Chapter 622: An anomaly

After Treasure Seizing Conference, the most important part of the Sea Race Convention, the trade conference, truly started.

Therefore, Long Yi met Sea Emperor after a day. This trade conference was a high-class trade fair. All the forces of Undersea City that were qualified to participate in this trade fair gathered together.

With the status of the seller of Rainbow Jellyfishes, Long Yi gained the right to participate. And as a matter of fact, Sea Emperor had requested Long Yi to differentiate sides, i.e., which forces were attached to the Sea Emperor, which forces were attached to Shark Clan, Whale Clan, and Shihun Clan, and also which forces were neutral.

Honestly speaking, Long Yi was not that interested in performing this task. He even hated this kind of political fight. Since Heavenly Demon King was sealed in the seabed, and he had to unite all sea clans, he chose to stand on the side of the Sea Emperor.

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But, the schemes of the Sea Emperor were honestly too deep. Besides, Long Yi had just emptied his treasury. Clearly, he must be having a heartache with blood dripping out of his heart. He looked indifferent on the surface, but a hint of peculiar hatred would occasionally flash when he glanced at Long Yi.

The treasures that appeared in this trade conference were all extraordinary, but they were useless to Long Yi. Finally, seven Rainbow Jellyfishes appeared in the auction, causing a sensation. These were priceless treasures for certain sea clans which knew how to refine poison.

“I bid two first-class sea essence mines and a hundred thousand-year-old fire coral.” The Patriarch of Shark Clan, Demon Shark, took the initiative to stand and bid. Rainbow Jellyfishes were rarely seen in recent hundred or so years. Now, seven appeared in this auction, so he was determined to win.

“I say, Demon Shark, those lousy things are good enough for just one Rainbow Jellyfish. If you want to obtain all seven with those lousy things, then you might as well rob them.” The Patriarch of Miluo Clan sneered. A poison refined from one Rainbow Jellyfish could poison all living creatures within several square kilometers to death without anybody’s cognizance. What was even more terrifying; this poison could not only enter the body via inhalation, it could also enter via the skin. This poison was so poisonous that it could instantly kill a strong person upon contact. As for the poison refined from all seven Rainbow Jellyfishes, that was even more horrifying. Looking from this perspective, the bid of Shark Patriarch was truly too low.

After the Miluo Patriarch spoke, all the other people also made remarks in succession.

“I bid a sea ice essence mine and one thousand kilometers fertile land located in the northwest region of Undersea City.” It was the patriarch of Shihun Clan who increased the bid next. Although Shihun Clan was allied with Shark Clan, they still competed against each other. If they were able to get these seven Rainbow Jellyfishes and refine poison, then that in itself would become a kind of deterrence.

Demon Shark ferociously glared at Shihun Patriarch and snorted, “Shihun, you only have two sea ice essence mines, and as far as I know, one among them is almost empty. I wonder which one you are using to bid?”

“I, Shihun Zi am not using the almost empty mine to bid, so Demon Shark, don’t use your heart of small man to gauge the belly of a gentleman,” the patriarch of Shihun Clan sharply retorted.

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Long Yi had already met the patriarchs of several sea clans under the hint of the Sea Emperor and made acquaintances with them. Now, he was at one corner of this trading hall, coldly watching everyone fight for Rainbow Jellyfishes.

Suddenly, Long Yi felt a chill on his back, and an ice-cold feeling spread throughout his body. Also, the spiritual connection with Liuli unexpectedly was forcibly broken at the same time.

Long Yi was greatly alarmed. He instantly disappeared from the spot and rushed towards the residence of Miluo Clan using Great Cosmos Shift with all his strength.

But, halfway through the way, Long Yi noticed that the spiritual connection with Liuli got restored. Not even ten seconds had passed from beginning to end. But, his heart was still restless. He didn’t stop and continue to rush towards the residence of Miluo Clan.

In the pond of the courtyard, Liuli, Bifei, and Xiaomi were swimming around while chatting.

“Young Master, how come you returned so quickly?” Liuli happily asked upon seeing Long Yi.

Long Yi jumped into the water, and after holding the beautiful face of Liuli for a good while, he asked, “Did something happen just a moment ago?”

“No, I was chatting with Bifei and Xiaomi, nothing happened,” Liuli replied with confusion. She clearly didn’t know why Long Yi was asking such a question.

“Just a moment ago, the spiritual connection between you and me was broken. I thought that something had happened to you,” Long Yi said. His heart was still ill at ease. He believed that the feeling of just a moment ago was absolutely not his hallucination. If that was the case, then what exactly had happened? In addition, that cold feeling was similar to the feeling he had felt in the underground base of Shark Clan.

Liuli frowned, and after thinking for a while, then she shook her head and replied, “Young Master, I never felt the spiritual connection between you and me breaking.”

Long Yi waved his hand and spread his spirit power around Liuli and carefully examined her body.

Suddenly, Long Yi opened his closed eyes. He then stretched out his hand and lifted Liuli’s beautiful golden hair above her left ear. He discovered a tiny red dot that was very hard to see with the naked eye. It appeared as if a strand of hair had priced her.

Bifei and Xiaomi also walked over, and upon observing that tiny red dot, their expressions became solemn.

Liuli’s Soul Locking Seven Notes had already broken through from five notes to six notes, and her spirit power had naturally formed a barrier around her body. It was impossible to wound her without anybody knowing. Besides, Long Yi felt something was wrong. Although they couldn’t think of a cause, they believed that something must have happened to Liuli just a moment ago.

Long Yi carefully examined Liuli through and though again. Other than that tiny red dot, he didn’t discover anything unusual, but for Long Yi, just this small anomaly was very likely to be fatal. He practically dared to confirm that this had something to do with that terrifying Heavenly Demon King.

Thinking of the Heavenly Demon King, Long Yi naturally recalled Shark Clan controlled by the Heavenly Demon King. Weren’t they searching high and low for Liuli to refine her God’s spirit to undo the seal of Heavenly Demon King? Could it be that this anomaly had something to do with this? Or to say, Heavenly Demon King had already taken away the God’s spirit in the bloodline of mermaid imperial clan? The heart of Long Yi suddenly tightened. Now he truly wanted to slap himself to death. Since he set up a transfer magic array yesterday, why didn’t he send Liuli to Blue Waves Continent? If he had done so, then it would be absolutely impossible for the Heavenly Demon King to revive as it would be impossible to find a portion of God’s spirit.

If God’s spirit was truly taken away, then the Heavenly Demon King would break out of the seal. That would be big trouble.

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