Chapter 272: Not Even a Move!

“I’m already so famous? Everyone knows of me?” Cheng Yu was surprised, but he didn’t pay much heed to it. After all, he had been seen escaping from ten Golden Core Realm expert before. For them to know of him wasn’t shocking. However, the person Tian Xue had addressed as Senior Brother Wu Ming had caused him to feel some fury within the glance at him. So, he placed extra attention to this person named Wu Ming.

“You killed Leng Wufeng’s group?” Wu Ming interrogated.

“Leng Wufeng? Not sure. I killed too many cats and dogs. Who knows which one he is?” Cheng Yu replied nonchalantly. Ning Yan and the others Huaxian Valley disciples were shocked. In their opinions, this Cheng Yu person was Ning Wushaung’s lover. Originally, they had all thought that he had died and had even consoled Ning Wushuang due to this. Now that he appeared before everyone, it might be a good thing, but for him to reply in this manner, wasn’t he trying to provoke Wu Ming? If they were to start fighting, they would be stuck in the middle, and helping either one of them would cause the other party to start having a bad impression about them. Furthermore, they had never thought of Cheng Yu being able to beat Wu Ming in a fight.

“It’s the group you eliminated with Kunlun in the Death Swamp. That group of Shushan disciples,” At this moment, Ling Hai reminded Cheng Yu out of “goodwill.” He wanted to use this opportunity to cause a fight between them. Ning Yan frowned and glared at Ling Hai unhappily. She knew that he was purposely provoking them into a fight.

“Hehe! Junior Sister Ning Yan don’t misunderstand. I’m just trying to verify with him if it’s true, so as to avoid any misunderstandings. It’s not a good thing to have beaten up the wrong person,” Sensing Ning Yan’s expression, Ling Hai smiled awkwardly as he quickly explained himself. Cheng Yu and Wu Ming still kept their silence. But for Ling Hai to say beating up the wrong person, wasn’t he just trying to justify a reason for them to fight?

“Oh? So it’s Shushan’s mad dogs. They were indeed killed by me,” Cheng Yu reacted. During that time, he had made a fortune using the pills he made in the Death Swamp and that group of people wanted to rob him of his fortune. So, they were eliminated by him. It was also because of this, he was being chased by the Golden Core old man and the reason why he fell into the Amethyst Palace. Speaking up to here, all of these fortuitous encounters were all contributed by them, wasn’t it? Ning Wushang stood at the back angrily. “This inflexible idiot! Isn’t he intentionally provoking Wu Ming?!”

Ning Yan was also speechless. This Cheng Yu was too flamboyant. It seems like the fight was unavoidable.

“You are really daring huh? Not only do you dare to kill my Shushan Sect disciples, you still dare to humiliate them. If you are to not give me a proper explanation of why you did that today, don’t think of leaving here safely,” Wu Ming retorted in fury.

“Hehe! Admirable, admirable. All of you, all these self-proclaimed righteous sects are so amazing. All the words you all speak of are so righteous that it inspires reverence. Even when it comes to killing others for their property, you guys made it sound so righteous. Could it be that your Shushan Sect is the leader of the Cultivation World and everything you do represents righteousness?” Cheng Yu clapped his hand, laughing heartily.

“Hmph! Who is in the right or wrong, you know it the best yourself!” Wu Ming harrumphed.

“Really? Why don’t you tell me why they died under my hands?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“This…my Junior Brother Wufeng had always been benevolent. It must be you coveting the wealth of my Junior Brother. So, you used such ruthless measures!” Wu Ming was taken aback at first. How would he know of all these? But Leng Wufeng was already dead, and he couldn’t only be listening to Cheng Yu’s one-sided story. Thus, he fabricated a story.

“Hahahaha! Nicely spoken! You had actually guessed it correctly. Seems like your Shushan Sect have always liked to place a knife on others’ neck. After that, you would tell the others, ’We are all philanthropists. Hand over all your valuables and we will give a way out for you.’ Is it like that?” Cheng Yu had truly admired of their abilities to lie without even blinking their eyes. Huaxian Valley disciples giggled when they saw how Cheng Yu satirized Shushan.

“Hmph! Don’t think of slandering us, Shushan. Now that my Junior Brother died, how could we possibly believe your one-sided story?” Wu Ming noticed the situation, his face turned from green to red repeatedly.

“Hehe! You truly love to joke. I have always admired your Shushan Sect’s ability to lie through your teeth. Why would I be slandering you? I simply respect all of you!”

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“Are you looking for death?” Wu Ming spoke coldly.

“Hehe! Are you angry? Aren’t you curious as to why Tian Xue would appear here? Tian Xue, tell him how did your few Senior Brothers die?” Cheng Yu laughed. Cheng Yu did not have much of a good impression of Shushan as they were very similar to Kunlun. However, since there were other sects people here, Cheng Yu did not want to offend everyone here. Although he couldn’t pull them to his side, he also mustn’t push them to the other side.

“All Senior Brothers and Sisters, I’m Tianshan Sect’s Tian Xue. Formerly, I had brought a few of my fellow martial brothers and sisters into Death Fantasy Ocean to seek a spiritual artifact. We bumped into Shushan Sect’s Wu Shang and his group. In order to snatch the spiritual artifact from me, he killed all my martial brothers and sisters. Just when Wu Shang was about to kill my Junior Brother and I, Cheng Yu appeared. Thus, we were saved. As to this wicked conduct from Shushan Sect, I will definitely report it to the sect,” Tian Xue shot out and narrated. Although she was resenting how Cheng Yu knew those Huaxian Valley disciples, she knew that she had to put the interests of the whole group above everything else. Hearing Tian Xue’s narration, all of them were astonished. It was especially so for Huaxian Valley and Cangling Sect people. They all stared at Shushan Sect people with an expression of disgust.

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“This is impossible. I’m certain you are all bluffing. Why would Wu Shang do such a thing for a Spiritual Artifact?” Wu Ming retorted angrily.

“Why are you so stirred up? Besides, I feel that for your Shushan to do this, there should be a reason for that. After all, all of you are philanthropists. For these spiritual artifacts to be in others’ hands, it would cause lots of troubles. So, in order to prevent any troubles and to bring those who found the spiritual artifacts a quick death, you guys decided to be benevolent and took things in your hand. I believe once Tianshan’s Sect Master were to hear of this, he will definitely understand the efforts of your Shushan Sect. Perhaps, he might even pay a visit to your sect to offer his thanks and even give you guys a gratifying present?” Cheng Yu replied hurriedly. Wu Ming’s expression gradually became more and more ugly. Huaxian Valley females giggled again. This Cheng Yu was truly daring. But Ning Yan and Ning Wushuang were worrying for Cheng Yu. Him doing this meant that he had decided to fall out with Wu Ming thoroughly. Hearing all these giggles, Shushan Sect’s people felt that they had lost all their faces.

“Shut up! You are slandering Shushan. I’m going to kill you!” Hearing all those giggles, Wu Ming could tell those giggles of mockery. He immediately shouted and charged towards Cheng Yu. Just when Wu Ming made his move, Huaxian Valley disciples started to worry for Cheng Yu. Just when everyone was worried about if Cheng Yu could withstand the move from Wu Ming, the next scene caused all of them to be astonished, other than Tian Xue and Tian Xing. The duo had been waiting for a good show to watch. Wu Ming charged towards Cheng Yu. But when Cheng Yu moved, Wu Ming had already been sent flying out.

“Soul artifact!” When Ling Hai saw the sword in Cheng Yu’s hand, Ling Hai cried out in astonishment.

“How is this possible?” Wu Ming stood back up. The corner of his mouth was stained with blood with an expression of confusion displayed on his face. Even if Cheng Yu was using a soul artifact, the disparity between them shouldn’t be so big! Huaxian Valley disciples looked at Cheng Yu with adoration. After such a long period of time, Wu Ming had battled before them countless times. They knew that his fighting power was not any weaker than Ling Hai. Within their alliance, his fighting prowess was one of the best. But with such a simple move from Cheng Yu, Wu Ming had lost. How strong was Cheng Yu? Momentarily, they surrounded Ning Wushuang, and looked at her in envy. Her lover was truly out of the ordinary. Furthermore, he looked so handsome. Looking at his posture, with a soul artifact in his hand and his sword-like eyebrows, what a domineering appearance!

Ning Wushuang’s face reddened after being made fun of by all her senior and junior sisters. When she looked at Cheng Yu, her heart started to quicken.

“I have never liked to look for trouble myself. But I also hate others provoking me. Otherwise, the aftermath is going to be very severe!” Cheng Yu commented icily.

“Hmph! Don’t act so complacently. It’s all because I underestimated you. So what if you have a soul artifact? Today, I will let you know the consequences of offending me!” Wu Ming was a veteran when it came to fighting. He would never be intimidated by just a move from Cheng Yu.

“Very good! Then try withstanding this move from me! Primeval Chaos Stab!” Cheng Yu shouted. With a leap, he slashed towards Wu Ming. According to Cheng Yu’s current strength, a Golden Core initial stage cultivator was nothing to him. Furthermore, Primeval Chaos Stab was two times stronger than an ordinary attack. It was sufficient to make Wu Ming suffer. However, Wu Ming was not able to tell the hidden power within the move. He did not seem to care much about the attack because he felt that he was able to perform such simple attack himself.

“Red-Flame Chop!” Wu Ming slashed out as well. When both the sword reflections collided with each other, Wu Ming’s Red-Flame Chop was instantly destroyed. Wu Ming quickly reacted, placing himself in a defensive position as he placed his sword before him and blocked the attack. However, he was still sent flying by the attack. A mouthful of blood flew out from his mouth as he fell to the ground heavily.

“This…” Everyone was stunned. They had all witnessed the prowess of Wu Ming’s Red-Flame Chop before. The prowess was out of the ordinary. But they had never expected that it couldn’t even last a move against Cheng Yu.

“How is this possible? He’s clearly in the Golden Core initial stage. Why is his strength so powerful?” Wu Ming was shocked. Although Wu Ming’s strength was outstanding, the disparity between it and the Golden Core middle stage was quite a distance away. Meanwhile, Cheng Yu’s strength was not any lesser than the Golden Core late stage. How could Wu Ming possibly defend against it?

“I’m not killing you today. Tell your Shushan Sect to not provoke me. Otherwise, I will kill every one of your people within my sights!” Cheng Yu stored his Purple Light Sword away as he commanded Wu Ming icily. Although he didn’t have a good impression of Shushan Sect, he did not have any enmity towards Wu Ming. Thus, there was no need to exterminate him. At least the current Cheng Yu had yet to have this resolution to kill him. Cheng Yu turned around, glancing at Ling Hai. How could he not tell the provocation previously was being made from Ling Hai? However, he didn’t comment on it. Lending someone else’s strength to kill others, he had also done it before.

But after being glanced by Cheng Yu, Ling Hai’s heart shivered. Cheng Yu’s prowess had exceeded his imagination by too much. Ling Hai’s strength was equal to Wu Ming. But even Wu Ming was like an ant to him. Ling Hai did not dare to provoke Cheng Yu any longer.

“Let’s go!” Cheng Yu spoke to Tian Xue and Tian Xing.

“Oi! Cheng Yu!” Seeing Cheng Yu was about to go, Ning Wushuang shouted out.

“What’s the matter, small steamed bun?” Cheng Yu inquired with a smile.

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