Chapter 132 – Wrong bed (5)

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Hanyu’s words caused Liu Zhongtian to shake violently. He furiously pinched Hanyu’s chin. What exactly was happening? Hanyu seemed to be hiding a secret that couldn’t be told. The Emperor, apart from getting her to look for him, had told her to do other stuff? What did she mean by that? What happened to his Qiqi?

“What did you say? Impossible, Qiqi won’t agree to it!”
“Impossible?” Hanyu laughed lightly.
“What are you laughing for? Tell me, what do you know?” Liu Zhongtian opened his eyes wide. His eyes no longer contained pity for Hanyu.
“I managed to get Wei Qiqi drunk. She was so drunk that she became unconscious. When the Emperor goes there, she can only submit. Maybe in her blur state she will fall for the Emperor’s love for her.  She may even be enjoying it right now!”
Hanyu laughed while speaking. That laugh was seemingly cruel and sorrowful. That woman stole her love. Hanyu wanted to turn her own misfortune onto Wei Qiqi. She wanted Wei Qiqi to feel and experience the painful feeling of losing something.
“Hanyu, do you know what you have done?” Liu Zhongtian pushed her aside in bitterness. This woman actually helped the Emperor to get Qiqi drunk. She then rushed to the manor to pester him, causing him to lose the chance to reverse the situation. “I want to kill you!”
“Duke…” Hanyu was stunned. Tears instantly flew down her cheeks. “For that woman, you are willing to abandon me?”
“I only want Wei Qiqi and nobody else. I’m going to the General’s Mansion now and bring her back!”
When Liu Zhongtian spoke finished he started walking out. Even if he couldn’t stop what was happening, he must be there for Wei Qiqi’s saddest period. He wanted her to know that Liu Zhongtian was in love with her, not just her body. The pain she had suffered would be covered up by his sincere heart.
How would Hanyu let Liu Zhongtian go at this moment? At this time the Emperor could be enjoying himself. Wouldn’t Liu Zhongtian look for death by going? If he spoiled the Emperor’s plans, the Emperor might kill him out of anger. Hanyu quickly blocked Liu Zhongtian and held tightly onto him.
“You can’t go. Even if Duke doesn’t want Hanyu, you can’t go now. You’ll anger the Emperor!”
“Tonight, even if I die, I must go. Wei Qiqi must be very sad after suffering humiliation. I must be there for her. If you block me further, don’t blame me for being rude!”
Liu Zhongtian was just about to push Hanyu away when the door room was pushed open. The person who appeared caused Liu Zhongtian to be instantly stunned. Wasn’t that Wei Qiqi? She was looking at them with sleepy eyes and her body was swaying. When Qiqi saw them clearly, her eyes widened in an instant.
“You all… Liu Zhongtian…” Wei Qiqi furiously walked in. She was so angry that her body was trembling. They dare to meet up in secret? She looked around for something and finally saw the sword on the wall. She angrily took it down, “Hanyu, you dare to seduce the Duke… I’ll kill you, this irritating woman!”
Due to Wei Qiqi’s sudden appearance, Liu Zhongtian felt like he was in a dream. His brain had a hard time digesting this fact. Why was his Qiqi always appearing mysteriously? Normal logic couldn’t be applied to her. Wasn’t she at the General’s Mansion? Hanyu was even more shocked than Liu Zhongtian. That wasn’t right, how could Wei Qiqi be here? Logically speaking she should be at the General’s Mansion. Then the Emperor? What happened exactly?

When Hanyu recovered her senses, she saw Wei Qiqi crazily wielding the sword towards her. She then knew that everything was real. Wei Qiqi appeared in the Duke’s manor like a ghost and was now pitting her life against Hanyu!
Hanyu released Liu Zhongtian and quickly ran towards the door. This crazy woman didn’t seem to be faking and scaring her.
The sword was producing wind sounds. If she didn’t run, she might lose her life.
Wei Qiqi wasn’t willing to give up. She held the sword and staggered as she gave chase. She chased till the door entrance. Due to the alcohol working it’s effect on her and she hadn’t completely woken, she lost balance and fell down. Her chin and nose smashed onto the mud next to the stone platform. The sword also left her hands and disappeared.
Wei Qiqi was unable to get up. She shouted furiously, “Don’t run, let me take good care of you!”
It was only a while later that Liu Zhongtian reacted. He quickly ran over and lifted Wei Qiqi up from the ground. Wei Qiqi’s chin and nose were full of mud. Her mouth kept mumbling. Her drunken eyes were squinted as she pointed at the direction where Hanyu fled,”You go and catch her back. I want to take care of her…”
“It’s alright already, you have scared her to death.” Liu Zhongtian excitedly hugged Wei Qiqi in his embrace. He stood up and looked at the women he had been pining for day and night. Then he faced the sky and started laughing loudly.
“What are you laughing at…” Wei Qiqi’s small hand hit him. Rotten egg, if he wasn’t caught by her, would he think of doing that with that Hanyu…
“Qiqi, you really cause me to be speechless. How did you drop from the sky suddenly!”
“If I don’t drop from the sky, how will I know that you and other women are… I’m going to ignore you, hmph!” Wei Qiqi waved her fists crazily, not caring about anything.
“Alright, I didn’t do anything. It was Hanyu who suddenly appeared and pestered me. She even said that she got you drunk. Do you know how worried was I? However, Qiqi, how did you come to the Duke’s manor?”
“How would I know?” Qiqi woke up to some degree. She broke free of Liu Zhongtian’s embrace and wiped the dust off her face, “It’s all your fault. Look at me, I’m so dirty!”
“Is it? Then I’ll apologise. I’ll personally bathe General Qi!” Liu Zhongtian smiled lightly. Serving a beauty in the bathing room was a wonderful task.
“Hey!” Qiqi retreated one step, her face blushed instantly. What nonsense was the Duke speaking?
“What I said is real…”
Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi teasingly. Who cares how she appeared? Even if he was dreaming he must make the most out of it. He hugged the beauty he love and walked towards the bathing room.
“Prepare bathing water!” Liu Zhongtian ordered in a loud voice.
Within the room, the water rippled and the fog kept churning. Behind the screen cover was Qiqi’s repeated embarrassed and angry voice… Liu Zhongtian didn’t know what angered her again…
The sky was bright. The Emperor finally woke up. He opened his eyes and sat up. The woman beside him also turned around. The Emperor stretched his lazy waist and shifted his gaze onto the beauty on the bed. However with that glance, the Emperor was angered. The woman on the bed was not Wei Qiqi, she was someone completely unknown to him!
“Xiaoyuzi, Xiaoyuzi!”
The Emperor hollered like thunder had struck. It caused Ning Yun-er who was in her dream to wake up. She rubbed her eyes and steadied her eyes. She screamed loudly and quickly covered her breasts and shrunk into the bed. She looked at the Emperor in shock. Who was this man? Where did Liu Zhongtian go?
It really was a bizarre night, waking up and realising it was the wrong bed. The Emperor didn’t see the beauty Wei Qiqi, neither did Ning Yun-er see her beloved Liu Zhongtian. Yesterday night they gave themselves away to wrong parties… this mistake was too ridiculous!
Xiaoyuzi didn’t know what happened. Why was the Emperor so angry? Did Wei Qiqi resort to using force? The Emperor deserved it, who asked him to like a woman who was such a porcupine? Furthermore he had to be anxious to possess the beauty’s body? How could Xiaoyuzi be blamed for that? Xiaoyuzi didn’t know how would Wei Qiqi take care of the Emperor? Keke, there was a show to watch.
Xiaoyuzi just revealed his head when the Emperor angrily held onto his clothes and pointed at Ning Yun-er on the bed, “Tell me, who is this woman? Who slept with me last night!”
“Ah?” Xiaoyuzi extended his neck to look over. His soul nearly left him. This was not Wei Qiqi, who was this woman? How did she appear? He didn’t know her.
“Your Majesty, this, this, Xiaoyuzi doesn’t know. Wei Qiqi was obviously there, how? My master, I plead for you to spare my life!” Xiaoyuzi knelt on the floor. This time around he had difficulty keeping his life. Wasn’t this trouble dropping from the sky?
“Scram!” The Emperor kicked Xiaoyuzi viciously. He then pointed with anger at the woman on the bed, “Where is Wei Qiqi? Where is Wei Qiqi? All of you arranged for an unknown woman to fool me? Are all of you asking to be executed!”
Ning Yun-er was scared till she lost her soul as well. The mention of the Emperor pulled her back from the clouds and the fog. The man last night wasn’t Third Duke Liu Zhongtian, but the Emperor. Oh god, Ning Yun-er couldn’t care about being embarrassed. She came down the bed and knelt.
“Civilian Ning Yun-er, I plead with Your Majesty to spare my life!”

“Ning Yun-er?” The Emperor wore his clothes and used his shoe to lift up Ning Yun-er’s chin. He looked at her with disgust.
“Cheap slut, you even dare to make fun of me!” That derogatory term had all of the Emperor’s anger in it. Who gave this woman courage to actually swap with his beloved Wei Qiqi?
“Yun-er didn’t know it was Your Majesty. I plead with you to spare me!”
“Wear your clothes!”
The Emperor kept his leg and sat on a chair. His expression was ferocious. Ning Yun-er quickly wore her clothes and didn’t dare to raise her head. She kept kneeling. Xiaoyuzi was also kneeling on one side, his body trembling and sweating.
“Xiaoyuzi, did you collaborate with this woman to make fun of me!”
“No, Your Majesty, last night I obviously saw Wei Qiqi lying there. How could she change in one night?”
Xiaoyuzi looked at Ning Yun-er, feeling angry in his heart. If the Emperor was angry enough to kill him, he would have to pay for his life together with this woman. He really couldn’t understand how the swap could’ve happened. He was already extremely careful this time.
Ning Yun-er kowtowed and spoke in a trembling voice, “Your Majesty, spare my life!”
“I only want to know, where is Wei Qiqi?”
“She’s at…” Ning Yun-er knew that it was impossible to hide, “the Third Duke’s residence!”
The Emperor stood up furiously. He viciously kicked Ning Yun-er. Ning Yun-er sat on the ground, her face pale green and her hair was disheveled. The Emperor looked at her with disgust. He actually gave all those to this woman last night… the more he thought about it the angrier he got.  

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“Liu Zhongtian!” The Emperor shouted in a loud voice, “You actually dare to make a fool of me, I’ll kill you!”

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