Chapter 86 – Seeking Death?

The energy crystals within the Rank 2 zombies were quickly collected by Hong Ke, two-thirds of those crystals were given to Yang Tian.

As the rest were moving the food, Yang Tian saw Yang Yi Ran.

“Yang Tian, why did you enter this place?”

Yang Yi Ran happily ran over to Yang Tian; when she saw that the latter was fine, Yang Yi Ran was thrilled.

“Yi Ran, you know him?”

“Of course! We are from the same hometown!”

Hong Ke did not expect Yang Yi Ran and Yang Tian to have this level of relationship, it also explained why Yang Tian came, and it was likely because of Yang Yi Ran.

“For your sake, I reluctantly gave them a hand.”

Yang Tian displayed a reluctant expression, but it was also to confirm Hong Ke’s reasoning about Yang Tian’s appearance.

“I knew you would help me.” Yang Yi Ran happily said.

This was favor with a little cost, if not because there was of the weakened General-Class Zombie in this place, Yang Tian would not have made the risk for just this tiny amount of energy crystals.

Unfortunately, his target eventually ran away.

The higher echelons of Orchid University was very cautious when they moved the food; they carried everything away and not even a morsel was left behind in the shelter.

“You saved our school today and is our great benefactor, that is why Chairman Hong Ke specially arrange for sumptuous food to receive you.”

There were also hostel buildings within Orchid University, and their situation was not as bad as Fortune Boat University, at least each room only has eight individuals.

Yang Tian came to Yang Yi Ran’s place, she was staying with seven other female classmates, they did not feel discomfort about Yang Tian’s arrival but were happy instead. They have heard of Yang Tian’s abilities, to have him staying with them made them feel safe.

“Is this the male hostel or female hostel?”

The metahumans were generally males, in turn, this meant that the safety of girls would be very low.

“Of course not, some lewd men like to stay with girls, yet they have no choice. If we are not staying with Yi Ran, we would have to stay with the boys.”

What made them feel the most uncomfortable was that they would hear the sounds of men and women mixing together every night. As every one of them are adults, they knew what was happening, but the higher echelons of Orchid University turned a blind eye to it. The current upper echelons of Orchid University was no longer the management but was instead the metahumans with outstanding abilities.

Even when some girls could no longer tolerate it and chose to commit suicide, it still did not change the situation within Orchid University.

The lives of humans in the Post-Apocalyptic Era had not much worth.

“They are giving out the food!”

Waves of noises came from stairs, as normal humans, the food they would receive would be much lower. Yang Yi Ran was a Rank 1 summoner, but she has two Rank 1 summons, that was why she could obtain two portions of food for Rank 1 metahumans. As for the remaining seven, they could only have a plain bun while Yang Yi Ran had two mineral water, one egg and two pieces of bread. To them, this was considered very sumptuous.

“Yang Tian, this is your food.”

Yang Yi Ran held the food that Hong Ke specially prepared for Yang Tian: A bottle of milk, two pieces of chocolate, one compressed beef jerky and two boxes of hardtacks.

“I thought there will be a lot, yet it is just this much.”

“You can don’t take it! Chairman Hong Ke does not even get to eat as good that.”

Seeing Yang Tian’s unsatisfied expression, Yang Yi Ran could not help but rebuke.

“Come, this is for you guys. I will just have a bottle of water and one bread will do.”

Yang Yi Ran would always share her food with the other seven within her room.

“Thank you Yi Ran, we felt bad that you are giving us food every day.”

“It’s fine, I am unable to eat everything anyway.”

From Yang Tian’s point of view, it was because the kind Yang Yi Ran was unwilling to see her hostel mates going hungry, what was why she shared her food with them.

“The tap water is not drinkable, or else we can drink water to fill our hunger.”

The water source was currently filled with many parasites, there were many incidents of people dying after drinking the water within Orchid University and it was why no one dared to drink the water from the tap any longer. Mineral water became their only source of water.

“This bottle of milk is not bad, do you want some?”

Yang Tian took a mouth of milk before passing it to Yang Yi Ran, the latter was honestly tempted, but she still chose to reject Yang Tian’s offer.

“You should drink it! I am tired today.”

“Let me treat you to some good food.”

Yang Yi Ran was still confused about Yang Tian’s words when the next moment, nine packets of instant noodles appeared in front of the latter.

“Where did you get these from?”

“If I say I know magic, will you believe me?”

“Don’t say it if you don’t want to.”

Yang Yi Ran grabbed a packet of instant noodles and prepared to eat it.

“Don’t you want to cook it?”

“How to cook it? The electrical appliances are spoilt, where do we get hot water?”

“Put in the seasonings in each bag first, I will tell you how.”

Yang Yi Ran was still finding it hard to believe Yang Tian, but she still did as instructed and prepared the noodle packets.

Under Yang Yi Ran’s watchful eyes, Yang Tian took out three bottles of mineral water and slowly pour the water inside a packet of instant noodles.

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“You are using my Violent Corpse Worms to cook noodles! So infuriating!”

That’s right, Yang Tian used the fire energy within the Violent Corpse Worms to heat up each packet of noodles.

“Come, each of you has a share.”

The others in the hostel had assumed that they could only watch, they did not expect Yang Tian to share the food with them. Moreover, it was cooked food.

“Is this your ability?”

“You can say so!”

“Fine! I will reluctantly eat some!”

This was also the first hot meal they had eaten ever since the Apocalypse. The fragrance of the instant noodles spread through the entire level, causing the hunger of the people inside the other rooms to explode, all of them wanted to find out which room did the fragrance came from.

“Eat quickly, there are many people outside.”

Yang Tian reminder caused them to quickly consume the instant noodle and not even a drop of soup was left behind.

“What about plastic packaging?”

“Why are you asking? How come you are treating your own food as though you stole it?”

“But we have not been issued the food, how do we explain?”

“Won’t it be fine if you just say that it is from me?”

Yang Tian might have spoken as such, but there was still worry on their faces. It would be fine had no one came, but with so many people coming to ask, it was hard for only eight mouths to explain.

“There are too many who were beaten to death just because they stole food due to hunger.”

They have seen the miserable state of these people as they were beaten to death, and were worried that it would be them one of these days.

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“Open the door, did anyone steal food again?”

A group of strong looking students kicked the door open.

“Oh boy! You guys stole so many instant noodles, let’s see what will happen to every one of you.”

The one leading was a shorty in spectacles and he had seen the packaging of the instant noodles in their room, his face darkening. During the Civilized Age, people like him were referred to as losers. Only after his abilities were awakened in the Post-Apocalyptic Era was he able to display his powerful side in front of ordinary people. However, in front of the truly powerful, he was only a low and petty insect.

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