Chapter 21: The Arhat Array

“I’ll be the one to break the array!” Lei Wujie took a step forward.

“You, a disciple of Snow Moon City, want to stand off against the Buddhist Schools?” Xiao Se shot him a glance and said.

“It’s fine, it’s not like I’ve officially joined them yet. Besides, my senior brother hasn’t arrived yet, it will be fine as long as I run away once that happens..” Lei Wujie laughed.

“That’s the Arhat Array you’re talking about here, it’s extremely difficult to break.” Wuxin quietly said as he glanced at the meditating Da Jue.

“We’ll only know once we try breaking it.” Lei Wujie took another step forward, and with that step, he walked into the array. The moment he did so, he felt a punch from his right hand side. It was the monk with the expression of a vengeful Arhat.

“Knew he had a bad temper…” Lei Wujie punched out as well, using the fist technique that even a seven year of the Shaolin temple would know – the Grand Arhat Fist. As both fists collided, Lie Wujie felt the blood in his chest rush up. Yet, the monk didn’t get off scot free either. His fists were one of pure strength and brutality, yet so were Lei Wujie’s. After a mere exchange of blows, the monk yelled, “Who might sir benefactor be?!”

“The co-owner of the Snowfall Villa, Xiao Wu Se!” Lei Wujie shouted in a clear voice.

“Get lost!” An enraged cry slipped out from Xiao Se’s mouth. This Lei Wujie had only interacted with him for several days but was already developing into a slippery character -he could even lie without batting an eye now.

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That monk frowned, most likely in an effort to try and recall what kind of sect the Snowfall Villa was. However, it seemed as though he drew a blank. “Why does the sir benefactor block our path?”

“All I see here is a person trying to return home. Master is the one blocking the path.” Lei Wujie shook his head.

The monk was stunned for a moment. He did not expect Lei Wujie’s answer to reflect their Buddhist teachings. Although he occupied the position of the vengeful Arhat in the Arhat Array, he had a gentle personality. He was only second to Master Da Jue in his accomplishment in the Buddhist ways yet here he was, stumped. The monk holding the Varja Demon Subjugation Mace sighed, “Senior brother, now is not the time for contemplation!”

(TL: For context, the monk is thinking of a Buddhist parable which goes like this:

There was once a monk who saw the wind blowing on a banner. The monk claimed it was the wind moving but his companion said that it was the banner that was moving. The two argued until Huineng, a renowned monk, said this, “The wind doesn’t move, the banner doesn’t move, it’s your heart that is moving (mind).”

It can also be said that the mind was moving, the banner was moving, and even more so, their hearts were moving. In the first case, it can be said that the saying emphasized a mind over matter approach where one’s perspective determined what one saw. The first monk merely saw the cause, in other words, the wind moving. The second monk merely saw the outcome -the banner moving. To them, it was either the wind or the banner, a matter of truth and false, black and white. As above, who was the one blocking the path is a matter of your mind.)

Da Huai responded, “Sir benefactor sure is eloquent.”

“I don’t know what eloquence you’re talking about.” Lei Wujie shook his head, “Let’s just fight.” After he spoke, he threw out another punch, making sure not to go all out as he did not want to reveal his identity. The moves he used were precisely what Wuxin passed down to him last night, the Grand Arhat Demon Subjugation Invincible Vajra Divine Skill.

“It’s too bad you underestimated this humble monk!” Master Da Huai took a step forward and pushed his palm out. He had recognized the technique Lei Wujie was using as the most basic, Grand Arhat Fist; that angered him, as if he was being looked down upon by his opponent.

However, after he exchanging several moves with Lei Wujie, he discovered that there was something profound about Lei Wujie’s Grand Arhat Fist. Even though the fist technique’s beginning moves were similar to the Grand Arhat Fist, his strikes flowed like moving clouds and flowing water. It was difficult to predict and even though the moves looked simple, they could kill in an instant. A look of shock flashed through his eyes and he no longer dared to hold back as he exerted ninety percent of strength in his palm strike.

This was the first time Lei Wujie used this fist technique so his strikes weren’t as smooth as his Unseen Fist strikes. Yet the more he punched, the more at ease he felt. His movement began to weave together like an elegant dance and the force behind his strikes grew. Right now, it felt like there was an endless energy source behind him that could topple mountains and empty the seas.

“Monk, how many Arhats do you think this silly kid will be able to take down?” Xiao Se turned his head around and asked.

Wuxin shook his head and said, “Probably none.”

“So little faith?” Xiao Se folded his hands into his sleeves and said lazily, “That’s the co-owner of my Snowfall Villa you’re talking about there. If he can’t even defeat a single one, that would be a disgrace.”

“When facing the Arhat Array… it doesn’t matter if it’s one of them or seven of them. Once the array is formed, seven of them become one and fighting one of them will be the same as fighting seven. Lei… Xiao Wu Se haven’t lost yet because the array has only taken shape. The essence of the array isn’t complete.” Wuxin explained.

“It looks like his opponents aren’t taking Xiao Wu Se seriously.” Xiao Se sighed with a serious expression on his face.

Master Da Huai practiced the Grand Buddha Palm for more than ten years yet he still wasn’t able to gain the advantage over a kid after ten moves. Was it any wonder that he was anxious? Not only that, the more that youth fought, the more relaxed he became. There was even a slight smile on his lips. It was then that an ominous thought crept into his heart: could this kid have some more deadly up his sleeves? The moment that occurred to him, his heart wavered, causing him to almost get hit by Lei Wujie several times.

It was then that Master Da Jue opened his closed eyes and said in a low voice, “Da Huai, enter the array.”

Da Huai sighed in relief and took a step back. With Da Jue as the center, the seven monks formed a semi-circle and surrounded Lei Wujie.

“The array is complete.” Wuxin’s sleeves shook as he took a step forward.

However, Xiao Se raised his hand to block Wuxin, “This is a rare chance for him, it won’t hurt to wait a little longer.”

Lei Wujie felt the entire array changed the moment the monk took a step back. It was still Da Huai who was fighting him, yet the monk’s palm now struck with the force of an ocean behind him. Strike after strike, the palms came bearing down on him like tsunami till he no longer dared to hold back. His pupils blazed a bright red at that instant.

“Blazing Arts?” Master Da Jue immediately saw through Lei Wujie’s technique.

“Didn’t my teacher say that there are very little people in this world who knows about this art? Why does everyone I meet know about it then?!” Lei Wujie knew the danger he faced so he hastily activated his Blazing Arts, thinking it wouldn’t be recognized since it wasn’t as recognizable as his Unseen Fist. Never did he expect that the monk in front of him would expose him right away.

“Lei Clan’s Lei Hong can be counted as this humble monk’s old friend as well. Is sir benefactor his disciple?” Master Da Jue asked.

“What do you mean Lei Clan? I said it before, I’m the co-owner of the Snowfall Villa. I’ll never change my name no matter where I go – I am called Xiao Wu Jie!” Lei Wujie exclaimed loudly.

“Didn’t sir benefactor address himself as Xiao Wu Se just then? Why is he Xiao Wu Jie now?” Master Da Jue’s voice was calm.

Lei Wujie’s face turned red suddenly. “My tongue slipped!”

“What is sir benefactor’s name then?” Master Da Jue continued to ask as he remained patient.

“Listen up, I’m the co-owner of Snowfall Villa, Xiao Wu Xin!” Lei Wujie roared with confidence.

At that instant, Xiao Se felt as though the Fallen Snow Villa’s reputation went down the gutters. Exasperated, he tapped Wuxin on his shoulders, “How about you pull him back now?”

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Shaking his head, Wuxin said, “How about we let them beat him to death?”

“Sounds reasonable.” Xiao Se felt as though this monk finally said something sensible.

Even Master Da Jue was stunned for a moment and a laugh escaped his lips, “Does sir benefactor want to think about it some more?”

“Lei Clan’s Lei Wujie is here to face the Nine Dragon Temple’s Arhat Array! Please advise me!” Lei Wujie declared loud and clear, finally bored of this whole charade.

“This old monk will face your fists!” Another monk took a small step forward and sent a palm strike flying his way. It was extremely slow and gentle to the point where everyone watching would think it was merely a tap on Lei Wujie’s fists. However, the surprise Lei Wujie experience was anything but gentle. The instant his fists made contact, it felt like they struck an endless abyss. All his strength was absorbed and dissipated in an instant.

This monk wasn’t at all like Da Huai before him. Instead of a furious expression, this monk was constantly smiling and full of joy.

Even so, Lei Wujie wanted nothing more than to smash his fist into the monk’s smiling face. However, there was no way for him to do so as his fists seemed to be stuck fast to the monk’s palm. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t free himself.

“That’s so strange!” Lei Wujie sprang up and both his feet stomped on the chest of the monk. As the monk flew through the air with Lei Wujie, the full force of the kick struck the monk like a hammer, yet his expression never changed. He still had a smile on his face as he said. “Sir benefactor’s legs are not as strong as his fists.”

Lei Wujie couldn’t help but grimace. This monk didn’t look all that powerful at all but his strange abilities sapped the power from his fists, rendering him powerless. Even now, he still couldn’t free himself from the monk.

“Sir benefactor whose name might be Wu Xin or Wu Jie, do you have any moves left in you?” The monk said with a smile on his face.

“Wu Xin or Wu Jie is not important.” Lei Wujie copied him and broke into a grin.

“Oh?” The monk raised his eyebrows.

“You forgot something very important here… My surname is Lei!” Lei Wujie yelled following which a chain of explosions rocked the air, all coming from the direction of that monk’s body. and sounds of explosions could be heard from the body of the monk. At this point, even the smiling monk screamed, “begone!”

His fist regained its freedom then and he quickly pulled his hand back.

Upon releasing Lei Wujie, the smiling monk hastily retreated himself. In a few steps, he managed to stabilize himself but his frock had been torn to shreds by the explosions. Even so, his smile never wavered. “Sir benefactor has great martial skill!”

“Monk, you’re not half bad yourself.” Lei Wujie said through heavy breaths.

“This old monk is called Da Pu.” The monk clasped his hands together and said.

“But aren’t you tired from smiling all the time?” Even though that was said with a calm expression, Lei Wujie had already broken out in cold sweat. Because the array was already formed, he could feel the pressure emanating the other six monks even though they weren’t participating in the fight. Even breathing became difficult now.

“Sir benefactor is tired?” Master Da Pu laughed.

“I…” Right after he said a single word, Lei Wujie felt that he was unable to utter another.

“Sir benefactor is tired.” Master Da Pu laughed as he raised his hand and reached out for Lei Wujie’s shoulders. “Since sir benefactor is tired, you should take a seat.” Master Da Pu lightly pressed downwards, yet for Lei Wujie, it felt like a mountain was crushing his body right now. Unable to resist, he nearly fell to his knees and would have had he not circulated his qi in time to resist the pressure. His body stood defiantly straight in the face of the titanic force but that didn’t prevent the soil beneath from sinking in due to the sheer force of the monk’s palms. Soon, it even reached up to his calves.

“Sir benefactor’s strength is astounding. How about another three feet deeper then?” Master Da Pu increased his strength.

However, Lei Wujie didn’t continue to sink. With a face from straining himself, he forcefully pulled his legs out from the ground and he even took a step forward. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Three feet? You wish!” Along with rebuttal, he finally threw out the punch which he had been saving for a long time!

That was merely a single punch, yet it struck with the weight of a thousand pounds.

Master Da Pu instantly retracted his smile.

In that instant, the other six monks appeared in front of him. There was the wrathful monk, one holding the Vajra Demon Subjugating Mace, one raising a bowl, one carrying a sack, and one with long eyebrows. Of course, there was also that monk who already had a smile on his face once more. Other than the meditating Da Jue, the remaining monks attacked him simultaneously.

How many could single punch fend off? Lei Wujie had no idea, he would only know after he tried!

“Wuxin!” Xiao Se turned his head around and yelled.

The white figure had long disappeared in a flash.

“Snowy Peak Temple’s Wuxin is here to break the array!”

Lei Wujie felt his vision blur then. The next time he came back to his senses, he was already standing beside Xiao Se. The person standing in the array was the monk, Wuxin, and his fluttering white robes.

Standing across him, were the seven old monk who remained in their original positions Those who were standing remained standing and those who were sitting remained seated. The ones who were smiling still had grins on their face and the one with a vengeful look had a grumpy look on his face. It was as though everything which had just happened was merely an illusion.

Lei Wujie wiped the perspiration off his forehead and asked Xiao Se who was standing beside him, “did I almost die just now?”

Nodding his head but not sparing him a look, Xiao Se said. “You couldn’t be any more dead if you tried.”

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