Chapter 832 – Hate

That was why she risked her life to fight for a spot despite being heavily injured and poisoned.

For this spot, she used a secret technique to temporarily suppress her injuries and poison. Only after igniting her latent potential, did she manage to defeat Bai Cheng Feng, Nan Gong Bei Cheng, and the He Lian Brothers.

The effects of the secret technique were good, but it comes with serious side effects.

She bitterly endured it to prevent the rest from noticing, and now she was already an arrow at the end of her flight.

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After enduring with much difficulty and entering the tower, the spirit energy within her body was already on the verge of getting out of control.

Bai Li Zi Xi viciously bit her tongue while taking out a jade bottle, taking out a snow white fragrant pill from within and placed it in her mouth.

The pill was the Nine Turn Pill unique to the Holy Court, it was very difficult to acquire; she was only able to obtain one even with how much the Holy Court takes care of her. She initially planned to save it for consumption when she reached Late-Stage Mystic Spirit Master and if she had an inner demon.

However, with her current injuries, she was having remnant poison and side effects of the secret technique dissipating her spirit energy. If she does not consume the pill, her cultivation realm might fall and restoring her cultivation realm to her current level might be harder.

She could only grit her teeth and consume the pill.

The pill turned into a wave of refreshing flow; spreading out, supporting the dissipating spirit energy that she had lost control of and the pain in her internal organs were also slowly fading.

After an unknown amount of time, Bai Li Zi Xi slowly opened her eyes.

Her injuries have finally healed, and the remnant poison within her have also mostly cleared away.

However, when Bai Li Zi Xi thinks of Huan Qing Yan, she could not help but feel hate welling up in her heart. If not for Huan Qing Yan, she would not need to use this lifesaving pill at this moment.

If not for Huan Qing Yan, would she have become the laughing stock of others?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she felt. Fortunately, her last shred of rationality managed to pull her awake and got her to investigate the tower.

After she won a spot and the secret technique’s activation time has ended, she was focusing all her attention on preventing herself from being exposed.

She did not have any additional effort to sense for a Sand Tower that suits her, all she did was select the highest tower amongst the four that remained.

This tower had a total of seven levels and has three sides.

Only now did she discover that the inside of the tower was very clean, only the walls held some sand butterflies dancing about.

Eventually, some words were formed from the sand: Dream Butterfly Dance.

Bai Li Zi Xi’s eyes shined, from the words, she knew that it was a technique that suits her Butterfly Dance!

She released a long breath and forcefully calm her mind to observe the sand butterflies dancing.

The time within the tower seemed endless.

It was unknown how much time has passed by since Shang Qiu Meng Qian entered the tower.

He only knew that he had obtained a rope technique after entering the tower, the technique has nine levels.

Each level of the tower equals to one level of the technique.

His tall tower has nine levels and four walls, it was slightly thinner than the ones selected by Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya.

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He trained the first level of the technique at the first level of the tower and after comprehending it, the door to the second level would automatically open.

One level after the other, then he was currently stuck at the seventh level.

The technique was seemingly complicated and hard to understand; even with his talent, he was unable to completely understand it.

He did not know how much time passed, but when Shang Qiu Meng Qian tried again and was unable to comprehend, he decisively chose to give up.

It became something that could no longer be completed with hard work. For him to go to the next level, it would require a combination of talent, luck and comprehension ability.

However, he was already very satisfied, after comprehending the first six levels of the technique, he had already reached the peak of Mid-Stage Mystic Spirit Master. All he lacked was opportunity and inspiration, only then would he be able to become a Late-Stage Mystic Spirit Master.

He believes he will need to accumulate more experiences before he will be able to break through this bottleneck.

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