Chapter 623: Missing

The night of Soaring Dragon City was still enchanting with stars twinkling like diamonds in the sky. With thousands of brightly lit houses neighboring each other in the city, the entire town looked beautiful and brilliant. At this moment, if one could sit on the hilltop located at the outskirts of the city and sip the wine while enjoying the gentle breeze while looking at the grand city sprawling below, then that would absolutely be a dream one wouldn’t want to wake up from.

“This Soaring Dragon City truly is grand and magnificent. The human world really is a lot more fun than our lousy island.” A handsome middle-aged man, wearing black scale armor and sitting on the hilltop located at the outskirts of the city, sighed with emotion while drinking a glass of good wine.

“Old Sha, although the innate physique of humankind is inferior to us, when it comes to wisdom, they are absolutely not inferior to our Dragon Race. And when it comes to craftiness, our Dragon Race is far inferior to them.” A middle-aged golden scale armor-wearing man who was holding a wine jug said with a smile.

These two people on the hilltop were the patriarchs of Demonic Dragon Clan and Divine Dragon Clan respectively. These two fellows were old friends. Ordinarily, they had to fume with anger and pretend to hate each other on the surface, but after Long Yi brought Niur with Devouring Dragon Physique, these two no longer needed to pretend frequently. Especially since the purpose of this trip to Soaring Dragon City was for the unprecedented Dragon Race Convention, the unification of Dragon Race was already set on stone.

“We are going to hold the Dragon Race Convention tomorrow. That smelly brat Long Yi should have found Undersea City. If he doesn’t appear in the convention tomorrow, then it would truly be a lot more discolored.” Sha Qingyin, the patriarch of Demonic Dragon Clan, suddenly mentioned Long Yi. Sharman, that stupid daughter of his, was missing that smelly kid. Come to speak of it, that kid was also a very rare human whom he admired in these ten thousand years. A human was actually able to reach this level, moreover, he couldn’t estimate what level he would reach in the future – this kid truly was a freak.

“Also, I don’t know what our Dragon Race owed him in last life, your daughter Sharman and my stupid daughter Midi’er, both are infatuated with him. What’s more, even Niur who possesses the Devouring Dragon Physique recognized him as father. Even now, Fandi and Sa Lianya are still brooding.” The patriarch of Divine Dragon Clan shook his head and sighed.

“This might be the will of heaven.” Sha Qingyin looked up at the sky and sighed softly. Now that the Devouring Dragon Physique had appeared, the great calamity was right around the corner. He didn’t know whether he would have another beautiful night like this.

Tomorrow is the day when the Dragon Race Convention would be held. Therefore, some dragons of Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan had come over in advance.


At this moment, in the imperial palace of Soaring Dragon, there was a resting place specially built for these dragons. On the green lawn of the imperial garden, rows of dragons were either lying or sitting. Among them, there were the injured Fandi and Sa Lianya, their daughters Liuxu and Niur, Midi’er siblings, Sharman and Crystal. Furthermore, Teresa and Little Xingxing were present, too.

At this moment, Niur and Little Xingxing were running and playing on the meadow without any care. Fandi and Sa Lianya were chatting with Teresa. The young dragons were talking with each other at one side.

“Big sister, when can Niur see father? Niur misses him very much.” Niur who was exhausted from playing rushed into the bosom of Liuxu and enquired.

“Good Niur, he will be back very soon. At that time, Niur can see him.” Liuxu caressed the head of Niur and consoled.

“Big sister, you always say this every time.” Niur pouted and said with a grievance.

At one side, the expression of Fandi and Sa Lianya became somewhat gloomy. After such a long time, although they had gotten a lot closer to Niur, Niur never recognized them. In her heart, there was only one father, i.e. Long Yi.

“Cousin, cousin-in-law, don’t be sad. One day, Niur will grow up, and she will understand.” Teresa comforted softly.

“Mother, I also miss big brother Long and big sister Liuli.” At this moment, Xingxing had already rushed into the bosom of Teresa and said with tears in her eyes.

Teresa hugged Xingxing tightly. As the figure of Long Yi appeared in her mind, her eyes also became blurred.

Fandi and Sa Lianya looked at each other and saw complex emotions in each other’s eyes.

They weren’t very familiar with Long Yi, but just getting along for an extremely short period of time made this husband and wife very intimate and greatly admire him. In addition, the influence of this human on the entire Dragon Race was incalculable, especially regarding the favor towards their family. Merely, this human had entranced the two princesses of Dragon Race, and looking at it now, it appeared as if their cousin Teresa also had a lot of goodwill towards him. In addition, Niur recognized him as a father. With all these feelings mixed together, it became quite complicated.

At this side, some noble beauties of Dragon Race were missing Long Yi, and at the other side, in the imperial palace, numerous women were also worried about Long Yi.

Ximen Wuhen wearing a white robe stood under a moonlight. Her black hair fluttered along with the gentle night breeze, making her look like a celestial of Heavenly Palace. Among numerous women, no one had more complicated feelings towards Long Yi than her. After experiencing hatred, she experienced the pain of being trapped in moral principles. Although the shackles of moral principles had gone now, that layer of paper had never been broken through. She truly wanted to openly miss Long Yi like other women and talk about him again and again from dawn to dusk. She truly wanted to loudly say to Long Yi, “I don’t want to be your younger sister, I want to be your woman.”

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That night when she knew the truth, Ximen Wuhen was on the verge of saying so to Long Yi, but the battle between Midi’er and Sharman interrupted her. Since then, Long Yi had traveled all around. Even when she saw him, he was in a hurry and she didn’t have the courage to tell him so.

“Wuhen.” A crisp voice came from behind Ximen Wuhen.

Ximen Wuhen turned around and saw Long Ling’er standing behind her with a hint of a warm smile. This made her feel warm in the heart.

“Why aren’t you sleeping? Are you thinking of my second brother?” Ximen Wuhen smiled drily and asked with a teasing tone.

“Isn’t Wuhen the same?” Long Ling’er winked and mischievously responded.

Ximen Wuhen wanted to refute, but no words came out of her mouth. She couldn’t deny this fact.

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“Wuhen, love bravely.” Long Ling’er suddenly said. This stunned Ximen Wuhen on the spot.


“Listen to me, as a matter of fact, I already noticed that you really didn’t have ordinary feelings for your second brother long ago. I just never dared to believe and also was unwilling to believe it. But, after experiencing everything in these last few years, I know that it is not my misconception.”

“Wuhen, you are severe in speech and countenance towards all men. Only when you face your second brother, you unintentionally show a hint of affection. Although you cover it up very well, you cannot conceal it from me.”

“Wuhen, you are already 27 years old, I don’t know whether this is right or wrong, but I just know that, since you love, then love bravely.” Long Ling’er said with some agitation. She and Long Yi had finally got together after stumbling and jostling along. Although she knew that the affection between brother and sister was not permitted morally in this world, she was even more reluctant to see Ximen Wuhen living the rest of her life in pain.

Ximen Wuhen trembled and tears slid down from the corner of her eyes. As a matter of fact, the fact of her not being the daughter of Ximen Nu was only known by several people on that scene, and Long Ling’er didn’t know this fact. Still, even under such circumstances, she actually encouraged her to courageously love Long Yi. This incomparably moved her heart.

“Ling’er…” Ximen Wuhen hugged Long Ling’er. She was very moved.

And under the twinkling starlights, Ximen Wuhen began to tell about everything. She didn’t conceal anything at all.

Long Ling’er’s mouth was wide open. The more she listened, the more surprised she became. She had never expected there unexpectedly was such a tale between her and Long Yi.

“Wuhen, then why are you still depressed? Since you and Long Yi aren’t blood-related sister and brother, you can naturally be together with him.” Long Ling’er said with a smile after hearing Ximen Wuhen.

“But… second brother, he… he said that he will always be my second brother, moreover, everyone knows that I am the princess of the empire and second brother is the crown prince. It is impossible to announce this matter to the world,” Ximen Wuhen faintly said.

“I don’t believe that that pervert doesn’t have any thoughts on you after learning you are not his biological sister.” Long Ling’er chuckled and added, “Moreover, this is our family matter. What does it have to do with other people? Why should we announce it to the whole world?”

The beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen reddened. Was Long Yi truly interested in her?

At that time, there was a sudden commotion in the calm and quiet imperial harem. And someone shouted with excitement, “His Highness Crown Prince is back, His Highness Crown Prince is back!”

This shout suddenly made the entire imperial harem blow up. Nangong Xiangyun and others hastily jumped out from their bed and rushed out after wearing a robe. They didn’t even wear shoes.

“Miss, Miss, please wear the shoes and be careful, little young master on your belly might feel cold.” The maid of Nangong Xiangyun, whom she had brought from Nangong Residence, still had yet to change the form of address.

Nangong Xiangyun turned around and after wearing the shoes, she rushed out again. One could well imagine how much she missed Long Yi. She wanted to enter the bosom of her beloved and tell him that there was his flesh and blood in her stomach. Just imagining his pleasantly surprised appearance, she greatly looked forward to it.

After a commotion, numerous beauties gathered together. Dongfang Wan could also be seen among them.

“Who said the crown prince is back just now?” Dongfang Wan couldn’t see the figure of her son, and she couldn’t help asking in fear.

“Replying to Empress, it’s this servant, His Majesty made this servant come and notify. This servant was too excited and ended up shouting. Please forgive me for the mistake, empress.” An imperial maid knelt down while trembling with fear and pleaded.

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