually Yang Tian.

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“Leave this place to me, quickly leave this area.”

“No! I want to stay and fight with you.”

“Up to you!”

Yang Tian pondered for a moment and felt that even if Zhang Yi Ran were to return to Orchid University, she would still have to face the Flame Zombies. If that’s the case, it would be better for her to remain close to him instead.

Black Battle Ax

Both arms changed into battle axes and begun to sweep left and right, cleaning away the Storm Zombies that surrounded them.

“You can also absorb energy crystals?”

“I can.”

Only then did Yang Tian know that Venom could absorb energy crystals as well, the ten Rank 2 energy crystals were all given to Venom to absorb.

After winning the Rank 2 Storm Zombies, Yang Tian reverts to his normal form.

“Yang Tian, I did not know that you are so powerful. Let’s quickly return to save the others.”

Zhang Yi Ran noticed that Yang Tian’s fighting power was very high and wanted to bring the latter back to fight the Flame Zombies.

“No! There are not only zombies inside the air-raid shelter, but the best plan is also to run away.”

“But, the food…”

“Is food more important or your life more important? I think the others know the answer very clearly.”

“Then return with me!”

“You can go back first, I will look for you later.”

Zhang Yi Ran understood that Yang Tian was much more powerful than her and that she had better not control Yang Tian’s actions.

After Zhang Yi Ran left, Yang Tian turned into Venom again, he followed the direction where the Storm Zombies came from and discovered the other entrance of the air-raid shelter.

The cave entrance was pitch black making it was tough to see what was happening inside.

“Did you feel anything?”

Yang Tian asked Violent Corpse Worm Queen as the latter’s understanding about zombies was not any lower than Yang Tian. Yang Tian was unable to see anything, but the Violent Corpse Worm Queen might know something.

“I’m afraid a General-Class Commander-Tier Zombie is going to be born.”

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The Commander-Tier could be split into Captain Class and General Class, the Wolf King located at the mountain behind the manor was a Captain Class Commander. Yang Tian also did not think that just a Captain-Class Commander Zombie King would be born here.

“Actually, I am perplexed about how the people of Earth determines their tiers.”

“Oh? Why is that so?”

“A Commander-Tier creature possessed the ability to command a group of creatures, but it is ultimately still a commander and not a king. In my Insect World, a Commander-Tier will always be a commander, there is not king tagged to it.”

The Violent Corpse Worm Queen was actually right, but Earth’s situation had caused Commander-Tier Creatures to assume that they are the king of their group. Until the later period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era when true kings were born did those creatures discovered that the so-called kings were just false kings and could not be considered as real kings.

“Currently, the Commander-Tier power is the strongest, they could only be referred to as fake kings and not real kings.”

“We are likely being watched by that General-Class Commander-Tier Zombie inside.”

Yang Tian also noticed a pair of eyes were watching them closely, but it might even know that Yang Tian was not to be trifled with, which was why it did not take any follow-up action.

“I discovered it, it has yet to complete its evolution and is currently very weak.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen suddenly alerted Yang Tian.

When Yang Tian heard this news, he also understood what Violent Corpse Worm Queen was implying. Killing a Commander-Tier Zombie would reap many benefits.

“Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh”

Large amounts of food were suddenly tossed out of the cave entrance, it was all the food stored by Orchid University; they had just been thrown out and landed in front of Yang Tian. It was a display that the Commander-Tier Zombie was trying to make a compromise, giving Yang Tian food so that he will leave.


Other than the food, several corpses were also tossed out. The intention from the Zombie King was clear, either take the food and leave or become like these corpses.

“A pity, you have underestimated me.”

Yang Tian not only wanted the food, but he also wanted the life of the Zombie King inside the cave. If the Zombie King really possessed the ability to kill Yang Tian, it would have acted long ago, there was no need for it to throw out the food.

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