Chapter 133 – Wrong bed (6)

After hearing that, Ning Yun-er immediately climbed up, “Your Majesty, this has nothing to do with the Third Duke. Last night it was Yun-er who swapped Wei Qiqi away. Yun-er thought that Third Duke would come here to rekindle old flames with Qiqi, hence disguised as Wei Qiqi and laid here. Yun-er is not making fun of Your Majesty and plead with you to not blame Third Duke. If you want you can kill me.”


“Haha…” The Great Han Emperor laughed bitterly, “Liu Zhongtian didn’t become the Emperor, yet he is even more awesome than me. There are so many women willing to sacrifice themselves for him. Concubine Hanyu, Ning Yun-er, and even my beloved Wei Qiqi, I really am…”


The Emperor clenched his fist and looked at Xiaoyuzi, “Release this woman and clean up the mess, don’t leave me with trouble.”


Xiaoyuzi understood the Emperor’s intentions. The Emperor didn’t wish for this woman to bear his offspring. During this Great Han period, there were extremely overbearing methods to deal with such a situation. One was to cleanse the body, the other was to take medicine. This medicine was intense. Women who ate it could forget about pregnancy for the rest of her life.


It was obvious from the Emperor’s tone, not killing her was already letting her off lightly. Of course, a punishment must be meted out. Xiaoyuzi knew that Ning Yun-er would be fed the medicine.


Ning Yun-er heard of the rules in the palace before. If the Emperor had intimacy with women he didn’t want, they would often be cleansed. Being cleansed meant… Ning Yun-er’s face was ashen. She sat feebly on the floor. Due to her moment of recklessness, her life was completely destroyed.


Xiaoyuzi walked out. The Emperor looked at Ning Yun-er with disgust, “What is your relationship with Liu Zhongtian?”


“This civilian is an orphaned girl adopted by the Duke’s manor. My father was the Duke’s subordinate. I only want to marry the Third Duke and thought the man yesterday was Third Duke. I have no intentions to anger Your Majesty, I plead with you to give me a way to live!”


When the Emperor heard this he was energized. So she was Liu Zhongtian’s woman. Even the heavens were helping him. At this time Xiaoyuzi walked in, a few guards also entered. They were just about to bring Ning Yun-er away when the Emperor stopped them.


“Don’t feed the medicine. Just clean her body and bring her back to Liu Zhongtian’s manor.”


“Yes, Your Majesty!” Xiaoyuzi murmured some stuff into the guards’ ears. The guards then pulled Ning Yun-er out.


Xiaoyuzi didn’t dare to say a word. He hid at one side and wiped his sweat. That woman had been dealt with, the next one was probably him. Who knew if the Emperor would kill him out of anger. Xiaoyuzi thought that he had become unlucky. Ever since he met Wei Qiqi, he had been unlucky. Now he probably couldn’t even keep his head.


The Emperor suddenly laughed coldly, “To dare to snatch my woman, Liu Zhongtian, you have really lived enough!” He looked coldly at Xiaoyuzi.




“This servant is here, Your Majesty spare this life!” Xiaoyuzi kowtowed on the floor, his head banging against the floor repeatedly, “Your Majesty, seeing how loyal I am, please give me another chance! Don’t chop my head off!”


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“I’ll settle scores with you when we return. Now I want to go to Liu Zhongtian’s residence!”


“Go to… Third Duke’s place? Yes, Your Majesty!” Xiaoyuzi wiped his sweat. As long as he didn’t die now, he was willing to go anywhere.


In the manor, Liu Zhongtian woke up early. He looked at Wei Qiqi who was sleeping soundly and suddenly felt worried. Following what Hanyu said, there must be something that happened yesterday night. Even Qiqi wasn’t clear of how she ended up in the manor. What happened exactly in the General’s Mansion? When he was feeling suspicious, the butler barged in and nearly ran into the screen cover.


Liu Zhongtian blocked Qiqi’s body and stated furiously, “Preposterous, this is my room!”


“Duke, please hide. The Emperor is here!” The butler’s face was ashen. He was breathless. “The Emperor looks ferocious, as if he wants to eat people up!”


“The Emperor?” Liu Zhongtian just spoke and without waiting for him to respond, the Emperor walked in. Following behind him was the royal guards. The guards stood guard outside, surrounding Liu Zhongtian’s room.


The Emperor walked towards the bed in big steps. Liu Zhongtian quickly extended his hand to block the Emperor, “Your Majesty, please stop!”


“I only want to confirm one thing.” The Emperor looked coldly at Liu Zhongtian. Liu Zhongtian knew what the Emperor wanted to confirm, whether Wei Qiqi was on his bed. The truth was that Qiqi was lying inside. It was unsuitable for the Emperor to barge in at this moment.


“So noisy…” Wei Qiqi extended both of her smooth arms. She opened her beautiful eyes and shouted in irritation. They clearly know that she loves sleeping, yet they were still so noisy. They must really want to be hit by her.


The Emperor already saw Wei Qiqi, seeing her naked arms and naked body which was half-covered by the blanket. The Emperor almost went crazy. One look and he knew what they did last night. The feeling of humiliation rushed to his head, the jealousy caused him to almost want to kill these two immediately.


The Emperor grabbed Liu Zhongtian’s collar, “You have a death wish? I can fulfill it immediately!”


“Your Majesty wants to kill Liu Zhongtian here?” Liu Zhongtian said coldly.


“You think that I don’t dare?”


“Of course you dare, however… Your Majesty must have reasons for doing things!”


“You!” The Emperor looked at Liu Zhongtian in anger. Was it so difficult to kill this Third Duke?


Wei Qiqi looked in shock at the two men in front of her. She then looked at her own naked body. Qiqi quickly grabbed her clothes and placed it on her body. The two of them were facing off. War was about to erupt and there was no way out of it. Wei Qiqi turned around and frantically wore her clothes. She had no time to arrange her hair, hence she came down the bed with her hair in a messy state.


“Your Majesty, don’t blame it on the Duke. It was I who came looking for him!”


Wei Qiqi’s words had effect. The Emperor released Liu Zhongtian’s collar and looked at Wei Qiqi furiously, “How have I mistreated you? I gave you so much leeway and tolerated your nonsense. Yet you are still not satisfied. You even came back to look for Liu Zhongtian. Slut!”


The Emperor lifted his hand and viciously swiped at Wei Qiqi’s cheeks. Liu Zhongtian reacted quickly and held onto his hand, “Your Majesty, Zhongtian haven’t divorced her. What wrong is there for Qiqi to come look for me?”


The Emperor kept his hand and laughed loudly, “Alright, Liu Zhongtian, I command you to write the divorce papers now, if not I’ll kill you immediately!”


The Emperor waved his hand and hollered, “Royal guards, prepare the archers! If Liu Zhongtian dares to disobey, shoot him to death!”


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The royal guards outside the door gathered at the entrance in a domineering fashion. The archers were squatting in front while the guards wielding the sabers were behind. Arrows were latched onto the bow. As long as the Emperor ordered, Liu Zhongtian would be shot to death by a multitude of arrows.


The Emperor furiously sat on the chair by the door. He looked coldly at Liu Zhongtian. Today he wanted to kill the Third Duke? Could the Emperor not wrongfully kill one person?


“Write, if not prepare for death.”


Liu Zhongtian laughed and pointed at his own chest, “Liu Zhongtian didn’t die on the Xiongnu battleground. However he’s going to die under Your Majesty’s arrows. I will not write the divorce papers, let the arrows descend.”


“Alright! Since that is the case, there’s no need to keep you! It can be considered that I gave you a chance!” The Emperor extended his hand.


Wei Qiqi hugged onto Liu Zhongtian tightly, blocking his front. She stared angrily at the Emperor, “Don’t release the arrows!”


“Separate them!” The Emperor said coldly.


A few of the guards walked over and pulled Wei Qiqi. Qiqi held on tightly onto Liu Zhongtian’s belt. She frantically took out one jade plate from her waist and inserted it into Liu Zhongtian’s waist, “Your Majesty’s words are gold. Liu Zhongtian has the jade plate that grants immunity to death!”


The Emperor was so angry that he stood up, “Wei Qiqi, I gave that jade plate to you! Not Liu Zhongtian!”


“However, that jade plate belongs to Liu Zhongtian now!” Wei Qiqi smiled satisfactorily.

The Emperor was so grieved he sighed. Qiqi was protecting the Third Duke. She even gave the jade plate she coaxed from him to Liu Zhongtian. The Emperor had lost terribly. In the battle with Liu Zhongtian, he was at a disadvantage. Oh beauty, why couldn’t the Emperor gain her heart? Even if it was fake he would be happy with it, however he gained nothing.

“Alright, now that the jade plate is with Liu Zhongtian, guards, catch Wei Qiqi!” The Emperor’s face was placid. He shut his eyes and waved his hand, “Send her into the gallows and prepare for her execution!”


Liu Zhongtian took out the jade plate and furiously walked to the Emperor’s front. He lifted up the jade plate, “Your Majesty, this jade plate is Wei Qiqi’s, you can’t kill her!”


“Wei Qiqi has already given the jade plate to you. I will keep my promise and not kill you!”


The royal guards came rushing forward and apprehended Wei Qiqi. Liu Zhongtian was extremely anxious. Could the Emperor be so angry that he would kill Wei Qiqi?


“Your Majesty!” Liu Zhongtian looked at the guards dragging Wei Qiqi out. His heart began to  ache. He finally said those words that could save Wei Qiqi, “Your Majesty, Zhongtian will divorce his wife!”


“Alright, I finally got these words. Tell the guards to bring Wei Qiqi back. The Third Duke is going to divorce his wife!” The Emperor began laughing out loud. However his heart had an inexplicable pain. Liu Zhongtian, who was adamant about not divorcing Wei Qiqi, agreed at this moment. That was Liu Zhongtian’s true feelings for Wei Qiqi, causing the Emperor to feel guilty.


Wei Qiqi stood in the room coldly, looking at Liu Zhongtian and the Emperor. Why would she experience such an illogical love after transmigrating to the Great Han? She loved the Duke, however the Duke was going to divorce her for the sake of keeping her life. He was going to cut the root of love, however was it so easy to be broken?


The Emperor picked up Liu Zhongtian’s divorce papers. However when he saw Wei Qiqi’s disgusted look, he wasn’t excited at all. The Emperor lifted the papers up and looked at Wei Qiqi.


“You are now no longer the Third Royal Concubine. And I also realise that it’s useless to treat you well. From now on you are my servant girl. As long as I want it, no matter if you are willing, you have to serve me. I want you to kneel and bow to me, if not I will imprison you for life!”

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