Chapter 831 – Demon Cultivation Technique

The tower Nan Gong Bei Cheng entered was the last tower left unchosen, so he had no other choice.

The tower was slightly shorter with fewer levels, with a maximum height of five levels and three sides.

However, he was not disappointed because the others had chosen their towers based on a faint calling, and the last tower also happened to be the one that attracted him the most. The short height of the tower did not affect him, he felt that it will be good enough to be able to comprehend all five levels of the tower.

After entering the tower, all he saw was emptiness.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng looked up and saw a strange drawing made from sand above him.

It looked like stars moving in the night, yet it also felt as though blood was coursing through it and formed a whirlpool that sucks in the mind and eyes of the person.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng’s gaze turned from astonishment to confusion, before turning dazed…

Before Bai Cheng Feng entered the tower, he looked towards Huan Qing Yan’s direction.

He knew that Little Yan would surely not take note of him, but he could not control his eyes.

As long as Little Yan was around, he will always be unable to control his emotions. He will have a mad urge to look for her, hug her, kiss her and have her.

This emotion got wilder and wilder with each passing day, nurturing itself and increasing crazily.

Looking at her within the arms of Ji Mo Ya, smiling lovingly and exchanging loving gazes.

Yet he was only a single shadow.

His heart got even more crazed, with jealousy and pain.

Yet he could not do anything about it.

And only silently watch and endure.

He wonders when he would meet Little Yan again after this?

No matter how hard he tried, he was still unable to see Little Yan’s figure as he was enveloped by the tornado.

Upon entering the tower, he heard a faint roar of a wild beast which instantly woke him up from his hurt emotions.

When he calmed his eyes and looked over, a colossal lion head appeared on the wall. It raised its head and roared and it seemed like the roar of a wild beast came from this lion.

Besides the lion, words appeared on the sand: Vajra Roar.

It seems like it was a type of demon cultivation technique?

Stormy waves whipped up within Bai Cheng Feng’s heart.

Demons were able to enter the Blood Moon Hidden Realm this time, to see a demon cultivation technique within the Sand Tower, what does it mean?

Him cultivating in demon arts was something only the Demon Lion King knew, yet why did such a technique appear within this Sand Tower?

Was this just a coincidence, or was there someone manipulating in the dark?

Bai Cheng Feng was deeply shaken, finally, increasing his ability to overtook everything else.

Since he had already entered, no matter what schemes it can be, he would just take it head-on.

Bai Cheng Feng was a decisive person in the first place, so once he made up his decision he immediately shook away all other thoughts and started training.

On the other hand, when the ten individuals were sucked into the towers…

The people outside the tower were suddenly pulled by an invisible force; the sand beneath their feet begun to move as they sucked the people standing on it.

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Everyone was in a state of panic, they struggled against the suction force but to no avail.

After a short while, everyone was sucked into the flowing sand.

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Within the Sand City, except for the ten Sand Towers silently standing, there were no other movements.

Bai Li Zi Xi heaved a sigh of relieved after being brought into the tower.

She relaxed and sat on the floor without regard to her image, this might be an unknown environment, yet it gave her a much higher sense of security than outside.

Earlier on, outside the tower she lost to Huan Qing Yan, causing her face and reputation to drop to the lowest ever.

This was also the most painful defeat she had ever experienced ever since her birth.

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