Chapter 131 – Wrong bed (4)

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That man pulled open the bed curtain. Under the moonlight, the woman on the bed was lying slanted. Her shoulders were exposed, causing the man to gulp down his saliva. He then gently took out a small bottle from his clothes and opened the lid. Like a ghost, he extended the bottle into the bed. The bottle emitted a wave of white smoke. Yun-er moved, feeling that there was a strange smell. However there wasn’t a single sound in the room. She forced herself to put her head on the inside. She was scared that when the Duke enters, he would realize that the woman on the bed was not Wei Qiqi, then her plan would fail.

The figure in front of the bed kept the small bottle. He looked out of the window. Moonlight shone on his face, revealing that he was not the Third Duke, but the Sixth Duke Liu Xuanji. He really was a lecher who wouldn’t change his leopard spots. Ever since Liu Zhongtian brought away that beauty and he met her again in the imperial garden, the song that Qiqi sang almost cost him to go crazy. Such a seductive and mesmerizing woman ought to be violated by him.
Tonight, the White-faced Asura felt an itch in his heart, thus he brought his superbly strong drug to the General’s Mansion. Walk through the main door? Don’t even bother about it, the Emperor had already barred all men from entering the mansion. Liu Xuanji wanted to make use of the chance when Wei Qiqi hadn’t entered the palace and where Liu Zhongtian wasn’t around to make his move. Hence he exerted his qinggong and jumped over the walls.
As expected, the beauty was already asleep. As long as the drug takes effect, he could embrace this woman in his arms and love her well. Liu Xuanji had everything planned out and was only waiting for the drug to take effect. As expected, within a few minutes, the woman on the bed began to move, her body trembling repeatedly.
“I’m coming…” Liu Xuanji rubbed his hands, his heart itchy as he lifted the bed curtain.
“Duke….” Ning Yun-er called out softly.
“Don’t be anxious, this Duke is almost ready! Later you’ll be comfortable.” Liu Xuanji began to unbutton his clothes. However when he was about to undress, he heard a voice coming from the outside.
“Your Majesty, everything is ready. Wei Qiqi is already drunk. This is the most apt timing.” It was Xiaoyuzi’s sharp voice.
“Alright, I’ll definitely reward you!”
“Your Maejsty, however… there’s no light. Should I bring it to you?”
“No need.. I don’t wish for her to see clearly. If she recognizes me, it’ll spoil the plan!”

Liu Xuanji was scared till his soul left his body. What was going on? Why did the Emperor come? This was bad. Looks like he couldn’t gain an advantage this time. He quickly wore his clothes and ran to the window. He opened it and jumped out, clumsily leaving.
The Emperor entered in big steps. Xiaoyuzi helped him undress and retreated. The Emperor looked at the bed curtain. The woman inside was already asleep. Looks like she was really drunk. He sighed. Wei Qiqi, if not for the fact that he was unable to control his thoughts, why would he resort to this?
Tomorrow when Qiqi wakes up, if she decides to blame him, he would say that she had been drunk and that the Emperor happened to see her. It was Qiqi that took the intiative to seduce the Emperor. At that time, Wei Qiqi would have nothing to say. With this once, Qiqi wouldn’t resist in the future. When that time comes, the Emperor would be a pair of lovebirds with Wei Qiqi.
The Emperor walked to the bed and pulled open the curtain. He gently laid his body down. He wanted to turn Wei Qiqi’s face over. However, the woman on the bed moaned. A pair of jade arms hugged him. Without waiting for the Emperor to react, he was pulled into the bed.
“Qiqi…” The Emperor’s desires were flowing out at this moment. He hugged the naked woman on the bed, crazily kissed and touched her. The Emperor felt doubt in his heart. Why was Wei Qiqi so passionate when she was drunk? She was even a little… he couldn’t care less. The woman on the bed was the one he yearned for day and night. Teasing him like this in her naked self caused the Emperor to nearly go crazy. He touched the woman’s body and couldn’t wait…
Yun-er didn’t understand why she was on fire. She only wanted a release from it. That sharp pain passed quickly. She was so agitated that hot tears flowed down her cheeks. The Third Duke had appeared in time, and he was so passionate… the happiness and drug effect caused Yun-er to latch onto the Emperor’s body.
The Emperor felt some doubts. Did Liu Zhongtian not touch Wei Qiqi? The woman in his arms seemed to be a virgin? He obviously felt that resistance. However his desire towards Wei Qiqi caused his doubts to vanish. The woman on the bed was too passionate, causing him to lose control. She was assaulting the Emperor, making him feel a pleasure he never felt before.
The Great Han Emperor felt that the woman on the bed was Wei Qiqi. He was in a self-satisfied state. Hence all those doubts vanished. As a man, he was diligent and hardworking. At last he tiredly held onto the woman. He was so tired that his eyes couldn’t open, then he fell asleep.
At this time, Wei Qiqi was lying in the Third Duke’s manor, comfortably snoring on her bed. She was having a very sweet dream. However, she woke up after awhile because she had too much wine and she was feeling thirsty. She flipped over the bed and shouted.
“Bring water for this General to drink!”

She waited for a long while but no one responded. Damnit, were all of them asking to be punished? Looks like she didn’t torture those guards and servants to a great extent. None of them even served her water. Wei Qiqi staggered and climbed up. She felt an intense wave of headache. This unlucky Great Han strong liquor, the effects last for really long.
Qiqi forced herself to open her eyes. Why was it all black? Where was the door? Qiqi borrowed the moonlight and felt for the entrance. She pushed the door. Strange, why wouldn’t it open?
“Bastard, open the door for this General!” She viciously kicked the door, but no one responded.
Wei Qiqi placed her ears on the door. Strange? Why was there no sound at all? Could they all be sleeping? She walked to the window, where there was sufficient light. She then realised that the room was different. This, wasn’t this the Duke’s manor? It was her original room. However… how was this possible? Was she dreaming? She bit her lips. Ouch, it was painful! Looks like she wasn’t dreaming!
Qiqi felt blur as she didn’t understand what was going on. She pushed open the window. Luckily the window was opened. Qiqi exerted herself and climbed up. Her legs were just crossing the ledge when her head went giddy. She fell out of the window.
“Damnit, it’s painful…” Qiqi rubbed her buttocks and got up. She looked around. No wonder no one bothered about her. There was no one staying here. She felt a bit upset, looks like everyone has forgotten about her.
Could it be that the Duke had brought her back? However why was he not with her? When Qiqi thought till here her cheeks blushed. She really was thinking too much. Even if the Duke brought her back, why must he be with her? She really didn’t know what was shame. (TL: talking to herself.)
Qiqi walked towards Liu Zhongtian’s door. She realised the Third Duke’s room was lit. Without thinking, Wei Qiqi pushed open the door and walked in. When she saw the scene in front of her, her giddy head became clear.
Within the room, Concubine Han Yu was resting in Liu Zhongtian’s embrace and sobbing loudly. She looked pitiful and lovable. Hanyu at this time didn’t understand why Liu Zhongtian changed. He no longer loved her, could it be because of that beauty?
Hanyu excitedly rushed into the Duke’s manor. She was full of hope that when she sees the Duke, intending to spend the rest of her life with him. This wasn’t what Liu Zhongtian expected. It caused him to be greatly surprised. When Hanyu said this was the Emperor’s intentions, Liu Zhongtian understood immediately. The Emperor was trading with him. Hanyu for Qiqi? This was ridiculous. That love was hard to be separated, how could Liu Zhongtian allow them to make such a fool of things?

Third Duke Liu Zhongtian was extremely furious. Was this child’s play? Was the Emperor still the supreme ruler? How could he have such thoughts? It must be a despicable person’s idea. It must be that eunuch, to please the Emperor, he wouldn’t give up on this idea. The Emperor was fooled by his own selfish desires and could no longer differentiate between right and wrong.
Liu Zhongtian clearly stated his own intentions, wishing Hanyu to understand that past feelings were already gone. The only person who was in his heart was Wei Qiqi, and only Wei Qiqi could let him know what was true love. Liu Zhongtian had the butler to arrange for Hanyu to stay in another room temporarily. He intended to send her back to the palace the next day.
Concubine Hanyu received a cold shoulder from Liu Zhongtian. She felt extremely sad in her heart, all her fantasies were blown to dust.
Liu Zhongtian knew that no matter what, he couldn’t go see Wei Qiqi tonight. That kind of pining caused him to be unable to sleep. Who knew if Qiqi was thinking of him as well? However, no matter what he couldn’t guess that Wei Qiqi was now in the manor and sleeping in her own room.
Liu Zhongtian was just about to pick up a scroll to spend time when Hanyu walked in with tears all over her face. Liu Zhongtian helplessly stood up. He didn’t know what to say for her to understand. Back then, they were young and hot-blooded, not understanding the meaning of true love. His deep impression of Wei Qiqi caused this ancient era Duke to feel an unprecedented feeling, which was love.
He pitied the woman in front of him. Because of the fight between the Emperor and Liu Zhongtian, Hanyu’s happiness was sacrificed. However the truth was solidified. Hanyu was now an imperial consort, how could he act as he pleased?
“Duke…” Concubine Hanyu pitifully jumped into Liu Zhongtian’s embrace. She sobbed softly. She had countless thoughts to tell him, but his heart was too far away from her.
“Hanyu, everything is over. I already have a woman in my heart, why must you be like this!”

“Hanyu knows that the Duke’s heart only has Wei Qiqi, however…” Hanyu bit her lips and said the following words which Liu Zhongtian hated, “Wei Qiqi may be serving the Emperor now, maybe things had already happened!”

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