Chapter 85 – Give Up

Yang Tian ran into the air-raid shelter in Venom-form; as for the food, it has all been kept inside the Archaic Bronze Ring by Yang Tian.

Buzz Buzz

The Zombie King released warning pulses to Yang Tian, but Yang Tian ignored them.

The metahumans of Orchid University who were fighting the Flame Zombies noticed that a portion of them have gone missing, reducing the pressure they were experiencing.

“Brothers, they could not hold on any longer. Have strength, we will certainly get back the food.”


The morale of Orchid University significantly increased, the Flame Zombies were finding it hard to stop their momentum.

As for Yang Tian, he noticed that there were some Rank 2 zombies within the air-raid shelter and some of the Flame Zombies have also returned from outside.

“You want to complete your evolution, but I will never let you succeed.”

Yang Tian’s arms turned into war hammers, but his target was not the Rank 2 zombies inside the air-raid shelter but the shelter itself.

Boom Boom Boom

The black war hammers struck the ground of the air-raid shelter, causing cracks to appear on the ground, while the walls were also shaking due to the flux.

Not only inside the cave, but the metahumans outside also felt the tremors coming from the ground.

“What is happening?”

“Ignore it, we need to quickly defeat them and get back the food inside the cave.”

Within the cave, Yang Tian’s hammering had also utterly enraged the Zombie King, the latter ordered all zombies to attack Yang Tian.

Flame Zombies, Storm Zombies and another type of Rank 2 zombie, Iron Fist Zombie.

They charged towards Yang Tian madly, hoping to shred Yang Tian into pieces.

With zombies reaching him, Yang Tian had no other way but to stop striking the ground and focus on the zombies instead. The black war hammer started to attack the Rank 2 zombies but their numbers were too high, and Yang Tian was unable to make each of his attack lethal.

When a hammer struck a zombie, if luck were good, their head would be the target and die immediately. If luck was not good, he could only send them flying before continuing to fight.

Yang Tian possessed the combat power of an Early-Stage Rank 3 while they were only Rank 2, Yang Tian was confident in giving them a massive blow.

Yang Tian’s crazy massacre had forced the Zombie King to once again pull back a portion of the Flame Zombies outside. Allowing the metahumans of Orchid University to obtain a chance as well.

Simple by using their numbers, Orchid University was able to easily win the Flame Zombies.

“Are you able to locate the position of the Zombie King?”

“It is underground. If it discovered something is amiss, it will likely give up on evolution and decide to escape.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s mental power had already located where the Zombie King was hiding causing the latter to be to feel anxious. Unless it could not be helped, it would not be willing to give up on evolution as it was very difficult for the Zombie Race to obtain the chance to evolve. Some zombies will even be willing to pay a heavy price to seize an opportunity to evolve.

“The metahumans outside are about to enter, we can push away a group and let them help us attract the metahumans’ attention.”

“They will definitely work very hard.”

The metahumans of Orchid University have already killed the Flame Zombies and have entered the air-raid shelter. Yang Tian just left the air-raid shelter, leaving the battlefield to the Rank 2 zombies and metahumans.

The metahumans of Orchid University did not expect that so many Rank 2 zombies were still inside the cave, but they were unable to retreat now; they must fight.

“Why are there still so many zombies?”

They were no longer able to think, as currently, even escaping was a luxury.

Facing the irritated zombies, they were instantly placed in a disadvantage. Fortunately, the ones that entered were all Rank 2 metahumans, even if they were killed, they would still be able to give the zombies quite some damage.

The massacre within the air-raid shelter had dyed the walls and ground with a layer of fresh red.

“No, the bodies of the dead metahumans would turn into new zombies after they were infected by the soil.”

“I still need to personally take action.”

Yang Tian discovered that the soil here was not ordinary, he could not allow the metahumans to all die here or more zombies would appear, this was also the Zombie King’s intention.

Yang Tian could not help but charge inside the air-raid shelter again.

Only allowed on

Wielding his black war hammers, the damage Yang Tian could deal with the zombies were much higher than the metahumans of Orchid University.

“Someone’s helping us!”

“Everyone, keep it up!”

The metahumans of Orchid University sensed the pressure on them reducing, they noticed that there was a black monster on the other side. It has an image of a monster, but it was helping them to attack the zombies.

There were even some of them thinking that they might be the main character of legends, encountering help whenever they were facing danger.

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“The Zombie King is moving, we need to act quickly.”

The Violent Corpse Worm Queen sensed the Zombie King moving and immediately reminded Yang Tian.

However, there were simply too many Rank 2 zombies, causing Yang Tian to have to way of leaving.

With no other choice, he could only allow it to run away.

The Zombie King was also clear-cut, choosing to escape and give up its evolution so easily.

The remaining Rank 2 zombies were all wiped out.

The entire battle lasted for over two hours before Yang Tian and the metahumans were able to exterminate all the Rank 2 zombies within the air-raid shelter.

Yang Tian also felt very tired after the long fight.

Orchid University looked at the black monster in front of them with a small sense of loss, not knowing if they should express their thanks or to run away. However, they quickly sighed in relief as Yang Tian turn back into human form.

“Thank you brother, you have saved our lives.”

Seeing Yang Tian turning into a human, the leader of Orchid University approached Yang Tian and bowed to expressed his gratitude.

“If possible, I would like to have half of the energy crystals here.”

“No problem, we will not complain even if you want all of them.”

Oh? Yang Tian was slightly surprised, he did not expect the leader of Orchid University to be so magnanimous.

Only a small portion of the food inside the air-raid shelter was taken by Yang Tian, there was still a significant amount remaining. The metahumans of Orchid University all heaved a breath of relief when they saw the food.

“You, why is it you?”

The one who spoke was Han Shui who met Yang Tian before, he was also a metahuman of Orchid University and had come over to express his gratitude. However, when he saw Yang Tian he became too shocked to speak. Earlier on, he found the black monster familiar, but he did not expect that it was actually really Yang Tian.

“Why, do you have a problem?” Yang Tian indifferently said.

“Han Shui, what happened to you?”

“Chairman Hong Ke, he is that thing that I mentioned before.”

The leader of Orchid University was Hong Ke that Han Shui was speaking to, Hong Ke did not express any change in his emotions but said calmly:

“He saved all of us and even helped us get back our food, he is our friend.”

Hong Ke’s words were undoubtedly telling everyone something, everything that happened in the past was not counted, and to establish a good relationship with Yang Tian from now on.

“Let’s forget about being friends, none of my friends had ever experienced a good ending.”

“Since being friends is out, forming friendly relations is also not bad.”

Instead of feeling embarrassed about Yang Tian’s words, Hong Ke magnanimously replied to Yang Tian.

Next was Orchid University’s affairs, they do not wish to experience the same problem regarding their food and started to move all the food out of the air-raid shelter.

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