Chapter 190: Come, Don’t Pity Me!

Wei Lan’s hands were firmly grasped onto Su Ke2Su KeMain Character. Her body spasmed as she sobbed.

With every shift, her two rabbits would unconsciously press forward.

They were soft and elastic, like the two of them were squishing a ball.

However, Su Ke wasn’t in the mood for such a thing right now.

His shoulder was wet, her tears seeping through his t-shirt.

She was crying so hard, she started to dehydrate.

“It’s fine, it’s fine!” Su Ke gently patted Wei Lan’s back to console her.

However, Su Ke, who had always stuck his foot in his mouth, had no idea what to say to comfort her. He could only repeatedly assure her that everything was fine.

Wei Lan’s mood was like pine trees under a storm, bearing a heavy burden.

She could only wait until there was a swish and the pine leaves couldn’t hold on anymore, then she could instantly let go of all of her burdens.

She cried and cried until her voice gradually grew softer.

Su Ke breathed a sigh of relief before exclaiming, “Don’t cry anymore! If you continue crying, other people might think that I did something to you!”

“It was originally your fault!” Wei Lan had cried for quite a while and her voice sounded a bit hoarse as she continued with a muffled voice, “You know that I nearly died of fright today?”

“Why did you go and touch someone’s chest for no reason? Do you know how scared I was when that robber asked you to go?” The more Wei Lan spoke, the more anxious she got.

She loosened her arms and left Su Ke’s embrace, staring into his eyes.

Su Ke saw that Wei Lan had stopped crying and her pale face was slowly regaining color.

His mood was better as he smiled and said, “Alright, alright! I was wrong! I wanted to push that woman away, but I accidentally touched her front! It was an accident!”

Wei Lan’s eyes were bright red as she pouted, “You still dare to laugh? I saw everything! You definitely touched her for at least five minutes!”

Her angry appearance was completely different from her lifeless one just now.

“Hei hei, are you jealous? Why don’t I touch you too?”

Su Ke then reached out and made a grabbing motion with his hand, his fingers spread wide.

They looked like claws as he aimed them towards Wei Lan’s chest.

Wei Lan’s face flushed red as she lifted her leg to kick Su Ke, “Hateful!”

Su Ke smiled and started to relax as he watched Wei Lan’s face slowly regain its color.

If she received mental trauma from this, he would be hard-pressed to escape the blame.

Only, after this unexpected situation, neither of them were in any mood to shop.

Su Ke sent Wei Lan home while he went to the basement in his house.

There was a lot of junk in the basement, but there was a case of pristine condition in the corner of the room. Su Ke pulled it out and opened it up, marveling once again at the four million.

Even if he had already seen it yesterday, his mind still blanked as he thought about it.

He casually sat in the basement, his mind tangled in thought.

He was going to build a large supermarket for his parents with the money, but when he actually had the four million in his hands, he couldn’t do it.

He reached up to rub the stiff muscles on his face before shaking his head and throwing out his delusions. He decided not to think about it right now as he hid the suitcase under a pile of junk. There was more important business to attend to.

Once he left the basement, he made food for his parents before changing and going to Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns.

Just as Su Ke pushed open Fang Fei Yi Ren’s glass doors, he heard a man’s cordial voice greet him, “Brother Su! Haha, you’re here!”

He turned towards the voice, and unexpectedly, it was the Wu Yi Ren who had given him the four million RMB.

Su Ke was slightly astonished, but he managed to react as he walked over to the sofa with a smile on his face and say, “Oh? Chief Wu!”

He sat near Wu Yi Ren, with nary a hair out of place.

Wu Yi Ren turned towards Su Ke, trying to glean some information from his face as he asked, “He he! Brother, how was your sleep last night?”

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However, Su Ke’s face was very tranquil.

Wu Yi Ren was observing Su Ke all the while. He wondered if he sniffed out his intentions?

Last night, Su Ke was already the most suspicious of Wu Yi Ren. He didn’t have a strong enmity with Wu Ao Ran and they had barely even interacted. So, why did he want to kill Su Ke?

The only reasonable explanation is that he was paid to get rid of him!

What about Wu Yi Ren’s motives?

He had just arrived at Fang Fei Yi Ren, so it was pretty obvious.

“Yesterday was fine, fine!”

He then turned towards Lin Xiao Bai, who was at the reception desk, “Sister Xiao Bai, is Sister Yan here today?”

As Su Ke spoke, he noticed out of the corner of his eye the expression on Wu Yi Ren’s face slowly changed from suspicion to helplessness and fear.

Lin Xiao Bai had long loathed Wu Yi Ren.

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It was only out of politeness that she had poured him a glass of water, not even willing to give him some tea. She was sitting at the reception desk, playing games on her phone and minding her own business.

When she heard Su Ke’s question, she looked at the time and responded, “Sister Yan asked Du Wan to go shopping with her! I reckon that they’re about to come back!”

When Wu Yi Ren heard her response, he suddenly stood up and said, “Aiyah! I almost forgot, I still have a banquet to attend to so I have to leave first!”

He then turned to face Su Ke and said, “Brother Su, if you have time, let’s talk next time!”

Watching Wu Yi Ren leave Fang Fei Yi Ren, Su Ke’s face became solemn.

Seeing how Wu Yi Ren was acting so peculiar, Su Ke determined his guilt.

However, if it was really him that found Wu Ao Ran, then Wu Ao Ran’s whereabouts should be his greatest worry. Would Su Ke get in trouble because of this?

Wu Yi Ren wasn’t even gone for two minutes when Du Wan pulled Luo Fei Yan in.

She was mumbling to herself, her face filled with disdain as she said, “Hmph! He still has the face to come?”

Looks like she had very strong opinions about Wu Yi Ren.

Du Wan then turned to see Su Ke sitting on the sofa. Her eyes lit up as she quickly walked over, “Oh! Little brother Su!”

Su Ke was still thinking about whether Wu Yi Ren would be trouble. The more he thought, the less he knew. It was at this moment that a black shadow approached him.

Before he could react, the black shadow had already sat next to him.

When he turned to see who it was, Su Ke couldn’t help but blurt out, “Eh! Xiao (1) Wan!”

Du Wan frowned and immediately glared as she exclaimed, “Xiao, what Xiao? If you call me Xiao Wan again, I, I’ll call you Restless at Night!”

However, Su Ke knew that this girl was just playing around.

With his previous experience of acting like her boyfriend, facing such an immature girl, he was a lot more relaxed about it.

Luo Fei Yan, who liked to stir the pot, instantly raised her eyebrow and said, “Xiao Wan, what do you mean Restless at Night!? Little brother Su is only 18, okay!”

“Then I’ll call him a Restless Virgin!” Du Wan ruthlessly said.

Su Ke was leaning against the sofa, his hands spread open as he imitated Sister Shi Liu. (2)“Come, don’t pity me just because I’m a delicate flower! Use your full strength!”


  1. Remember that Xiao means little and is an affectionate term
  2. Some character from a TV show
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