Chapter 201- New Game+

A young man in his mid-twenties adjusted his camera as he looked at a screen in a small bedroom turned game room. Behind him was the latest generation of virtual reality1virtual realitystory mechanic pods and beside that was a trophy case with several dozen tournament trophies inside it. Most of them were coated in silver or gold and laced with fine ribbon. There was a mechanoid dragon4dragonspecies girl staring at him as well. It was the body that Astrid7Astridcharacter made five years ago. The young man is Kevin Megas; a professional streamer2streamerstory mechanic and an expert on fantasy style VR games.

Over four years ago, Kevin entered the pro scene under the Green corporation Gamer Support Program as the corporations private gaming team.

Members had three roles; grinders, testers, and tournament players. Grinders are regular players that grind characters and get resources for tournament players. Testers are the people that test features or game mechanics. Tournament players are the people that play competitively. Of the three, Kevin was mainly a tester. He had some aspects of the other two as well in the sense that he grinds his own account and plays it personally. He’s a rare kind of professional.

A little short of six years ago, Kevin (KMega6KMegacharacter) signed up with the GSP and became a tester.

His skills were vastly superior to the others. He found hundreds of different kinds of issues that needed fixing. That isn’t all, he became really famous from the publicized world events. However, after a few months, his personal account had been upgraded to a myth.

In the full history of the Green Corporation, he was the first myth not created via conquest. The Unquestionable Emperor; a character who conquered the entire game’s world. The myth he became was the Unyielding Liberator. The emperor title was a diplomatic title as the liberator title was a hero title. Myth rank titles aren’t very common. The Green Corporation had a long history of over seventy years. It had nearly a hundred titles, but there was a rule of thumb they all followed; there could be only one myth level character per game. However, not every game got a myth character, so the actual total is just fourteen. Among those fourteen; four of them were from futuristic sci-fi games, three were from modern or ‘classic’ war games. (Author note: WW1 games at the earliest… Yes, in the year 2150 they will still be making Call of Duty’s.) The last seven were from fantasy games. That means all new Green Corporation fantasy games had a record of seven actual people in the lore of the game.

KMega finished setting up his camera before he turned on his pre-streaming screen.

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Astrid smiled as a signal left her and went through the cord in the back of her neck.

Only allowed on

The time it took could not be measured by a human reaction, but for Astrid, it was a loving girlfriend waiting to spring a surprise on him. As KMega was coming up with a script, a card with a cake with the number 24 on top of it appeared. A few confetti fireworks suddenly went off as he noticed Astrid smiling at him.

“Happy Birthday, Kevin!”

He couldn’t help but smile back at her before he looked at the trophy case and remembered that it has been one year since he left the GSP. When his contract with them ended, he returned to the small house he bought before joining the program. His desire to become a space pilot did not pan out as he hoped. Still, he had enough money now to live a comfortable life if he so desired.

After spending some time away, KMega finally decided to start streaming again. He wondered how many fans he still had after a year-long hiatus. To make his big comeback, the game he chose to play was the newly released sequel of Sword Kingdom, Sword Kingdom 2.

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