Chapter 129 – Wrong bed (2)

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The Great Han Emperor really hated this voice. This shout would let the whole palace know that the Emperor was going to someone’s place to seek pleasure. However this was the rule, and rules couldn’t be broken. Especially the Emperor, he couldn’t take the lead to break the rules.

Lady Lanfei had already followed the rules and laid down naked on the bed. Under the palace maid’s service, the Emperor undressed. He pulled open the blanket and looked coldly at the snow white body that was trembling. He mercilessly went down. Without even kissing that woman, he entered immediately. Lanfei was in pain till her face lost color. Patches of bloodstains dyed itself on the cloth. She bit her teeth and didn’t dare to make a single noise.
Following the Emperor’s repeated assaults, Lanfei on the bed groaned. The Emperor felt extremely furious and suddenly hollered, “Shut up!”
Lanfei immediately shut her mouth, letting the Emperor gallop in her body without restraints. A while later, the Emperor felt irritated and finished up. He got up and looked silently at the woman on the bed. Lanfei’s cheeks were blushing, her looks were considered beautiful. However, compared to Wei Qiqi, whether it was looks or spirituality, she was much more inferior.
The Emperor got down the bed, still feeling vexed. The servants quickly put on his clothes for him. Without turning his head, the Emperor walked away in big steps, not even staying for a short while.
Lady Lanfei was helped by the servants to sit up. She started sobbing. As the servants helped clean her body, Lanfei finally couldn’t control herself and asked.
“Does the Emperor treat the other consorts in this manner?”
“From what I heard most of them are like that. The Emperor seems to not have a consort he particularly like. Some were only shown favor once and they never get to see the Emperor again.”
“Do I only have this one time!” Lanfei thought about the Emperor’s cold look. Without asking, she knew the answer.
In the back palace, there were numerous consorts. However they all had grievances. Lanfei was not the only one who was shown favor only once. The Emperor was famous for abstaining from sexual acts. He often didn’t visit his consorts for a few days and even half a month. Going by the list, some didn’t even see the Emperor for a year. Hence the consorts were fighting with each other endlessly. Those who wished to seek the Emperor’s love would use all kinds of methods, causing the back palace to have endless disputes. Countless women stayed alone in their empty rooms, lonely for life.
The Emperor returned to his residence, still feeling depressed on the inside. Why was he still like this after he vented himself? He furiously paced to and fro. He didn’t want anybody but Wei Qiqi. Maybe he would only find peace when he had obtained Wei Qiqi.
“Summon Xiaoyuzi into the palace!”
It was the middle of the night, Xiaoyuzi didn’t know what the Emperor was so anxious about, to summon him at all cost. Maybe he wanted Xiaoyuzi back in the palace. Xiaoyuzi felt happy in his heart and cheerfully entered the Emperor’s residence.
“Your Majesty, your servant rushed here immediately after hearing your summon!”

“I am looking for you to help me think of a solution!”
“Your Majesty, please speak!”
“I want to stay in the General’s Mansion tomorrow, think of a plan to let Wei Qiqi submit to me!”
When Xiaoyuzi heard that, he immediately wiped the sweat off his forehead, “This… is a bit difficult!”
“If it is easy, will I still look for you? It is precisely because she won’t agree. If she willingly accepts me, where will there be a chance for you to perform?” The Emperor said furiously.
“Your Majesty is right, but how do you want her to submit?” Xiaoyuzi tried to test the waters. He hoped that the Emperor wouldn’t say ‘that’, because even if Xiaoyuzi was an immortal, he wouldn’t be able to influence the stubborn Wei Qiqi.
“As long as I can stay and she doesn’t run away!”
Xiaoyuzi thought hard for a long while when suddenly his eyes lit up. He thought of an idea, “Why not feed General Qi with a drug. She will be passionate and obedient in this manner.”
When the Emperor heard this he was furious. Wasn’t Xiaoyuzi making Wei Qiqi hate the Emperor? “No, change to another one. This isn’t an act of a gentleman. Qiqi will look down on me!”
“That’s true, then…” Xiaoyuzi touched his head, “Get drunk, oh right, if she gets drunk with Your Majesty… she can’t blame other people!”
“It’s a good idea, you go call her.”
“Xiaoyuzi is scared. If Your Majesty denies any relation, I’ll be in for trouble. Furthermore I won’t have a backing.” Xiaoyuzi squeezed his brain juice and kept thinking. Suddenly he had an idea, “Your Majesty, let Concubine Hanyu go.”
“Why her? I don’t wish to see her!” The Emperor was no longer interested in these consorts, especially Hanyu. Her heart was not with him, it was time to give her the cold shoulder.

“Your Majesty, you should just give Concubine Hanyu up and change for a Wei Qiqi!” Xiaoyuzi rubbed the sweat off his forehead. He didn’t know if this idea was suitable. If it didn’t pan out well it would infuriate the Emperor.
When the Emperor heard it, he was energized. If he could swap, he was willing. However what did Xiaoyuzi mean?

Xiaoyuzi spoke softly, “Pardon me for being straightforward. Concubine Hanyu has always like Third Duke. Your Majesty might as well fulfill her wish. On one hand Wei Qiqi will give up on Third Duke, on the other hand, Wei Qiqi will buy in to being drunk…”
“Buying in to be drunk?” The Emperor seemed to be interested. He carefully listened to Xiaoyuzi speaking about the plan.
Xiaoyuzi spoke with confidence, “Tomorrow, let Hanyu enter the General’s Mansion and treat Wei Qiqi to a drink. As long as Hanyu is able to get Wei Qiqi drunk, Your Majesty can release Hanyu to let her go to the Third Duke’s manor to continue their old times. This way the Third Duke won’t have the energy to pester Wei Qiqi. Wei Qiqi’s only place of retreat will disappear as well. Later the Emperor can directly do that with Wei Qiqi… sooner or later she will be conferred as a consort and enter the palace.”
“Arrange everything. When the things are done, I will reward you!”
“Yes, Your Majesty!”
When Concubine Hanyu heard Xiaoyuzi’s plan, she was scared till she was trembling. Why was she allowed to leave the palace suddenly? She must have offended the Emperor in some way and made him angry. That was why he wanted to chase her out. However when Hanyu understood Xiaoyuzi’s intentions, she immediately understood the intricacies behind this plan. The Emperor was hitting on Liu Zhongtian again. Wei Qiqi that beauty was going to leave the Third Duke.
She was willing to get Wei Qiqi drunk. She was even more willing to rekindle old times with Liu Zhongtian. However to let her leave the palace, she was worried. If Liu Zhongtian didn’t want her at all, she would lose everything!
Concubine Hanyu knew that the Emperor would always be the Emperor. There were countless women in the palace. The consorts would have a time when their beauty fade. If Wei Qiqi entered the palace, she (Hanyu) would become a lonely woman that no one would care about. No matter which path it was, she was unwilling to choose it. However she had to gamble one last time, if not the latter days could only be spent sighing. Hence she agreed.
When it was near sundusk, Concubine Hanyu brought servants and left the palace mysteriously. She made haste for the General’s Mansion. The Emperor was pacing about in his residence. He couldn’t wait anymore and he was prepared to leave the palace in four hours. He hoped that Hanyu would’ve done the things that were requested of her.
Wei Qiqi was forcing the soldiers to train under the sun. A servant came running over, saying that Concubine Hanyu had come. Qiqi felt strange. What was that woman here for? Could she be here to join the fun? Qiqi hurriedly wiped the sweat off her forehead and quickly went into the inner hall. She saw that Hanyu was sitting on a chair, looking extremely sad.

“Why did Lady Hanyu come to Qiqi’s mansion?” Wei Qiqi picked up the snacks on the table and shoved them into her mouth.
“General Qi, Hanyu is feeling bitter in my heart. There’s no one in the palace to talk to, hence I thought of looking for a confidante outside.” Hanyu gently rubbed her eyes. She seemed to be really sad. Qiqi’s heart was full of doubts, what was this Hanyu trying to do?
“Confidante? Qiqi is so stupid, I’m afraid I can’t console you!”
“Qiqi, we like the same man. Now we are facing the same fate. How could you not console me?” Hanyu stood up sorrowfully. “Hanyu knows that we can’t change the reality, hence I only wish to drink a cup with General Qi!”
Wei Qiqi really pitied this Concubine Hanyu. A typical ancient era woman, her life was tough. She could only enjoy material wealth, yet had no fate with love. However she spoke one sentence wrongly. Wei Qiqi would never follow her footsteps. The same difficult question shall have two different answers!
Hanyu’s eyes had tears brimming. Tears fell down instantly, “General Qi will accompany me won’t you? Let’s drink together and get drunk. Hanyu’s life is worse than death. My body is in the palace, yet my heart is outside. I’m suffering endlessly!”
Wei Qiqi looked at Hanyu’s sad look and also felt sad for her, “Don’t be so sad, I’ll accompany you.”
Hanyu started pouring wine for Qiqi, “In the palace, Hanyu can’t drink wine. Now that I’m out, I really want to be drunk. We can be considered as the Duke’s new and old women. Accompany me to drink this cup!”
Hanyu was really capable. Qiqi drank three cups of spicy Great Han wine in a row. Very quickly Qiqi’s world was spinning. Hanyu’s tolerance was very high, she was actually not drunk. They continued drinking. Unknowingly they drank finished all the wine on the table. Wei Qiqi couldn’t climb up at all. Hanyu looked at the completely drunk Wei Qiqi and smiled lightly.
“Wei Qiqi, Hanyu is really envious of you. When the Emperor wanted me initially, it wasn’t because that he likes me. He just wanted to see me suffer in the palace. Today the Emperor wants you because he likes you. You’ll definitely receive extra favor when you enter the palace. If you are lucky and bears his child, you’ll reach heaven in one step.”

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“What…” Qiqi’s vision was blurry as she extended her hand. She seemed to have heard Hanyu, yet she wasn’t clear. She was so giddy that she couldn’t raise her head. There was someone who pulled her up and put her on the bed. Qiqi hugged the blanket and lost her consciousness.

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