Chapter 273: Roping In!

“Is there anything else, small steamed bun?” Cheng Yu turned around, chuckling at Ning Wushuang.

“You…where are you guys heading?” Seeing how her senior and junior sisters were all giggling at her actions, Ning Wushuang turned embarrassed by the situation.

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“Of course I am seeking more treasures. You should be more careful. We shall meet again if the opportunity arises!” Cheng Yu replied. Although this small steamed bun was Guo Feng’s lover, Cheng Yu did not have any resentment towards her. He only felt that it was a pity. Such a beautiful lady was actually defiled by that degenerate Guo Feng. Noticing that Cheng Yu was going to leave, Ning Wushuang wanted to speak, but she hesitated. Ultimately, she did not call out to Cheng Yu because she had no idea what topic she could talk about. The feelings she had for Cheng Yu had turned complex after this meeting.

Meanwhile, the senior and junior sisters of Ning Wushuang were curious. Wasn’t Cheng Yu Ning Wushuang’s lover? Why did it seem like it wasn’t as they expected? Could it be it’s just a one-sided love from Ning Wushuang? Noticing Ning Wushuang’s expression, they confirmed that it was just an unrequited love.

“Oi! The guy named Cheng Yu! Stop right there!” At this moment, Ning Xue who was standing beside Ning Wushuang called out to Cheng Yu.

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“Pretty lady, are there any matters?” Cheng Yu instantly turned around. When he saw the indignant expression displayed on Ning Xue’s face, Cheng Yu was confused. He didn’t remember offending her. Why was she looking at him like that? Could she have fallen for him? En. This is possible.

“How can you be like this? My Junior Sister is in love with you. Yet you are leaving without even speaking much to her?” Ning Xue argued in fury.

“Senior Sister…” Ning Wushuang was embarrassed. She didn’t expect Ning Xue to actually speak so frankly. All along, she did not even say anything about the love she had for him! Ning Wushuang had explained to them countless times, but they chosen not to believe her. Thus, she couldn’t be bothered to waste any more effort explaining it. Unexpectedly, Ning Xue had actually blasted out the hidden feelings she kept within her heart. How was she going to face others if such a thing were to be spread out?

“Your Junior Sister? In love with me?” Cheng Yu widened his eyes. Since when had he got acquainted with any of her junior sisters? When he saw Ning Wushuang was pulling Ning Xue’s sleeve, he questioned with astonishment, ”Small steamed bun, she isn’t referring to you, right?”

All of a sudden, Cheng Yu felt a sharp pain on his waist. He turned around and saw Tian Xue was looking at him icily while her hand pinching his waist mercilessly.

“No….no! Don’t misunderstand!” When Ning Wushuang was questioned, she got even more embarrassed.

“What no? Previously when you heard that he’s dead, you had been grieving for such a long period of time. Now that he’s standing before you, you don’t dare to confess your feelings to him?” Ning Xue did not have that many things to consider compared to Ning Wushuang. She had always felt that Ning Wushuang was in love with Cheng Yu, but was timid in confessing her love. As her Senior Sister, she felt the need to help her Junior Sister pursue her happiness.

“Senior Sister, we aren’t like what you thought,” Ning Wushuang hastily clarified. Formerly, when she got into conflict with Cheng Yu at the riverbank, it was then she saw him fighting against Kunlun. During that time, she was merely shocked by Cheng Yu’s overwhelming fighting power. She felt that Cheng Yu was very mysterious. Other than the fury she had for teasing her, most of it was her curiousity. She wanted to know more about him, like how he was able to burst forth such an overwhelming fighting prowess.

After that, when she heard that Cheng Yu had died, her heart was feeling very complicated. The feelings couldn’t be said as sadness or sorrow, but more of regret. Although Cheng Yu had provoked her, they had only met once and it was her first time wanting to know more of the opposite sex. But knowing that he was dead, the complications she felt in her heart was filled with regrets. However, these kinds of indescribable feelings were actually misunderstood by her senior and junior sisters as love she had for Cheng Yu.

“The situation has already developed to this stage and you still do not dare to confess? Do you wish to wait until he is taken away by some other females before you start regretting it?” Ning Xue was persistent in her opinion as she looked towards Tian Xue that was standing very closely to Cheng Yu.

“Senior Sister, you really misunderstood. There’s really nothing between him and me!” Ning Wushuang grumbled.

“Small steamed bun, what your Senior Sister said isn’t real, right? You really mourned for me?” Cheng Yu stared at Ning Wushuang strangely. Although she had no idea how he died, she actually mourned for him? Since when had their relationship developed to such an extent? Previously, Cheng Yu had teased her quite a number of times. If it was said that she wished to kill him, Cheng Yu would certainly believe it. Why would she mourn for him?

“Who mourned for you? You scoundrel! Aren’t you going to scram?!” Ning Wushuang had also gotten angry. She had returned to that violent woman Cheng Yu met at the riverbank.

“This is the real you. Here I’m thinking, since when had this small steamed bun become so gentle and pleasant. It all turned out to be an illusion. Alright, I’m leaving. Bye-bye!” Seeing the woman’s personality had matched up with the one he saw at the riverbank, Cheng Yu relaxed. He waved his hand as he bid goodbye.

“Cheng Yu, hold on for a moment,” At this moment, Ning Yan, who was standing beside Ning Wushuang, called out to Cheng Yu. After she witnessed the battle between Wu Ming and Cheng Yu, Ning Yan’s eyes brightened up. She sought to get Wushuang to ask Cheng Yu if they could journey together. But the situation didn’t develop according to what they had expected. They seemed to not have much of a relation. Just when Ning Yan was hesitating if she should invite Cheng Yu herself, Cheng Yu was already about to leave. Thus, for her junior sisters’ safety, she chose to call out to Cheng Yu.

“This pretty lady, is there anything else?” Cheng Yu spoke helplessly. Are they trying to stop him from leaving?

“Are you heading to the core of Death Forest?” Ning Yan enquired.

“Is there any problem with that?” Cheng Yu had no idea what Ning Yan was trying to imply.

“Junior Brother’s strength is out of the ordinary and us, Huaxian Valley disciples, are all very weak compared to you. I’m not sure if my junior sisters and I could journey with you?” Ning Yan spoke with some awkwardness within her tone. When Ling Hai and Wu Ming heard Ning Yan’s words, their complexions turned extremely ugly. However, they didn’t dare to voice out their displeasure and could only look towards Cheng Yu.

Ning Yan knew that her actions would certainly cause a rift to occur in their friendship, but with just their strength, it would be very hard for them charge into the core of Death Forest to search for Death Shrine. From the start of their alliance until now, they were faced with dangers after dangers. She had been confronted with numerous troubles and her few junior sisters had almost died a few times. This was something she didn’t wish to see. Furthermore, Wu Ming was currently injured. If they were to come across any sudden changes in the situation, it would certainly be very difficult for them to handle. To Ling Hai and Wu Ming, Ning Yan’s actions were a sign of her abandoning them to achieve her own goals. However, Ning Yan no longer cared about such a thing. What was more important than her junior sisters’ lives?

“No way! Bringing you people along is very inconvenient for me!” Cheng Yu did not even hesitate and rejected them immediately. Cheng Yu still needed to search for the Heavenly God Palace. How could he possibly bring them along? At that time, all his secrets would be exposed. He was already forced to bring along Tian Xue and Tian Xing. After he interacted with them for so long, he believed that they wouldn’t expose his secrets. However, things would change once there were more people. There was a chance that any one of them would reveal their findings. In short, the less people knew of his secret, the better.

“Oi! You, why are you so heartless. Even if my Junior Sister isn’t your lover, you are still acquaintances. Do you wish to see her get buried within Death Forest before you are happy?” Ning Xue immediately retorted. Ning Wushuang was unhappy of how Ning Xue kept on using her to scold Cheng Yu, but she still looked forward to Cheng Yu’s reply expectantly. After all, the reply he was going to give was connected to all her senior and junior sisters’ lives. Their whole journey was filled with hardship. Especially for their youngest Junior Sister, who was almost at her limits.

“How am I heartless? I have only met small steamed bun twice. Rightfully speaking, we aren’t even that close. Don’t cover-up the facts,” Cheng Yu argued ill-manneredly. Thinking up to here, Cheng Yu subconsciously turned around to glare at Tian Xue. Previously, they had used the same method to guilt trip him. Tian Xue and Tian Xing saw Cheng Yu’s glare and seemed to have understood his meaning. They quickly turned their faces away, as if they heard nothing.

“Are you still a man?! Even if it’s like that you still can’t put things this way. Don’t you know that by doing so, you are hurting the woman’s heart?” Ning Xue retorted at Cheng Yu. After that, she turned around, winking at Ning Wushuang. She then gave Ning Wushuang’s thigh a pinch. When Ning Wushuang saw the meaningful wink from Ning Xue, her eyes immediately moistened as her thigh was in pain. It was slowly overflowing with tears.

“You see. My Junior Sister’s heart got hurt by you to the point of her crying already. If whatever happened here were to be spread out, it would seem as if my Junior Sister is entangled with you. In the future, how is my Junior Sister going to get married?” Ning Xue praised Ning Wushuang’s acting. She turned her head over and scolded him as if she was furious.

“Er…” Cheng Yu was taken aback. They truly didn’t have much of friendly relations, but seeing how pitiful small steamed bun was acting, Cheng Yu’s weakness was once again about to be exploited.

“You people are just twisting words and forcing logic onto someone else. Cheng Yu and her couldn’t even be counted as friends. Why should he bring you all along?!” Noticing Cheng Yu had softened, Tian Xue got furious. No wonder this brat got so many wives. Everyone he saw that he developed feelings for, he would go for all of them. Tian Xue gave him a low kick as she argued with the women.

“We are talking to him, what does it have to do with you. Must be you, vixen, always bothering him. So, he dumped my pitiful Junior Sister!” Ning Xue pointed at Tian Xue, scolding her.

“Who are you calling a vixen?! If you are not clear on your statement, don’t even think of leaving here!” Tian Xue had also gotten angry as she yelled.

“You think I’m scared of you? Don’t think that just because you are a Golden Core expert, you’re terrific. I am not scared of you!” Ning Xue cried. However, her heart was in turmoil as the person she was arguing with was a genuine Golden Core expert.

“Enough!” Cheng Yu felt a headache the moment he saw them quarrel. He looked towards them and inquired, ”Which sect are you all from?”

“Huaxian Valley. I’m Ning Yan. This is my Junior Sister, Ning Xue. If she offended you in any way, I plead you to forgive her. But I truly hope that you can let us journey together,” Ning Yan introduced. As for Ning Wushuang, she believed both of them knew each other.

“What about them?” Cheng Yu pointed at Ling Hai and his team.

“I’m Cangling Sect’s Ling Hai. I hope that I can join you as well,” Without waiting for Ning Yan to speak, Ling Hai went forward to introduce himself. Cheng Yu looked at everyone before looking back at Wu Ming. Having offended two of the ten great sects, he should at least pull Huaxian Valley and Cangling Sect as his allies since they were also from the ten great sects. This could avoid him being isolated by everyone.

“Alright then. Both of your groups will follow my lead!” Cheng Yu pondered before coming to a decision.

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