Chapter 15 – Establishing A Power

[Ding. East’s Storm Domain Announcement!] [A Player has occupied a base. Special Reward: Guild Token x 1. Please continue to work hard] [Ding. Player Bai Yiyi has formed the second Guild (Integrity Group) within the East’s Storm Domain. Special Reward: 1 x Building Blueprint of choice. Player has selected Shipbuilding Workshop.] [Ding. The top ten Players within East’s Storm Domain will also be able to obtain a Guild Token. Players should do your best and quickly occupy a base]

The Integrity Group belongs to Bai Yiyi’s father, this ironic name was the company of the Black-Heart Bulldozer Bai Wen Yi.

Lin Xiao bai did not want Bai Yiyi to hide her name and use her father’s company name for two reasons.

Firstly, to obtain investment from the Integrity Group.

Since the development of a Guild requires a large investment of money, people and energy, and Lin Xiao Bei did not possess any of them. To quickly develop the Guild’s Base, he can only rely on Bai Yiyi’s family that have these resources.

Second, to hide his identity. By hiding himself within the Integrity Group, with the Bai Family that was holding substantial influence back in the real world being the executant on the surface, no one would have expected that Lin Xiao Bei was hiding behind them.

However, Lin Xiao Bei knew that Bai Yiyi’s family was not weak. Once they reach a certain level, it would be very difficult to control them. This was a risky move.

But the information about the Third Apostle was like an invisible mountain pressing down on Lin Xiao Bei, he has no choice but to do this.

“The impact of <Age of Worldwide Monsters> on Earth is something that the Bai Family should have understood. I just need to control the crucial Fishman Armed Forces, I believe the Bai Family will obediently cooperate. Currently, the most important thing is to properly control Bai Yiyi.”

As he pondered, Lin Xiao Bei looked at Bai Yiyi who was currently commanding the Lobster Men ferociously to construct facilities within the base.

One must say, this Little Vase that was afraid of death was truly the daughter of the Black Heart Bulldozer. Be it the ability to manage or to oversee construction, both were areas that Lin Xiao Bei admits that he was much inferior.

[Item Name: Weather Stone Tablet (Building Type)] [Item Grade: 1] [Item Effect: A 1000 square meters windless zone would be created where the stone tablet is installed]

(Mobility Explanation: A Grade 1 Tablet weighs 50kg. If you can carry it, you can establish a base anywhere within the windless area it created.)

(Upgrade Explanation: Combine two Grade 1 Tablets to create a Grade 2 tablet. It will create a 2000 square meters windless zone)

Bai Yiyi first used the mobility feature of the Weather Stone and moved the base to a hidden ravine, using that place as their base of operations.

Next, was the construction of facilities within the base.

She used the tunnel digging trait of the Lobster Man and within a short few hours, she managed to orderly construct underground lodgings, defensive tunnels, air ducts and even micro facilities such as sewage systems.

From the looks of it, after a run-in period, Bai Yiyi had completely adapted to this game.

This chick’s emotions seemed to be slightly out of control.

Indeed, Bai Yiyi was currently freeing herself.

For the sake of survival, she even dared to shamelessly finish Lin Xiao Bei’s words. She had initially thought to simply hold down Lin Xiao Bei first and stop playing the game once she managed to go offline.

However, when she activated the 666 Apostle Badge, Bai Yiyi turned into a mess, the Apostle Mission! The Punishment System! This dogshit game not only forces her to go online, but she must also reach Lv.50 within half a year.

Even with a year head start, not many of the first batch of Internal Players managed to reach Lv.50. Most importantly, this was only the first connecting mission.

At this rate, she would become a goner in no time. Since she would die sooner or later! Might as well go all out and do her best.

At this moment, the sounds of construction within the base was also slowly reaching its end. An angry Bai Yiyi charged over and gave a status report of the base.

“Hey, Damn Money Lover, two sides of the ravine are cliffs. In the center of these cliffs is a one-meter wide passage, making it easy for us to defend and hard for others to attack. The ravine is next to the sea, it has a beach that we can use to construct a dock. Take out the blueprints of the Shipbuilding Workshop and quickly build it then bring me to level up, I want to reach Lv.50!”

This was all Lin Xiao Bei’s fault, she also experienced several scares. Bai Yiyi has made it a point to never give Lin Xiao Bei a good expression.

“Arhem. Boss, there is simply nothing to pick on about this base, 666! I give you a thumbs up, thumbs up.”

The current Bai Yiyi was like a lighted explosive barrel. Her powerful management skills and imposing manner was displayed clearly in front of him, Lin Xiao Bei must admit he was terrified.

However, when the blueprint of the Shipbuilding Workshop was brought up, Lin Xiao Bei entered a dilemma.

[Building Blueprint: Shipbuilding Workshop] [Quality: Rare] [Special Trait: The loading capacity of ships built was several times more]


  1. Can manufacture Small-Size Quick Boats
  2. Can manufacture Mid-Size Warships
  3. Can manufacture Large-Size Freights

(The quality of the ships created is dependent on the skill of the craftsmen and materials used)

Only allowed on
[Building Conditions: Understand how to read the blueprints and properly arrange for its construction]

“Boss, I have several of these weird and messy drawings. Do you understand them?”

A bunch of messy drawings and designs made no sense to a liberal arts student like Lin Xiao Bei.

“Che. My Bai Family built up its fortune through construction and I, Bai Yiyi, have earned my Grade 1 Civil Architect license when I am 20. I have taken part in the planning of many large-scale projects that my family has developed, a simple thing like this is only difficult for someone like you who is all brawn and no brains!”

She snatched the blueprints while looking at Lin Xiao Bei with unbridled disdain.

“So awesome?”

Lin Xiao Bei was startled, he has truly picked up a treasure.

“Do not use the pig brain of yours to suspect my intelligence. If you want to build ships, the intelligence of Lobster Man is even weaker than yours, it will be impossible for them to build ships. Wait till I go offline, I will get my father to hire some temporary technicians to come here and assist us. We must quickly develop this base, then you will bring me to level up.”

Bai Yiyi had already thought it though. Leveling was the most important goal of an Apostle, while the construction and management of the base could be done by other supporting staff. If she were to continue wasting time like this, she would not be able to pass the first Apostle Mission.


“No. At least not now!” Lin Xiao Bei immediately rejected.

He only has over 40 Lobster Men with him currently, his forces were too weak. If the Bai Family’s people were to come in now, he would be placed in a passive position.

“No? If not, then why did you establish a Guild using my family’s company name?” Bai Yiyi’s voice raised by eight octaves.

She angrily glared at Lin Xiao Bei.

“Oh, I know it now. You want to control the Fishman Armed Forces of this island first, then set a trap for my Bai Family to invest in it. You are plotting to take away my family’s assets!”

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As an heir on an enterprise, Bai Yiyi immediately saw through Lin Xiao Bei’s thoughts.

“I am not!” Lin Xiao Bei firmly denied.

He was only doing this for self-preservation, when he enters the New World, why would he be bothered with this land owned by her family.

“If not, then you agree to hire people?”

“Who says I have agreed? Boss, stop causing a scene. I have my own plans.”

“Plans? Plans to plot against my father? No way, today you must agree to hire even if you don’t want to hire. After I go offline, I will find my dad and discuss the terms of contract!” Bai Yiyi’s tone was firm.

“Bai Yiyi, I am only giving in because you listened to me. Yet you bloody hell dare to express an opposing opinion. Do you believe me when I say I will kill that Bulldozer Dad of yours immediately after I go offline?”

Contract terms? Is the Black Heart Bulldozer a charitable person? Bai Yiyi’s endless pestering has caused Lin Xiao Bei to be slightly angry.

“You shout at me? Even my dad and mum did not shout at me since I was young! I am fighting it out with you!”

Bai Yiyi exploded, ever since she came into this game, she has been facing countless dangers, terror, and panic. She did not want to play this game, yet the Punishment System was forcing her to play it.

Now, with Lin Xiao Bei threatening her, the negative emotions that Bai Yiyi has suppressed exploded. Slapping, scratching and punches rained down on Lin Xiao Bei viciously.

“You bad man, it is all your fault! I want to kill you! Kill you!”

“Dammit, do you really want to die?”

Being beaten up out of no reason while his face was also covered in scratches, Lin Xiao Bei was really angered. He unsheathed his scimitar and placed it on Bai Yiyi’s neck.

“Ying… I am not hiring anymore, I won’t hire them! Ying… ying ying ying…”

The cold scimitar was still covered in blueish blood, Bai Yiyi immediately shuddered and became a Ying-calling monster.


“Really, we are all cultured people, why must you bloody force me to be rough.”

Lin Xiao Bei sheathed his weapon in a bad mood.

However, he still needs to rely on Bai Yiyi’s help to develop his territory, it was not good that he takes things too far. He lightly wiped away the tears that were forming on the corner of Bai Yiyi’s eyes.

“Okay, Boss don’t cry. Your father is so rich, investing in a base will not cost him much as well. In addition, Apostles will need to enter the New World. Once I am gone, let alone this base, even the Fishman Forces that I left behind will belong to your family, you guys would have made a killing.”

“Ying… really? You are not lying to me? Ying… Ying Ying…….”

After releasing her pent-up emotions, Bai Yiyi was also not as hot-tempered as before.

“I also have the Punishment System, right? Why would I lie to you? Okay, Boss, constructing the base must be hard on you. Here is the rare Job Token [Tide Healer] that dropped from the Fishman Leader, there is also a Rank 1 Skillbook [Heal]. From now on, you just shamelessly stay at the back and be a little nanny. You will forever not need to worry about safety.”

(Cuppa: In games, a healer/priest role is given the title Nanny because they take care of the other players like a nanny with their healing abilities. Healing also has a game slang called giving milk, a player will shout ‘Give me milk’ to the healers to request for healing)

[Tide Healer] is a special mage job that gives a growth rate of 3 Stamina and 4 Intelligence per level. It provides 2 additional attribute points than ordinary job tokens and possessed a group defense skill called Water Shield.

Together with the skillbook [Heal], it was a very standard Priest role that was very suitable for the timid Bai Yiyi.

“Humph, it is just a huge lollipop, what a crude method.” Bai Yiyi sucked in her snot.

Her mouth might be saying as such, but her actions were very honest. She grabbed the Job Token and skillbook before running to a corner to try them.

“Boss. Don’t forget to arrange the construction of the Shipbuilding Workshop with the Fishman after you complete your job change.”

“Okay, okay. A Boss like me still needs to work for an employee like you!”

As she complained, Bai Yiyi went to Fishman after completing her job change and commanded them to gather the materials for construction of the workshop.

Everything started to be on track.

After restoring peace. Lin Xiao Bei opened his Attributes Panel.

Bai Yiyi had just unlocked her path of leveling.

Yet Lin Xiao Bei have already reached Lv.10, the peak of the Private Rank.

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