Book I – Legend, Chapter 7 – The path of the Strong

“True Sages are fearsome, but that does not mean that there are no amazing Saints,” Osiris Trilleck folded his arms and reclined more in his chair, as Omotolani Congo walks over and begins to massage his shoulders.

“You’re such a tense daddy,” said Omotolani coquettishly, “you need to learn to relax more. Why don’t you come over tonight so I can show you what I mean…”

At the same time, Lylian came to feed the Lord fruit, “Do not be selfish, little third. Why don’t we teach him how to relax together?”

“My darling wives, this husband of yours will be sure to attend your double lecture tonight,” Lord Osiris enjoyed being spoiled by his wives and spoke relaxedly, “Saints are warriors who possess sky power but are born without combat souls inside of them. They must train to absorb what is known as true worldly essence so that their bodies can grow accustomed to and wield ‘force.’”

“But what is ‘force’ pop?” This was something Jodye was the most curious about. He would always hear conversations involving this term, and he had yet to comprehend the implication.

To Jodye’s shock, and fist-sized tornado suddenly appeared in the center of his father’s palm. He felt a biting cold from the gentle wind as it continued to spin and spin.

“Force, or as it’s often called Qi, is just a term young pup,” Lord Osiris spoke unhurriedly, as he saw his son in total awe after hearing the word ‘Qi.’ It seems the boy had heard of this? Looking in this boy’s sapphire eyes, Osiris felt quite cool at this moment. He enjoyed that feeling a lot, “However, this term is used to describe the myriad of energies of the heavens and the earth. The spiritual powers that sleep in us all. The laws of the Universal Dao. The heavenly power of the divine ennead. It can all be referred to as force.”

Osiris saw his son’s eyes sparkle with the light of another question, and he pre-empted the question with his next words, “I know you are curious. However, do not ask me what the Universal Dao is. That is a conversation for another time.”

Jodye grumbled a bit at this as he investigated the Serene Sound Mirror.

“So do I have a force too, Pop?” asked Jodye Trill still excited, but asking only what he should ask and not what he should not.

“Every living soul possesses a life force. As a sage body your powerful life force gave birth to a force genesis, so tell me whether you possess it or not?” asked Lord Osiris to test his son.

“I do, I do! I have force too!” said Jodye Trill excitedly.

While Osiris was giving his son free game, his wives were entertaining themselves by speaking to each other or attending to the Lord himself. The lord’s fourth wife, Enora, and his fifth wife, Vivian, could be considered old friends. They were currently in the middle of a conversation.

“Look at the child, does he truly think himself great? Mmcht,” Enora sucked her teeth as she eyed Jodye Trill’s performance. Her once lovely voice was now full of resentment and malice. No one knew the reason for this change but Enora herself, who was unaware that others could see it as well. She rubbed her baby’s little tuft of hair as she sneered and continued, “Mokie, ah, little Mokie. You’re going to outshine all of these brats, isn’t that right?”

“Are you seriously jealous of a child, fourth sister? Our children are siblings, you know. This child may be the shining light the creates a path for our children’s future,” Vivian Barong’s voice was a sweet as honey and more gentle than a flower. Such a peaceful voice made Enora feel bitter. Vivian rubbed her big belly as she continued, “I only hope my baby will take after its shining star-like big brothers.”

“Hmm, yes, well if the fifth little lord is anything like my Mokie, then be prepared for your position in the House to rise right alongside mine,” Enora let out a sadistic giggle, making Vivian’s skin crawl. Vivian Barong honestly couldn’t figure out why her friend had changed so much in the last year or so, but her older sister seems to have an idea. It was just that Lylian refuses to speak on the matter.

When Vivian was about to respond against, she received a message via her telepathic link with her twin, “Change the subject or change your company. Do you think our lord is deaf? Enora does not care, but is that how you feel?”

Vivian’s eyes flashed with the light of comprehension, as she fell silent and sipped her tea.

“In two years, once you turn three years of age, you will be eligible to participate in your host awakening ceremony. At that time, we will test your force affinity and attempt to awaken your host soul. This is the custom in the imperial capital of Saint Anubis Dynasty. Having a powerful host soul, able to be awakened early and fused with an artifact, would make you a Sage. A Scholar Realm apprentice26apprenticeAn apprentice or student is someone who is learning something from a teacher. While the relation is sacred, and there are mutual obligations between the apprentice and the teacher, there is no commitment between them. A disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., on the other hand, has committed himself to the master, and the art of his master. The disciple has committed to entering and mastering a secret branch of knowledge and has requested the master to accept him into the arcane path. The relationship is very sacred and the obligations are binding., to be exact. During the test, the force affinities you display will be your own in addition to your combat souls. If you fail to awaken the host soul but possess a significant relationship to pure qi on your own, then you can perhaps still become a saint warrior. This is all up to the Fates.

“Saints, while not as powerful as Sages, are still not to be underestimated. It is also possible for a Saint to fuse with a sealed soul, and refine their own combat soul. They could then gain a force genesis and become Sage bodies.”

“You don’t have to be born a Sage to have a Sage Body?” asked Jodye with his head cocked to the side. He had thought that this was what made him so special, having a sage body. However, if one could just BECOME a sage body then how special was it really? Jodye felt bummed out now.

“Not always. Merely, the prerequisite is that the expert must already have their Host Awakened. Besides, their starting point would be much lower when compared those born with the natural Sage Body. However, due to their ability to fuel their force with the power of true essence, they are still rather formidable even against a Born Sage,” answered Lord Osiris matter-of-factly. The ladies at the table simply felt like he was talking to one of his three disciples rather than too little Jodye.

“What if they were both at the same level?” asked Jodye.

“Yeah daddy, what if that?” chimed in Kamila Trilleck, who didn’t want to be invisible. She had arrived at the Lord’s other leg but wasn’t so bold like Jodye. She just stood there with puppy-dog eyes, so Osiris helplessly hoisted her up as well.

“Are you curious too, little dove? Very well. In fact, Saint’s are even more fearsome to challenge that Sages at the higher levels! Essence is a lot more versatile in its utility as opposed to energy. If energy can be used to create, nurture, evolve, or destroy, then essence would be used to stabilize, restructure, enhance, or assimilate! The individuals who practice in both essence and energy systems could be considered heaven ranker experts. Those who chose one path are considered earth ranker experts.”

Lord Osiris spoke slow and precise, word for word as if he genuinely expected his son and daughter to have some beneficial gains from this knowledge he was imparting, in spite of their minuscule age.

In fact, Osiris Trilleck did have such thoughts. More surprising still was that Jodye actually gains a lot from this conversation! Many of the questions he had in regards to this world had been given more clarity. Meanwhile, Kamila just enjoyed hearing her father speak about so much for so long. She wasn’t able to understand even 10% of what was being said though.

Luckily, her little brother Joseph was soaking it all up like liquid to a brand new sponge.

In the Lord’s opinion, since the boy could remember things so well, then there was no reason not to teach him early. Jodye was already so good at processing information, after all. What was there to wait on? Jodye was listening with rapt attention. He had always possessed a thirst for more knowledge, even as a small boy back on planet earth. Now, this was quite literally a whole new world being opened up to him. One full of magic and mystical things.

How could he not want to learn more?

Jodye quickly became aware that he still underestimated the possibilities of this world. He was also pleasantly surprised to notice that in this life his memory was infallible. He could repeat every word spoken to him verbatim.

“So pop, what’s the difference between origin energy and true essence?” asked little Jodye Trill. His big, sapphire, and star-like eyes unblinking, as if he was trying to hear his father’s words before they were even spoken.

Origin Energy6Origin Energyone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. Origin Energy is the milky white mysterious and unfathomable first layer. Practitioners use origin energy as the medium to safely absorb magic and voodoo qi is energy that originates from the first sky dao of the Heavenly Dao Ennead, the sky of Origin. It is the beginning and end of all energy. That is indeed the force of the heavens. It is highly volatile when ignited, abstruse, and uncontrollable when unrefined. It listens to nothing but itself, it is the origin of all creation. Everything is created from energy. All energy originates from the Origin Sky. Concentrated origin energy is also deadly on its own, as it can produce, assimilate, or obliterate.

‘Assimilates matter? Holy s***…’ Inwardly Jodye was terrified by these words. This already subverted everything that existed as a weapon in his past life…well except the huge cannon-like gun that blasted himself into infinity and beyond with a single beam of light.

“The unique trait of origin energy is its ability to perfectly fuse with laws, recreating them from within itself. Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..s are a manifestation of energy that possesses its own origin. As one’s cultivation realm increases, origin energy becomes even more powerful. Humans did not create the Sage path, this credit goes to the ancestors of the elves. Very few humans are born with the Sage Body so human Sages can be considered rare. The ancient elves are the exact opposite, they are almost all born with sage bodies, but not many of them are able to practice our humanity’s saint path…however, our ancestors, the negus, are the progenitors of both the saint and the sage paths. This is why they hate us, for our might and versatility. Can you two repeat that?”

Jodye Trill repeated what he had just learned verbatim. Lord Osiris nodded in appreciation. Kamila tried to replicate Jodye’s attempt but started rambling nonsense halfway through. The Lord felt this was already a welcome improvement from this rascal little princess.

Meanwhile, the chatter around the table had long since died down.

All the house’s ladies at the table were tuned in to the Lord’s words as if they were attending a lecture. Sometimes hearing the basics was very beneficial, even to experts at their level. The Lord continued to speak to his son and daughter, “Worldly True Essence is the energy of the heavens that originated from the third sky dao of the Ennead. Precisely as it sounds, it is the essence of a world, power, and stability in pure form. Pure matter. The core of every planet is made up of massive amounts of essence. Worldly True Essence is a type of primary energy that humans have been able to study for eons. Perhaps since time immemorial. Now let me hear you say it back to me…

“We understand how to manipulate it, and even produce it naturally. True Essence can not only fuel and augment the strength of qi, but it can also be used to stabilize and revitalize force as well. Alone, concentrated true essence is dangerous when ignited, but it’s not as terrifying as origin energy. As an augmentation, however, its effects increase along with your power does. These energies originated from the heavenly void. The Dao Dimension. Practicing two is known as dual-dao studying, and someone who trained in both is identified as a dual Daoist. Okay, let’s hear it…

“A magical array, on the other hand, uses magic force to create things out of the magical forces and keep the array active with true worldly essence. It is for this reason that Array Masters are, for the most part, all dual Daoist. It is unlikely that one would be able to comprehend the magic life force unless they possess origin energy. Similarly, to utilize and transform true essence, one must walk the path of sainthood,” Lord Osiris continued to explain all of these things to his son enthusiastically, which helped Jodye understand more about this world he was in, “In fact to become an alchemist one must understand the secrets of the soul. This is far more challenging.”

How magical indeed!

After each explanation, Jodye was expected to repeat what was said, which was so tiring. However, he knew that this was merely his father taking him seriously! He wanted Jodye to learn these things accurately. Thus, Jodye was excited. It turns out there were so many beautiful things in this land! He had died tragically but was reborn magically! This should be a blessing in disguise, right?

‘Fortune was met through misfortune, indeed,’ thought Jodye Trill. That old eastern idiom seemed to hold some new weight.

The baby boy once again promised himself to make a legend out of this lifetime. As it turns out, he didn’t have to stick to one path! It was all dependent on his determination and potential! Basically, it was a matter of talent! Who could possibly have more potential than one who has transcended death? What others could accomplish, he could do as well! What others couldn’t achieve, he would find a way when there was none!

After all, he had managed to survive a catastrophe, in spite of whatever form that survival has taken on.

“As far as serenity crystals go, they are not very common, but not quite rare. Serenity crystals are naturally born in places of extreme serenity,” said Lord Osiris casually.

“What kind of place is that, pop?” asked Jodye Trill, his big blue and innocent eyes piercing into his father’s soul. Lord Osiris considered his words carefully for the first time. Ultimately, he decided that a child would not understand it even if he said it.

“Places were it is very peaceful. Very silent. Or very still. Serene energy mostly exists in places where most other energies do not…” was Lord Osiris didn’t tell his children was that the most common place once could find serene qi was in the presence of death qi. For what was more peaceful than death?

“The more serene energy in a habitat, the higher the chances of you finding caves full of the stuff. This father of yours has a small collection, by chance. I will part with one for you, little pup.” Osiris Trilleck had a solemn expression as he finished boasting.

In amusement, Jodye Trill snickered and cheered, “Pops is the coolest!”

“The coolest, the coolest!” echoed Kamila.

Lord Osiris was excessively pleased with the intelligence his third son continued to display. He also found joy in his daughter’s participation, as she had never once paid attention to her tutors. In fact, all of her tutors had threatened to quit before. The Lord found that when teaching this third child of his something new, Jodye retains everything with incredible accuracy. He even responded with the appropriate questions! There were kids three or four years older than Jodye that didn’t have such focus and foresight!

His own kid included.

Osiris had only ever spoken this much with his firstborn, Horus, right before he was sent off to study. Even at that time, when Horus Trilleck was eight-years-old, he was still a bit immature, slightly arrogant, and totally unfocused. Of course, Horus was no Sage, and the circumstances surrounding his birth were very complex. Jodye Trill was entirely different. It was worlds apart from any other one year old in the dynasty. Maybe even in the entire West Ward, or the Pangaea continent as a whole! At least, Osiris Trilleck had never heard of such a smart child over all these years. In his opinion, such a genius may only exist in the central ward.

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Dinner was eaten joyously with mild laughter and pleasant conversation. The food was consumed swiftly and afterward, Jodye Trill’s mother took his hand as they walked to their courtyard, where she let him return to his room alone. As a toddler and by natural order, Joseph should be in the same place as his mother at night. Merely, his mother slept in the nude. We’re talking absolutely nothing on her heart-stopping and mesmerizing body.

In fact, whenever they returned to the courtyard at night, she would almost immediately remove her clothes and wash up in the bath house. Afterward, she would putt on soft and thin bedroom robes that always had different floral designs, but were totally loose and transparent. Jodye had quickly noticed that the people of this Household wore very revealing clothes on the regular. It reminded him of a lot of ancient Egyptian culture. However, these Egyptians seemed to have been visited by aliens.

The technology they used and the clothes that they wore were all advanced, and of the most excellent quality Jodye had never seen. His mother especially loved to wear seductive and provocative clothing, and this was during the day!

Her night attire was basically not even attire.

Jodye Trill may have the appearance of an infant, but he was far from a monk. Merely, he had no interest in inadvertently admiring his mother’s lady parts. This was his mother for god’s sake! Pervert or not, he had his own sense of propriety and morality. So the moment Jodye became adept with language, he demanded his own space and room. Lady Isis was displeased initially, but the little boy was fussy and very adamant about this. Eventually, his mother acquiesced. This put an end to Jodye’s torturous nights of mental warfare.

On this night, little Jodye Trill sat cross-legged on top of his bed with both of his hand’s palms facing the sky as his index fingers touched his thumbs gently. He was focused on the principles of the first stage of the Titanic Rage Immortal Law Compendium or the Titanic Rage Law for short. The first stage was about refining the body!

Jodye inherited 300 years worth of memories from a voice in his head after he died last time. These memories were the life and cultivation experience of a member of the ancient Titan clan! Jupiter Titan! Old Titans were a powerful clan of the proud and noble heaven slaughter race, beings from a place called the Legendary Realm. Supreme ancient Titans were so strong that they could eat the stars, and conquer worlds! What type of concept was that?

Even mortals of the Heaven Slaughter race2Heaven Slaughter racethe first race created by Pangu, leader of the Nova, to prevent the God and Devil races from growing too arrogant. They only have three clans, the Ancient Giant clan, Mighty Mayhem clan, and Ancient Titan clan. Ancient Giants were born powerful and gargantuan, the Mighty Mayhem clan members to even taller than giants, but incredibly lean and thin, where as Ancient Titans were born small and puny. However the Ancient Titan clan was the strongest of the Heaven Slaughter race. had comparably longer lives than humans, by about ten times, so from a technical aspect, this experience should only be equal to about 30 years of life to a human. The Titanic Rage Law was was the power inheritance studied by the entire clan! Ancient Titans were the most influential clan of the whole race! In his inherited memories he was a young Titan with special eyes named Jupiter but titled T’Zhane. These memories were so clear that it was as if he was once Jupiter, fighting his way through the ranks until earning his grand title T’Zhane! Only they didn’t feel deeply rooted, like the memories from his past life.

What confused and discouraged Jodye Trill at first, was that he, as a pure blooded human child, should not be able to comprehend this Titanic Rage Law of the ancient Titan clan. They weren’t even the same race! What was T’Zhane thinking, placing his hopes on me? However, after his first attempt, he realized he was having a much easier time than the young titan Jupiter did when he first started practicing. Not to mention Jodye Trill’s starting point was about eight years earlier! Though, this was due mainly in part to the previous experiences in cultivating branded on his soul. Every breath felt habitual.

Because the memories were imprinted onto his soul, Jodye Trill felt as if he had lived those 300 years himself! This was an awkward feeling to explain. The journey to obtaining strength was a long and arduous one, filled with slaughter and death! This was the case in his previous life as well. The world is forever ruled by strength! Only those with power make the rules.

That’s why for the last six months Jodye Trill had been meditating every night, attempting to break into the first stage of the Titanic Rage Law. He would wake up and do 50 push-ups, and 30 sit-ups, which was his current limit. Then Jodye would walk or run in the gardens all day, usually with his sister Kamila. From his current understanding of this world, it is very unlike the world where the Titans live. The air seemed to even taste different from what he remembered. So changed it might as well be a different galaxy altogether. What magic? What true essence? What Jodye Trill needed was almighty power! Only with true might could he carve out his own legend.

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Suddenly there was a knock at the door to Jodye Trill’s room and his mother, clad in a transparent gown, sashayed in with a ten-pound lump of shiny crystal that glowed in pink, purple, and pale blue. It was like a strange rainbow and released a startling chill in spite of being inside of this hi-tech looking airlock container.

“Here’s the present from your papa, baby.” Said lady Isis with love bursting from her eyes. She kissed Jodye Trill’s cheek and set the container next to the bed. She then changed her face to stern before saying coldly, “Joseph, you are not allowed to play with this crystal without mommy’s permission and guidance, okay? I’ll show you how it unlocks in the morning.”

In Isis’ opinion, the boy only wanted this thing to satisfy his curiosity, he shouldn’t go against her stern warning.

“Yes, mother,” nodded Jodye Trill obediently.

After his mother hugged and doted on him for a few more minutes, she finally left, and Jodye Trill begins his night’s training. He first took out the serenity glass magic mirror.

“This should work for now, no?”
Sky Fall Legend

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