Chapter 130 – Wrong bed (3)

Hanyu looked coldly at Wei Qiqi who was on the bed. She felt that Qiqi was an innocent woman with low alcohol tolerance. For her own happiness, Hanyu could only do this.

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“You should also taste the feeling of being dominated by a man you don’t love. Hanyu will take good care of the Third Duke for you. You should just follow the Emperor with devotion!”


Hanyu didn’t feel a shred of remorse for helping the Emperor to get Wei Qiqi drunk. She felt that for all the things she had suffered, logically there should be someone suffering the same as well. That person was Wei Qiqi. There was no better choice. Qiqi had already obtained Liu Zhongtian and lived a happy life that ought to belong to Hanyu. Qiqi should experience what was it like to be sad.


“When is the Emperor coming?” Hanyu had successfully completed her mission. She found Xiaoyuzi, who extended a finger to indicate that the Emperor was delayed by the Dowager, hence he could only come 2 hours later.


Hanyu looked meaningfully at Wei Qiqi, who was on the bed, “I’ll give you my consort title and you shall return the Third Duke to me!”


Wei Qiqi was drunk till she lost consciousness. The maids put her on the bed, awaiting for the arrival of the Emperor. How could Wei Qiqi, who was in her dreams, possibly know about how the evil plot was unfolding?


Third Duke Liu Zhongtian was feeling unsettled for some reason today, his heart wasn’t calm. He put down the scrolls in irritation, he kept thinking about Wei Qiqi’s playful and cheeky manner. He calculated that it had been quite some time since he met Qiqi. The mansion didn’t allow a single man to enter. This was difficult for Liu Zhongtian. Could the Third Duke be forced to do a sneaky thing like climbing over walls to take a peek?


However, today’s irritation was extremely intense. Liu Zhongtian furiously threw the scrolls. He stood up, no matter what he had to see Wei Qiqi today. His thoughts towards her caused him to be unable to sit still.


Liu Zhongtian changed his clothes and walked out of the room in big steps. He bumped into Ning Yun-er, who was sending snacks over. Ning Yun-er looked at Liu Zhongtian strangely, “Duke, are you going out? Yun-er made some snacks…”


“En!” Liu Zhongtian replied and anxiously walked out.


“Where is the Duke going?” Yun-er didn’t give up and asked. After asking she felt that it was somewhat inappropriate for her to meddle in the Duke’s whereabouts.


Liu Zhongtian really got angry. He stopped in his steps and said furiously, “I want to go see my Royal Concubine, must I ask for your permission? It’s best for you not to meddle in my affairs!”


“Yun-er doesn’t mean in that way… Duke!” Yun-er drooped her head, the jealousy in her heart acting up again. It was that Wei Qiqi again, when would the Duke be able to forget about her?


Seeing the Third Duke leaving the backyard in such a hurried manner, Ning Yun-er was so angry that she threw the snacks on the floor. She knew that the Duke was going to the General’s Mansion to meet up with Wei Qiqi. The more she thought the more jealous she got. No. Ning Yun-er stomped her foot. No matter what she couldn’t let the Duke be seduced again. She wanted to go to the mansion to stop them, to find that vixen and make things clear. Since Qiqi had the Emperor, why must she be entangled with the Third Duke.


Ning Yun-er returned to her own room. She changed into pretty clothes and left hurriedly. She wanted to reach the mansion before the Duke arrives there. There she would show that woman who was the boss.


At this moment, Liu Zhongtian was anxiously walking towards the door of the Duke’s manor. He was stopped by the butler, “Duke, quickly go to the side hall. There’s trouble!”




“Concubine Hanyu!”


Liu Zhongtian was shocked. Why did Hanyu come out of the palace, how was that possible? How could a consort leave the palace as she pleased? Wasn’t she afraid that the Emperor would kill her in his rage? Liu Zhongtian could only endure his desire to see Qiqi and quickly followed the butler to enter the side hall. At this moment the more pressing issue was to deal with the sudden appearance of Hanyu.


Ning Yun-er ran in small steps to the entrace. The Duke was already gone. Why was he so fast? Was Wei Qiqi’s charms that great? She ordered people to get the carriage ready and left with the servants in a hurry towards the General’s Mansion.


When Ning Yun-er arrived at the mansion, the sky was already dark.


Yun-er got down the carriage and looked at the mansion’s door. It looked rather awesome. She walked up in small steps. The guard was a female. She only asked a simple question before allowing Ning Yun-er to enter.


A servant looked at Ning Yun-er strangely, “Miss, who are you looking for? This is the General’s Mansion.”


“I’m looking for Wei Qiqi!”


“General Qi is sleeping!” The servant explained, as if not daring to let her disturb Wei Qiqi.


“What?” Ning Yun-er’s lungs were about to explode. How could the Duke be so hard-pressed? Yun-er was already very fast, yet the two of them were even faster… Ning Yun-er was so sad that tears dropped down. She was going to go all out. Even if the Duke was to kill her, she would rebuke Wei Qiqi. Who did Wei Qiqi love? The Emperor or the Third Duke? She couldn’t possibly have a leg on two boats right? This flirtatious woman, how could the Duke be so mesmerized with her?


Ning Yun-er quickly barged into the inner hall.


“Miss, you can’t enter, General Qi will punish!”


“I’m General Qi’s sister, why will she punish? Scram!” Yun-er stared at the servant and continued barging in.


“General’s Qi’s sister…” The servant stopped in her tracks, looking suspiciously at this woman. If she really was General Qi’s sister, then the servant couldn’t afford to offend her. If not when Qiqi wakes up tomorrow, there would be someone in for trouble.

Ning Yun-er brought her own servant and entered Qiqi’s room. Yun-er was really scared to find out that the Duke was on Qiqi’s bed. If she opens the bed curtain, would the Third Duke be angry and kill her? Yun-er retreated in fear, however she immediately lifted her chest. If she couldn’t obtain the Duke’s heart, then she would let the Duke kill her. To die in the hands of the Duke and let him be guilty for life and owe her forever. It was better than suffering while living.


Thinking till here, Ning Yun-er quickly walked to the bed and pulled open the curtains. Following that all her fury disappeared. There was only Wei Qiqi lying on bed with her flushed cheeks. She was sleeping very soundly. The Duke? Yun-er counted the time. It was not right, could she be too anxious to reach here and the Duke couldn’t reach here in time? Great. If the Duke was already here, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.


Ning Yun-er put down the curtain. It was impossible for the Duke to not come here. Ning Yun-er knew Liu Zhongtian’s character very well. He looked like he had to see Qiqi at all cost today, hence he would definitely come. Maybe he was held up by something.


A while later when the Duke comes and sees the small flushed face of Wei Qiqi’s, together with that seductive sleeping posture, he would be unable to control himself. Wei Qiqi really was a tempting vixen, a cheap slut that seduces men.

Ning Yun-er pulled open the curtain once again and angrily pulled Wei Qiqi up. How dare she pose like this to seduce men. “Get up, don’t pretend to sleep. You still want to seduce the Duke?”


Wei Qiqi was dead drunk. When Yun-er’s hands relaxed, Qiqi fell on the bed softly. Yun-er was shocked, “She’s drunk?”


So she was drunk. This woman. Ning Yun-er sat by the bedside. A drunk beauty, wouldn’t the Duke lose more control?


“Demoness, vixen. The Duke’s soul has been hooked by you!” Ning Yun-er covered her face and cried. The servant by the side didn’t dare to make a noise. One was a Royal Concubine, the other was Miss Yun-er. It was not good to lean to either side, hence she could only shut up.


Ning Yun-er suddenly stopped crying. A thought flashed in her mind. Now, it was already late and the lights were off. The room was pitch-black. How could the Duke differentiate between who was Yun-er and who was Qiqi? She suddenly smiled and hurriedly wiped away her tears. She ordered the servants.


“You all come over, bring Wei Qiqi out of the room and hide her!”


“Hide her?” The servants looked at Yun-er in fear. They asked in a low voice, “Where should we hide her? If the Royal Concubine wakes up, we’re afraid…”


“The Royal Concubine is so powerful, we don’t dare!”


Ning Yun-er bit her lips, “That makes sense. If we hide her in the mansion, she will spoil my plans if she wakes up. However if we throw her on the streets, no matter what she is still the Emperor’s favorite woman. Let’s throw her into her own room. Remember to lock her door! Then we won’t have any worries this way.”


“This…” The servant was scared till she knelt down, “The Duke will kill us!”


“The Duke is not in the manor. He’ll only go back tomorrow. At that time I would’ve gone back, don’t be afraid!” Yun-er smiled lightly. What a flawless plan. She only had to wait for the Duke to take the initiative. When things were done, the Duke wouldn’t ignore Yun-er because he had a strong sense of responsibility.


The servants changed Wei Qiqi’s clothes. To hide from others, they changed Wei Qiqi’s hair into a servant’s hairstyle. After that a servant piggybacked her out.


The guard outside the door looked at them strangely. The servant quickly explained, “Xiaoyu has fainted. General Qi ordered me to bring her to see the physician!”

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“Oh! Go!” The soldier at the door yawned and waved his hand irritatedly. The servants all walked out. Just like that, Wei Qiqi was brought out of the General’s Mansion and ended up in the Duke’s manor without anyone knowing. She continued sleeping.


Ning Yun-er looked at the bed happily. She touched her face shyly. The Duke was going to come in a while. Even though the Duke would treat her as Wei Qiqi and that she felt uncomfortable in her heart, as long as things were done, judging by the Duke’s character, he wouldn’t give up on her. After all Yun-er grew up in the manor and was not a cheap woman.


Yun-er shyly took off her clothes and let down her hair. Her face was flushed as she laid on the bed, thinking about the scene where the Duke would enter the room and hug her. She smiled subconsciously. Yun-er mumbled softly. Wei Qiqi, was she the only one who knew how to seduce men? Ning Yun-er knew too. When that time comes she wanted to see how would the Duke promise to only love Wei Qiqi.


The General Mansion seemed to calm down, only waiting for a good show to start. However there was a figure flashing across the high walls. There was someone who jumped in. He looked around before barging into the inner residence stealthily. He edged towards the bed. Could he be the Third Duke?

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