Chapter 16 – Magician Qualities

“Open Status Panel!”

[Name: Lin Xiao Bei] [Name: Lin Xiao Bei] [Age: 23 (Male)] [Title: <Eternal Nightmare>] [Reputation: 100 (Fishman)] [Level: Lv.10(Max)] [Experience: 6000/6000] [Rank: Private] [Talent: Awesome Bragging] [Talent Level: Lv.1] [Free Attribute Points: 21 + 3 (Attribute Potion)] [Skill Points: 19] [Set Equipment Trait: Fire Immunity] [Awesome Acquisition: 1 Time Remaining (Awesome Points Remaining: 84,350)]

With the information displayed, Private Rank has reached its max. However, Lin Xiao Bei has yet to obtain a Rank 2 Job Token that he liked. Even worst, was that he was lost in regard to his development direction from now on.

Within <Age of Worldwide Monsters>, a Job decides the playing style of the Player.

Like the Assassin Ye Qing Ling, the Soundless Assassin specializes in Agility, the Shadowless Assassin also specializes in Agility. Ye Qing Ling would focus on the Assassin Profession when she ranks up from now on, with the compounding of the Agility attribute

“Turn to Attributes Page!”

[Physique: 29] – Health: 290/290

[Strength: 29] – Physical Attack: 29+20 (Weapon Physical Attack)

[Agility: 29] – Speed: 29

[Spirit: 27] – Magic Attack: 29+55 (Weapon Magic Attack), Magic Power: 290+1000 (Boosted from cloak)

[Perception: 29] – Probe: 29

Only allowed on
[Defense: 30] (Boosted from robes)

Lin Xiao Bei looked at his Attributes and felt very vexed. The attribute gains from Omnipotent Sailor was very high, however, it was too much like a water barrel, there was no focus in growth.

This was very dangerous, even Bai Yiyi’s Support Profession [Tide Healer] has two times the Spirit Growth then him. Let alone a pure Attribute focused fighting profession like Ye Qing Ling.

Lin Xiao Bei could completely imagine that if he were to fight with Ye Qing Ling when they were at the same level and if they were not boosted by equipment or talents even with his high martial understandings, the high agility and soundless Ye Qing Ling could still instantly kill him.

Let alone that mysterious Third Apostle.

“No. I must confirm my developing direction.  If not, even with the extra 24 Free Attributes, it would not be enough to bridge the gap between the fighting focused individuals after his second Job Change.”

When he was thinking about which direction to develop, Lin Xiao Bei opened his Skill Page. Since he did not have a core focus, he will get inspiration from his current skills.

“Open Skill Page.”

[General Skill: Lv.2 Precise Probe] [Set Equipment Skill: Dark Flame Hell] [Job Skill: Lv.1 I Am Omnipotent] [Talent Skill: Awesome Bragging]

(Skill Explanation: You can currently brag a Lv.1 Awesome to obtain 1 – 100 Awesome Points.)

[Talent Skill: Lv.1 Awesome Exchange]

(Skill Explanation: You can consume Awesome Points to exchange for a Lv.1 Awesome that you bragged.)

(Skill Explanation: Lv.1 Awesome can only affect things that are Lv.30 and below)

[Talent Skill Remaining Usage and Explanation]

(Number of uses in Game: 1. Current remaining uses: 1)

(Number of times available to use in Real World: 1. Currently used: 0)

(Every time you entered the game and return, the number of uses would reset. The usage limit will increase as your talent levels up)

(Skill Explanation applies for both [Awesome Bragging] and [Awesome Exchange])

[Rank Skill: 0/1]

Within the memories he inherited, the number of Rank Skills that each Player could learn was limited. A Rank 1 Private could only possess one Rank Skill (Active).

“0/1? Dammit, even Bai Yiyi that Ying Ying Monster has a Rank Skill, yet I have yet to learn one.” Lin Xiao Bei rolled his eyes.

He quickly looked through his bag. He remembered he had obtained a Rare Skillbook after completing the Trial. A Rare Skillbook was hard to come by, it might become his core focus.

[Skillbook: Flame Explosion] [Grade: Rare Rank 1] [Skill Effect: Creates an explosion in any place that has a fire. Consumes: 10 MP. Causes (Magic Attack) x (Skill Level) of Fire Attribute Damage] [Cooldown: 15 – (Skill Level) seconds] [Activation Condition: Require Flames] [Learning Requirement: As it is Trial Reward, there is no requirement to learn this high-grade skill]

Playing fire?

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Looking at the introduction of Flame Explosion, Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes shined. If he combines this skill with [Dark Flame Hell], won’t he be exploding the hell out people!

[Ding. You used one Skill Point and learned <Flame Explosion>] [Ding. You used two Skill Points and increased Flame Explosion to Lv.3]

Lv. 3 means that it would deal 3 times the damage!

Lin Xiao Bei currently has 84 Magic Attack, won’t 3 times be equal to 252 points of damage? Adding the damage per second of Dark Flame Hell and with enough magic power, he would be able to dish out tons of accumulated damage.

“Damn, only with this amount of damage dealing could I really be called Eternal Nightmare. It looks like I have to look for a Magician Job Token that has a Fire-Type Skill as my second job.”

With a direction, Lin Xiao Bei felt energized.

However, this was an island surrounded by water, where could he be able to locate a Fire-Type Job Token?

“Dreamy, Dreamy. Is there an auction setting in the game? I want to get a Rank 2 Job Token.”

Lin Xiao Bei immediately asked Dreamy for assistance.

However, there was no reply this time.

“F***. She must have gone to watch <Dating Wars>. At this rate, I will become a goner.”

Lin Xiao Bei was speechless. Being newly born and possessing the 3 traits settings, Dreamy has been following her character setting of experimenting every day. Lin Xiao Bei was nearly played to death by her many different approaches of seducing him.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was feeling the blood rushing to his brain.

“Damn Money Lover, Damn Money Lover! Quickly come look, what sort of good stuff is this?”

Bai Yiyi excitedly ran over.

“What? “

The intimate images with Dreamy were shattered, Lin Xiao Bei received the Old Key that Bai Yiyi passed to him grumpily.

“Hmm? This is a?”

[Ding. You consumed 5 MP and successfully used Precise Probe. You obtained the following information.] [Blazing Pirates Instance Key] [Function: Opens the door to the place where the Blazing Pirates have hidden their treasures]

Instance Description:

The Blazing Pirates were a group of powerful pirates that has once dominated the East’s Storm Domain. 30 years ago, after [Blazing Captain (Bill)] obtained a pass to enter the New World, he secretly plotted to enter and develop in the New World.

However, for some unknown reasons, the pass was stolen. Suspicions and doubt had cause Captain Bill and several of his core members to start a huge fight.

At that time, the gates of their base strangely closed, causing the entire Blazing Pirates to be buried within the place where they kept their treasures.

(Note: Within the Instance is treasures, Job Tokens, Skillbooks, equipment, weapons etc. that was left by the Blazing Pirates. They have things you cannot imagine and unable to acquire)

When he read till this point, Lim Xiao Bei’s eyes shined. Since the Blazing Pirates have the title Blazing on them, it would be highly likely that this instance would possess a Fire-Type Job Token.

“Boss, where did you get this?”

“It was during the time when I got the Lobster Men to dig up an area to construct the docks. They dug out a cave and we found this inside. Damn Money Lover, what is this?”

Bai Yiyi was confused.

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