Chapter 274: Finding Sisters for my Wives!

“Alright then. Both of your teams can follow me!” Cheng Yu spoke to them.

“Thank you, Brother Cheng Yu!” Obtaining Cheng Yu’s approval, Ning Yan and Ling Hai thanked him joyfully.

“Brother Cheng Yu, then can they…” Noticing how ugly Wu Ming’s expression was, Ning Yan felt quite apologetic to them. Regardless whatever the reason was, since the start they had journeyed together, so it could be said that Wu Ming had also did his part in looking after her. She felt that Cheng Yu was someone who could be easily swayed. Thus, she wanted to bring Wu Ming along.

“Not possible! I’m already being very merciful by not killing them,” Cheng Yu glared at Wu Ming coldly before walking off. He had already formed an animosity with Shushan Sect. Previously in Death Swamp, it was because of the Kunlun’s old man that one of them managed to stay alive. He knew that sooner or later, what he did there would be revealed to the world. Since Wu Ming had already known of this, Cheng Yu speculated that Shushan Sect should also have heard about it. Under such circumstances, he did not need to form any good relations with Shushan Sect anymore. Not killing them was already giving them enough face. If they still wanted him to bring them along to search for treasure, that was impossible.

Ning Yan looked at Wu Ming awkwardly. Without a choice, she could only bring her junior sisters along. As for Ling Hai, he laughed at Wu Ming before bringing along his fellow disciples along. In the Cultivation World, all the different sects were in disharmony with each other. Although it was normal to spot them forming an alliance when they were out training, when it came to hitting a person who is down, it was also not anything rare.

“Hmph! Cheng Yu, there will be a day where I will return the humiliation I suffered today! And Ning Yan, you slut, I have been so good to you and you actually chose to abandon me during trying times. I will also let you know the consequences of offending me, Wu Ming!” Seeing how the two groups of people had left with Cheng Yu, Wu Ming clenched his fist as he spoke insidiously.

“Senior Brother, what should we do now? Are we going to continue advancing?” One of the males standing behind Wu Ming questioned.

“Of course. As long as we find Death Shrine faster than them, they will definitely be defeated by me!” Looking in the direction they had all left in, Wu Ming brought his group and left in the other direction.

“Wushuang, what exactly happened between you and that scoundrel? Is he really not your sweetheart?” Along the way, Ning Xue pulled Ning Wushuang towards her and tried to pull more details out of her Junior Sister.

“Of course not. I already explained to you all before. It’s just that none of you believed me,” Ning Wushuang spoke depressingly. Although she had spoken it this way, Cheng Yu had never once taken her seriously. This caused Ning Wushuang to feel extremely dissatisfied. A few moments ago, she even acted out a show, but it didn’t produce much of an effect. When she thought about it, the more furious she felt. When in front of all her senior and junior sisters, he should at least give her some face since he was also going to agree to it.

“How could we possibly know when we saw how heartbroken you were? Besides, you were acting as if someone beloved to you had died,” Ning Xue replied while embarrassed.

“Who was heartbroken and hurt? I just felt that it was a pity,” Ning Wushuang grumbled.

“A pity? What do you mean? Besides, how did you get to know him? When I see how arrogant he was acting, I really want to go and beat him up,” Ning Xue saw how they kept on advancing without giving a care about those behind them, so she argued ferociously.

“I got to know him when I was returning home. During that time, this asshole was at the riverside counting his spoils of war…” Ning Wushuang narrated the events that happened during their encounter. However, she omitted that she had been teased by Cheng Yu. After that, she continued with how Cheng Yu had fought against ten Foundation Establishment experts.

“What! He can fight against ten Foundation Establishment experts when he’s in the Foundation Establishment late stage? And most of them were even in the Foundation Establishment late stage?!” When all of them heard Ning Wushuang’s narration, they were astonished. A majority of them were in Foundation Establishment Realm. But none of them dared to fight against a dozen experts in their realm. It was evident to show that Cheng Yu’s strength was out of the ordinary.

“No wonder he can eliminate Shushan Sect’s Leng Wufeng and Kunlun Sect’s Wu Feng by himself. Truly astonishing!” The youngest Junior Sister, Ning Zi cried out as she was startled.

“Aish! Wait! Wushuang, didn’t you say that he was in Foundation Establishment late stage? That’s to say that he just advanced into Golden Core Realm? He only advanced a realm and he was able to beat Wu Ming so miserably?” Suddenly, Ning Xue noticed a problem as she cried out.

“That’s why I am curious!” Ning Wushuang had long noticed this problem when she saw how Cheng Yu had defeated Wu Ming so easily. Cheng Yu’s strength was too terrifying. In just two short months, Cheng Yu had already advanced into Golden Core Realm while she was still stuck in Foundation Establishment middle stage. What they couldn’t understand was, Wu Ming was already a Golden Realm cultivator several years ago. And after interacting for so long, she was able to tell that Wu Ming was even stronger than their Senior Sister Ning Yan. But what about Cheng Yu? Despite him only just advancing into Golden Core Realm, he was able to defeat Wu Ming so easily. Such growth was simply too terrifying.

“Senior Sister Wushuang, I say, if you manage to court him, it will definitely be beneficial for our Huaxian Valley,” Ning Zi suddenly spoke.

“That’s right! Junior Sister Wushuang, it’s rare to see such an outstanding elite in the Cultivation World. I am pretty sure even all the reputable young elites like Yun Long, Wu Xing and Tian Kuang aren’t comparable to him,” The other senior and junior sisters laughed.

“How is that possible? They are all Golden Core late stage experts. Regardless of how formidable Cheng Yu is, it’s impossible for him to be a match to them,” Yun Long, Wu Xing and Tian Kuang were the young elites from Kunlun Sect, Shushan Sect and Tianshan Sect respectively. They were also the top three known to be the strongest in Golden Core Realm. No matter what, Ning Wushuang felt that it was impossible for Cheng Yu to win against them.

“Even so, once he reaches Golden Core late stage, he will definitely be a lot stronger than them,” All the sisters were very confident in Cheng Yu. Ning Wushuang no longer retorted, but only looked at Cheng Yu. What kind of person was he exactly? As for Ning Yan who had always been beside them didn’t speak, but also looked at Cheng Yu curiously. What kind of man was he?

“Senior Brother, why did you choose to bring them along? It has caused our pace to slow down by a lot,” Following behind Cheng Yu, Tian Xing spoke dumbfoundedly.

“Hmph! He’s just a pervert. When he sees women, he would go soft-hearted,” Tian Xue was extremely dissatisfied with how Cheng Yu had agreed to let Ning Yan and the others to join them.

“Senior Brother, you really aren’t having an affair with that girl over there?” Tian Xing enquired curiously.

“If I wasn’t a pervert, then you both wouldn’t be here with me currently. You should be thankful that I’m a pervert,” Cheng Yu was also not that willing to lead them along but he did not feel the need to explain to Tian Xue and Tian Xing. After all, he was not unrivalled and needed allies. Even if they couldn’t become allies, he didn’t hope to become enemies with them. If he had not brought them along, they would definitely bear grudges towards him, and later on, treat him as an enemy. But now that he had brought them along, although he wasn’t sure of what they were thinking, at the very least they wouldn’t view him as an enemy. As the saying goes, ’When the enemies attack, one wouldn’t hope for much assistance from his allies. If they are to not strike him while he is down, it’s the best assistance the allies can give him.’

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This had always been Cheng Yu’s viewpoint. He would never hope for others to help him and the only one who could help him would be himself. As long as he was strong enough he would be able to survive. Of course, the prerequisite was that he must not make the world his enemy. Otherwise, before he had even grown, he would already be turned into a pile of bones.

“Hmph! According to what you say, if I were to be a guy, you wouldn’t have helped us?” Tian Xue questioned unhappily.

“You are right. If you had been a guy, I definitely wouldn’t have helped you two,” Cheng Yu spoke frankly.

“Hmph! You are a thorough pervert. Scoundrel!” Tian Xue was furious.

“Thanks for your compliment!” Cheng Yu accepted it like it was an honor.

“You…hmph!” Tian Xue swung her head away, ignoring him.

“Senior Brother, then why wouldn’t you accept my Senior Sister?” Tian Xing enquired unconcernedly.

“Good question! Your Senior Brother, I, might be a pervert, but I am a pervert with standards. Understand?” Cheng Yu casted a glance at Tian Xue before speaking to Tian Xing.

“Cheng Yu, what are you trying to say? You are saying that I’m not feminine enough?” Tian Xue immediately flew into rage.

“I didn’t say that. This is what you said. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Tian Xing. Tian Xing, did I say that your Senior Sister isn’t feminine?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“You…” Tian Xue pointed at Cheng Yu with no idea what to say and looked only at Tian Xing.

“Er…Senior Sister, don’t be angry. Senior Brother didn’t say you weren’t feminine enough. You should cool yourself down first,” Tian Xing truly wished to slap his mouth. He could have asked anything else, but chose to ask this kind of question!

“He obviously meant it that way!” Tian Xue didn’t want to back off. It was simply an insult to her. She’s not feminine enough? She’s inferior compared to Ning Wushuang that girl?

“…” Noticing Tian Xue was acting flustered and exasperated, Cheng Yu chose to ignore her and continued to lead the group.

“Say, how am I not feminine?” But in Tian Xue’s opinion, Cheng Yu had agreed to it tacitly.

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“Say what? I didn’t even taste you before, so how would I know if you are so?” Cheng Yu retorted ill-manneredly.

“You…you…” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Tian Xue no longer knew how to argue.

“How about we look for a concealed place and let me have a taste of you? By then, I will know if you are truly feminine enough for me!” Cheng Yu moved to Tian Xue’s ear, whispering to her.

“You…you…” Feeling Cheng Yu’s breath at her ears, Tian Xue’s ears shivered as her face immediately reddened.

“Alright, alright. You are very feminine. Happy?” Seeing how reddened Tian Xue’s face was, Cheng Yu was afraid that things would go the wrong way. Thus, he quickly yielded.

“Hmph! So you are quite sensible. In the future, you are not allowed to have any weird ideas of the other ladies!” Tian Xue withdrew her tensed up state as she spoke to Cheng Yu.

“Che. You aren’t my wife, why are you even controlling me?” Cheng Yu paid no heed to it.

“I am going to keep guard for your wives. So as to avoid you womanizing with every girl you see,” Tian Xue replied as if it was her job.

“My wives told me to look for a few sisters for them in the Cultivation World. Therefore, you need not worry about it,” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Ah?” Tian Xue was taken aback. What did it mean to find sisters?

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