Chapter 202- Character Inheritance

KMega6KMegacharacter took his seat with the trophy case in the background.

In the middle was a trophy for 1st place in the 2150 e-sport fantasy tournament.

On the left and right respectively, there was an MVP of the Year award and a Rookie of the Year award. They were his pride and joy.

“Welcome, karma fans! I know it’s been a while, but my one year no competition agreement with the Green Corporation has ended. To celebrate, I decided to join the sequel of the game that put me on the map; Sword Kingdom 2. As you all probably know, the official release is in about four hours, and we did a beta preview segment last week. Astrid7Astridcharacter and I are very excited that we’re finally returning home.”

Astrid’s lips curved up into a smile once she heard his words. She was really sad when Sword Kingdom’s server shut down six months ago. The game became very unpopular over recent years due to several different factors. For starters, the games single myth class was claimed. After the great debacle where the Crimson Phoenix guild killed off KMega and massacred a bunch of people, they immediately disbanded. Losing tens of thousands of players in one shot was a big deal. The power vacuum sucked in every major guild, and eventually, the regular players were forced to choose a side. Eighty percent of the game world became a battlefield with no end to the war in sight. Even the tournament of the gods only just stemmed the madness.

The only safe place was a small nation in the southern reaches of the continent called the Guardocia Republic. It was just restructuring after absorbing a large empire into their domain. With the humongous war going on throughout the game world, the other powerful nations had to deal with civil wars, but the Guardocia Republic stabilized and grew.

At the end of the game, 20% of the continent was controlled by the republic, while roughly 70% was in control of two mega empires that were formed by guilds.

Logically speaking, half of the game was always unpopulated. Thirty percent of it was left for guilds to fight over as frontline battlefields and Guardocia was the only place regular players could play. In fact, the country was overpopulated with players. That is why the game went through a reset that forced the large guilds to stop fighting and give them a chance to restart.

The Green Corporation wasn’t heartless though, so they offered an inheritance option to former players. If you had some history in the prequel, then you can start off with perks in the sequel. This was one of the games selling points; a fresh start.

KMega arrived in the keep that was his companion home; a simple log cabin. The two people he knew the best were Kieser and Yirk. After the war with the Markwell Empire, Keiser returned to Eastguard to find his father. The news that he was a hidden prince wasn’t a very big deal to him since Eastguard became a republic, but since he inherted KMega’s will, he became one of the leading figures of the country and the game. As for Yirk, he retired from all the fighting and lived on Karma Sky Island. The two of them smiled at him as he silently walked towards the portal for the Sword Kingdom 2 character creation.

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In Sword Kingdom, Keiser remained active the entire life of the game. Yirk eventually took a job teaching the dragon4dragonspecies sky school as a renowned headmaster. However, during the mass conflicts after KMega retired, a former general of the Markwell Empire infiltrated the island with Terrar in tow.

Yirk was struck down, but with Astrid’s help, he was reborn in the real world as a mechanoid.

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In his records, he’s a companion that joined KMega as a beta tester for the multiple companion system. Just as Keiser had, Lazar joined them as well, but he was still alive in the sequel.

So, just like Astrid, he had split personas.

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