Chapter 186: It’s tough being a good person

“Do pardon me if I’ve offended you in any ways.”

“Everything that I’ve done is to save you.”

“I’ve always been a good person, kind and upright.”

Those that could say such words are usually not good people. They are vile, evil, shameless…… Qin Tian’s eyes were narrowed and his expression was dirty, as if he was a wolf that hadn’t vented out for years.

Facing Yan Xin and Yan Bing, two half naked flowers, his eyes burnt passionately and his body unconsciously became restless as he lost control over his male member* which was now rising steadily.

[*Man’s best friend ]

That tempting snow white skin, slightly exposed peaks, Qin Tian was unable to stay calm.


Qin Tian let out a sigh and suppressed the burning passion within him. All of a sudden, seemingly having become a different person, he said seriously, “Later, I’ll help to clear the way for your chaotic inner Qi, do not resist.”

Qin Tian was currently more serious than anyone else. He was just like an upright gentleman.

Yan Xin sunk in thought. She stared at him, unable to see through him.

However, she felt oddly relaxed, feeling that Qin Tian was trustable.

Yan Bing was also in a daze as she stared at Qin Tian doubtfully.

Qin Tian did not continue to speak. If delayed any further, the two would really perish, and even immortals would become helpless.

Their inner Qi were in disarray. Without aid, in less than 3 breaths of time, their inner Qi would start to wreck havoc and shatter their internal organs. It would be hard to not die after that.

Yan Xin and Yan Bing’s lives were hanging on a thread. At this point in time, Qin Tian could not be bothered to have any apprehension. He placed his hands upon both their chests.


Qin Tian let out a sigh. From the frowns on their faces, Qin Tian understood what they were thinking about. If not for how serious their injuries were, the removal of their clothes would not be needed for their recuperation.

The law of aura’s recuperate can permeate through things using spiritual sense, but that would largely reduce the effect. The effect from the contact between skin would be much better, as his inner Qi could enter their bodies directly.

With their current serious injuries, without doing this, even if their chaotic Qi were cleared, the time needed was too long. Their Dantians would certainly be harmed.

“Calm your mind, don’t let it waver.”

Qin Tian reminded himself and the circulation within his Dantian increased. Inner Qi spreaded throughout his body. Under the Law of Aura, 2 portions of warm energy flowed to his palms and into the bodies of the girls.

His comprehension of the Law of Aura had risen by another level in a short 2 months, making his ability to feel and control greater.

Feeling how much of a disarray the inner Qi within the girls bodies were, Qin Tian frowned. “So chaotic, worse than what I’ve imagined.”

Luckily, they cooperated and did not try to prevent Qin Tian’s Qi from entering.

Yan Xin calmed herself and relaxed her body. She was clear of her situation. The fire python’s attack was too strong, her immortal grade armor could not withstand it. Along with her previous rashness, her condition had worsened.

The warmth flowing in from Qin Tian stunned her. “Did I blame him wrongly?”

“Maybe…I’ve probably blamed him wrongly.”

“Don’t think too much.” Qin Tian spoke softly as more Qi entered. Her body was now like a battlefield, extremely intense.

Facing so much chaotic Qi, Qin Tian had to go all out.

Although he was drenched, he did not dare to relax.

Feeling the warmth within them and seeing Qin Tian drenched in sweat, Yan Xin and Yan Bing felt touched. They knew they had wronged him and felt guilty.

An hour later.

The pale faces of Yan Xin and Yan Bing became rosy red. At this point in time, their chaotic Qi were cleared and their strength were mostly recovered.

The two girls opened their eyes simultaneously. When they looked at Qin Tian, their faces turned red.

When their lives were hanging by a thread, they could not think too much as they were anxious. They had forgotten that they were partially naked. Now, seeing Qin Tian’s expression, they suddenly woke up to reality. They wished they could just find a hole to hide within.

The worst part was that Qin Tian’s eyes were wide open and blood was flowing down his nose……


Yan Bing reacted unconsciously, sending out a punch.

Qin Tian fell with his eyes wide openl.

Shocked, Yan Bing stood up, grabbed her clothes and hurriedly wore them.

“Sister, what’s wrong with him? He won’t die right? Yan Bing cautiously approached Qin Tian, “Hey, are you dead yet?”

Qin Tian did not move. On his forehead, drops of sweat emerged……

“Sister, he won’t have exhausted his inner Qi to save us right?” Yan Bing was a little anxious and kneeled down beside him. However, when she saw his huge sword*, her face turned red, “Smelly bastard.”

[*Man’s best friend ]

“It would be great if he’s dead.”

Yan Xin’s strength had recovered and she once again became the ice-cold beauty. Her feeling towards him seemed to have not been affected even though he saved her.

Like a thousand year iceberg.

“Right, that would be great. After looking at our bodies…..” Yan Bing snorted and gave a kick.

Qin Tian still did not move, though on his forehead, a few more droplets of sweat could be seen……

“Sister, why don’t we leave him here. If master asked, let’s say he went to hunt a three-headed fire python to give as a meeting gift. How about that?” Yan Bing rolled her eyes and smiled evilly.

After Yan Xin wore her clothes, she grabbed her sword and pointed it at Qin Tian’s throat. “Get up or I’ll slice.”

“F**k, are you both still human?”

Qin Tian flipped over and cursed.

Yan Bing jumped up in fright and retreated a few steps. She stared at Qin Tian dazedly for a few seconds before scolding, “You bastard, to actually dare to feign death. Don’t think just because you saved me, I’ll let you off. Lao Niang’s chest isn’t something anyone can touch.”

Qin Tian was once again drenched in sweat. A few minutes before they woke up, Qin Tian modestly took some repayments by giving a few grabs. It resulted in a nosebleed. Unable to control his desires, his sword grew big.

Until now, his palms could still remember the softness.

Sensing that they were going to wake up, yet unwilling to put down his hands, he decided to feign death to prevent awkwardness. Unexpectedly, that was seen through by Yan Xin.

Qin Tian scratched his head and smiled bitterly. Revealing a foolish expression, he stared into the eyes of the angry Yan Bing, “I will take responsibility.”

“Take responsibility?”

“If you want to take responsibility, just go and die!”

Yan Bing gashed her teeth and executed a swordstrike. Her body was seen by him and this was a huge humiliation to her. In extreme anger, she could not be bothered to care about anything.

Qin Tian frowned. Previously, after helping them to recover with his Law of Aura, he had already consumed his Qigong. He was now powerless. Facing that swordstrike, he was anxious……


A centimetre away, the sword strike was deflected by another force. Qin Tian took a step back.

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“You…why didn’t you dodge?”

Yan Bing’s face changed. She did not expect Qin Tian to actually not dodge. If not for Yan Xin blocking her strike, Qin Tian would be laying on the ground.

“Do not spread today’s matter. If even half a word is spread, I’ll have you die without a burial site.” Yan Xin kept her sword and spoke expressionlessly.

Yan Bing wanted to question, but understood why Yan Xin did that after a moment of pondering. After all, they are ladies, pure like flowers. If words of their bodies being seen and touched by another spread, how could they have the face to meet other people?

Qin Tian chuckled bitterly while shaking his head, “It’s tough to be a good person.”

He then patted his butt and entered the mist alone, leaving behind the image of a lonely back. Those who saw it might wonder what misfortune had befallen on him.

After Qin Tian had disappeared within the mist, Yan Bing went over to Yan Xin’s side, “Big sis, are we a bit too much?”

Yan Xin did not speak as she glanced in the direction where Qin Tian had disappeared before gently sighing.

From the very beginning, they were the one in the wrong.

If it weren’t for them deliberately making it difficult for Qin Tian, Qin Tian would not have entered the Ten Thousand Snake Valley, resulting in a series of events to happen.

Also, Yan Bing had nearly killed him.

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The always optimistic and simple-minded girl’s head was now lowered and both her hands were fiddling with her clothes. She softly argued, “Just now, it really wasn’t on purpose…”

“Enough, let’s first return. We had delayed for so long, Master must definitely be anxious.”

After saying, Yan Xin headed in Qin Tian’s direction. Her pace was a little faster as she was worried that Qin Tian might meet other monsters. With his qigong being depleted, he might even die upon meeting an ordinary monster.

Yan Bing also followed behind but along the way, her head was lowered and she dared not say a word. If Qin Tian is willing to forgive her, she would be willing to let him touch…If Qin Tian knew of Yan Bing’s thoughts, he would “really” forgive her.

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