Chapter 18 – Charlie’s Handbook

Being slapped on the face, the angered Lin Xiao Bei was raging.

[Ding. Your Wing Chun Blocking Stance has successfully blocked your opponent’s attack. You used the force to jump]

While blocking Lin Xiao Bei applied force on his arm and used the pushback force to quickly jump backward, reached the wall and left the attack range.

‘Thud thud thud’ Lin Xiao Bei ran 5 steps on the wall like a monkey.

With a quick shift, he reached the back of the monster and like a bullet, ferociously kick off the wall with a powerful force and charged towards the back of its head.

“Break your arms or die. Choose yourself! Heh heh heh.”

Lin Xiao Bei strangely smiled.

After fighting for a period, he had understood the traits of the Resentment Aggregation Body. This fella was made from human skeletons and its joints would naturally move by following the structure of human skeletons.

A human frame makes it difficult for one to scratch their backs, let alone attacking Lin Xiao Bei who was currently behind.

If the Resentment Aggregation Body tries to force an attack, its trait of being easily fractured, there would be a possibility that its arm would be twisted and fall off.

However, if it did not attack. Lin Xiao Bei would land in its back, its Soul Core would become harder to protect.

This is the charm of a hardcore game. Techniques and brains were critical to achieving victory and not just simply piling up tons of Attributes.

Currently, choosing between losing an arm or a life was not a difficult choice.

A house gecko could break its tail for survival, let alone a powerful creature such as the Resentment Aggregation Body.

As Lin Xiao Bei jumped.

The 6 large skeleton arms weirdly twisted and bent backward.

‘Kacha’, ‘Kacha’, ‘Kacha’. The six arms broke away from their joints and charged towards Lin Xiao Bei.

“Dammit. Not leaving even an arm behind. Aren’t you willing!”

Lim Xiao Bei twisted and turned like a fish to evade.

One arm.

Two arms.

Three Arms.

Four Arms.

Just as he was evading his fifth one.

[Ding. You are cut by a huge skeletal hand. Health -15. The force has caused you to turn stiff, you are no longer able to evade.]

“F*** me. I am a goner!”

With his body turning stiff, Lin Xiao Bri could only helplessly watch as an arm holding a bone knife was spinning towards him.

At that moment, a woman’s cries were heard.

“Tide Shield!”

Along with the voice, a blue water shield appeared in front of Lin Xiao Bei and blocked the attack.

[Ding. Your teammate used Tide Shield technique)

It’s Bai Yiyi! Lin Xiao Bei was startled.

“Such fine control, nice one boss!”

Having successfully reached the bones of the Resentment Aggregation Body, Lim Xiao Bei quickly gave Bai Yiyi a big thumbs up.

“That’s of course. You should have seen who I, Bai Yiyi am!”

Receiving Lim Xiao Bei’s sincere praises had made Bai Yiyi very happy

Since young, she has been shrouded by her father’s halo. It has been a really long time since she last received approval from someone.

Being able to prove her value, she felt that this game was not as bad as it seemed.

Currently, Bai Yiyi seemed to have discovered her goal. She seemed to have started to like this game.

“Hey, Damn Money Lover. Stop fooling around. It hasn’t died yet, quickly go and attack its Undead Core!”

The Resentment Aggregation Body that has lost seven hands was now like a tiger without teeth, however, a game that requires you to stake your life would not be that lousy.

“Roger that Boss!” Lin Xiao Bei quickly agreed as well.

‘Sua sua sua’. Lin Xiao Bei climbed up the Resentment Aggregation Body. His target is the Undead Core within its skull.

“This is it! Die!”

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After reaching its shoulders, Lin Xiao Bei used two fingers and stabbed at the burning crystal ball viciously.

[Ding. You have stabbed the G Spot of the Resentment Aggregation Body, dealing 26 damage]

“Ji… ji ji ji…” As its G Spot was being poked, the Resentment Aggregation Body started giving off weird sounds.

“Hahaha. What a nice G Spot! Let me stab more!”

[Ding. You have stabbed the G Spot of the Resentment Aggregation Body, dealing 26 damage]


[Ding. You have stabbed the G Spot of the Resentment Aggregation Body, dealing 26 damage] [Ding. You killed the Resentment Aggregation Body. As you are already at the peak of Rank 1, you are unable to obtain any experience. All the experience will be given to your teammate instead]

Along with the notification. The Resentment Aggregation Body collapsed onto the ground like a mountain. Lin Xiao Bei was also covered in a mess due to the fall, he was now covered in injuries and requires healing.

At that moment.

‘Swoosh’ a white light flashed. Bai Yiyi has leveled up and was happily running over.

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“Damn Money Lover. I have leveled up and learned Heal. Come, let me heal you!”

[Heal: Consume 5 MP and heal (Magic Attack) * (50%) * (Skill level) of damage]

Bai Yiyi had only 10 Magic Attack while Lin Xiao Bei had lost over 200 health. Even if this silly chick squeezed out every drop of MP, she could not be able to restore his health bar back to yellow.

“Damn Money Lover, your injuries are too heavy. Why not we leave this Instance first, the monster here is too powerful.”

“Leave the Instance before they even touch many monsters? Boss, your hand is fair and soft, quickly use it to open that treasure box. Let us talk after you collected that.”

As he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei was also considering Bai Yiyi’s suggestion. Indeed, the Instance’s first monster was already so powerful. He should be cautious and retreat from here temporarily.

However, Lin Xiao Bei was currently at a bottleneck and needs to get his second Job.

‘It will be perfect if this Resentment Aggregation Body drops a Rank 2 Fire-Type Job Token’

Lin Xiao Bei silently pondered.

His idea was very rich; however, the reality was very lean.

[HP Potion (Small) x 4 (Expired. Effects reduced by half)

“Dammit. So what it is expired, it can boost my immune system!”

Lin Xiao Bei closed his nose as he gulped down the 4 bottles at one shot.

After recovering his health, he went to the treasure box where Bai Yiyi was at.

“Boss, what else?”

[MP Potion (Small) x a (Expired. Effects reduced by half)

“Boss, what else?”

[<Charlie’s Handbook> (Incomplete)]

“It looks like a diary!” Bai Yiyi passed it to Lin Xiao Bei.

“Boss, what else? Is there a Job Token?”

“There isn’t anything else!”

“What? No more? I killed that thing with great difficulty, yet that’s all it dropped?”

Lin Xiao Bei angrily waved <Charlie’s Handbook> in his hands.

[Ding. You have received an Orange Epic Mission] [Redemption of the Resentful Spirits] [Mission Explanation: A traitor appeared within the Blazing Pirates, he was a fella who knew Soul Magic. When the door of the base was shut, he caused the members of the pirate group to die with hatred and turned them into Resentful Spirits, causing them to be unable to reincarnate for eternity]

Main Mission: Redemption of the Blazing Pirates and find their murderer to allow them to rest in peace.

(Note: Within <Charlie’s Handbook>, there might be crucial hints, you need to read it thoroughly to be able to find the murderer)

First Connecting Mission: Kill the resentful spirit of the Blazing Pirate Chef [Fire-Wielding Butcher (Steve)] and help redeem his soul.

Reward: Rank 2 Job Token [Fire-Wielding First Mate (Special)]

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