Chapter 275: I’m Going to Fight You!

“Junior Sister, look at how that woman is flirting with that scoundrel again! It’s so damn vexing watching them,” Hearing Cheng Yu and Tian Xue quarrelling in front, Ning Xue voiced her dissatisfaction.

“How is that related to me when they are flirting?” Ning Wushuang took a quick glance at Cheng Yu. Although she wasn’t related to Cheng Yu, to act so flirty in front of her, it caused her to feel some discomfort.

“Hmph! Nevertheless, I still feel extremely irritated whenever I see that scoundrel. When the opportunity strikes, I will definitely teach him a lesson, and help Junior Sister seek revenge!” Ning Xue extended her clenched fist as she spoke of Cheng Yu ruthlessly.

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“Senior Sister Wushuang, why is Cheng Yu addressing you as small steamed bun? Is it because Senior Sister looks like a steamed bun?” Ning Zi interrupted curiously.

“Right! Junior Sister, that brat kept on addressing you in this manner. What does he mean?” Ning Xue also commented curiously. Ning Wushuang saw how all her senior and junior sisters gave her a curious look, so she shook her head embarrassingly. She also had no idea what it meant. Ever since Cheng Yu met her, he had always been addressing her in this manner. Could it be because she really looked like a steamed bun? Ning Wushuang touched her face subconsciously.

“No way? Junior Sister doesn’t know as well? Then why are you still letting him address you in this manner? Are there any hidden secrets between you two? It’s such a personal manner of addressing you, as if both of you are a young couple,” Ning Xue cried out in astonishment before sizing up Ning Wushuang curiously.

“Senior Sister, stop joking around. I really have no idea what he meant. Furthermore, I already told you all that happened between him and I. How could there possibly be any hidden secrets?” Ning Wushuang replied hastily. These senior and junior sisters were too gossipy. They would always ask whatever they were curious about. In addition, they liked to imagine things and often these imaginations were utterly exaggerated. Actually, Ning Wushuang knew that Huaxian Valley disciples hardly came out for training. Furthermore, Huaxian Valley was filled with only women. Therefore, they were extremely gossipy and curious of the things between a male and a female.

Under Cheng Yu’s unrestrained lead, the group advanced even faster than they did in the past. Furthermore, with Cheng Yu, the formidable expert, the moment any dangerous demonic beasts appeared, Cheng Yu would always be the first one to go forward and eliminate it. All of them had no choice but to start assessing Cheng Yu’s strength again. Ning Xue and a few of the other senior and junior sisters also started to instigate Ning Wushuang. If Huaxian Valley was able to obtain such a son-in-law, it would definitely be a heavenly benefit.

Although the others were in high-spirits, Tian Xue and Tian Xing were extremely depressed. The current speed they were advancing at was simply too slow. Along the way, they started to grumble at Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu was also helpless about it. He could store all of them inside his soul artifact, but Cheng Yu didn’t want to let everyone know that he possessed such a treasure and secret.

“I’m hungry!” Cheng Yu was leading the way when Tian Xue grabbed onto Cheng Yu’s sleeve suddenly.

“Let’s rest here for the night!” Noticing the sky had turned dark, Cheng Yu turned around and told everyone. He felt that it was about time that everyone was getting tired. So, he searched for a spacious area before starting to settle down.

“Sigh! Finally, it’s time to rest. I wonder when we will get out of here,” Ning Zi sat in the middle among all the other senior and junior sisters as she spoke grudgingly.

“Judging from the speed we are advancing, I suppose it will take a few more days before we can get past this forest! Everyone should be hungry. Take out your rations and start eating!” Ning Yan said.

“Senior Sister, look over there. What are they doing?” Suddenly, a Huaxian Valley disciple pointed towards the direction where Cheng Yu was at. They saw Cheng Yu had built a wooden frame and fire was lit below it.

“They aren’t going to be roasting meat, right? How can they act like this? Aren’t they going to attract the demonic beasts here?” Ning Xue saw Cheng Yu’s intention, so she flared up.

“He’s so strong. So what if the demonic beasts come? Perhaps, they might be turned into his dinner,” A lady looked at Cheng Yu with admiration. The Cultivation World had always revered the strong and women also preferred the strong. Furthermore, Cheng Yu was still so young. Which young lady wouldn’t yearn for such love?

“So what? What if he attracts a group of demonic beasts? So what if he’s strong? Can he take care of so many of us?” Whatever the case was, Ning Xue felt irritated by Cheng Yu’s action.

“But you also have no right to stop him,” Another Junior Sister spoke.

“Hmph! Who says I can’t stop him! I’m going over now to argue with him! Junior Sister Wushuang, let’s go together!” Ning Xue pulled Ning Wushuang’s hand, preparing to head over.

“Senior Sister, I am not going. It’s none of my business. If you want, you can go alone!” Ning Wushuang knew that she couldn’t deal with Cheng Yu. For what would she seek trouble herself?

“How is it not your problem? We’re doing this for everyone’s safety,” Ning Xue pressed on.

“I’m still not going,” Ning Wushuang saw Cheng Yu, Tian Xing and Tian Xue were roasting the meat happily, so she was infuriated. She bit on her dry rations ferociously, displaying her irritation.

“Hmph! I will go alone then!” Ning Xue saw Cheng Yu’s actions, and she felt even more irritated. She harrumphed before walking over.

“Sigh! Say, do you think Senior Sister Ning Xue will be able to convince Cheng Yu?” The moment Ning Xue left, a few of those junior sisters circled around, gossiping.

“I think that Senior Sister will definitely be given a cold shoulder. That Cheng Yu is too strong-willed for her.”

Ning Wushuang nibbled on her dry rations while paying attention to what was going to happen. Meanwhile, Ning Yan did not stop Ning Xue as well. As long as Ning Xue wasn’t going to cause any trouble, she wouldn’t interfere. She believed that with Cheng Yu’s strength, he wouldn’t bicker with a Foundation Establishment late stage female.

“What are you here for?” Noticing Ning Xue had walked over with bad intentions, Tian Xue asked unwelcomingly. Cheng Yu didn’t even bother with Ning Xue, but continued to sit at the side.

“Oi! How can you guys be roasting meat here?” Ning Xue argued angrily.

“What does it have to do with you?” Tian Xue retorted. “This woman is so bossy!”

“Don’t you know that the roasted meat will attract demonic beasts?”

“So what if demonic beasts come? Aren’t we the ones handling it? What are you acting so bossy for?!” Tian Xue wasn’t willing to back off as they both argued.

“Hmph! Don’t think that just because you all possess some abilities that you are that terrific. If a group of demonic beasts appears, I wonder if you are still able to smile,” In fact, what Ning Xue spoke of was right. Even those people from the Cangling Sect were dissatisfied with Cheng Yu’s actions. The bonfire and fragrance of roasting meat would attract demonic beasts easily. It wouldn’t matter if it was just one or two of them. But it would be a disaster if a group of demonic beasts were to appear. Therefore, this was also why they had only brought dry rations whenever they headed out to train and would hardly bring along any meat. At most, they would bring along some cooked food.

Cooking without any restraint in the wilderness was hardly seen. Not everyone had the courage Cheng Yu had. And not everyone possessed the kind of abnormal strength Cheng Yu could display. But then, how could Tian Xue and Tian Xing not know of this. At that time, they also had the same concern. But after following Cheng Yu, all such concerns were tossed aside. Cheng Yu’s strength was out of the ordinary with his countless treasures. Ever since they started following Cheng Yu, they had always been protected by him. Whenever there was any danger, they would hide inside the Mountain River Diagram. When there weren’t anymore dangers, they would come out. Although they lost a lot of opportunity to grow, it was still a lot safer and they had gotten used to such a comfortable training experience.

Hearing Ning Xue’s words, Tian Xue didn’t stop but continued to roast her meat.

“If you have the ability, you can also roast as well. If not, shut your mouth and scram!” Cheng Yu rotated the meat as he sprinkled the seasonings on it constantly. Instantly, a fragrance assaulted their nostrils.

“Gruuuuuuu!” It had been a long time since Ning Xue had tasted meat. When she sniffed the fragrance from the roasted meat, she gulped a mouthful of saliva in.

“What? You wanna eat?” Although the voice from the gulping of saliva was very soft, Cheng Yu was still able to hear it clearly. When he noticed Ning Xue had been staring at the meat in his hand, he inquired.

“Hmph! Who wants to eat that smelly meat of yours?” Ning Xue saw Cheng Yu’s expression and knew that her embarrassing act had been discovered. She couldn’t help but blush as she disputed him.

“Since you don’t want to eat, then please return,” Cheng Yu gave her a smile.

“Why are you so unreasonable? Even if you are strong, you should at least consider others’ safety!” Hearing how Cheng Yu was chasing her away, Ning Xue spoke disapprovingly.

“Since when had I said that I’m reasonable? If not, please don’t take me as a good samaritan!” Cheng Yu retorted.

“You…!” Ning Xue was furious but had no idea how to refute his argument. The most irritating thing in the world was not the person quarreling with you, but was someone who didn’t seem to care no matter how much you scolded him, so much so that he treated your words like a joke. This caused one to be furious. For someone to be scolding you, it signified that you had caused the other party to feel unhappy. But if you are to scold the other party and yet the other party wasn’t going to get angry about it but instead, he took your scolding as a kind of praise, the situation would be as if you had picked up a stone and smashed it on top of your own foot. Originally, you were supposed to anger the other person, but you are the one getting angered instead.

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What was more vexing was that all your anger and wrath were assembled within you, but you couldn’t vent it. This was the most painful part. This was exactly what Ning Xue was feeling right now. She was extremely angry and wanted to scold Cheng Yu. However, Cheng Yu kept on smiling, making her even angrier. She was suspecting if Cheng Yu had any temper at all.

“You are truly angering me to death! I’m going to fight you!” Ning Xue wasn’t able to win the debate against Cheng Yu. So she wanted to destroy the meat in Cheng Yu’s hand to get her revenge. With a shout, she charged over.

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