Chapter 271: You Are Cheng Yu?

While Cheng Yu managed to open up the hidden chamber, all the strange phenomenons happening within the forest had disappeared.

“What’s going on? Why has the scenery changed?” A lot of them who had charged into the forest were all confused by the strange phenomenon. No matter how they walked, they would still find themselves returning to their original locations. What was more hideous was that every time, they would find themselves stuck in the opposite position. Even worse, they would occasionally bump into demonic beasts that had their torso and physique reversed. And they had been sneaked attack by these strange demonic beasts several times. A lot of groups that had casually charged into the forest suffered from tragic losses so much that some groups had even been extinguished. Just when the majority of them had given up hope, the world before them started to turn fuzzy. In an instant, the scenery before them took a 360 degree turn. The symbols they carved had all returned to normal.

“We’re saved! Everything has returned to normal!” Some of them who were fighting the demonic beasts realized that its torso and physique had returned to normal.

“What exactly is going on? Why did everything return to normal?” In the depths of the forest, Ning Yan, Wu Ming and Ling Hai were battling one of the weird demonic beasts. When they realized the demonic beast had returned to normal, the trio were baffled.

“Who cares! Kill it first,” Ning Yan was also puzzled, but the demonic beast before them had already charged over. Where would she have the time to contemplate such stuff?

“Red Moon Meteor Fire!” Wu Ming reacted. With a leap up to the sky, he shouted. The Red-Sun Sword in his hand shot out as numerous blazing sword reflections fell down, resembling numerous falling meteors. The demonic beast got injured as it howled in pain.

“Falling Meteor!” Ling Hai responded as he flew towards it like a shooting star and sliced towards the demonic beast’s head.

“What exactly is going on here? A moment ago, everything was reversed. I’m truly confused. Are we are still in the ‘reverse world’ or in the ‘normal world’?” After finishing the battle, Wu Ming sized up his surrounding before analyzing.

“We should be in the normal world. I believe that the whole forest was covered in a formation. Now that someone deciphered the formation, the whole area had returned to normal,” Ning Yan speculated. Along the way, they had entered into the ‘reverse world’ numerous times. But every time they had eliminated the demonic beast, the current district they were at would return to normal. But now, before the demonic beast died, the district they were at had returned to normal. This meant that there was a bigger controller controlling everything behind the scenes. Therefore, the only speculation she could come up with was that there was a bigger formation behind the whole forest.

“Formation? En. The possibility is very high. If the whole forest was covered in a formation, then the situations we faced in the forest seem to be explainable. However, with such a big formation, how many resources were needed to fully implement it?” Ling Hai voiced out his astonishment.

“We just need to follow our original plan and continue walking forward. If there no more emergence of the ‘reverse world,’ that means that everything has returned to normal,” After all, what they had all said was just speculation. If it was like what Ling Hai had said, to have placed a formation on the whole forest, how high was that person’s cultivation?


When Cheng Yu, Tian Xing and Tian Xue returned to the palace hall, the stone door at the top gradually closed. And within the palace hall, only a single stone door was left open. This stone door was linked to the main palace hall.

“Senior Brother! Look! We can get out of here!” Seeing the passage that lead them back to the main palace hall, Tian Xing voiced out his excitement. Even the unhappiness he had when his portion of spiritual stones was taken away was all forgotten.

“I’m not blind. I can see it myself,” Cheng Yu replied ill-manneredly.

“Senior Brother, you aren’t being serious, right? You see, my portion of spiritual stones…” Tian Xing came to Cheng Yu, giggling.

“Who says I’m joking with you? In any case, I already seized your portion. If you have the ability, go ask your Senior Sister to split half of hers with you,” Cheng Yu ignored Tian Xing as he walked towards the main hall happily.

“Senior Sister, my spiritual stones…” Without a choice, Tian Xing could only go towards Tian Xue and beg.

“Your portion of spiritual stones is with him. If you want it, go ask from him!” Tian Xing had just opened his mouth and was already cut off by Tian Xue. She didn’t even give Tian Xing an opportunity to speak.

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“You…good! What a good illicit couple. Adulterers!” Tian Xing couldn’t get back his portion of spiritual stones. He stood at a corner and muttered.

“What did you say?” Tian Xue’s face turned icy as she turned around and looked at Tian Xing.

“Ah? I said nothing?” Tian Xing was startled as he voiced out innocently.

“Continue speaking rubbish and I will tear your mouth apart!” Tian Xue spoke ruthlessly. The moment Tian Xue turned back, Tian Xing mimicked a comical face behind her. But when Tian Xue turned back around, Tian Xing quickly kept his expression away. He lifted up his head, looking at the top of the main hall, as if nothing had happened.

“Alright. Take it,” Seeing how pitiful Tian Xing was, Cheng Yu no longer played with him. He tossed a storage pouch to Tian Xing.

“Wa! Senior Brother, you are the best, not like someone else. I recommend you that you must never marry her!” Tian Xing took the storage pouch and scanned inside. When he saw piles after piles of spiritual stones in it, he immediately got excited.

“Ah!” But the moment Tian Xing spoke finish, a miserable scream was heard.

“What did you say? Who is that someone?” Tian Xue pinched Tian Xing’s ears, gnashing her teeth as she spoke.

“Ah? Senior Sister, please let go. I didn’t say it was you?” Tian Xing pleaded.

“You really didn’t mean me?”

“Ah! Of course. Senior Sister is so gentle and virtuous, beautiful and lovely. How can you possibly be so malicious? Pretty sure countless outstanding young masters all would be willing to grovel below Senior Sister’s skirt,” Tian Xing quickly bootlicked.

“Am I that good? How come I’m unconvinced?” Tian Xue tightened her grip.

“Ah! Senior Brother, save me!” Seeing Tian Xue was still unwilling to let go of her grip, Tian Xing could only request Cheng Yu for help.

“I saw nothing!” Cheng Yu shrugged his shoulder.

“Senior Sister, please let me off! I will no longer dare to do so in the future. I’m just spouting rubbish. You are absolutely the best woman in the world,” Since Cheng Yu wasn’t willing to help him, Tian Xing could only continue to beg for forgiveness.

“So you are saying you were talking about me just now?”

“This…Senior Sister, I’m wrong.”

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“We are about to exit. Do you want to finish your fight first before exiting?” At this moment, Cheng Yu spoke. This could also counted as him indirectly helping Tian Xing pleading for leniency.

“Hmph! I’m letting you off today. If you are to continue spouting rubbish in the future, see how am I going to punish you!”

“Got it. Senior Sister!” Tian Xing rubbed his ears as he spoke. However, his heart was cursing Tian Xue with a thousand words.

“Do you want to enter the Mountain River Diagram?” Cheng Yu inquired.

“No need. If there’s a problem, I can solve it myself,” Tian Xue commented nonchalantly. She didn’t seem to care about the goodwill from Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu paid no heed to it. This woman had squabbled with him numerous times and Cheng Yu had long gotten used to it. Taking the Blue-Heart key out, a blue vortex flashed within the main palace door. Immediately, the trio leaped into the vortex.


“The light of a treasure? Quickly move, there’s a birth of a treasure!” Wu Ming was leading at the front when the light of a treasure suddenly soared not far away from him. He was startled. When he reacted, he shouted as he charged forward himself.

“Junior Sister, we should go take a look as well!” Ling Hai voiced out his excitement. What were they all here for? Wasn’t it because they wanted to search for treasure? Having journeyed for so long, they had finally saw the light of an treasure. How could they possibly not be excited and forgo such an opportunity? Just when the trio had rushed to the treasure light’s location, the light had disappeared and what appeared before them was three people.

“Junior Sister Tian Xue? Why have you appeared here? What was the treasure light about?” Seeing who the three people were, Wu Ming asked Tian Xue in astonishment.

“Senior Brother Wu Ming? Senior Brother Ling Hai? Senior Sister Ning Yan? Why are all of you here as well?” Noticing that the trio before them were from Shushan, Cangling and Huaxian sects, Tian Xue was also astonished. Previously, Tian Xue was in Foundation Establishment late stage. However, she would often head out to gain experience. So, she knew quite a number of disciples from different sects. It was especially so for those elite and young disciples. However, Tian Xue was unknown to Ning Yan and Ling Hai.

“We just arrived here. We saw a treasure light, so we rushed over. Why have you walked out from the treasure light? Who is he?” Noticing Tian Xue had already advanced into Golden Core Realm, Wu Ming was quite shocked. When he noticed Cheng Yu who was also another Golden Core initial stage cultivator, he inquired curiously.

“He is…”

“Cheng Yu?!” Before Tian Xue even managed to finish her sentence, a glamorous female behind Ning Yan cried out as she was startled. But when she cried out the name, she immediately regretted it. She quickly covered her mouth because previously, Wu Ming had said that he was looking for Cheng Yu to seek revenge. She had not noticed that the current Cheng Yu had already broken through to the Golden Core Realm. In her mind, Cheng Yu was only a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator while Wu Ming was a well-known Golden Core initial stage expert. Mainly due to her shock, she neglected all these details. She had always thought that Cheng Yu had died. She never imagined that she would meet Cheng Yu here. There was astonishment as well as happinesses within her heart.

“Eh? Small steamed bun? So it’s you!” When Cheng Yu saw that lady, he chuckled. Cheng Yu didn’t expect to bump into the female he met at the small riverside. This lady seemed to be Kunlun Sect Guo Feng’s paramour. Now that he thought about it, he felt it was truly a pity. Such a beautiful girl and she had to be together with that old man Guo Feng. Aish! What a waste of beauty. When Ning Wushuang heard Cheng Yu calling her small steamed bun, although she had yet to understand the underlying meaning of it, when she saw his perverted expression, she knew that it was definitely something indecent. Her face reddened that she ad even forgot about the worry she had for him.

“You are Cheng Yu?” Although Ning Wushuang had promptly put a stop to her words, everyone was still able to hear the two words she cried out. Instantly, the atmosphere had turned extremely weird. All the Huaxian Valley disciples had heard of Cheng Yu from Ning Wushuang. They were all very curious as to the man Ning Wushuang had taken a fancy for. They all thought that Cheng Yu had died, but now that he was actually standing before them, so they were still very surprised.

Other than astonishment, Ling Hai’s eyes brightened up in excitement as he knew there was going to be a good show to watch soon. Only Wu Ming was looking at Cheng Yu with unknown intentions.

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