Chapter 128 – Wrong bed (1)

The Emperor was here? Xiaoyuzi’s shout caused the whole training ground to descend into chaos. The soldiers who were lying flat on the floor all climbed up clumsily. The servants also stopped what they were doing and frantically knelt on the ground. Wei Qiqi looked left and right and copied their actions. Her head drooped low as she cussed in her heart. This damned Emperor, why did he come here? Could he want to take advantage of her again? This pretentious lecher.


The Emperor immediately walked to Qiqi’s side and bent down, using both of his hands to lift up Wei Qiqi. He carefully sized her up. This little beauty is weird, even if she wore a man’s black clothing, his heart was still moved.

Qiqi stood up and looked at the Emperor fearlessly. Her jet black hair was compatible with the clean-cut black clothing, contrasting with her fair and white small face. Her eyes were black and shining, seemingly like water and containing feelings. Her long eyelashes were seductive. She didn’t need to pose elaborately to make people dote on her.

“You really are a beauty, so mesmerizing even without dressing up.” The Emperor held onto Qiqi’s thin hands, “I want to chat with you.”

Chat? What was there to chat? He ordered so many palace guards and servants here to watch and confine her. And there was that damned eunuch Xiaoyuzi, always following behind her just like an irritating bug. She was sorely irritated with him.

The Emperor brought Qiqi into the room. Xiaoyuzi brought tea in and then instructed the guards and servants to retreat. The room only had Wei Qiqi and the Emperor left. Wei Qiqi’s heart had numerous thoughts. He came here because he had thoughts of apprehending her again. She must not anger him, instead she must use tactics to delay things.

“I wish to stay here tonight…” The Emperor held onto Wei Qiqi’s hand.

Stay here? Wishful thinking! Qiqi really felt like giving him a slap. However he was the Emperor, hence she couldn’t be so rude and create trouble. She still wanted to keep her life and live a good life with Liu Zhongtian.

“Does the Emperor wish to coerce Qiqi?” Wei Qiqi extended her hands and purposely expressed a pitiful look. She spoke in a dejected tone.

“I only want to be with the woman that I love. You made me unable to sleep well at night. I am thoroughly spent. You have caused me to suffer much. Tonight serve and accompany me, let me understand and see your demeanour. When the Dowager in the palace is no longer angry, I’ll bring you into the palace.”

The Emperor extended his hands to hug Wei Qiqi. Qiqi speedily evaded. The Emperor landed on nothing and felt somewhat furious. Wei Qiqi suddenly covered her mouth and laughed lightly, making the Emperor unable to be angry.

“Your Majesty, Qiqi has not yet like you from the bottom of her heart, yet you are so anxious to obtain me. What difference is there from wanting to force me?” Wei Qiqi was testing the waters. If the Emperor dared to be forceful and make a din, she must make many preparations and cause him to take the initiative to give up.

The Great Han Emperor was burning in the inside. When had he cared about all these when he showed favor on women in the past? Those women were all obediently lying on the bed. When the Emperor was done he would leave, sometimes not even saying a word. Why would this Wei Qiqi have this request?

“I possess the Great Han empire. The world belongs to me and I have unparalleled power. I am a Great Han man, why would you not like me? Are you trying to play tricks with me?”

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“Keke” Qiqi smiled, “Qiqi doesn’t want these. What I want is a love between a man and woman, not a love between me and the Great Han. No matter how much Your Majesty owns, you are just a man only.”

“What a well spoken sentence. That I am just a man. These are the sincerest words I’ve heard. However countless people fear me and only know that I have unparalleled power and wealth, yet they don’t know that as a man, I have feelings too!”

The Great Han Emperor really liked Qiqi’s words. Yes, no matter how much power and land he had, he was just a man. Without the woman he liked, what use was it?

The Emperor’s mood lifted up when he heard Wei Qiqi say that. Qiqi knew that her chance was here, hence she immediately continued, “Your Majesty, please don’t force Qiqi. Wait a while more and give me some time.”

When he heard that, he understood Wei Qiqi’s meaning. She was a smart woman. After speaking all those flatteries, at the end of the day she was just hoping that the Emperor would respect her. However… the Emperor frowned. He was just about to refute when Wei Qiqi tugged at his sleeves.

“Qiqi knows that Your Majesty will definitely agree with Qiqi. Furthermore Qiqi is wedded with the Third Duke, I can’t forget about him at the moment. Your Majesty also doesn’t wish to see that I’m a heartless woman.”

Wei Qiqi saw that the Emperor was hesitating, she then continued, “Qiqi doesn’t wish to speak lies. In my heart there’s no Emperor. This big General’s Mansion is just a cage to Qiqi.”

Cage? This wasn’t what the Emperor wanted to hear. Even though the Emperor knew that this was a cage, he didn’t want to admit to confining his beloved woman. Although he did that, he waved his sleeve, somewhat angered, “Your heart doesn’t have me, but instead only has the Third Duke?”

Wei Qiqi didn’t want to anger the Emperor, if not she would be in bad luck tonight, “That irritating Duke, I don’t like him even more. He doesn’t understand what is being gentle. He kept forcing Qiqi, hence Qiqi doesn’t like men who aren’t gentle. Your Majesty must be an exception among Great Han men?”

How could the Emperor admit that he was also heartless? He frantically explained, “I am of course an exception.”

“Then Your Majesty won’t stay back tonight?”


“Your Majesty is really a man who knows how to cherish women. How could the masses not like you?”

The Emperor was elated with what Qiqi said. She was not only beautiful, she also had a smart mind. Although he already knew Qiqi’s delaying tactics, it still worked on him. Facing this woman, the Emperor really had to be patient. It was best that it wouldn’t take too long, he couldn’t wait for so long.

“Your Majesty, have you heard of the idiom ‘Accompanying the ruler is like being together with a tiger’?”

“Why would you think of that?” The Emperor was shocked.

“Qiqi is clumsy and wild. If I offend Your Majesty someday, won’t I lose my life? Your Majesty must promise to not sentence me to death.”

“Why would I be willing to kill you?” The Emperor pulled Wei Qiqi’s hand and gently caressed it, “I will always love you and not hurt you! Are you scared that I’ll go back on my word?”

Wei Qiqi looked at the Emperor. In the past she was revolted with him, however looking at his devoted look now, she felt moved and was put in a difficult position. Why must the Emperor like a woman who was not fated with him? Her heart now was filled with another man.

“Your Majesty, what Qiqi is worried about is this. I hope that you can give me proof of my immunity.” No matter what she had to get it, even though the Emperor’s words were made of gold, it was still better to have something substantial.

“Wei Qiqi, my words are proof itself. How can I go back on my words?” The Emperor was somewhat unhappy, couldn’t he just promise verbally? Why must she have hard evidence? At this time, how could the Emperor bear to kill her?

“Qiqi only wants a death immunity proof. Your Majesty can’t fulfill this simple request, yet you say that you love me, Qiqi doesn’t believe!”

Wei Qiqi put her hands behind her back in a lovely manner. Her face displayed an unhappy look, which made others pity and love her, how could he not agree?

The Emperor was immediately frantic, “I’ll give you, alright.” After speaking, the Emperor took out a jade plate from his sleeves, “A person who possesses this jade plate is granted immunity from death forever!”

“Your Majesty is a good person!” Wei Qiqi grabbed the jade plate and turned around and left. The Emperor held onto her hand and pulled Qiqi gently into his embrace. His fingers touched Qiqi’s face endearingly, his eyes displaying endless affection.
“Why is it that when I have so many women, there is none who can give me such a feeling? Qiqi…” The Emperor hugged Qiqi with affection. It was only a hug, but the Emperor descended into a lost state. No wonder Liu Zhongtian would accumulate negative energy and spit blood for this woman. The Emperor had snatched a treasure and a comfort from him.

Wei Qiqi’s hands held tightly onto the jade plate. She felt that the Emperor was hugging even tighter, his collar touching her hair, causing her to feel vexed.

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“Your Majesty, Qiqi is unable to breathe, Your Majesty…”

The Emperor relaxed his arms, “Let me hug you for a while and I’ll return. Who knows how long must I wait before I can come here again. I am a man without freedom! I have to govern the country and am tired everyday.”

Wei Qiqi felt that this man seemed to be helpless. That tone was full of grief. Could it be an unhappy thing to be the Emperor? He had so many consorts which he didn’t know how to cherish. Maybe Qiqi couldn’t understand, neither did she want to understand. The relationship between the Emperor and Qiqi was fated to be broken.

It was only after a long while that the Emperor let go of her, keeping with his promise and leaving the mansion.

Wei Qiqi heaved a sigh of relief. She looked at the death immunity jade plate in her hands. She hoped to use it when the situation calls for it. This time around she sweet-talked her way out of a predicament, however it wouldn’t be so easy the next time when the Emperor wanted her to serve him.

The Emperor returned to his residence and laid alone on the bed. He was beginning to regret, why would he agree to Wei Qiqi’s request, whom he had been pining for day and night. She really was a woman who could mesmerize people. If this continued, when would he satisfy his desires? No, he couldn’t listen to her. He had to relieve his thoughts.

The Emperor thought of Wei Qiqi’s lithe figure, charming face and thin arms. The more he thought, the more the fire inside of him burned. He felt his whole body on fire. He stood up and walked in big steps out of the residence. The eunuch immediately ran up, “Your Majesty?”

“Which consort did I neglect recently?”

“All of them!”

“Really, pick a woman for me, any of them will do!”

“Then it shall be Lady Lanfei. She just entered, chosen by the Dowager for you. She’s still a virgin. After the wedding previously, you left for governmental affairs. Till now you haven’t showed favor on her!”

“Then it shall be her!”

“His Majesty is preparing to go Lady Lanfei’s residence!”

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