Chapter 624: In the midst of ten thousand flowers

Currently, Long Yi and his father Ximen Nu were sitting opposite to each other in the imperial study.

As a person got older, he would cherish friendships more and more. In the past, Ximen Nu craved for power and influence, but now, when he had truly reached the peak of power and influence, he felt infinitely lonely. Although his prestige was increasingly flourishing by the day, he was getting lonelier in his heart, and he just looked forward to Long Yi’s return.

“Yu’er, tell me about your trip to search for Undersea City.” Ximen Nu straightened his back, but a glint of warmth was present in his gaze toward Long Yi.

Long Yi also didn’t hide anything. He quickly narrated the events that happened in this period of time.

Ximen Nu frowned and the hand that was caressing his beard also stopped. He had not expected the matter to be so complicated.

“When the Heavenly Demon King breaks out of the seal, the common people under the heaven will surely perish in the massacre that would unfold. Moreover, the matter that happened to Liuli makes me feel very uncomfortable. I should have made her return first.” Long Yi said as a hint of bloodthirsty glim flashed through his black eyes.

“Yu’er, after listening to you, I feel that the Sea Emperor is also not a simple person. You have to be careful of him stabbing you on the back. Since he strived for Blue Sea Divine Soul, he must have a plan, but you didn’t truly give it to him just like that, did you?” Ximen Nu stood up and after walking two laps around the study, he relaxed and said with a smile.

“That is natural, I have left a mark on Blue Sea Divine Soul. If he has some other thoughts on it, then I can make him pay dearly for his treachery.” Long Yi looked relaxed, and thinking of those priceless treasures inside his dark dimension space, he smiled.

At that time, the barrier outside the imperial study fluctuated.

Then, the door of the study opened with a bang, and Retired Emperor Ximen Kuang and Sword God Murong Bo rushed in.

“Smelly kid, why didn’t you come to greet us even though you have returned?” Ximen Kuang was very fond of this grandson. He especially liked his luck with women. It was the good gene inherited from him. But, unlike this grandson, his son Ximen Nu clung onto only one woman, truly a good-for-nothing son.

“I don’t know where you two were hiding, so where could I go to greet you? Besides, I just returned,” Long Yi smirked and said. Since he learned that these two old fellows weren’t uptight and somewhat perverted, he and they were truly like brothers with the same tastes and not grandparent and grandchild.

Just after these two old fellows arrived, a light streaked across the sky. The patriarch of Demonic Dragon Clan and Divine Dragon Clan also arrived here, and upon seeing Long Yi, they were very happy. Subsequently, they immediately enquired about the events of Undersea City with great interest.

Shortly afterward, the imperial study became more and more bustling as Dongfang Wan rushed over while leading her daughters-in-law and began chattering continuously.

“Father.” Just when Long Yi was feeling light-headed, a scream of joy came, followed by a cute small girl rushing into his bosom.

“Big brother Long.” Another crisp shout came. Then, that cute girl Little Xingxing occupied the other side of Long Yi’s bosom and tightly hugged Long Yi like Niur.

At that time, Sharman, Crystal, Midi’er siblings, Liuxu and others also arrived outside the imperial study. This imperial study which was desolate just a moment ago had suddenly become incomparably lively.

Long Yi greeted everyone one by one, but he also couldn’t just watch such chaos, so he emitted his internal force and shook the air. Then, everyone immediately quieted down.

Because of the Dragon Race Convention, all big races and big powers of Blue Waves Continent had sent their representatives. Among them, there was Bertha of Fox Clan who led the beast clans, and also Nalan Empire’s Empress Nanlan Ruyue and her younger sister Nalan Rumeng. Merely, taking etiquette into consideration, they didn’t live in the imperial palace.

Since everyone had already come over, Long Yi sent someone to bring over the representatives of powers that had close relations with him. Tonight, before all others, he wanted to discuss and formulate initial tactics. And tomorrow, during the Dragon Race Convention, he would reveal himself to all the remaining forces, and then he would return to Undersea City to deal with other matters.

As a result, the venue moved to the imperial hall from the imperial study. All women passionately watched Long Yi, but they all knew that something major was about to happen, so they stood quietly at one side so as to not disturb him. Just his few glances made all of them spiritually communicate how much they missed and loved each other.

Not long after, everyone gathered. Among them, there were representatives of Dragon Race, Ximen imperial Clan, Light Church’s two Great Holy Priests Karen & Judith and Light Saintess Sibi, Dark Church’s Hell Saintess Leng Youyou and current Great Dark Priest Dry Bones; leader of the beast clans Bertha, the shaman of Winged Clan Ou Yala, patriarch of Barbarian Bull Clan Barbarian Bull; Nalan Empire’s Empress Nalan Ruyue and her younger sister Nalan Rumeng, the patriarch of Moxi Clan Li Qing; Fire Magic God Puxiusi and his granddaughter Linna, Water Master Archmage Shui Ruoyan; the princesses of Blue Moon Continent’s Cyan Wind Empire Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing, Elf Queen; princess Luxiya and the leader of elf guards Nika, and the matriarch of Phoenix Clan and her daughter Yu Feng.

Naturally, Wushuang, Feng Ling, Yinyin, Beitang Yu, Long Ling’er, Murong Shuyu, Nangong Xiangyun, and others were also present. Basically, all the women who had a relationship with Long Yi were present here. Now this place simply had all the bright pearls of the world gathered.

If this was switched to any other time, Long Yi would have been extremely excited without any bounds, but now that it was a time of crisis, he didn’t have much time. Now that everyone had already gathered, he stood up and spoke the matter about the Heavenly Demon King being on the verge of breaking out of the seal and made everyone think of countermeasures to deal with the upcoming catastrophe.

Everyone felt that they were in imminent danger from the tone and expression of Long Yi. After a short period of time, the entire world might become a bloody hell.

Everyone expressed their thoughts and plans, but many people didn’t understand the war of Gods and Demons of 100,000 years ago, so they were unable to provide any constructive measures.

“Yu’er, you understand the entire matter better than all of us, so you should express your opinion first,” Ximen Nu asked.

Long Yi mumbled for a little while and said, “In the battle of Gods and Demons 100,000 years ago, the Heavenly Demon King used all his powers to put a curse on the seven Main Gods. Although both sides suffered losses at the end, we can see that the strength of the Heavenly Demon King exceeded all seven Main Gods in a one-on-one battle. Only after the seven Main Gods united, they were able to restrict the Heavenly Demon King. But now, the seven Main Gods are still cursed. They are powerless; we can only rely on ourselves.”

“If we wait until the Heavenly Demon King completely breaks out of the seal and restores his strength, then with just our strength, we basically wouldn’t be able to contend. My suggestion is to take advantage of this time when Heavenly Demon King has yet to completely break out of the seal and take the initiative to attack. Like that, we will have some assurance,” Long Yi solemnly answered.

Everyone remained silent for a long time. Then, Sha Qingyin, the patriarch of Demonic Dragon Clan, said, “It seems your suggestion is the only feasible solution at present. Merely, where is the seal of Heavenly Demon King exactly located? And what is his current condition? We must know clearly, and at that time, our Dragon Race, as well as the elites of Blue Waves Continent, could enter Undersea City via transfer magic array and annihilate the Heavenly Demon King at one fell swoop.”

All the other people also agreed in succession and then began to deliberate the details. In the blink of an eye, the sky outside was already bright.

Everyone dispersed in succession for the preparatory work of the Dragon Race Convention, leaving behind only Long Yi and women who had close relation with him.

“My darling wives, your husband misses you all to death.” Long Yi who was surrounded by beauties suddenly shouted exaggeratedly, then like a wind, he pecked the little faces of all women.

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“Father, father, Niur also want,” Niur said.

“Big brother Long, Xingxing also want,” Little Xingxing was unwilling to be left behind.

Long Yi smiled and kissed these two little girls, then said, “How can I forget my two little darlings?”

Ximen Wuhen caressed her beautiful face where Long Yi had just pecked. She then stepped forward and pulling the sleeve of Long Yi, she said with a smile, “Second brother, we have a piece of phenomenally good news to tell you. Prepare yourself and be sure to not laugh.”

“Yes, yes, smelly husband, you should take a deep breath and prepare yourself,” Leng Youyou chimed in.

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The rest of the women also watched Long Yi with a smile, baffling him, but he vaguely looked forward to this good news in his heart.

“Okay, don’t leave me hanging, quickly tell me whatever the good news is.” Long Yi sat on the old-fashioned wooden armchair of this hall and made Wushuang massage his shoulders. Smelling the refreshing fragrances of his women, he felt that this journey was well worthwhile.

All the women looked at each other and smiled. They didn’t tell Long Yi and made him make a guess first.

“Good news ah good news, could it be that you all plan to serve me together in the bedroom?” Long Yi rubbed his chin while looking at women all around him and said with a wolf smile.

“So hateful, bad husband, do you only think of beauties? But, if you are able to guess correctly, then I can try to persuade sisters to serve you together in the bedroom.” Yu Feng who always was fiery said with a smile.

“Really?” The eyes of Long Yi suddenly shone and staring at women around him, he drooled.

All the women blushed. Among them, there was Murong Shuyu, Teresa, Midi’er, Sharman, and Crystal. They couldn’t be considered to be real women of Long Yi.

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