Book I – Legend, Chapter 8 – Astral Might and the Titanic Rage law

In a small bedroom in a beautiful palace sat a little boy in white clothes. His long hair was braided to the back, and his brows were furrowed as if he were contemplating something.

“It seems in this world, there truly exists multiple planes of existence. An intriguing concept that for me is somewhat reminiscent of a certain train of thought in my old world’s philosophy. Our corporeal bodies, as well as the raw energies of the earth, exist in the physical plane. Whereas the raw energies of the heavens exist in the ethereal plane. Furthermore, these two planes combined are only the first layered sky. There exist several different layers of sky and forms of energy in harmony with one another.” Jodye Trill was sitting with his legs crossed on the bed, muttering to himself. “Through deep meditation, in addition to a sufficiently powerful soul, it is possible for one to sense the existence of these energies. If one was able to then direct those energies inside their own body, then they could refine their bodies with the energy!”

Body refinement was the starting point for all arts. A common saying was that, before having a sharp mind, one must first have a healthy body. Fighting was, after all, mainly reliant on how efficiently one could control their body to attack and defend.

Back on 21st century Earth, most martial artists spent their entire lives strengthening their bodies, to improve their power in small increments. One could pretty much use their eyes to see how many bulging muscles a fighter had, and they would be able to determine their approximate level of strength. There were legends of men training until their bones were as hard as refined metal.

After fusing with the Ancient Titan’s memories, Jodye possessed an innate disdain for such boastful men. There was so much more to be obtained on the path of pure power. The homeland from his memories was far behind in the trends of power. They were missing one crucial element.

Knowledge of the void in the sky and the heavenly powers within!

The energy of the heavens was far different from the energy of the earth. The energies of the earth come directly from the natural laws produced by the world. These laws all possess a bit of the world’s essence, so they exist in the physical plane. On the other hand, heavenly energy lived before the universe came into existence! This mysterious power of the void could reshape the mortal body to make it capable of extraordinary things.

The ancient Titan clan was capable of tempering their bodies using the energies of the heavenly void! Jodye never knew there was a heavenly void or any sort of magic within. He almost felt like this was a video game world. How could there be something so good in real life? He told himself that he must learn this ability! However, this was easier said than done, as it seemed to require a very high level of comprehension.

“Refining the body first is fundamentally correct. Mn, after all, the meta-human training was the same right? We were forced to go through torturous experiments and training, just to improve the conditions of our bodies so that they could better withstand our abilities. Abilities, it seems, we did not understand in the first place. Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..s and force…well, no matter what, to gain the true internal might, the Titanic Rage force, I must first endure the pain of tempering my physique.”

Little Jodye held the serene sound mirror in his hand as he closed his eyes in meditation. During the last six months, he had repeated this posture every night, as he tried with all his focus to sense the energies of the earth and the heavens. Now, he would begin to attempt to perceive the mysteries of the serenity glass as well. It was a nifty device, but he couldn’t even use it on his own, as he had no understanding the powers that move it. He knew that he would need a deep understanding of the laws that created this material in the future though. Best to study early.

Jodye Trill was searching for a supernatural feeling. At first, he felt nothing but bored when he meditated. However, with time he begins to feel a mysterious tangle run through his body after he contemplated for a few hours. Almost as if he had just run out of something he was using, causing him to become irritable and lose focus after.

This feeling became an addiction. Jodye knew that this was his spiritual power. By expending it, he was trying to discover his spiritual senses. Every time he felt the little tangle of supernatural feeling; first, his head would ache severely, and then his spirit power would rapidly deplete. He could detect some type of mental barrier preventing his progress. It felt as if he was driving straight into a concrete wall with a Ferrari.

Jodye was pleased to discover that every time he recovered from exhausting his spirit power, his power reserves would increase noticeably. It was taking him much longer to run out of spirit than when he first started meditating. Finally, the day came when that wall he crashed into every night had finally collapsed! His rickety old bust down Ferrari sputtered its way through at last.

During his meditation, last night, right as his spiritual power was running out during his meditation little Jodye managed to have his first breakthrough in this life! He successfully reached the first level of Spiritual Force and discovered his spiritual sense.

“Spiritual Sense*…” for a moment little Joe was too excited and lost in thought, “I bet my dad would s*** himself if he knew I had already reached level one spiritual sense. How old am I again? This is awesome. Soon it’s a must that I gain access to the family library. There is too much I’m unfamiliar with. Knowledge is the base of power and the key to advantage, I must learn about the customs and cultural norms of this land. Otherwise, I may end up inviting a calamity on to myself.”

The first step for any path to power was to awaken the spiritual sense. The spiritual sense was the first level of soul development. Without arousing your spiritual sense, it was impossible to sense the energies of heaven and earth. The ability to feel or ‘see’ such energy is known as the Mind’s eye. The Mind’s Eye had various cool functions.

These were powers beyond the restrictions placed on the physical world, and most mortals typically had no way of coming into contact with them. Only those who chose to pursue the heights of power, and abandon the mundane, are considered worthy.

Tonight, when Jodye Trill closed his eyes and re-entered his meditative state, he felt as if he was suddenly sitting in the middle of the dark void, surrounded by some cloud-like lights. These lights were like multicolored, layered, oceanic waves, that floated all around in the air the same way gas would. It was like looking at another world while existing in the original.

“The ethereal plane…” Jodye Trill marveled at this feeling.

There were myriad different lights, and this confused the little boy a lot. He had presumed that spiritual sense should be the so-called ‘sixth sense’ that humans have always been said to possess. He couldn’t see, hear, or taste the energy around him. He could only feel it through his soul. This “feeling” however was different from touch, and yet a little similar to all five of the senses at once. It felt almost as if he was adding an additional layer of skin that operated identically to dozens of eyes that only saw energy flows. Of course, this was likely due to his low power level.

Spiritual Sense gave one the ability to sense with one’s spirit and transmit the information directly to the soul. The Mind’s Eye technique allowed the mind to perceive this information with vision akin to sight, but also not sight. After all, if Jodye opened his eyes, he would no longer be able to ‘see’ these energy flows. However, his spiritual sense could track the movement of these energies.

As Jodye Trill grew more familiar and adept with his manipulation of spiritual discernment, he discovered that he could use this formless sense to wrap around energy and guide it into his body. Merely, he could only identify a couple of them from his auxiliary memories, although he could sense many more energy flows than he knew to recognize. It was like his perception was constantly slipping between worlds. He also found that wrapping his spiritual sense around these energies was incredibly tricky.

The energy would basically have to be touching him already. Even though his spiritual sense could dip into many different layers of the ethereal plane, it could only extend four inches from his skin. According to his memory, Jupiter Titan the T’Zhane was only able to detect about a third of these energy flows even at his peak. At the height of Jodye’s inherited memories, the Titan only had access to the first through the fourth sky. Not only this, but it took Jupiter two years of meditation to make his spiritual sense extend four inches from his skin. Jodye Trill felt wondrous while surfing through the layered waves of energy, but was baffled while pondering what this could mean.

Could he be a natural born genius? Capable of unlocking the real mysteries of the universe. Then again, he was also one of this universe’s mysteries. Reincarnation would never be ordinary!

Jodye naturally didn’t doubt the possibility of him being a mega-genius. He was, after all, able to speak in two languages before turning one. Being amazing was essentially predetermined in this life.

Maybe this planet was superior in terms of the number of energies in harmony?

However, this seemed unlikely to little Jodye. Here in Pangaea, the civilization was far behind even the lowest of the worlds dominated by the Ancient Titan Clan. The grand and amazing scenery imprinted into his memories was countless times more impressive than anything he had ever seen for himself. Thus, he was able to conclude that this place should not be within the Legendary Realm.

“It seems that to explore that vast and starry skies I will need to reach at least the fifth or sixth stage of the Titanic Rage Law. Maybe even the seventh! Merely, the amount of astral might here seems to be far less than in the upper realms. In fact, all of the energy here is much thinner than those from the memories of the T’Zhane. Who knows how many years it will take to reach the seventh level under these conditions?”

Jodye Trill let out a heavy sigh. He decided to discard these thoughts for now, as he didn’t have enough fundamental knowledge of this planet. For now, he had to focus on sensing the energies necessary for his body tempering practice. The Titanic Rage Law taught one how to use Astral Might9Astral Mightone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. Astral Might can be viewed as a universe without a will of its own, and thus, no laws, only pure power. Fourth layer. The Ancient Titan race uses astral might in all their cultivation practices. Volos race practices require both true essence and astral might. to refine the body. This ultimately transformed the body completely, making the power in the body more explosive than the strength in a star.

Astral Might is the energy produced by the third layered sky of the divine ennead. The Ennead is the nine celestial clouds of energy masses remaining from the primordial chaos energy that facilitated the birth of the universe. Though these things existed in his memory, it did not mean he was able to instantly understand them.

They weren’t his actual memories, after all.

Plus he was plagued by memories of his past life. As for the memories from the Titan, it was more like a long dream he could remember in precise detail. In this dream, he was a heavenly scholar named Jupiter.

This is how Jodye was able to understand that after the Divine Universe45Divine UniverseUniverse created by the True Pharaohs Eternal War and Infinite Peace.d was formed, the primordial chaos that existed within the void to began to separate again into these nine celestial clouds. These celestial clouds are known as the Nine Layered Skies, or the divine ennead and are ever present in the universe. Merely, they exist in different planes of existence. The energy these heavens produce, facilitate the stability of the different realms.

The warriors of this land cultivate their bodies with the energies of the second layered sky called true worldly essence. For now, although he had some fragmented information on true essence, Jodye Trill didn’t have enough information to practice this method, nor did he completely understand the many memories he had inherited. Luckily, Jodye wouldn’t be expected to start training for another couple of years. He could take his time and study.

All ancient Titan clan cultivation techniques, or supplemental law practices, and even their technology was centered around the utilization of the energy of the fourth layer of heaven, Astral Might. Giant stars are indirectly born from, and then produce astral might naturally. Astral Might can be considered as the might of the stars! Based on the memories of the T’Zhane, Jodye Trill was using his spiritual sense to sift through the layers of energy until he found a sparkly layer that made his spiritual sense feel some kind of high-level heat pressure, and gave him a natural feeling of suppression when he entered this layer. It felt as if some part of him was swimming in an ocean of starlight. It was an indescribably magical feeling.

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“What a wonderful feeling,” said little Jodye Trill with a content smile on his face, before his brows tightened as he focused once more.

This bright, star-like, and partially invisible power had an ancient and desolate feeling. This was none other than Astral Might! After six months of dedicated practice, he had finally succeeded in sensing the legendary Astral Might. The third layer of heaven! Most humans had to reach the skies before having a chance at detecting this heavenly layer within the void. Using his spiritual sense as the line of a fishing rod, Jodye Trill attempted to guide the formless, night-sky-like energy towards his skin.

The Titanic Rage Law was separated into 13 stages. Jodye Trill’s current goal was to break through into the first stage, the Wimpy Man Stage. Once this happened, he would officially become a Stellar Titanic Warrior, like the Titans of old! Though the name of this stage was rather unflattering, Jupiter seemed to believe it was the best foundation in history, outside of the body tempering methods of the Draco Volos race, whom in his memory was basically a race of super dragons in humanoid form. Only the most powerful of the world’s essential characters could even speak of them. Why would anyone compare themselves to such a race? They were an enigma.

Osiris Trilleck had told him briefly about the Sage magicians and Saint warriors of this continent, but Jodye strongly believed that these Sage magicians and warrior Saints would pale in comparison to the ancient Titan race. This was a civilization of colossal powerhouses, capable of collapsing stars and annihilating entire races! Their path was the path to immortal strength! Everlasting rage! Mountainous physiques! The way of supreme might!

“House Lord, here are this quarter’s financials.”

“House Lord, here are the innate records for this year.”

“Reporting to the House Lord, this year’s Young Wolf Celebration dinner was a great success! Aharon Abasi took first place, while second place fell to Levi Magnolia. The third place was Hathor Lukman. They will enter the Golden Wolf’s Mystic Realm in three days.”

“Reporting to House Lord, the second young mistress is doing well in her etiquette lessons. However, the second young mistress made her tutor cry again today.”

In the main office of a luxurious mansion, Osiris Trilleck sat behind his desk buried in official documents. He dealt with each attendant that brought him reports as he mapped out the principal goals of House Trilleck for the following year. As he worked diligently and silently, he suddenly heard a light bell chime.

“Ke Si,” Behind him, an elder butler with white dreadlocks appeared from the shadow of the window’s drapery, “Tell me, what has my boy been up too lately?”

“The third young lord has been spending a lot of his time in his room, meditating as you’ve shown him. This one is somewhat surprised at how quickly he learns. He even seems to be close to awakening his spiritual force,” replied Ke Si with a low bow.

“He is talented indeed. Say Ke Si, you don’t think he’s… an imposter or something do you?” Lord Osiris hesitated before he asked the question hidden in his heart. He did not want to doubt his son, but some things were too outrageous to believe, “I can’t help the feeling that no child should be so intelligent. Something seems amiss; however, I have trouble pinpointing just what it is.”

“Many of the Household’s elders would echo your concerns. Monte would likely be the first to launch a complaint,” responded Ke Si in warning.

“Mmcht, Monte,” the Lord clicked his tongue in disgust. “That brother of mine would take my head if I let him. Does he seriously think I was unaware of him trying to poison my wives food so that they cannot conceive? He’s lucky to even breath today.”

“He is still useful, my lord. All things in due time.”


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