Chapter 270: Found It!

Cheng Yu inserted the Blue-Heart key into the keyhole with the altar drawings. The drawings lit up in dazzling radiance and the only part that wasn’t lit up were the thirteen symbols located outside of the five areas respectively. Cheng Yu flew towards the blue spiritual lamp and turned each and every one. Among the nine passages, eight shut themselves automatically, leaving behind the rightmost passage. Seeing such a scene, Cheng Yu thought that he had returned to the previous palace’s hall. But he still held onto the small hope he had as he flew up the altar. What he saw caused him to be overjoyed. Because at this very moment, the eastern region’s thirteen symbols had lit up. This showed that the current hall they were at was the second palace hall.

“Let’s go!” Cheng Yu shouted out in joy. With a wave of his hand, he stored them back into the Mountain River Diagram and flew into the passage.

“Senior Brother, are you really that sure that we aren’t in the same palace hall?” Seeing how excited Cheng Yu was, Tian Xing asked curiously.

“Of course,” Cheng Yu replied with a smile.

“How are you able to tell?” Tian Xing enquired. From the start until now, he was still unable to tell any difference between the halls.

“With your IQ, you wouldn’t be able to understand. Therefore, you should stop asking,” “Why does this guy have so many questions? There are like thousands of whys inside his head!”

“Deliberately acting so mystifying!” Tian Xue was also very curious, but she had just thrown a tantrum. So, she felt that it was quite inappropriate for her to ask as she muttered softly.

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“…” Cheng Yu smiled without elaborating. But when Tian Xue saw how Cheng Yu had completely ignored her, she got even angrier. The passage was completely safe. There weren’t any demonic beasts. Similarly, within an hour, the Jewel Cauldron exited from the passage.

“Senior Brother, are you sure that we really aren’t standing at the same palace hall?” Arriving at the palace hall, Tian Xing was truly unconvinced that he wasn’t at the exact same palace hall as the previous ones.

“Whether we are or not, you will know soon,” If Cheng Yu still had some suspicions previously, ever since he saw the thirteen symbols lighting up in different areas, he was 100% sure that they were no longer in the same palace hall. Using the exact same method, he inserted the Blue-Heart key into the keyhole and turned the thirteen blue spiritual lamps once. This time, the thirteen symbols at the northern area lit up. And the only remaining passage was rightmost one.

Although Tian Xue and Tian Xing were filled with doubt, neither dared to voice out their doubts. But this was no longer so when they arrived at the next passage. When the western region lit up, there were actually two stone doors that weren’t shut. One was the rightmost while the other was at the center.

“Senior Brother, what should we do now? There’s two passages,” At this very moment, Tian Xing had already turned muddle-headed. He felt that he was being played with.

“Center!” Cheng Yu looked at the drawings on the altar. Now that he had opened up four of the areas, if he was right, the next palace hall should be the central one that was also the last palace hall. Therefore, Cheng Yu chose the middle passage.

“You have something to say?” Cheng Yu asked nonchalantly. When the trio went into the middle passage, Tian Xing stood beside Cheng Yu, and he seemed like he wanted to say something but was hesitating.

“I just want to know. If this continues, can we really leave here alive?” Tian Xing spoke with a face filled with worries.

“Why are you saying so?”

“Senior Brother, we have gone through nine different passages. After that, we went another four times. Now that there’s two passages appearing, if I’m not wrong, the next one should have three passages. You say, we have been opening and shutting the doors and were flying in and out of these passages. Ultimately, they all lead us back to the same palace hall. Do you still feel that we can get out of here alive?” From the start to finish, Tian Xing had always felt that the four palaces they had been to were the same palace. After having travelled for so many rounds, and flying so many times, they were basically going round and round.

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“Hehe, do the both of you really have such little confidence in me?” Cheng Yu chuckled. In Cheng Yu’s opinion, this middle passage would definitely lead them to the last palace hall.

“It’s not that we don’t have any confidence in you. It’s that the facts are placed before us. It’s basically hard for us to believe you,” Tian Xing spread out his hands as he spoke.

“Relax. This time, I’m sure we will be able to see what we are searching for,” Cheng Yu understood their thoughts. After all, they had no idea of the true secret behind the palaces. Once again, the Jewel Cauldron exited from the passage.

“Senior Brother, is this what you said, seeing what we have been searching for?” Arriving at the same palace again, Tian Xing was already in utter despair. He started to feel that they would never be able to leave this palace forever.

“Since you are so sure, then let’s make a bet. If I’m able to locate the treasury, your portion will be mine. How about that?” Cheng Yu walked up to the altar as he spoke to Tian Xing.

“This…” Seeing how confident Cheng Yu was, Tian Xing hesitated.

“What? Scared?” Cheng Yu spurred.

“Then…then what if I win?” Being spurred by Cheng Yu, Tian Xing retorted.

“If you win, then that will really mean that we will be stuck here forever. Since so, I will accompany you to death here,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“No way. The reward is too bad,” Tian Xing shook his head.

“Then what do you want?” Cheng Yu asked.

“If we are truly unable to get out of here, then you will have to treat my Senior Sister nicely,” Tian Xing glanced at Tian Xue before speaking to Cheng Yu. Tian Xing had grown up with Tian Xing. They were like blood-related brother and sister. When he saw Tian Xue had taken a fancy to Cheng Yu, although he didn’t know why both of them had quarreled, he was able to tell that Tian Xue still liked Cheng Yu a lot. But Tian Xue had always been very strong-minded and always paid importance to her reputation, if he, as her brother, wasn’t going to ask on her behalf, Tian Xing knew that she would never be able to confess her feelings for Cheng Yu.

“Er…” Cheng Yu and Tian Xue didn’t expect Tian Xing would actually suggest such a condition, especially for Cheng Yu. Tian Xing had always wanted to learn the Art of Derivation From All Living Things from him. He thought that Tian Xing would use it as the condition and not anything related to Tian Xue.

“What nonsense are you spouting? Who needs him to treat me better!” Tian Xue reacted and her face immediately reddened. When she saw Cheng Yu was actually stunned, she thought that he wasn’t willing. So, she immediately got furious as she scolded Tian Xing.

“You also saw it yourself. It’s not that I don’t want to promise you, but she isn’t willing herself. Alright, I’m going to open up this palace,” Cheng Yu felt that if they were to be truly stuck here, it wouldn’t be that bad to live together with Tian Xue. However, Cheng Yu believed that he would be able to open the passage. So this situation would never occur. He replied perfunctorily as he went to open the passage. When he had finished turning all thirteen blue spiritual lamps, the thirteen symbols surrounding the central region had all lit up. Suddenly, a radiance charged towards the altar and connected to the drawings on the ceiling. The drawings on the ceiling had also gradually lit up and formed a light pillar.

At this moment, a tunnel entrance appeared in the ceiling. Tian Xing and Tian Xue were taken aback. Momentarily, excitement rushed into their head. Could this be the treasury?

“Tian Xing, remember! Your portion is mine!” Cheng Yu laughed. With a swoosh, he flew into the tunnel.

“Senior Brother! I was just joking! Furthermore, I have yet to agree to it!” Tian Xing got anxious as he hastily leaped into the tunnel as well. Tian Xue wasn’t happy about the attitude Cheng Yu had for her, but who wouldn’t want treasure? Those who wouldn’t want it would truly be idiots. Furthermore, she was going to take more and use it to anger Cheng Yu. After entering the tunnel, they noticed a hidden chamber was inside it. There were three stones doors before them. Without even the needing to think, Cheng Yu was able to tell these three doors were the doors to the treasury.

“Senior Brother, I have yet to agree with you. My portion is still mine!” Seeing Cheng Yu had taken out the key and was about to open the treasury, Tian Xing pulled Cheng Yu back and argued.

“Didn’t we agree to each other’s request just now? So, your portion belongs to me now,” Cheng Yu chuckled.

“No, no, no! You also said that Senior Sister didn’t want it. Therefore, our bet is null and void!” Tian Xing was anxious. It was real treasures that they were talking about. How could he possibly let his portion be taken away so easily?

“I don’t care about that. I didn’t oppose of your condition. That also means that I have agreed to it. Therefore, the bet is on!” Cheng Yu held up the key and inserted it into the stone door.

“Ah! Four spiritual veins!” Tian Xing was shocked. But before Tian Xing and Tian Xue were able to fully appreciate the spiritual veins, Cheng Yu had already stored the four spiritual veins away. After that, he collected ¾ of the spiritual stones.

“Senior Brother, you are truly affectionate to leave behind so many spiritual stones for us,” Although Cheng Yu had only left behind ¼ of the original portion, the spiritual stones here were a lot more compared to the Thousand Flower Palace.

“Wait wait, you seem to have been mistaken. All these are for your Senior Sister, your portion has already been taken away by me,” Cheng Yu stopped Tian Xing.

“Senior Brother, don’t. My Senior Sister wouldn’t need that much spiritual stones, so we can just split it among ourselves,” Tian Xing quickly retorted.

“Who says I wouldn’t be able to finish it. This is mine!” Tian Xue also coordinated with Cheng Yu as she started to collect the spiritual stones.

“Senior Sister, you are being unloyal! I did so many things for you and you actually united with Senior Brother to bully me,” Tian Xing saw the spiritual stones were gradually becoming lesser, so he got even more anxious. But how could he possibly stop Cheng Yu from blocking him?

“Who asked you to always spout nonsensical stuff?” Tian Xue got angrier. Although Tian Xing was doing it out of goodwill, the conclusion caused her to lose her face.

“You are obviously in love with Senior Brother. What’s there that can’t be spoken? I’m just doing it for your happiness!” Tian Xing yelled.

“Er…” Hearing how honest Tian Xing’s reply was, Cheng Yu had no idea what to say.

“You still dare to say. See if I dare to tear your tongue out!” With Tian Xing tearing away the thin layer of paper between her and Cheng Yu, Tian Xue was embarrassed yet angry. In a breath, she collected all the spiritual stones.

“My spiritual stones!” Tian Xing saw that there were no more spiritual stones left, so he felt that his heart was bleeding as he mourned. The mourning was filled with sorrow and resentment. Hearing it caused Cheng Yu to feel his mind tremble as he quickly ran towards the other door. He was now in the artifact and pill warehouse. This time, Cheng Yu no longer stopped Tian Xing and gave both of them a portion. As for the artifacts, Tian Xing had chosen an offensive-type soul artifact and Tian Xue had chosen a defensive-type soul artifact previously. So, this time, Tian Xue picked an offensive-type soul artifact while Tian Xing chose a defensive-type. As for spiritual artifacts, Cheng Yu let them pick a few before keeping all of them away.

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