Chapter 17 – Resentment Aggregation Body

Inside the ravine.

Rigid winds were blowing out of a dark gloomy cave, when he reached the end of the road, Lin Xiao Bei pushed the ancient mysterious key inside a keyhole of a huge stone door.

‘Ji ya ya’ the stone door opened, and a rotting smell came from within.

[Ding. You and your teammate has entered the Blazing Pirates Instance]

After entering the Instance, the stone door strangely closed.

‘Zheng Zheng Zheng Zheng Zheng Zheng’, one Glowing Pearl after the other lighted up and lit up the passage.

“Woad! Damn Money Lover, this Glowing Pearl is so big and beautiful.”

All women like shining and glowing things, Bai Yiyi became turned into a fangirl within a minute and wanted to take one of them.

‘Kacha’ the sound of bones breaking was heard.

She looked down in shock, the passage was covered in white bones and she had just stepped on a skull.

“Ah…… A dead person… wu wu wu…” Bai Yiyi shouted in shock.

“Stop shouting, this is an Instance. You might attract the monsters.”

Lin Xiao Bei quickly covered Bai Yiyi’s mouth.

However, it was too late. The skull that Bai Yiyi stepped on suddenly released an ear-piercing shriek.

Closely after, a ghastly flame started to burn within its two empty eye sockets.

‘Ji Gu’, ‘Ji gu’. At the same time, the bones scattered throughout the entire passage seemed suddenly been attracted by something as they frantically gathered towards the skull.

The huge shockwave created immediately pushed Bai Yiyi and Lin Xiao Bei against the stone door.

By the time they recollected themselves, from the dust, appeared a huge skeleton with seven arms and eight legs. It was holding weapons such as blades, spears, swords, and pikes and wielding them as though they were alive.

“A ghost! What a huge ghost! It is even more frightening than that Lobster Boss. Damn Money Lover, are you kill it?”

Bai Yiyi quickly hid behind Lin Xiao Bei.

“Let me check it first and find out what thing it is.”

Such a sinister looking monster also made Lin Xiao Bei’s heart feel frantic. Even if he wants to act awesome, he still needs to get some information first.

[Ding. You consumed 5 MP and successfully used Precise Probe. You obtained the following information.]

Monster Name: Resentment Aggregation Body (Initial Rank)]

(Explanation: A few pirates were just one step away from leaving this place and survive. They held a strong resentment against the traitor that shut the stone door)

[Species: Undead] [Level: 10 (Elite)] [Health: 100] [Attack: 60] [Defense: 5] [Speed: 60] [Traits: Seven Arms and Eight Legs. A physique that easily fractures] [Weakness: Light Attribute Attacks, Undead Core] [Skills: Whirlwind Blade Dance, Spit Fireball]

“These attributes???” Lin Xiao Bei was expression looked stupid.

Its Attack and Speed was not much higher than a Lobster Guard, in addition, it only has 100 Health. Just 4 hits and it be GG.

(Cuppa: People who played dota should have heard of the term GG. It means good game)

However, isn’t the strength of monsters in the game scaled according to their looks? Can it be that the game artist was just being professional?

If so, I will give you praise for your professionalism. Lin Xiao Bei weakly grumbled, he had really gotten a good scare.

“How is it? Is it very strong? If you are unable to deal with it, let us think of a way to leave this Instance!”

Lin Xiao Bei looked at the nervous Bai Yiyi suspiciously. She might have acquired a job, but she is still Lv.0 and unable to help much.

Retreat? This sort of weak monster was a good stepping stone for Lin Xiao Bei to act awesome and display the indomitable might of the Sixth Apostle.

“Boss, rest assured. This monster might be strong, but it is unable to last more than 4 strikes from this Apostle.”

As he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei shifted Bai Yiyi and protected her behind him in an extremely manly fashion.

Closely after, with strong powerful steps, he walked towards the monster like a brave warrior.

Dust flew about, the clothes of Lin Xiao Bei fluttered without any wind as he stood in front of the Resentment Aggregation Body, the aura and pressure of a Martial Grandmaster have appeared.

As the aura of an expert was released, Lin Xiao Bei calmly prepared his stance at the Skeleton Monster.

He curled his pinky and said in a tone filled with disdain.

“Trash, do not resent the strong power of the opponent in front of you.  If you want to resent, blame yourself for being too weak. Come, I will let you attack first or else, you will not have the chance.”

Lin Xiao Bei’s words seemed to have angered the monster, its strange skull opened and a voiced mixed from seven-eight people was heard.

“Sha… Sha, too weak, too weak. We resent being so weak! Kill you! Traitor!”

As its words were heard, the Resentment Aggregation Body moved its eight legs like a strange spider.

‘Pa’ its huge body shook the ground as it charged towards Lin Xiao Bei.

When it was less than 5 meters from him, the Resentment Aggregation Body suddenly appeared in front of him and wielded its pike towards Lin Xiao Bei.

Seeing the incoming attack, Lin Xiao Bei used his right hand and countered with a Wing Chun Palm Strike on the huge arm.

[Ding. You successfully blocked your opponent’s attack and did not receive any damage]

Hearing the notification, a corner of Lin Xiao Bei’s mouth curled up. Using his left hand as well, he landed 4 consecutive attacks on the Resentment Aggregation Body.





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 [Ding. You broke your opponent’s arm. As your opponent is undead and you did not strike its core. The attack damage has been restricted to 1]

“Huh? Only reduce its Health by 1? Isn’t it supposed to be GG after 4 attacks?”

While Lin Xiao Bei was startled, the Resentment Aggregation Body did not relax and strike at Lin Xiao Bei using the weapons on its remaining six arms.

The flustered Lin Xiao Bei used slaps, pushes, palm strikes and his elbows to frantically block the attacks. However, it was hard for two fists to contend with 6 arms.

[Ding. You successfully blocked your opponent’s attack and did not receive any damage] [Ding. You successfully blocked your opponent’s attack and did not receive any damage] [Ding. Your shoulder received a slash, Health -26] [Ding. You successfully blocked your opponent’s attack and did not receive any damage] [Ding. Your back received a slash, Health -26] [Ding. You successfully blocked your opponent’s attack and did not receive any damage]

Lin Xiao Bei relied on his Grandmaster Martial Arts to block 4 out of 6 attacks but was unable to perform a counterattack. If it was an ordinary person, they would have obtained a GG.

[Ding. Your shoulder received a slash. Health -26] [Ding. You successfully blocked your opponent’s attack and did not receive any damage]


[Ding. You successfully blocked your opponent’s attack and did not receive any damage]

The Resentment Aggregation Body continues to rain attacks. Lin Xiao Bei was pinned down while his blocking speed was decreasing.

“Dammit, I made a huge mistake! Acting awesome failed!” Lin Xiao Bei was feeling anxious.

Lin Xiao Bei noticed that he had made a big mistake.

The Resentment Aggregation Body might not possess high attributes, but it still possessed many limbs that allowed it to create fierce consecutive attacks without rest. Even if the Lv.15 Lobster Boss encountered this fella, it would be GG as well.

‘Pa pa pa pa pa’

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The Resentment Aggregation Body sent another round of attacks, Lin Xiao Bei was slapped to the point that his mother nearly would not be able to recognize him.

He needs to find the Undead Core. Lin Xiao Bei lift his head and saw a small ball covered in ghostly flames within its jaw.

That’s it.

At that moment, seeing Lin Xiao Bei’s health bar turns red, Bai Yiyi screamed out.

“Damn Money Lover, run if you can’t do it! You are on the verge of dying.”

“Dammit. A man will not say they can’t do it! Damn, you have angered me now!”

Having found the opponent’s weakness, how could Lin Xiao Bei leave?

In addition, the Resentment Aggregation Body has been constantly slapping him, causing extreme damage to his body and embarrassing his pride.

He was angry!

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