Chapter 130 – Things Going Wrong

“Thanks for the hard work!”

“No problem, just doing my duties.”

“Alright, come along now traitorous scum. We don’t have all day.”

A rally of men led a man away. He who had his face covered in a black bag, as he was dragged away in chains, was Opo after he had been memory wiped.

Opo hobbled, but the officials found nothing of it as they assumed it was because of his guilt and depression weighing down on him, that and the black bag made it hard for him to walk.

The battalion of officials and their prisoner left fleet on their ship used to transport prisoners. The fleet commander and Zythos looked at the scene with an expressionless face.

When the ship was the size of a speck of dust in their eyes, they started to walk away.

Zythos couldn’t help but ask, “Will they figure out that he had lost his memories?”

“No need to worry about that. It will be reported as the man being delusional and in the state of shock. Before they can pry any further than that the assassin will deal with him.”

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“What about the assassin? Will they find out who he is?”

“What do you think assassins are? They wouldn’t be known as that if they can’t manage to escape by themselves. Worst-case scenario we’ll have to deal with him too.”

“An assassin to deal with another assassin? There’s no way such a story could be true.”

“Who knows? The greedy bunch wouldn’t care who the target is, they only think for themselves. Then again, the one we’re sending is quite infamous so we shouldn’t need to worry about the matter.”

The two arrived at the Fleet Commander’s office as they ended the conversation. After sitting down, a projection appeared before the two, Daimon Werebringer appeared on the screen.

“Is the deed done?”

“Yes, your Excellency. All external factors and the cover-up has been dealt with. Awaiting your orders.”

“What was the reaction of the other party?”

“The Fleet Commander of the NX Fleet requested the occupancy of the subject with vigor, but we denied the request stating that the transportation should be handled by us since we were the ones to secure him. Even if they had the opportunity to speak to him, it wouldn’t matter now. As for the Alliance officials they are treating it as another simple case of accidental death.”

“Good, now that the expedition is a failure we can use the downtime to improve our standings in the Nexus solar system. It’s time to consolidate our foundations and eliminate all opposing factors. You will be awarded for your deed once the fleet has returned.”

“It is an honor to serve.” The fleet commander stood up and bowed graciously towards Daimon.

“Um, what should I do then?” Zythos who stood at the sidelines asked.

“Using the promotional fact that you had eliminated a swarm host core we’ll turn you into a hero. I am sure the association will twist the truth in a way which will favor us. With you, in the lead, we’ll be able to get more new recruits in our faction. Work hard, I’m counting on you.”

“Yes, Father!” Zythos replied energetically. Inwardly he thought if he continued to serve his father like this he wouldn’t be disposed of.

With that remark the communication channel disconnected.

Zythos, let out a small grin as he left the room.

‘It’s funny, to think that everything will go as he planned. But for some reason, I am thinking otherwise.’

‘Luon, are you truly dead?’

“They’re obviously lying. Clearly, the Mythos clan had done something to him.” Arisa clenched her teeth in fury as she had read the report the officials had given her.

The testimonial stated that Opo had accidentally attacked Luon when they were ambushed by Inzektors, and due to the shock the subject had forgotten his memories, his execution was delayed as the officials decided to wait until his memories had recovered before questioning him again.

Arisa didn’t think that this was the real truth behind the matter. She figured that Opo was forced to lose his memories during his time in the Yietal ship before he was let go like this. However, she lacked the evidence to prove her theory.

“If I were them, I would execute him when I still have the chance. But to do that under the eyes of the Alliance would be difficult. There’s nothing I can do in this situation. I’ll have to take a look at this situation from another approach.”

Thinking about the situation carefully she used her BMPU and contacted her family to help investigate the movement of the Mythos Clan.


“But Uncle I feel like-”

“I said we aren’t going to go investigate the Mythos Clan using our family resources. I do not want any tension between our family and the other powers in the Nexus solar system. What we need to do now is cultivate some new recruits. Seeing how this expedition was quite productive in reducing their numbers, it was still a failure since we weren’t able to claim the planet despite having their main forces away. Investigating an ally for a minor matter would only bring disorder.”

Felia’s father, otherwise known as Arisa’s uncle, was the current head of the Nightwalker family since Arisa’s mother was incapable of managing the affairs. With the support of the other elders, while making remarkable achievements, his prestige and reputation grew significantly.

He was a man whose ideals are supported by logical reasoning, and he wouldn’t do something that would undermine his position.

Marrying Arisa off to the Deminier was one of his ideas.

“If you don’t need anything else then ask someone else. I am quite busy and have no time to entertain you,” he stated.

Holding in her fury, she gave him a crooked smile as she answered, “Sorry for bothering you then, I will be returning home quite shortly, and I hope to see you then.”

With just a hum he nodded and cut off the communications. Then, a smashing sound followed by silence resonated in the room. Arisa sighed as she melted in her chair. Nothing was going her way, she couldn’t think properly because of how mad she was, the victim was her desk that had a massive dent in it.


“Don’t speak out to your master like that. You have to learn to wait and follow orders.”

“Roda, nevermind Keyral if you have something to say then say it.” Arisa turned to see Roda in the corner being reprimanded by Keyral, but still was void of any expression.

Roda looked deeply in her eyes as she said, “According to my understanding the Mythos Clan will undoubtingly send out an assassination request for Opo. If you’re looking to observe the Mythos Clan, then my family members and I are at your bidding, and if you can’t get more support from your family then shouldn’t we try asking your friend from the Novera Corporation?”

“Hmm, that is quite a valid opinion. However, I don’t want to involve Shizuka into these matters. It’s like my uncle said, it was quite a small ordeal, I don’t think they would authorize the use of their resources like this.”

“But your own forces and Shizuka’s should be sufficient enough for the investigation right?”

Tapping her finger against the desk, she gave it some thought before nodding as she said, “Alright, contact her on the bridge with the proposal. You’ll act as our private messenger as we aren’t entirely sure if our actions are going to monitored if we use our BMPU once we return to the Nexus solar system. I want to know what the Mythos clan is up to.”

“What about Luon?” Keyral asked.

Arisa glanced at her before looking at a picture on her desk as she said, “We’ll prepare a private funeral for his family. As for his revenge…”

With determination in her eyes, she resolutely bellowed, “I won’t let a single one of them off.”

“I’ve never been so, tired, in my, life.” Luon panted as he sat down after running what seemed to be a marathon.

“Physically you should be fine. With your body structure, you should be able to endure several days more of this. If you want to survive this ordeal you need to kill your mind a bit,” Thanatos replied.

“Kill my mind? My brains already fried. I just want to sleep, stupid bugs. They just won’t leave me alone.” Luon cried.

“Of course they won’t. To them, you’re the invader and the enemy. They will do whatever it takes to find you.”

It’s been a few weeks since the crash and Luon spent the majority of the day dealing with Inzektors. At first, he would kill every single one he saw, but once the spree started many more Inzektors would arrive. The battle became drawn out to the point where he couldn’t deal with them anymore.

Running away was the best method to deal with Inzektors, and he had to learn this the hard way.

“Still this place is crazy. What do you think this place was like before the Inzektors came?”

“From my understanding, and the records you have read before it explains that the level of civilization is equivalent to you our own, minus several redeeming points.”

“Out of those points, the most important one would be that tower,” Luon replied to Thanatos.

Looking outside of the window of the abandoned building Luon was in he could see a large tower covered in moss and other vegetation as it lays in decay.

“If I were a citizen of this planet and I had to live in fear of Inzektors daily. It’s normal to think that the hanger and weaponry depot to be located in the core part of the city. With the amount of damage it has and the fact that we can see Inzektor’s coming out of it. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out the entire building has become their nest.”

“What do you plan to do?”

“We’ll need to find a way inside of the hanger and secure a working ship that way-”

As Luon was explaining the details to Thanatos, he sensed something coming down fast at his location. He jumped away to find that the floor where he was previously on became crumbling pieces as two large Inzektors appeared in their place.

The two had six spiky legs, with joints covered in black armor. Their body and faces were merged, it was like a fully grown Alligator cut in half only uglier, but that wasn’t the frightening factor. These two Inzektors were both level 80.

“To think that there would be this many strong Inzektors. Man, our training camp must look like a joke compared to the real thing.”

There was no one there to agree to his argument, besides himself that is. Thanatos asked, “I guess we’ll going to have to escape again. How are you going to do it?”

“Don’t say that as if it isn’t your problem.”

“I’m saying it because it really isn’t my problem. To you, and me, I’m already dead like a ghost haunting you. I won’t feel pain if you die, maybe I would feel my fading existence, and I don’t know what that’s like so there’s no point of worrying about it.”

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“Any tips for me then?”

“Good luck!” Thanatos cheered.

He wasn’t the only one doing so, the two Inzektors screeched as if letting Luon know of their presence as they charged at him. Luon turned around hacked open the wall before jumping out of the building without a single second to think about his actions.

The walls behind him shattered as the two rammed the walls with their body, and the three of them began to free fall. Into another horde of normal Inzektors waiting for Luon on the ground.

Luon couldn’t help but curse his fate as he plunged into the middle of the horde.

The only thing on his mind now was to survive.

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